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Well guys here’s hoping you had a great old holiday times! That all your reindeer have come home to roost in their respective reinroosts. But now it’s time for big things, huge things, the biggest things there is in all of the hollywoodspheres. Oh yes wander… I’m talkin’ bout dem Star Wars!!

First off: All our Thoughts We Might Have Had love goes out to the family of Carrie Fischer and Debbie Reynolds. Each was a film icon in their own right and the loss of them hits hard. Both were stars of movies that very honestly shaped portions of my childhood and while I deal in a ton of sarcasm here let me just genuinely say thanks to you both for your incredible careers and work.

Micah Reviews: Star Wars Rogue One… A Star Wars Story… From Star Wars.


Wait it’s called what now?


It’s worth noting before we get into this that this movie IS a Star Wars prequel but it is not part of “the Prequels.” This is before episode 4 but AFTER episode 3. So it’s a prequel to the originals, but a postquel to the prequels. Got it? Think of this as Episode 3.5 if that helps.

The Plot:

So the movie opens with a young girl living on a farm, and her and her parents live happily on that farm, learning valuable lessons and growing closer to each other. Ha ha. No. I’m kidding. Her parents die. Or sort of die. Mostly die. Anyway, this is just the opening to a long and well told story about the little farm girl who name was Jyn and who grows up and is one day dragged semi against her will into the Rebel Alliance.


Guys look at that beautiful moon!


Jyn pairs up with a rag tag band of rebels who head out on a desperate quest to find the plans for the Empires latest weapon: The Death Star.

I don’t want to spoil anything from a story standpoint but it’s a big story guys. Real real big.

The Negatrons:

Just some real fast nits to pick before we get into things: I did feel like there were a few pretty obvious throw away scenes especially in regards to the movies main villain. There were a couple sections with him that just felt like somewhat had earmarked for “villain development” that weren’t necessary. I love a well-rounded villain but this movie didn’t really need one and it never felt like the scenes with him were super necessary or interesting.


“Does anyone else feel overdressed for beach day?”


There’s just a few too many little wink-wink sort of nods to episode 4. It didn’t bother me a lot and especially once the movie gets going that all falls off but for a movie this good, it felt a little cheap to be going “remember THESE guys!!” I’m all about some light fan pandering, but this was a really good movie that didn’t need quite as many as it had. Once again though: nit picking.

The positives:

I appreciated so so much how different this movie felt. The big Star Wars movies are filled with light vs. dark and characters having these big spiritual awakenings and become warriors having big impressive looking fights. Rogue One though isn’t really light vs. dark so much as it focuses very clearly on grey vs. dark. It’s a movie about the rebels down in the trenches that we don’t really get to see in the movies. The fight scenes are very impressive yes, but none of our heroes are unstoppable war machines. For the record I think that’s how the big Star Wars episodes should be and I appreciate them a lot, but this was a really good change of pace and a very well done look at the other parts of the rebellion.

It’s a very good story guys. It’s not necessarily unpredictable, but it’s very well done and well told. The beginning does take a little bit to really develop but once it gets going it gets going in a big way.

rogue one

Seriously guys, you can’t float in that armor.


Probably worth mentioning that the graphics here are gorgeous. There’s a fairly large scale space battle at one point and it’s very VERY well done.

The characters are very well written and I appreciate the movie going out of its way to build realistic characters to put into these situations. They have a surprising amount of depth to them without the movie really having to take time to have big clichéd conversations about what deep characters they are. They just are.

In summary:

Star Wars: Rogue One is a very different Star Wars movie but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad Star Wars movie. In fact it’s VERY good. It’s not the sort of story we’ve come to expect from the universe but I think that’s a good thing. I’m super stoked for Episode 8, but it was really cool to see this universe from a different (Jedi free) perspective. It’s a heavy movie, that deals with heavy material, but it’s a really, really great movie.

I give it 4 totally alive farmers, out of 5.

So there you have it guys!! Have a happy new year and check in next Tuesday for the first of my Year in Review series!!

Slight Spoiler Warning!!

I loved the second Darth Vader section, sadly the first (while good) definitely falls under my “unnecessary villain scene” section.

