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Well hey Internet, and congratulations. You made it another week, another spin round on this crazy, beautiful bouncing ball we call earth. Take a moment and reflect on your week? Were you all that you could be? Did you eat as many delightful snack crackers as you could have eaten? Could you have put more limes into that coconut before you stirred it all up? These are the questions we must wrestle with. The things we must ask ourselves. The calories we must account for.

But enough of that tosh and nonsense.

And on to our usual Tosh and Nonsense, namely:

Micah’s State of the TV Nation

Agents of Shield

Agents of Shield has actually been super good early on this year. I was worried about the introduction of Ghost Rider (but not the real one) into the show because it definitely panged a little of desperation, while at the same time making them look a little like Marvel’s unloved step-child (cause they didn’t let them have the REAL Ghost Rider.) But it’s actually been a huge shot in the arm for the show and early indications are he’s going to be an integral part of things moving forward. Honestly though, Agents of Shield has been on a pretty nice roll for the last couple seasons, its first season was VERY bad though so it’s had a lot of ground to make up. Hopefully the injection of new blood gets the show the attention (and the budget) it needs to stay relevant.


Is there umm… Is there some Visine for that?



I have a very soft spot in my heart for Arrow but even I will admit the last couple seasons have been mediocre at best. It looks like they’re trying to mix things up this season with the introduction of a ton of new characters and I guess it could work. For the past couple season it’s felt the show was just sort of spinning it’s tires so maybe getting some new tires will help with the spinning?? Regardless, this is the train I’m riding on though, and I’m sticking with it till the end of the line… Probably… Also apparently the train has wheels.

The Flash

Flash has (thus far) managed to avoid “Arrow Syndrome” and its third season started out very strong. It’s lighter tones and characters definitely help it struggle through some of the drudgery of a 24 episode season and that probably is what it has that Arrow is missing. We’ll see how season 3 shapes up and if it can keep things “running” smoothly. That said the villain from the first season and the villain from the second season we’re basically the same person so if this seasons arch-nemesis is yet another “guy that runs real fast” I think it’ll hurt the show more than a little.


It’s the Ar-fla-girl-iverse… of tomorrow?



Supergirl got off to a really good start in season 2! The introduction of Superman finally for the very awkward monkey off of their backs, and frankly I thought he was really good. It was nice to see a Superman who seemed to enjoy being Superman, and didn’t look like every moment he spent being a super powered, attractive, well thought of alien was pure torture. It’ll be interesting to see how they work her into the CW shared universe but I’m at least interested enough in the show to see what it does on the new network.

(and thus ends the super-hero corner, thanks for coming)

Designated Survivor

I don’t know how I feel about this show yet. It’s had some pretty good moments and I think Keifer Sutherland is doing pretty well but… I don’t know it hasn’t had it’s big “this is why you should watch this show” moment yet. I’m enjoying it, but it’s had a couple shots to really grab me with a big speech or a dramatic reveal and while it hasn’t missed entirely it hasn’t really hit yet either. I’m still in wait and see mode on this.

The Good Place

It’s basically what we all thought it would be, charming and funny without ever dumpster diving for humor. It’s a very smart show more than it is a belly laugh humor kind of deal. It’s a show that makes no apologies about being what it is, and what it is, is genuinely fun and entertaining with a ton of wit worked in.


It’s a show well defined by this poster. Understated, smart, and funny without needing to beat you over the head with it.



Only one episode in at this point but it was an entertaining enough episode. As long as the show doesn’t start taking itself too seriously it will work but I feel like it’s in very real danger of doing that down the road. I can’t no holds bar recommend it, but it’s at least worth checking out if the premise intrigues you.

Luke Cage


He’s a very large person.


Obviously the full season of this is out and on Netflix so let’s jump into this and poke around a bit shall we? First off: I liked Luke Cage. I thought it was, on the whole, well done. That said, it wasn’t one of the Netflix super hero universes best. The villains never really did anything for me and the one that was easily the most interesting was the first one they killed off. The main “super powered” villain was just straight up uninteresting and just kind of settled into “he’s insane!!… because he is.” category which is NEVER interesting to watch over multiple episodes. The fight scenes were kind of meh and mostly just came down to Luke Cage being bigger and stronger than everyone, and while I think Luke Cage himself is a really strong character none of the supporting characters really lifted the show anywhere else. All that said, I thought it was better than Daredevil season 1, but not as good as DD Season 2 or Jessica Jones (in my opinion still the best of the bunch, ironically, because she had a great supporting cast which included Luke Cage.) It also had a weirdly large number of plot holes for a show like this… the people of Harlem seemed to flip-flop opinions every few seconds, villains would make plans and then abandon them in favor of something WAY less affective sounding, and when the main villain shows up in a powered suit with a HUGE section of his face exposed nobody so much as taps him there. But like I said when I started this very long paragraph: it was good. I enjoyed it, can’t wait for Cage to come back in The Defenders.

