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Well hey internet and welcome to another happening day here on Thoughts We Might Have Had. The magical mystery website where we answer your questions about your concerns!! Or at least that’s what we’re doing today. Most days (frankly) we don’t care. This day though, we’re totally here for you and want to sit down and have a talk and warm some cocoa and just really talk… like we used to… in the old country.

Also, I don’t know why the font and pictures are all messed up… wordpress is apparently off its meds.

Micah, what did you think of Iron Fist? Is it really that bad? – Kyle

Kyle… I’m very sorry to say this… but yes. Very yes. Look, I thought critics were a little too high on Daredevil season 1 and even a little too high on Luke Cage so I was really hoping this was just the critical universe re-balancing itself but… no. Iron Fist is very bad. The writing is bad. The overall storyline is pretty uninteresting, and the main character is just… just so boring. The most interesting person in the show is Colleen Wing and she isn’t really given a ton to do other than be good and/or bad at karate depending on what the show needs right at that moment. The only really good thing about the show is that the fight scenes are pretty good/very good and David Wenham is very good during his limited screen time. On the whole though there just isn’t a lot of punch to Iron Fist. It just sort of keeps happening.


Are you watching Legion? – Stephanie L.


Even Legion is watching Legion!


Oh my sweet gibblets of glory yes I am!! It is VERY good. All the good. It is also (for the record) not a kids show. It’s not even really a teens show. But sweet juniper berries it’s a good show! Dan Stevens turns in a fantastic performance as the main character, David, and the rest of the cast is incredibly solid. It’s a little comedy, a little comic book, and a little off-beat horror movie but it’s all fantastic and well done. Can’t wait for the finale but also can’t believe it’s already almost over.

I watched the new Power Rangers movie with my kids and was surprised that it actually was kind of good! Am I wrong? – David


Now see that’s the level of phoneing in I’ve come to expect.


You’re not wrong David. I was wrong. I thought Power Rangers would be terrible and it ended up being… sort of fine. I mean it’s not really good, but it’s also not really bad… which I’m frankly very disappointed by. I mean aren’t the power rangers supposed to be bad? Weird latexy costumes and villains with visible zippers on their costumes? Aren’t they supposed to be filled with generic henchman so they can re-use the fight footage in future episodes? I mean if you’re not going to make a really great power rangers movie (which I’m not even sure is technically possible at this point) the least you could do is make it REALLY bad so I could laugh at you. Come on Power Rangers makers… think of me more huh?? Think of my readers!!

What did you think of the new Justice League Trailer? – Brad

I think I refuse to get excited about DC movies, Brad. I’m not saying it won’t be good (though frankly some of the attempts at humor still left a lot to be desired) but I’ve been fooled one time too many by DC and I’m out until they actually make a good movie. Or even at least an okay movie. A movie that makes sense. A movie where the characters do things humans would do. That’s all I’m asking for DC. There was a new trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming yesterday that basically gave away the entire plot of the movie so it’s good to know that Sony are following in DC’s greasy footprints…

And there you have it guys. A good old fashioned talk, just like we used to have before the world turned cold. I’ll be back Thursday for more of our usual coldness.

Hey Internet, so last week I went on a big long diatribe about how the Batman V Superman trailer basically outlined the entire plot of the movie beat for beat. Well some time has passed since then, I’ve learned, I’ve grown, I’ve eaten some Chinese food and I have come to the entirely logical conclusion that of course Batman V Superman’s trailer didn’t outline the entire movie second by second, thus spoiling the plot, and stealing any chance the film had of being even a little surprising. That would be crazy right??? Crazy!!

Of course, there’s some crazy twist in there that completely changes the movie and makes it totally okay, nay, awesome that Zach Snyder released a trailer that seemed (on the surface) to hand out a pamphlet to anyone wanting to watch his movie telling them EXACTLY what would happen. Of course there is.

So after hours of exhaustive research, and exhaustive exhaustion that resulted in hour long exhaustive and exhausted naps, here are my theories as to why this movie definitely didn’t ruin itself.

Batman V Superman: Crazy Fan Theories to Save the Movie from Its Tariler 

Theory 1: That’s not really Doomsday.  

