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Big Hero 6

Posted: November 11, 2014 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Internet!! Welcome back, to the warm cuddly downy scented softness that are the warm and supple arms of Thoughts We Might Have Had. Monday happened guys, and now it’s over. You’ve made it.

Before we go to much further into today’s frivolities let me take a second and just give an honest and sincere thank you to this nations veterans. You folks are wonderful, and this country owes you a debt of gratitude.

Micah Review’s Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6, cause Disney and Marvel were bound to have an adorable baby at some point.

Big Hero 6, cause Disney and Marvel were bound to have an adorable baby at some point.

Big Hero 6 is the first attempt by Disney to marry the fantastical world of Marvel with the equally fantastical if slightly more animaty world of their animation team. But can this marriage work? Or will Marvel end up doing all the cooking while Disney Animation does nothing but play video games all day and make small versions of the Galapagos Islands out of used candy wrappers??? Let’s find out together.

The Plot:

Big Hero 6 opens up on the shining future Metropolis of San Fransokyo… or Tokfrancisco… or something. Anyway, we are quickly introduced to a local robot fighting ring and also meet our intrepid hero Hiro… because irony. And stuff.  And it turns out Hiro has an older brother named Brothero who encourages Hiro, lifts Hiro’s spirits, teaches him to rise up on his wings and sail like a dove into the sunset.

And then he dies in a fire.

Because this is Marvel and if you are in any way a supporting character you WILL be killed (usually by fire.) So anyway, he dies and Hiro alongside his brothers robot creation Baymax and a group of Asian takeout menu runaways must learn to deal with his loss, all the while investigating his brothers suspicious death and a masked figure that threatens the life of the city itself.

This persons name is Honey Lemon... or Kung Pow Chicken... or something.

This persons name is Honey Lemon… or Kung Pow Chicken… or something.

The positives:

Unsurprisingly, this is a great movie. It combines two of the most reliably good brands in the last five years or so: Marvel and Disney’s animation team. It was hard to see the thing being anything but good, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The writing is spot on, the characters are interesting, and it has a really great sense of humor.

Baymax: when the Michelin man stops hitting the gym.

Baymax: when the Michelin man stops hitting the gym.

The setting and visuals of the movie are very spot on, and the aesthetic is refreshingly new and individual.

Another note really needs to be made about the scripting, it has a great sense of humor that rarely lets up, and it’s subject matter is surprisingly poignant at times. It balances itself incredibly neatly between humor, action, and its own heartfelt nature.

The negatrons:

Not too much to be said on the negatron side of things though I will say it probably has one of the more predictable storyline around. 45 minutes in I could have told you who the villain was going to be, what he would be after, why he turned into a villain, and what the main problem for the heroes was going to be. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not one-hundred percent a negative thing. At this point most stories are fairly predictable, very rarely do you get an Inception sort of movie that surprises us completely. I’d rather see a well-executed, well written, familiar story then a new idea with poor execution and a flimsy script.

In Conclusion:

Big Hero 6 is a well told, well written, beautifully visualized movie. The storyline won’t blow you away and the message won’t necessarily change your life but it’s a heartfelt message that’s been beautifully told and well realized and there is certainly nothing at all wrong with that.

I give it 4 Tokyosisco’s out of 5.