And there you go guys! That’s the TV  landscape as things stand right now (as far as I’m concerned.) Think I left something off the list? Have a mini-review of your own? Go ahead and drop it in the comments or email us at Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow for some trailer breakdown!

Hey guys, so full disclosure: there is sickness in the camp. And by camp I mean… me. Which in retrospect was a real weird way to put that. Anyway, as a result of said sickness I’m pushing back my big: “Batman V Superman: Oh My Goodness So My Opinions” review and just answer some of your questions before crawling back into my sad sickness hole.

Micah, have you watched Daredevil Season 2? What did you think of it? – David

I actually have, David! And honestly I thought it was pretty great! I wasn’t a huge fan of Daredevil Season 1, I mean, it was fine. It was better than it could have been, I guess. It was clearly about 4 episodes too long and Foggy constantly whining about how these things that were happening weren’t entirely convenient for him was a MASSIVE annoyance, but it was fine. I thought Season 2 was WAY better paced (though it still did drag in the middle) and I thought the Punisher was fantastic, definitely the best part of the series. There was less whiny Foggy, less giant baby villain (Fisk) and on the whole just a tighter series. I think I still liked Jessica Jones better but Jessica Jones had David Tennant so… yeah.

I’m interested to see where it goes and where this whole (for lack of a better term) Netflix-verse will go. I mean I don’t expect Luke Cage to shake things up as much as this season did (Jessica Jones also didn’t really change much about the world) but I expect Iron Fist and Daredevil Season 3 (cause there definitely will be one) to go very heavy on the super natural/magic corners of the Marvel universe, helped no doubt by Dr. Strange’s movie this November. Just gonna  be interesting to see how introducing magic into a series like this will change it.


Probably the best part of season 2. Not counting the blessed lack of Foggy’s “cry face.”

Are you gonna review Batman V Superman? – Kathy

Yes I will Kathy. I just said that up there.

Why aren’t you excited for Jungle Book, Micah?? Whatever happened to you? – Kyle

I don’t know Kyle. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just getting crankier in my old age. The trailers just make this look like the exact same Jungle Book movie as before just with live action and a new voice cast. An awesome voice cast to be sure, but the old one also had a great voice cast. Once again, I’m not saying this is a bad idea, or that I hate this movie or anything. I’m just not super excited about it, I might see it, I might not. If you’ve got kids, take your kids, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. I’ve been on this ride before though.


That snake seems to have taken ALL the steroids.

You’ve talked about Supergirl a couple times, what do you think of the series now?  – Eliza

An interesting question Eliza. First off: I really like Supergirl. It’s by no means my favorite show, but it’s really good in a semi kind of retro way. Which leads us to the larger point, the big Supergirl/Flash crossover that happened last week which I really liked!! It was fun. Kind of (not to tip my hand too much for my forthcoming review) the exact opposite of Batman V Superman. One of the great things about Supergirl is that it really is a very retro super hero show. It’s hopeful and fun and talks a lot about family and love and all that kids comic book stuff. This stops it from being really highly regarded or as great and moving as some other shows to be sure, but it doesn’t want to be those shows. It’s a good solid show, where fun, likable characters live in a hopeful world where right can triumph over evil. And that’s great. Batman V Superman was largely a story of grim, unlikeable jerks who sat around staring at each other and moping about how terrible it is to have super powers or whatever they were going on about.


It even had a cool, old school poster!!

I’m not saying Supergirl is the best show on TV by any means; it’s not even my favorite super hero show, but it is refreshing just to see a show bring things back to a lighter, more happy feel when everyone else seems to be going the opposite way.

Well that’ll about do it for me guys. I’m gonna hobble back into the Cove of Sickitude. I’ll see you on the flip side!!

As usual you can write in the comments or email, to have your questions put in the mailbag.