Well hey Internet and welcome to another thrilling and chilling month of December. That’s right, December, the last month of 2016. And with all due respect to 2016: let’s just get this mess done shall we? Once Star Wars comes out I’m good with just skipping to the end of the year guys. Just beam me right up on our of here! But what better way to leasurely pass the time till then, than a heaping helping portion of:

The Weekly Headlines 12/15/2016

So first things first guys: Star Wars: Rogue One (A Star Wars Story: From Star Wars, and Stories) has gotten pretty dang good reviews!! That’s right fellow nerds and nerdettes, it’s safe. This isn’t Episodes 1-3 where you’ll go to a theatre and sit for 2 hours as your childhood hopes and dreams are crushed. It’s all okay. Fanboy/girl out!! We put George Lucas away, okay? He’ll never hurt you again.


Apparently she fell asleep on a VERY uncomfortable pillow before this picture was taken.


The Cruella de Vil movie found it’s director in Alex Timbers this week. I mean… I’m still VERY wary of this because we all remember Maleficent, which was the last time Disney did a solo villain movie, and that movie was VERY bad. Just a train wreck of sight and sound. Hopefully this movie doesn’t feel the need to turn Cruella into some sort of tragically misunderstood villainess who… I don’t know… how exactly do you justify wanting to make a bunch of puppies into a coat and then stealing those puppies?? I mean all Maleficent wanted to do was… umm… what did Maleficent want? I mean she didn’t get invited to that party but… no that was it. Anyway, to summarize: this probably won’t be very good.

The next (and 8th) Fast and the Furious movie, “Fate of the Furious” or (and brace yourselves for this) “F8 of the Furious” released its first trailer this week. Look, I don’t understand why these movies keep getting made but at the same time they do maintain a certain level of “marginal watch-ability.” People drive cars, people punch things, people say things about family in growly voices. That’s basically the plot of every one of these movies except for “Tokyo Drift” which we all have universally decided to pretend never happened. But anyway, F8 of the Furious is happening, and I look forward to it’s inevitable sequel: “The Fast and the F9.”


F8 of the Furious: Battle of the Balds


Oh hey: Moana is still number 1 at the theater. Disney basically has owned the box office since Dr. Strange came out at the beginning of November. Why do other people keep making movies at this point?

Oh other hey, remember how I said Office Christmas Party would be dumb and stupid despite its good cast? It is.

The first trailer for The Mummy starring itty bitty Tom Cruise came out recently and… I don’t know guys. It could be good? I’ve been fooled twice now by this “bring the classic monster movies” movement. The new Dracula and Frankenstein were both passable, but neither ever really reached super entertaining levels. So we’ll just see what happens with the Lady Mummy movie. Also: is Tom Cruise aging backwards somehow?? His face just looks… weird. Like they’re doing that CGI de-aging thing but hit the wrong button at some point. It’s downright unnerving.


Is there Visine for that?


This has been a very un-Christmasy post so let me throw out some holiday cheer real fast: I still freekin’ hate the movie Elf. Sorry. It’s a long standing, deeply rooted loathing. It shall never be fixed. It shall never be sated.

Oh also: this movie is still happening!! So be excited about that at least!


In less good news: you know how I said Collateral Beauty could be really good?? It really is not. Just throwing that info out there for everyone. It’s very not good, I’m sorry I talked about it so much. Frankly I’m sorry I’m talking about it right now. So I’ll probably stop at some point. Soon. Soon-ish.

In even other trailer news, Nicolas Cage’s new movie “Arsenal” and… OOOOHHH boy is it a fun train wreck of happenings!! I mean… just… the hair and the mustache and the complete and utter serenity to the great and ancient god of madness. He’s just… he’s just insane. Legitimately. Insane. And it’s wonderful.

Oh: also there’s a new trailer for Despicable Me 3… cause the gods apparently hate us all.




And there you have it friends and countrymen! The weekly headlines! I’ll see you next week when I promise I will give in more fully to the Christmas madness.


Well hey Internet! And welcome to my very last movie preview of 2016!! And it is a VERY crowded slate, I gotta say. I mean even discounting this last weekend it is a packed house up here in December! So let’s get right down to that sweet sweet business we’re in: wild speculation and sarcasm.

