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Hey Internet, well, as we draw August to a close and stare ahead and the bleak cave of nothingness that is the September movie landscape, I thought we’d take a day to answer your questions, feed your desire for feedback, and just generally speaking address all dem masses!! And by masses, I do mean 5 of you… just so we’re clear.

Micah, recently I heard Will Ferrell has been cast as Sherlock Holmes. I know you certainly must have an opinion on this, and I demand to hear it! – Katrina


Somehow that hat makes John C. Reily seem WAAAAYYY creepier… and I didn’t think that was possible.


Well, and this is just cause you demanded it, fine. I’ll do it. Opinion to follow. So the full rumor (which has since been confirmed) is that Will Ferrell and John C. Reiley will be playing Holmes and Watston (respectively) in a new, full length Sherlock Holmes comedy written by Etan Cohen (not to be confused with the vastly more talented Ethan Coen.) Look, if you told me this was an SNL sketch I would excited and probably check it out, but that’s really Ferrell’s entire movie history. There will be 10-15 minutes of pretty funny material, surrounded by an hour and a half or so of un-funny, clumsy padding. I like Farrell and Riley fine, but I’m just not seeing this turn into anything worth really watching.

Micah, have you seen the new Rings trailer? What do you think of it and the original series? – Travis

I have Trav (can I call you Trav??) and it looks fine. Maybe better than fine, I mean it’s certainly scary enough, and creepy little creep girl is still… ya know, creepy. I watched the first Ring in college with some friends VERY late at night and it (to put it respectfully) scared the shinola right outta me. The Ring 2: More Rings I watched alone in the dark and was unimpressed. So who knows, it’s easy to put together a scary trailer for something, but we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what the final product looks like.


I can’t shake the feeling I’ve done something wrong…


You left Deepwater Horizon off your September preview? Why all the hate for Marky-mark? – Kyle

First off, Kyle, let’s never say Marky-mark again okay? It’s offensive to Mark, Marky’s, markers, basically everything. Secondly, the trailer for this movie was somehow SUPER boring. Some little girl with a coke can trying to adorably explain how oil drilling works for what felt like twenty minutes. I mean I don’t care how adorable the directors daughter having her talk for like thirty minutes about the exact reasons the oil well was gonna explode is WAY less effective than (just as a crazy example) SHOWING THE EXPLOSION?!?!


A girl who could tell the story of Taken and still put an audience to sleep.


Micah, what do you think of Brie Larson being cast as Captain Marvel? – Stacey


Just so we’re clear: this is in no way an actual image of Brie Larson… or Captain Marvel… that may be an actual wall behind her… maybe.


I think it’s great. I mean Larson is super talented, and can definitely handle the roll so I definitely don’t think there’s any reason to question the casting. Plus, at this point who are we to question the wise wisdom of wiseness that emanate from the Marvel cinematic universe? I mean until they start missing there’s no reason to think they will right? Oh and speaking of judging things based on their track records…

Micah, everyone is saying that Jared Leto is the worst Joker? What do you think? Will they really replace him? – Alex

Okay, Alex, this is a good question for a couple reasons. First off (from what we can tell) we barely saw ANY of the footage they shot with the Joker for Suicide Squad. There’s hardly any, actual Joker footage in the actual movie. That said, Leto wasn’t great, but I mean really the list of ‘great Jokers’ is pretty short. Cesar Romero did it in the old Adam West show and he didn’t even care enough to shave his mustache off.


Just when you thought the Joker couldn’t get any weirder… the Jokerstache happened.


Then you had Jack Nicholson who did pretty well, but basically just spent the movie doing a slightly more boisterous Cesar Romero impression.

Heath Ledger of course ROCKED the Joker in the Dark Knight, and Mark Hamill (yes, that Mark Hamill) did a fantastic job voicing the Joker in various animated movies/games. Leto is nowhere close to Ledger or Hamill, but it’s hard to compare him to Nicholson and Romero because the time periods are so different.