Well hey gang, and welcome back to another thrilling episode of: Surviving Jefbruary. Wherein Micah tries desperately to make it through the two most boring months in cinema. In this weeks edition I turn to the audience for help with another thrilling and chilling, premium billinged episode of:

Reader Mailbag 2/23/2016

Per usual you can ask a question for the mailbag be emailing or just by posting something in the comments that I will maybe remember to get… maybe.

Question 1: Hey Micah, any thoughts on the new “Jungle Book” coming out? And while we’re on the subject of Disney renewing their copyrights through reboots, how feasible is the idea of a post on top/bottom Disney sequels (and, in some cases, three-quels)? – Reni

Umm… Honestly?? I don’t care that much. I mean I love the cast list, but it’s not like I’m super excited about the whole thing. I’m fine with Disney doing what they’re doing re-boot/re-make wise but I’m not exactly lining up to watch them. I still haven’t seen the new Cinderella movie just due to sheer, unadulterated apathy. I’ve seen Cinderella, I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews about the new movie but I have no interest in doing literally any work at all to go watch it. I mean… I’ve seen that. Literally exactly that. Just because you slap some mayo on a ham sandwich doesn’t mean I’m gonna be anxiously lining up for the new Ham Sandwich 4000!!! Tis but a sandwich. Of ham.


“What do you mean there’s something behind me?”


And now I’m hungry.

Also, the only thing stopping me from doing a post on Disney sequels is that it would involve me watching such classics as Mulan 2, The Little Mermaid 2, and (sigh) Kronks New Groove. And I don’t hate myself that much… yet.

Question 2: Are you excited for Fuller House? – Maggie

Nope. No I am not. It’s a family re-boot show… thing, of a show I didn’t watch. If you were a fan of Full House, I’m sure Fuller House will be at least worth watching, but nothing about it makes me want to run out and do any research about such things. It’s a family show about some people in a house who have various hijinks and hijunks and learn that (in the end) family is the most important thing. That’s not even putting mayo on the ham sandwich… it’s just the same sandwich… many years later. Once again, I’m sure if you like Full House, this will be (at worst) a fun walk down memory lane. But I don’t feel like it’s intended for the uninitiated Full House heathens such as myself.

Question 3: What do you think of the Flash/Supergirl crossover? – Dean

Honestly, I’m super excited about that. Well… okay I’m excited. Let’s not get carried away there. Supergirl has honestly rounded nicely into form over the past couple weeks. It took it a little bit, but the characters on the show have shown a lot of depth lately and Melissa Benoist’s strong lead is carrying the rest of the cast through. Honestly I feel like it’s two big flaws right now are that the fist fighting still looks a bit ‘Juniors First Fight’ and the dialogue occasionally collapses a bit. The storylines are strong though, and the ensemble cast holds up really well (though Callista Flockheart’s character annoys me IMMENSELY.)


In most of her scenes Callista’s elbows are stuck like that. Just sort of flailing around like the blondest T-Rex.


The Flash has been strong for a while now and the second season has continued that trend, so, sure put the characters together and see what happens. Both shows rely heavily on their main characters “Adorkable” factor so why not mash them both together and see what happens. After all you can’t be too adorable right?

Question 4: Do you think Daredevil Season 2 will be any good? – Nic

I’m excited for it. I liked season 1 of Daredevil though it did drag ALOT in the middle. I’m all about the Punisher and Elektra being thrown into the mix, and adding some extra faces to distract from Foggy Nelsons weird, mopey, rat faced face. So we’ll see what happens, I’m all about the idea of Daredevil Season 2, we’ll just have to see what goes down in the execution.


He is also saddened by the face of Foggy Nelson.


Question 5: Did you know they’re making a Taken prequel series? – James

Yes I did. And it’s an abomination. It’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Ya know what Bryan Mills is before Taken?? He’s an agent. Before Taken he’s just another Agent working for the government like all the other agents in all the other TV shows about Agents who agent things. Ya know what else he’s doing??? Not being NOT LIAM NEESON. Making Taken without Liam Neeson is like making Hamlet without Ham. Like making Deadpool without pools and swearing. It’s like making the Lion King without literally any of the things that went into making the Lion King. Only a TV network could watch Taken and think: “Boy that Agent Mills would make a great TV series.” When everyone was thinking “Man Liam Neeson is awesome.” Most people don’t even know who Bryan Mills is, they just know that Liam Neeson killed a lot of people to save that one annoying chick from Lost. How did this get approved?? What was the pitch?? “So you know that Liam Neeson series about that guy whose boring and then goes nuts and kills a ton of people?? Well what if we did a series about him back when he was boring AND we didn’t get Liam Neeson?!?!?”