December 9th

La La Land

I did a big rant on this in my last post and got some choice words back from audience members so let me just say: I’m excited for this. It might end up being a little on the snooty “film for films sake” sort of side but there’s nothing wrong with the occasional bit of snoot right? Who doesn’t love a little snoot? I’ve ruined the word ‘snoot’ at this point. Too much snooting.


It’s good to see the lightpost from ‘Singing In the Rain’ back in a musical.


Office Christmas Party

Speaking of snootery here is basically the opposite is snoot. Just your typical comedy that got a bunch of people who are legitimately think are hilarious (especially SNL’s Kate McKinnon) and will proceed to waste their talents on low level humor and various holiday exploitations. I could be wrong about this: but I’m not. Have you seen the trailers? I’m very not wrong.

December 16th

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I’m very excited this. Honestly the only thing I’m not completely in on with this movie is Felicity Jones. Specifically her face, and voice, and ability to act. Granted, she’s the main character so… that’s kind of important. But are we sure she’s actually a good actress? Like what else has she been in? I mean the Theory of Everything I guess is her biggest deal and she was okay in that… it makes me feel a little better. And I am absolutely all in on everything else about this whole project so… yeah. All in on this.


Also: Vader’s back. So that’s awesome.


The Founder

The Founder is a biographical piece on the founder of McDonalds starring Michael Keaton. It’ll probably be fine/good in a way that a fairly boring biographical piece can be. I’m mostly putting it here because it’s Oscar bait and in a few months when everyone is pretending they watched it, I’ll be able to say “yeah I talked about that on my blog before it even came out!” Though I’ve written that out now so… hopefully the people I say that too aren’t reading this.

Collateral Beauty

Will Smith stars as a grieving man who encounters Death, Love and umm… one other one… trash disposal? No… Oh Time. Yes. Time. Anyway, he has conversations with these sort of personifications of these characters and it honestly could be very good. Just to be clear: this is Oscar bait. But it could be good Oscar bait. Tasty. Tasty bait.


Helen just showed Will the reviews for Suicide Squad.


December 21 –


Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt team up for a movie about two people woken up early from their special space-naps who fall in love and also probably get almost dead. It’ll be a good movie but I think it’s gonna get largely eclipsed by Rogue One. Weird timing on the part of the people who pick the timing for such things, Lawrence and Pratt will be great though, so if nothing else it’s gonna be a fun one.

Assassin’s Creed

Michael Fassbender becomes the latest in a LOOOONNNGG line of people to try and make a good movie based on a video game. I mean, Assassin’s Creed is (if nothing else) a pretty good setting for a good action movie. Lots of stabbing, swords and assassinations and stuff like that. Much more sort of tangible than this year’s other video game movie “World of Warcraft” which was fine but definitely sort of lost itself in its own mythos. The nice thing about Assassin’s Creed is that the “mythos” of that series has never really made any sense anyway so hopefully the movie doesn’t feel too connected to it. We’ll see what happens but at the very least I expect sort of a fun action movie (though again: not a great time to come out.)


Nah, he seems cool with it, no assassination today.


December 23 –

December 23rd or (as I like to call it ) Liam Neeson weekend!!! That’s right: not one, but TWO Liam Neeson movies! Strap on your good ears, Grandma!!


Look, this IS a Liam Neeson movie but… I mean it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be… ya know good. It’s basically the story of some monks (Andrew Garfield and Adam Drivers Weird Face) who go in search of their elder monk… is that a thing? Who is Liam Neeson. Now, as a Monk Liam Neeson probably won’t punch anything and he really probably won’t be in the movie a ton, but it is a Liam Neeson movie AND he’s re-teeming with Martin Scorsese so that’s good but… this movie will probably not be.

A Monster Calls

Now, this is the sauce. A movie that was supposed to come out in October but got pushed back because (you guessed it) Oscar bait. This movie features the silky smooth, chocolaty voice of Liam Neeson as the titular Monster who does the titular calling. It’s supposed to be VERY good and I’m super excited to check it out as it is based on a fantastic children’s book that you should very much check out.