I think the big drawback to Leto so far (his Suicide Squad run was short, but also decidedly underwhelming) is (and I’m basing this purely on secondhand accounts) Leto is kind of a jerk. He spent the entire time on set sending weird gifts to cast members and being in character, and then when the movie was released he did NOT handle the cuts well, mouthing off at DC execs and the director and basically everyone he could think of. All that said, they won’t bail on Leto yet, I mean these are the people who keep letting Zach Snyder make movies so… as far as we can tell they don’t know how to fire people.

And that’s it guys!! Thanks again for the e-mails!! Always good to hear from the peeps and popes of the Internet! Thanks!

Recently the phenomenal new trailer for the next movie in the re-vamped Sherlock Holmes series came out. In response to this I’d like to go ahead and review the original movie and then take a bit to talk about the new trailer.

Micah: Retro-reviews: Sherlock Holmes.

The classic "Hands in pocket" look, as p'wned by Robert Downey Jr.

The plot: We’re introduced to Sherlock Holmes just as he comes along and demolishes some poor fool guarding a staircase. Holmes (played by Robert Downey Jr.) and Dr. John Watson (Jude Law) stop a murder and catch the nefarious Lord Blackwood. They do miss however his lesser known brothers Lord Brownwood and Lord Purple-daisy-in-a-field-of-cows. Blackwood is tried and executed but in an extremely cheeky British sort of way; he soon rises from the dead.

In other plot related things: Dr. Watson is about to get married, Sherlock’s old girlfriend is back in town, and every one still thought Britney Spears was moderately sane.

The movie carries on at a break neck pace as plots thicken, games are a footed, and elementaries are Watsoned… which sounds incredibly creepy now that I think about it.

The Positrons:

Some absolutely amazing acting going on in this movie! Most prominently between Downey Jr. and Law, who not only perfectly embody their respective characters, but also play off each other better than any acting duo I’ve seen in a very long time. Every interaction between them is so enjoyable to watch and Downey just absolutely nails his character and it’s a wonderful wonderful thing.

The rest of the cast really does hold together pretty well. Mark Strong plays his sinister villain very well (if a bit melodramatically) and Rachel McAdams (not someone I’m generally a huge fan of) turns in a pretty good performance as the teasing, annoying Whatever Her Name Was character

The writing (and mystery) are very well done. In addition to the dialogue being well laid out it’s appropriately hilarious, serious, and even insightful at times. The mystery itself is less of a “who done it” and more of a “how done it” and occasionally a “why done it” and slightly less often a “Dunkin Done-it” Wow… that may be the worst pun ever… moving on from that abject humiliation, the mystery holds together really well and keeps you guessing till the end (for the most part).

The negatives:

This is a hard movie to pick out a negative for really… James Moriarty makes a cameo appearance and anyone who has even the vaguest idea of the story can see it coming from roughly seven thousand miles away but I’m not sure that’s bad writing so much as just a byproduct of using this source material.

In Conclusion:

Brilliant acting performances by two of Hollywood’s brightest stars carry a well written carefully polished script that keeps audience members engaged throughout the film. It’s not a perfect movie… or maybe a better way of putting it would be that it’s not quite epic or deep enough to warrant a perfect 5 of 5 but it is a movie that does what it does superbly well!

I give it 4 Watsoned Elementaries out of 5!

And now let’s move on real quick and talk about the awesome new trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Check it out here).

Jude Law carries a hold out pistol. In his mustache.

Once again it looks like the movie will be taking a far more “why” approach rather then a “who” as the trailer tells us about two seconds in that our villain this time around is James Moriarty, one of the most iconic villains ever.

Another thing you may notice pretty early on is that tree huggers will not like this movie. Guy Ritchie seems to have developed a deep personal grudge against them and has started launching not only bullets at them, but cannonballs and speeding train cars. Robert Downey Jr. makes a cameo in drag, Jude Law still pulls off a mustache creepily well, and Sherlock hurls a woman from a speeding train. The movie looks like it’s going to continue to deliver the same sort of chaotic fun that the first movie delivered while also maintaining its character development of the partnership between Holmes and Watson. It’s probably a bit needless to say at this point but: I am excited  And not cause of the woman hurled from a train part… cause that’s… wrong… and not funny… at all.

Ba ha ha.