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Question 6 (this from an enraged text) Emily Blunt as Marry Poppins?!?!?!

Yup… that’s a thing. Also: Mary Poppins 2?? Who asked for Mary Poppins 2? Who watched Mary Poppins and thought ‘Boy, that left a lot of my questions unanswered!!’ And Emily Blunt??? She’s great, she’s that girl from Edge of Tomorrow, and is gonna be definitely the best part of Snow White 2: We Kicked out Snow White. Why is she in Mary Poppins 2??? Who popped her into Poppins????


Wait, I’m in what??


So there you go guys! Thanks for reading and as ever you can email questions or post in the comments to get your questions answered on the next thrilling episode of: the Reader mailbag.

Well hey Internet, long time no post. Sorry about last week, there was a sickness and (to put it mildly) it absolutely wrecked me. There was coughing, infecting, literal actual death that I only defeated by clawing my way angrily out of the river Styx and bribing the Ferryman with a nickel, two pieces of Orbitz gum, and an old starburst wrapper. But here I am again, resurrected, hungry for life and donuts and ready to watch a show based around a woman who is basically Superman but who (for none specific reasons) is unable to show Supermans face. That’s right everyone, it’s time for Supergirl.

Okay first off: chill out. Everybody. Just chill. Supergirl is fine. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever watched on TV, but it wasn’t bad. As it ever does, the internet is crazy over reacting to Supergirl, half of the people say it’s great, the other half say it’s terrible and stupid and dumb and they hate women and puppies and breakfast cereal with sugar. Per usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle…

Supergirl: she's exactly like Superman... except not.

Supergirl: she’s exactly like Superman… except not.

The plot: So Superman has a cousin, an older cousin?? I guess… though she’s also younger, for blackhole timey wimey reasons. But anyway, she was sent from Krypton (Superman’s home sweet Planet home) at the same time as Superman to watch over her cousin, but as Superman rose (tee-hee) to stardom, Supergirl just kept doing the 8-5 businessy thing as the mild mannered, altered ego Something Somethington… I mean.

She's just an average girl... except for the superpowers... which is a fairly big divide when you think about it.

Just like Superman she relies on a glasses based disguise… which works somehow.

But then through a crazy set of circumstances, her sister almost dying in a plane crash and a crazy axe murderer, death murderer alien… person. She embraces her power and becomes the legendary legend of Legends: Supergirl-who-we-respect-and-love-just-as-much-as-we-would-a-man.

Some thoughts:

Melissa Benoist heads up a fairly strong cast highlighted by herself and Chyler (Yes that’s her real name) Leigh. Every chain must have it’s weakest/inexplicably in this show for some reason, link (Calista Flockhart) but on the whole it’s a strong cast that does fairly well with a decent script.

Speaking of the script it’s pretty good. It’s not great, it won’t change your life and it occasionally drops the ball with an audible thud but it holds up well on the whole. The script writers know what they’re doing and have a nice template to work from given the recent success of Arrow and The Flash, a template it uses with only some slight instances of carbon copying. That said the dialogue itself occasionally gets pretty sloppy and has a distinctly “We also would like to be a rom-com” feel, like the gem “because of your alien DNA you can’t get pimples so life can’t be that bad.” It just… occasionally, almost in spite of itself, can’t avoid the lure of “She’s just an everyday girl” and with everything else the show tries to do things like that just don’t mesh. Once it gets past all that and into the actual ‘Supergirl’ stuff it actually flows much better.

The world the show occupies is… interesting. It definitely has a bad case of ‘Superman-itis’ and really dropped the ball on how that whole thing should be handled. Either work him into the story fully, or just mention him when you absolutely have to and move on. Instead Supergirl opts for an odd sort of half and half where we see Superman a few times but for some reason not his face, and we talk about him a lot but for some reason stick to third party names like “my cousin” or “he” as if he was Lord Voldemort or something. Some other fun “he who must not be named instances are: ‘the big guy’ ‘my blue friend’ It’s a VERY off putting way of handling the problem, like a teenager with acne who decides that the best way to handle his debilitating face volcanoes is to constituently call attention to them himself and make a deluge of bad jokes about them. Hopefully, as the show comes into it’s own more it can move past the whole thing and just focus on it’s own stuff but this was easily the biggest negative on the show.