It’s some sort of crazy mutant Ninja Turtle who, in the climactic conclusion of the movie, shows up with a large pizza and a message of peace and understanding to Batman and Superman, who both realize the errors of their ways and vow to live only by the power of pizza and the good ship called friendship.


“I do NOT look like a Ninja Turtle!!”


Admittedly, this is a stretch. And stupid. And I’m mostly just reacting to the fact that Doomsday looks a little ridiculous.

Actually probability: 0 out of 10.

Theory 2: This movie features WAY more justice league than we think.

Okay this one is a little serious. Think about it, the movie builds to the climactic Doomsday/Ninja Turtle battle. Wonder Woman shows up and Superman and Batman have their cute little “She with you” banter. Then Doomsday just WRECKS them. I mean he’s Doomsday not, Kindtough-Day. Not Youhadabad-Day. Freekin’ Doomsday. So he just beats the SNOT out of Batman and Wonder Woman, then he pushes Superman to the breaking point when WHAM the Flash shows up, and Ka-pow Aquaman is there, and Shabizzle (not a comic book word… or a word at all) Cyborg is there. THEN they kill Doomsday. I mean that’d be pretty awesome right??? And all the sudden this trailer wouldn’t be a disaster, it would be a crazy awesome misdirect!

That said, this probably doesn’t happen. I mean, Snyder couldn’t even keep Michael Shannon from blabbing about Doomsday to the point where we all STRONGLY suspected he was in this thing, anyway. If he somehow kept secret the fact that three other Super-heroes showed up in this thing we should probably get him involved with the CIA somehow.

Actual probability: 2 out of 10.

Theory 3: Aquaman kills everyone.

Cause you knew I had to put this picture up here.


And I’m not picking against this guy in a fight.


In a fight between this guy and a dude who wears a cape and has what amounts to a huge target on his chest… I’m betting on this guy.


Actual probability: 1 out of 10.

Okay seriously though, this is the theory that makes the most sense…

Theory 4: The trailer actually is WAY out of order.

Okay follow me here cause this is good: So what if the Doomsday fight is in the middle of the movie. Batman and Superman don’t like each other at the beginning but over the course of the first half they actually develop a kind of weird friendship and respect for each other, when all the sudden Doomsday gets dropped into things and Superman basically destroys another city and a lot of people die before Doomsday gets taken down and THEN Batman is forced to decide that the world would be better off without Superman and that he must kill his friend. So he gets Lex Luthor (who unbeknownst to him made Doomsday using Zods body and strands of his own beautiful long, man hair) and the two of them team up to take down Supes. Superman is crushed and betrayed and he and Batman duke it out over an entire city while Wonder Woman (who helped them take down Doomsday) comes to try and talk sense into them. They keep fighting though, until finally it looks like one of them kills the other one and THAT is the end of the movie.

BOOM. Done. I will accept my check now Mr. Snyder. Not only does that fix the problem with the trailer but it also makes this kind of an awesome movie where two people who are friends are forced to fight and where one of them very possibly kills the other. (Though of course no one dies in comic books blah blah and et cetera.) Still though… that’s kind of awesome right??

Probably rating: 4 out of 10.

The hard truth: Probably none of those are true. Snyder is (to his credit) basically trying to do what Marvel has spent the last 15 movies of there Universe doing in roughly 1.5 movies. I mean what’s gonna make Captain America: Civil War so compelling is the fact that we’ve seen Iron Man and Captain America’s relationship grow and shrink in the last few movies. We know who both of them are and what they’ve been through, so the fact that they have to fight each other now is legitimately a tough thing. We have no idea who Batman and Superman are in this universe. They’re just these two cool looking characters that Zach Snyder is gonna make punch each other for a little bit, before something bigger and more punchier comes along.


“What do you mean this face makes it look like I’m smelling trash??”


This doesn’t guarantee BvS will be a bad movie, it just makes it a predictable movie. It gives it a lot more of an uphill battle to goodness because I’ve seen this other places before AND I’ve now seen exactly this story before because you just showed the whole thing in your trailer. I’m sure the fight scenes will be awesome but the fight scenes in Man of Steel were pretty great and the biggest of fans would have to concede to Man of Steel not being a great movie. Maybe good. Probably just okay. But who knows.



