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Well hey Internet! And welcome to what is a review that has been a very long time coming. And not just because I am an inherently lazy writer with all the get up and go of a bag of gluten free rice. No, no no. See I’ve been waiting for a Dr. Strange movie since this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing got started and, as such, I’m not gonna do some sort of pithy introduction wherein I buy myself some word count by talking about the weather or about how if you rearrange the words “snooze alarm” you can spell “alas no more z’s.” Nope. I’m not gonna do any of those things, I’m just gonna dive straight into the sweet sweet meat pie that is…

Micah Reviews: Dr. Strange


That giant waterfall is a killer for traffic.


The Plot:

So Stephen Strange is a doctor. To be more specific he’s a VERY good doctor who we know is a very good doctor because he pulls a bullet out of a dudes brain in a medical procedure that (for all I know) is literally the most made up thing in this movie about a wizard. Anyway, Strange is the best Doctor there is in the doctor bizz, until he smashes his car against a mountain about 7 times and ruins just… just all of his hands. Like every hands he has. Is real broke.


Oh yeah, that’ll clean your pores right out.


As Strange learns of his hand brokenness, he sets out on a quest to get his hands back to surgery capable, but finds no answers in the world of modern medicine. Finally, on his very last attempt Stephen travels way out to… India?? Maybe. And there discovers a whole new world! A new, fantastic point of view! A dazzling place, a far out—


He discovers the world of magic and begins his studies in the arcane arts! But under the surface of this new world Strange has discovered, a new threat to the world takes shape, and a new villain will rise. Can Strange master his magic enough to face it? Can he stop his own deuschbaggery from dooming the world? I mean: probably. Probably he can. It’s a movie.


Oh yeah, it’s a cool looking window but… I mean that takes a LOT of windex to clean.


The Positives:

It’s really hard to know where to start assembling a pro list for this one but I think the top spot has to go to the acting. Benedicit Cumberbatch plays a great Dr. Strange, really grounding the character in the world and giving the audience someone to root for. Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tilda Swinton do a fantastic job as the chief supporting characters, with Swinton really turning in a great performance as the Ancient One. The whole cast just rounds out really nicely and do a great job of making this magical world grounded and believable.

The visuals here are also fantastic. The world is bent and thrown around at will by various characters and the whole time things just look great. Also of note for me was how real the magic people were slinging around looked. It’s hard in a movie like this to give the magic real weight to it and not just make it look like people sort of flapping their hands around. It’s a huge achievement both by the actors and by the folks behind the CGI that all the magic here works incredibly well and feels very very real.


The magical high five!


The script is very very well done. I never felt lost in the magic talk which can definitely happen in a movie like this, but it also didn’t feel like it was over-explaining things. The characters here feel real and it (for the most part) struck a great, consistent, enjoyable tone throughout.

The Negatrons:

Occasionally (VERY occasionally) the movie does get a little lost in its attempts at humor. For the most part it strikes a great (and very Marvel-esque) balance between the serious and the humorous but in one or two spots it did feel like it was trying a little too hard with the humor. It was by no means a big deal but it did pull me out of things for a second or two.

The villain. Yes. Marvel still has a villain problem. To Marvel’s credit this time around they mostly just kind of ignored the villain which is better than trying to make him a character and failing (Hi Iron Man 2, and Ant-man) but the villain was never overly menacing and his reason for doing what he was doing was (at best) vague and (at worst) completely stupid. There’s a theory that they were being mind- controlled which I won’t get too much into here for spoiler purposes but the fact that it’s kind of a believable theory should say something about the tenuousness of the villain here.


“Okay be honest guys… Too much eyeliner?”


Honestly my only other critique is that I genuinely wanted more of this movie. As things wrapped up at the end I kept hoping there would be more to see, a couple times throughout the movie I was hoping we would investigate something, or get to see more of Strange’s magical training. I don’t think that really counts as a negative but it’s how I felt!!

In conclusion:

Dr. Strange is fantastic. Great action, great acting, some of the best visuals I’ve ever seen and definitely the best magic I’ve ever seen in live action. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to see Dr. Strange interact with the rest of the Marvel universe and very much hope that they put Dr. Strange 2 on the fast track!

I give it 4 mostly broken fingers, out of 5. (Too soon??)

As ever, thanks for reading guys, and have a great weekend!

Audience! Welcome back to another new episode of a series so hilariously mistitled it’s just to painful to let go. But without further ado let’s go ahead and get to some news, notes, and nightly drinking… or something.

Terminator: Genysis just keeps being a movie. And now not only is it a movie built on a premise made of cardboard and Christmas tinsel, but not it’s showing off large portions of its plot!! I’m not gonna talk to much about it as I don’t want to give away what could generously be called a “plot” but it’s becoming something of a Hollywood trend to give away huge portions of your plot in trailers. For instance the Avengers: Age of Ultron gave away the Vision plot twist well before it needed to trailerwise. And Paul Blart 2 gave away the fact that it was a Paul Blart movie! Just inexcusable.

Tilda Swinton is supposedly being cast as “the Ancient One” in Marvel’s new Dr. Strange movie. This has somehow simultaneously make two groups angry, one group excited, and another group of people who frankly… could not care less. It has made the Asian population angry cause the ancient one is generally Asian and Tilda Swinton (while she is many things) is probably the least Asian person in the world. The Ancient One is also generally a man and Tilda is (as you may have noticed) also not that. On the happier side of things, women are happy. And as a society we enjoy happy women. But then there are people like myself and other well balanced citizens who think that Tilda Swinton is a really talented actress who is gonna be good for the part. And that’s really all that matters.

Tilda Swinton: Notoriously known for not being an Asian Man.

Tilda Swinton: Notoriously known for not being an Asian Man.

Jurassic World is coming out soon. I don’t know if you knew that or not cause the studio has been super secretive about it, but it is coming out.  I just thought you should know. In case you didn’t.

Batman: Arkham Knight comes out this month. For those of you who don’t know this series is quite potentially the best series of games ever. The best Batman games definitely, and the best reason for you and yours to go out and buy a PS4/Xbox One. This game promises even more Batman, even more punching and even less time spent interacting with real people in the real world. So… yay?

"We're showing increased awesomeness ratings, sir."

“We’re showing increased awesomeness ratings, sir.”

Taking first place at the box office this week was a movie called “San Andreas” wherein a bunch of stuff gets ruined, and Dwayne Johnson has large muscles… and that’s really the whole movie.

The other big movie that came out this week was Aloha a Cameron Crowe movie that multiple critics have called “A movie that probably happened.”

In some other news, somewhere people are playing tennis… for some reason?? I’m assuming either a Williams sister or some person whose name I could never ever dream of spelling correctly will win. So good for them. I’m sure they’re parents and all three of their non-parents fans will be very proud.

Tennis fans are notoriously impressed by serving platters.

Tennis fans are notoriously impressed by serving platters.

And hey, the Women’s World Cup starts this Saturday. Sure FIFA’s president just resigned and a huge portion of their leading members were arrested but ya know what?? You should still watch the women’s World Cup. It’s great soccer, good times, and they’re will probably be some Jurassic World trailers!! So that’s exciting.

Potentially the best thing that has ever happened in Canada. (non-moose category)

Potentially the best thing that has ever happened in Canada. (non-moose category)

And finally: I will be leaving this week to celebrate my anniversary to my wonderful and long suffering wife. As such, I will not be posting this Thursday or at all next week. You’ll all have to just try and muddle through without me. Where am I going you ask?? Pssh… A little place called Mind, YoBusiness, USA!! (ZING!!) No, seriously though, I’m coming to your house. So, prep for that.