It did do the same thing with the whole ‘Supergirl’ name where it felt the need to have Callista Flockhart deliver a twenty minute diatribe on why it was okay to call her “Supergirl.” We get it. It’s fine, the only people with insecurities about this are weird crazy people who won’t watch your show, and apparently you. Another prime example of this is when Supergirl is handely getting her butt handely handed to get and someone says “She’s not strong enough” someone else responds “Because she’s just a girl!?!?!!?!” To which the obvious response is: “No. Cause she’s getting her BUTT KICKED.” We get it. She’s a girl. Move on.

Also: is kryptonese the right word for Krypton language?? Isn’t that Kryptonian? Which is a MUCH better sounding word.

I also feel like they missed a great chance for a script moment. Whenever someone on TV says “You better win.” If the person doesn’t respond with “All I do is win.” someone has failed.

And my final also: how does someone detonate an explosive ax inches from her face and not get any shrapnel in said face?? Just curious, ya know, physics-wise.

“So you’re sure this won’t hurt me when I explode this right?… guys???”

In Conclusion: I’ve said this on this website before, but you never want to judge a show by it’s pilot. A pilot is a weird mix of introductions, and ground work and scriptwriters furiously ripping out their hair trying to make something that makes vague sense out of the primordial sludge their brains are slowly becoming. Never stop watching a show just cause it had a bad pilot… unless it’s a REALLY bad pilot. I mean I didn’t need to watch more then the first ten minutes of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland before I figured out that it was the worst thing ever. But that was the rare exception to the rule.

That said, Supergirl had a fairly solid pilot and I’m interested to see where the show will go from here. I think it will benefit from being past the ‘she’s just a regular girl’ sections, and putting a tighter focus on the week to week stuff. I do think it will get over it’s Superman-itis once everyone kind of catches onto the premise (which hopefully won’t take long) and I’m interested to see where things go from here!

Thanks for reading guys, and I’ll see you Thursday!

Well hey internet, and welcome back to ye olde Thoughts We Might Have Hade. Last week we took a look at some movies coming this fall, so it only seemed fair that this week we take a look ahead at some TV shows that will be gracing our TV or (in my case) our computer screens, because why would I pay for what I can largely watch for free, anyway? So here’s a list of shows debuting this fall that I care about, don’t care about, might care about, and don’t know a thing about.

There are three basic ways to attack all these new TV shows (metaphorically). There’s ‘all in’ I will watch this unless it’s so mind boringly bad that it bores into my bored mind and kills all my hope, joy, and dreams for the future.  There’s ‘Test the waters’ in which I watch the first one or two episodes to determine whether the show will be any good. And then there’s ‘meh’ which means I will probably not watch that show. Ever. So thems be the categories, let’s check out the shows.

Angel from Hell

A 30 minute comedy from CBS, Angel from Hell stars Maggie Lawson as a straight laced dermatologist and Jane Lynch as either a crazy homeless person, or Maggie’s guardian angel. I’ll admit that the concept is fairly bleh, but the cast looks good and Lynch and Lawson seem to have pretty good chemistry. At worst this is a bland half hour comedy that quickly fades into that big antenna in the sky with all the other bland half hour comedies that the world creates on a daily basis.

It's like Psych part 2. Detective O'hara has a nervous breakdown!! What's not to love!

It’s like Psych part 2. Detective O’hara has a nervous breakdown!! What’s not to love!

Plan of attack: Test the waters.

Best Time Ever

So… I don’t really know what this show is. It’s hosted by/stars Neil Patrick Harris which is pretty awesome in and of itself but it seems to be part game show, part skit show, part musical extravaganza. I’m pretty sure it will be good, but I reserve the right to turn on that like a snake in the grass riding a merry go round, going through a turnstyle.

On the other hand... this poster.

On the other hand… this poster.

Plan of attack: Test the waters.


Based off of the extremely terrible movie that some people apparently liked for reasons past my ken, Limitless is about a dude who takes smart pills and then becomes smart. And then I guess helps the FBI?? Look, maybe it’s cause I hated the movie but this seems like just another version of Numbers, or Sherlock, or… that other Sherlock show that’s not as good as Sherlock. At best this will be ‘another procedural show about a smart guy’ at worst it will be ‘another procedural show about a smart guy.’ No thanks.