That big thing is Liam Neeson… so be excited about that.


And there you have it ladies and gentleman!! A very full December slate, but let’s all make it through and may you have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holidays, I’ll see you Thursday!

Internet! Hello and welcome to a very exciting new edition of the mailbag, wherein I crack open some letters from a galaxy far, far away!!

Dear Micah, am I alive?!?!?!? Curse this limbo I find myself in!! It’s just me and Cobb from Inception in here and his stupid spinning top is getting real annoying!! – Boba Fett, Limbo.

Look Boba, I don’t know. Some context for the uninitiated: in the movies Boba Fett is a silent bounty hunter who everyone seems to think is real awesome, but really all we see him do is get his ship flushed out in the garbage (maybe on purpose??) and then gets murdered by a blind guy flailing around with a stick who happens to hit him in the jet pack. I mean movie-wise, we have no idea what Boba Fett is actually capable of. In the book universe, Boba Fett blows up the Sarlacc and goes on to have some great storylines and prove that he really is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. But then when episode 7 came out Disney hit the reset button on the entire book-iverse, condemning Fett to Limbo.


Boba Fett: Good for bounties, bad for digestion.


All that said, Disney likes money Boba, and people will flock to theaters to see your helmety face. You’ll be back. I mean, worst case scenario you’ll be back in Star Wars Rebels (Darth Maul actually came back to life for that show) but I think they’ll save you for a big reveal in the movies. Hang in there buddy.

Dear Micah, I’m back!! Are you excited to see me in Star Wars Rebels? – Grand Admiral Thrawn, definitely existing.


Are those… are those lizards behind him about to kiss?


Goodness all the nerdy book characters of my youth keep writing in! Okay so (some background) Admiral Thrawn was maybe the best villain in the entire book-iverse. But when Disney mashed reset he (much like Boba) was cast off into the unknown. Now though, he’s back with a vengeance in a brand new Star Wars Rebels season. That said: Star Wars Rebels (which is supposed to be great) is only available on the Disney Channel XD (whatever that is.) So I’m glad you’re alive and everything Thrawn but uh… I will probably not get to watch you. At all.

Dear Micah, I am also back!! How much will I actually be in Rogue 1, though? Will I actually get a chance to do some good old fashioned Vader-murder?? Darth Vader, that weird pod thing.

Look Vades, (can I call ya Vades??) I don’t know honestly how much you’ll be in Rogue 1. I mean, you’re not the main villain, I’m pretty sure. It’s that other dude with the cape that has a HUGE rip in it.

rogue one

Someone should probably tell him about that.


That said: Star Wars fans have never really seen you cut loose (dissection pun) in the movies. The comics and books have multiple accounts of you basically winning battles single-handedly but in the movies it’s all been 1 v. 1. And that first battle in Episode 4 with you vs. Obi-wan was just depressing. You looked like two old men fighting over a garden hose. I REALLY hope we get to see Vader mix it up some, yeah. I’d love to see maybe an opening sequence where Vader just mows down a Rebel base or maybe something in the middle where our heroes are part of larger task force and Vader just starts picking them off one by one. I don’t know. But this seems like the movie to do something big with Vader and now that we know he’s a part of it I hope we get to some action!

Dear Micah, I shot second!! – Greedo, Dead.

Shut-up Greedo. Nobody cares.

Dear Micah, I stabbed first!! – Kylo Ren, definitely on the Dark Side forever.

Too soon, Kylo. Too soon.



Well hey Internet, happy Friday, and all that weekend stuff. So after Wednesday’s triumphant triumph, in which I definitely solved all of DC’s problems forever. I thought I’d take a post just to look around at the movie landscape and see what other problems I could solve, what other rights I could wrong, what vague references to candy products I could make!