Internet!! Welcome back to Thursday. That’s right folks we’re getting back to core values here and actually posting on the days that I’m supposed to post! I know, it’s a little crazy, a little out there, but we’re just gonna roll with it and see what happens! So full credit going to whom said full credit is due this article was partially inspired and completely transported by the post of one Jon who said in words so epic and poetic:

Jon- Any thoughts on the New Force Awakens Trailer?

And how could I, lowly mortal that I am, turn down such an urgent and beautiful request as that? Such an honest, heartfelt plea, for my wisdom, my insight, my ability to leap to ungainly conclusions without all of the facts? This bold’s for you Jon.

Judging Covers 10/29/2015 

The Force Awakens 

Hang on… gonna need a minute for my nerdy heartbeat to return to normal. Okay… okay we’re good. Look, this trailer has been analyzed, penalized, and alphabetized all over the internet so for the sake of non-redundancy I’m not gonna get into a frame by frame break down of the trailer. But here are my general thoughts on a few key parts of the trailer.

The Cast: Looks real strong. Somebody somewhere must be constantly handing Harrison Ford 100 dollar bills cause man does he look… alive. Which is more then can be said of anything he’s done in what?? Ten years??? Obviously this is a ridiculously small sample size but if Harrison Ford bought into this movie and we can some vintage Han Solo I’m calling this a success right now. The rest of the cast looks pretty solid too and I’m particularly excited to see what happens with the new villain Kylo Ren and to see what Adam Driver (a very talented guy) does with it.

The Plot: Obviously we know very little for certain here so please take everything I’m about to type as complete and utter conjecture. The plot seems to mostly revolve around Finn (the Stromtrooper) and Rey (the (not to be sexist) woman) who meet up with Han and Chewie presumably looking for Luke (who has yet to appear in ANY of the adds for this film except for probably as that cloaked guy with with the robo-hand. But if we know anything about Star Wars it’s that EVERYONE loses a hand at some point so that could literally be any character ever. Anyway, I hope we don’t do another super-weapon here as two of the three originals went the super weapon route and the one that didn’t (Empire) is easily the best one. That said the poster does seem to feature some kind of super weapon in the background.

That thing in the top left is either a super weapon or robot eye of Sauron... which is an idea I could get behind.

That thing in the top left is either a super weapon or Robot Eye of Sauron… which is an idea I could get behind.

In conclusion: I am VERY excited about this. Very. I was excited for the Prequels too and those were (to be generous) terrible piles of sludge. But this just feels different, it’s an actual sequel, there’s a new guy in charge, and it just seems to be headed in the right direction. Sure, it could still be a disappointment but everything we’ve seen so far looks solid so why not just enjoy the anticipation and hope for the best!!

The Ridiculous Six 

I’m not putting the trailer on here. Because I care too much about you. Do yourself a favor and just watch the Star Wars trailer again. This is Adam Sandlers first movie with Netflix and it literally looks exactly like what you think an Adam Sandler movie set in the old west would look like. Dumb. Pandering. More then a little racist. That’s it. Move along. Nothing to see here. Seriously. Don’t watch it.

A Very Murray Christmas 

I don’t believe more people aren’t freaking out about this! This looks great, Bill Murray, Amy Poehler, George Clooney, and a bunch of other cool people (and Miley Cyrus) all get together in what looks like a really cool tribute to the old school Christmas Specials of old… Schools. It just looks great and all set to sit down with a nice cup of hot chocolate and just enjoy the wonderfulness… don’t let me down Murray.

Ratchet and Clank 

Oh, also this is happening. So ya know… hello childhood. I missed you. Seriously, this should be awesome. Could be awesome, but then again the last time we did the whole ‘Video Game Movie’ thing we got Hitman 2: No Seriously We Made Another One, and that was just the worst. So call me a pessimist but in this case I’m working with a fairly empty glass that has a hole in it and has already proved MULTIPLE times to be completely incapable of holding water.

And there you go Jon and Co. Co. and Jon. And other Inc’s, Co’s, and Ltd’s. Hope you enjoyed it, have a happy halloween and I’ll see you, in November!