Plan of attack: Meh.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 

A musical tv show (always interesting if nothing else for the train wreck potential) about a woman who follows her  one true love across the country to California. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this or whether it will be good but I support new ideas and people being willing to try something different so I’ll probably check this out. I mean no one new what Galavant was either and that turned out to be pretty awesome so why not give Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a chance right?? That said, I feel like I’m probably not the target demographic for this show, and will probably not care for it.

And also: giant pretzel.

And also: giant pretzel.

Plan of attack – Test the waters.


A woman with a lot of tattoos and no memory is found in Time Square and she and an FBI agent must gradually uncover the mystery of who she is, how she is, and where she is… from. Lost that at the end there. Anyway, it looks good and Something Something is good as Jamie Alexander in the Thor movies so I’ll probably check this out. I’m not all the way in but if I had to pick a show on this list that I am most likely going to watch all of this is probably it so…

Why are you staring? Do I... do I have something on my face?

Why are you staring? Do I… do I have something on my face?

Plan of attack – All in.


So I talked about this a lot when I showed the trailer/entire plot of the first episode but basically I’m not sure how to feel about this show. On the one hand it could work, I mean Supergirl is an interesting character and the actress who is playing her seems to do pretty well for herself. On the other hand the only people who have done super hero TV shows right at this point are the makers of Arrow and the Flash and those shows both get by on the strength of their super hero team/support rather than purely on the strength of their hero which is where Supergirl seems to be going. I’m not saying in can’t work and if it does work that’ll be fantastic but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Plan of attack – Test the waters.


Something something medical show, something something, gee doctors are smart but don’t know how to relate to the average person. This is my blanket ruling on all medical shows, doctor shows, and anything that uses the phrases ‘successful professional insert profession here, struggles to balance their career and their personal life.’ Unless the profession inserted there is ‘Batman.’

Redundancy just drips off this poster... drips.

Redundancy just drips off this poster… drips.

Plan of attack – Meh.

Of Kings and Prophets 

Who knew there was a new Bible show coming out this fall?? Of Kings and Prophets tell the time old tale of David Shepherd, Saul King, and Samson Prophet and how all those people tried to murder each other, save Israel, and kill some lions generally all at the same time. Honestly?? I’m probably not gonna watch this. The trailer looks off, the guy who plays David seems to be a cardboard cut out of Jack Handsomeface and there are just other things I’d rather watch. If it gets really great reviews I will probably at least watch an episode or two but for the moment I’m giving it a solid, meh.

What emotion would you say David is going for here? If you can tell me what emotion he's portraying, I will watch this show.

What emotion would you say David is going for here? If you can tell me what emotion he’s portraying, I will watch this show.

Plan of attack: Meh.

And that’s it guys!! The shows I care about. Of course there are a whole slew of other shows that will be coming in the winter/spring but we’ll get to those when they roll around! Thanks for reading, and I’ll probably do another Mail bag on Thursday so send in your questions to and I’ll do my best to get to as many as I can!!

Internet!! Well hey, welcome, pull up a chair, set a spell and listen as I tell you a fantastic tail of three TV trailers. Unless I think of some other trailers I saw, in which case it will be more then that. I feel like the reason my readership basically consists of my second grade English teacher and weird Uncle Woolfred is that the part of these blogs that get previewed on Facebook is mostly just me awkwardly building up a head of steam before I start talking about what I actually want to say. I should change that. I should rebrand!!! Remix!! Reboot!! Be Kind!!! Rewind!!!!!

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Trailers.

Specifically three TV trailers that came out last week that I have decided to give a crap about for various reasons. So let’s start with the one that I have the most questions about:


Okay first off: WAY too long. That’s not a trailer, that’s the first episode. Like, literally, that’s not a joke, I feel like I know do not need to watch the first episode. She has a sister, works a regular job, there’s a dude who wants to date her, there’s a dude who she will date later on, and she has some super powers that she is unsure how to best use.

Book it, print it, done. So here, in no particular order are my thoughts on the first episode of Supergirl.

Like the main character. She seems interesting and well cast and very sort of indie-Zooey Deschanel chic… or whatever that means.

That said I’m not sure the show can sustain that feel long term. It works for six minutes but if the whole show is gonna be the ugly stepchild of Two Broke Girls and Man of Steel I’m not sure that’s sustainable. Arrow works because it takes itself very seriously. The Flash has worked so far because it embraces it’s own weird sort of wackiness, I’m not sure this will work. I’m not saying it can’t, I had strong doubts about the Flash and I’ve actually ended up really enjoying that so who knows. That said Ugly Betty: The Supergirl Adventures, will probably not engage audiences very long.