Weekly Headlines: 4/8/2016

So probably the biggest movie news of the week was the new Star Wars Rogue One trailer. To sum it up: It’s pretty sweet. I mean it’s not as awesome as the first Force Awakens trailer but it looks really good! Like the new heroine interesting appearance by Mon Mothma (if you don’t know who Mon Mothma is then congratulations: you are not a Star Wars nerd. Enjoy that whole, real life thing.) I’m not sure how I feel about that old man taking out Stormtroopers with a stick… they’re in armor right??? If you hit a stormtrooper with a stick that doesn’t… work, right?? Anyway, other than that I thought it looked great. Love a more, boots on the ground, Star Wars story. I think it’ll give us a cool look at Star Wars outside of the 6 characters we’ve been following around the galaxy for the last thirty years. JJ Abrams brought the Star Wars Franchise back, but this is the first real entirely new Star Wars concept and I’m all in after the trailer. Though I was disappointed that Wash (Alan Tudyk) didn’t make an appearance, though apparently he’s doing motion capture for a droid, which I did find dissapointing.


One of the bigger questions is: who’s this guy? And why is he staring at that giant frozen Capri Sun?

Melissa McCarthy is coming back to Gilmore Girls. Yay. Be excited Stars Hollow people, this is good because Melissa McCarthy is an important part of the Gilmore Girls… girliverse?? And because it was gonna be real awkward to have her character constantly “in the other room” or “She just went to pick up the kids” or “something something probably coffee.”

Charlize Theron just signed on to play the main villain in Fast 8. The latest entry in the “how many weird ways can we use the words on The Fast and Furious” series. I mean we had Furious 7, now we’ve got Fast 8. What’s after this?? “The 9??” TFF9??? Still though, Theron will be fine. If nothing else Fast and Furious has proven it can have actors growl lines about “The street” convincingly. Maybe something about “It’s all about family” while sipping on a “Corona” driving a “chevy” and cashing their “promotional checks.”


Fast 8: Cause someone, somewhere is still watching these.

Jungle Book: Origins has been pushed back again, this time all the way back to 2018. This Jungle Book not to be confused with the one that comes out next week, is directed by Andy “The Gollum” Serkis. This might be a reaction to the VERY positive early reviews from Disney’s Jungle Book, which (according to critics) “Is a movie, about a Jungle, but (in a shocking and unexpected twist) doesn’t actually feature any books.”

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Nerd Whining dropped more than one hundred million dollars between its first week and its second week while remaining the top movie at the box office. Expect another drop this week, but also expect it to stay atop the box office for another week. It’s biggest competition this week is gonna be umm… The Boss, I guess? A comedy starring the aforementioned Melissa McCarthy and featuring virtually no actual comedy, but only a tofu comedy-like substance.


On the wall behind the painting, is another painting of another Melissa McCarthy. It’s Melissa McCarthy Inception: Melception.

That said, expect Jungle Book to come out next week and wipe the floor with BvS’s narratively confused corpse. Early reviews have been great and after two weeks with nothing to see but two superheroes growling about how much it sucks to be a superhero, people will flock to a movie that features likeable characters, a sensical story, and the one thing that Batman V Superman lacked the most: a giant monkey with the voice of Christopher Walken. Which (if you think about it) is what we’ve all been missing. All our lives.

Thank you Christopher, and goodnight.

This’ll come as a shocker to some of you out there in Inter-land but running this blog is actually somewhat difficult at times. Not… ya know, most times, but some times. Occasionally.  Particularly in September, February, and March when there aren’t many new movies, nothing is really going on, and I have to make up things about soy milk and kale and char and Nicholas Sparks movies and some other things that I don’t understand but sound real gross.
But then there’s January, a fantastic month where I get to basically just write about last year, this year, and some broad and terrible things that are awesome. Probably my favorite article of the year though is this one, it’s just exciting to look ahead at the year in movies and see what there’s gonna be! And this year was no exception!
Micah’s Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2016
Seriously though, there are WAY to many movies to be excited about this year. I really paired down my list this year and I still had three movies left over. So sorry, Jungle Book, Warcraft, Through the Looking Glass and Star Trek: Beyond. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you… it just won’t be one of the top ten spots in my heart.
10. Deadpool February 12th
 I’m a big Deadpool fan and I think/hope this will be a decent movie. The trailers have looked pretty good (though R rated so be advised.) That said, it’s so easy for a movie like Deadpool to be too much, too many, and too often. If it’s done well, it’ll be great, but it’s hard to balance comedy and action and Deadpools own signature, self aware style. So Deadpool is at number 10 cause I’m trying to temper my expectations, hopefully it’ll be good… but if it’s not good it will be TERRIBLE. There’s no middle ground here.
9. Ghostbusters July 15th
 I’m excited for this one. Great looking cast, reboot of a good franchise that (unlike certain re-boots) needed a nice re-boot. The originals are great, but clearly the time for Ghostbusters 3 has passed us, excited to see what the new generation look likes!