Not sure how I feel about the whole “I’m a girl.” Speech. I mean don’t get me wrong I definitely think she should be caleld Supergirl, but I don’t think anyone needs to make a big long speech about it. She’s Supergirl. End of story, putting a big long diatribe on ‘girl power’ in the trrrailer comes off a little bit to “She doth protest too much” to me. But whatever, not a huge deal to me, glad they didn’t change the name.

Wow. This is a long trailer.

Can we just stop referring to Superman? All the “my cousin” talk just feels unnecessary. Unless they have plans to eventually put Superman into the show, I say just leave him out. Acknowledge it, move on. Don’t keep talking aobut him as tehis awesome thing that happens somewhere that is not on the show.

I will say towards the end of the trailer it does strike less of a Rom-com note with the military unit and what not. I’m not saying I need this show to be all action all the time, but I don’t think the “adorable girl gets in and out of whacky misunderstandings using her superpowers” premise is gonna have a lot of staying power.

The Final verdict: Definitely interested. We live in an awesome time to be a comic book fan. Not ony are there some great movies out there but even the small screen is providing us with some really cool characters and shows to enjoy. Hopefully, Supergirl can join those shows for the long haul. Interesting main character, intrigueing world, and a very distinct feel could keep this show “flying high” for a good long while.

Also: super long trailer.

Okay, I’m gonna go into less detail on these next few trailers because that was like… 700 words there and none of us want to be here that long.

DC: Legends of Tomorrow… or something.

First off: terrible name. Literally the worst named show on television. Why not just Legends of Tomorrow, or DC Heroes, or I don’t know… “The Grape Show” literally any other combination of words would have been preferable. That said it’s… an intrigueing idea. Not sure if it will work though. Some of the CGI looks a little strained and while the show has some very interesting people (Rori from Doctor Who (who I’m pretty sure is actually Rori) the White Canary, and yes even the horribly named Captain Cold are all pretty interesting characters) but the rest of the team is fairly bland and mostly non-descript. I feel like there’s a strong chance the show really struggles with balancing all of it’s various characters. That said, these are the same people who made Arrow, and the strongest part of that show is it’s ensamble cast so it could work.

"What do you mean people may confuse the two time traveling British people that I play?"

“What do you mean people may confuse the two time traveling British people that I play?”

In conclusion: We know very littler about this show at the time, so it’s hard to passs judgement but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt thank to the CW’s last two shows (Arrow and Flash.) It could be a really good ensamble show focusing on the fringe characters from two ever better shows, or it could be a show that gets bogged down with an overly large cast of characters going on an uninspired trip to the future to blow up some robots. I’m willing to believe in the first one… for now.


This is the show we know the least about of all these trailers, and (conversely) is the one I’m probably the most intrigued by. Possibly cause it’s loosely (very loosely) based on a Neil Gaiman comic and partly because I just like the idea. Sure it’s not exactly (or in fact at all) biblically accurate, but I think it’s a cool idea and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes. Hard to say too much more because once again, there just isn’t all that much information, but I will definitely be watching the pilot episode.

In conclusion: That thin I said up there.

Some other random TV trailers.

Limitless: Don’t care. Terrible movie.

Minority Report: Was moderately interested, watched the trailer and am now not interested at all. Looks weird and poorly conceived and the main character seems to be made of cardboard.

What emotion would you say he's expressing there? Confusion? Hunger? Vague unrest?? Your guess is as good as mine.

What emotion would you say he’s expressing there? Confusion? Hunger? Vague unrest?? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Catch: Something something, Shonda Rhimes, it’ll be a soap opera and everyone will be miserable and then die.

The Family: A kid returns after ten years missing, very talented looking cast, terrible looking idea for a TV show.

Angel from Hell: Love Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson, hope the show is great… that said it will probably be a terrible show that won’t last.

Rush Hour: Too tired to take your tired idea and make another tired, uninspired movie?? Well why not make a tired, uninspired TV show!!

Blindspot: Interesting idea, cool lead character… that’s all I have to say really.

Shades of Blue: Ha ha ha. Oh Jennifer Lopez. Please stop.

Heroes Reborn:  Ha ha ha. Oh NBC. Please stop.

And there you go guys!! A look at this falls TV things, that I randomly decided to talk about. Check back Thursday as I review the magical singing wonder that is: Pitch Perfect 2.

Man is it STILL September?? Why? And how much longer? Why is there nothing happening in theaters? The thing I am most excited about right now is the premiere of Gotham which I haven’t seen yet because I refuse to pay for cable and Hulu doesn’t put it up till later today. So here I sit twiddling my thumbs (metaphorically) and trying to come up with something to write about… ummmm…. Ya know what we haven’t done in forever?? Weekly headlines. And just because this is a comic site and there is nothing I love in the world so much as hilarious irony I’m still gonna call it:

Weekly Headlines 9-23-14

So the new Terminator movie is gonna be called Terminator: Genisys because who needs spelling??? First we had blatant disregard for the rules of grammar with Batman 5 Superman: Dawn of Justice and now we’re just spelling thigns however we want to. We just randomly decided to throw letters into a pile and see what happens. How did that meeting go exactly?

Business Guy 1: So what if we called it Terminator: Genesis? Ya know? Like a fresh start and stuff.

Business Guy 2: No. I don’t like it. I feel like it’s been done before.

Business Guy 1: Okay… well what if we still called it Terminator: Genesis but I had my four year old daughter spell genesis?

Business Guy 1: That seems like a wonderful idea!! Cause we all know that a great way to show originality and intelligence is to spell things incorrectly!!

CBS recently picked up Supergirl for a TV series!! Not super surprising given the rising wave of B list Superheroes making A list money on the small screen. It’s not the worst idea ever in the world though I think there are probably other heroes I’d rather see then “a female version of Superman” because let’s be honest Superman isn’t exactly the most original idea ever had for a super-hero in the first place. I’m not saying it won’t be a good show, I just wish that when we sat down to make something involving superheroes we didn’t automatically think: “What’s the most obvious set of powers possible and how can we use those for this?”

Supergirl like Superman except... umm... a skirt.

Supergirl like Superman except… umm… a skirt.

Bryan Singer signed on to direct X-men: Apocalypse AND says that he (probably) will be recasting Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey. First off: great news for the X-men franchise since Singer has easily been the best X-men director by far and secondly because the last people to play Jean, Cyclops, and Storm were SUPER whiny and annoying, a complete jerk, and unable to decide whether or not they had an accent (respectively.) If Mr. Singer casts a corn flake, a cabbage patch kid, and a used Dove chocolate wrapper it will SIGNIFICANTLY improve my relationships with the characters.

Did you know there was a film festival called: Fantastic Fest??? Tee-hee.

Dolphin Tale 2 is in theaters. For some reason.

Dolphin Tale 2 because the gripping excitement of Dolphin Tale 1 just couldn't hit into one movie.

Dolphin Tale 2 because the gripping excitement of Dolphin Tale 1 just couldn’t hit into one movie.

Maze Runner won the box office this week (though winning is a strong word for September.) It’s a movie about (believe it or not) a kid who runs… through mazes. But apparently that’s entertaining cause people seem to like it.

Hulu recently purchased the rights to make a series out of Stephen King’s 11/26/63 story.  For you non-King-ites 11/22/63 is a time travely sort of story focused around the events of JFK’s assassination.  It’s very Stephen King. As we learned in Under the Dome Season 1 Stephen King things can be awesome. But, as we learned in Under the Dome Season 2 Stephen King things can also make very little sense and have incredibly plot hole filled scripts… so it’s a toss up.

Someone is making a sequel to Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters… Folks this may be the single worst non-murder idea in the history of man. Cause nothing says “make a sequel” like a poorly written, badly executed, paper thin plotted, movie that made almost ZERO money. At least for the most part Hollywood just makes sequels to bad movies that make a lot of money. I don’t know who benefits from making a sequel to this movie. Is someone at the studio related to the movie?? Is that possible?  Can I be related to the Dark Knight? How creepy is this getting?

And finally, Star Trek 3 is rumored to have William Shatner in it. Let me explain this in easy terms: THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Please don’t do this to Star Trek. I liked Star Trek 1 and Star Trek 2 was awesome. And amazing. And wonderful. And I may be related to it. For the most part I try and ignore the whole time travel thing but it’s at least okay because Leanard Nemoy is awesome and he looks like a zombie and sounds like Darth Vader. William Shatner looks like the Pillsbury Doughboys grandfather and acts with all the subtle skill of a drunk one eyed panda-goose. Boom. Micah-OUT!!