I mean obviously it looks like this… but you know what I mean.

8. Batman V. Superman March 25th 
 Yeah, I was a little surprised this clocked in this low on the list. The last couple trailers have made me, if anything, less excited about this. That’s not to say I’m not excited, but it seems like the more info I get on this the less I think it will be anything more than decent. I think it will be decent, I don’t think we’re looking at a train wreck, just not a great movie. The action will be good, the story and the scripting will be meh. I’m still excited, just less so.
7. A Monster Calls October 14th
 Definitely, my wild card pick on this list. There’s just not a lot of info on this movie, but it’s based on a great book and features the low growly gravel growl voice of one, Liam Neeson. There’s not a great deal of info on this one, but I like what I’ve seen, I know what I’ve read, and I are what I eat.
Or something.

So you’ve cast Liam Neeson as that giant monster tree you say? Where do I sign up???

6. X-Men: Rise of Apocalypse May 27th
 So… I liked the trailer for this but… are we sure Sophie Turner can do an American accent?? Are we sure we’re not getting back into the X-men 3 range of just throwing too many mutants out there? I mean X-Men: Days of Future past was pretty good so it’s reassuring to know that Bryan Singer has done this before but… I don’t know. I mean I’m excited for this but… mildly concerned.
5. Suicide Squad, August 5th
This is very exciting. Love that we’ve finally got a movie centering around slightly reformed villains. Interested to see the new Joker, and to finally get Will Smith in a true comic book movie. The trailers have been solid, the cast looks great, I think this will be DC’s best movie of the year by a LONG shot.

Suicide Squad Prediction 1: One of those guys on the end will be dead within ten minutes. Mine as well just have them wear red shirts that say “Cannon Fodder” on them.

4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Nov. 22nd.
Another movie that I know very little about, FBWFT has released one trailer that contained virtually ZERO information. But Eddie Redmayne looks great and it seems like he’s basically gonna go full Doctor Who in this which I am ALL about. Plus, it’s Harry Potter and JK Rowling and they’re nothing if not reliably wonderful!… Except for Deathly Hallows Part 1, or as I call it Harry Potter: Walk in the Forests and do Nothing.
3. Captain America: Civil War, May 6th
Ah, the big 3. This’ll be great. I’m excited to see where this movie goes and to watch Iron Man and Cap face off. This has such a good chance to brake out of the typical super hero movie story path and do something really cool and different. Interested to see Black Panther and the new Spider Man, this is all coming up win!!
2. Doctor Strange Nov. 4th
As excited as I am about Captain America though, I’m even more excited for Dr. Strange. Strange is (hopefully) a very VERY different Marvel movie. Thus far they’ve mostly ignored the magical aspect of the Marvel world even leaning Thor towards ‘what you call magic we call science’ excuses. But this is all magic, all the time AND Benedeict Cumberbatch stars as Dr. Strange so how can you not be excited about that?? That’s a big pile of excitement with extra excitement on the side and a wedge of excited cheese!

Thank you Marvel, may I have some more??

1. Star Wars: Rogue One Dec. 16th
Maybe it’s the Internets collective Star Wars fever but I’m super excited to see this new kind of Star Wars movie next year. As far as we can tell this’ll be sans Jedi and largely focus on the theft of the Death Star plans that led to the events of episode 4. Also: Alan Tudyk. I mean come on, it’s Wash, in Star Wars. Get on board.

Miss you… you seem to be confused about how helmets work…

So there you have it guys, it’s gonna be another fun movie year!! Check back next Tuesday when I look back at the ten worst movies to come out in 2015!! It’s gonna be… probably pretty miserable.