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Well Internet, we made it! The big summer movie-wave has finally arrived, and what better way for us to strap on our boogie boards and boogie our way to that sweet summer freedom, than with a sequel to one of the most fun movies in recent memory: Guardians of the Galaxy. But can Guardians of the Galaxy 2 live up to the sweet tunes and styles of its predecessor? Will baby Groot still be as adorable over the course of a full two hours (yes)? Is it possible to recapture all of the various magics and tinctures that went into making the first Guardians movie the delicious cinematic dessert platter that it was? Well let’s find out together by journeying further down this page and reading some bold font!

Micah Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Interstingly that guys in the middle is not in this movie at all…


The Plot: Shortly after the events of the first guarding, the second Guardians movie picks up with our heroes fighting off a big bad in a very cool sequence that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Of course the job ends up going sideways, and the Guardians end up back on the run, and stuck in the middle with you. Or something.

Anyway, Star-Lords dad turns up, Rocket makes some new friends, and Baby Groot just keeps on Grooting away. Unfortunately, I can’t really give too many more details without spoiling some things I’d rather not spoil but suffice to say: there’s a plot, and it’s a pretty dang good plot!


This is technically for the first movie but… it’s very cool.


The Positrons:

First and foremost: Great cast. The core guardians (Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket) are all fantastic and the script does an excellent job in showing how they’re growing as characters. The actors are more than up to the same task and do a fantastic job of re-visiting the fun characteristics that made the first Guardians movie so fun, while at the same time showing actual growth in what their characters are doing.

As mentioned, the script here is also very good. The jokes and the off the wall humor is still as sharp as it was before but tied into it now is a deeper story that really does do some great things with the characters. It’s very hard to seamlessly weave those two things together and while at times it gets a little clunky on the whole the script does a fantastic job at striding the line between the first movies trademark hilarity and the character growth that a sequel like this demands.


Obligatory cute thing with a bomb picture.


The visuals here are also fantastic. The aliens show the same creative mind that the first movie did and the worlds and ships and space peoples are all incredibly well done.

The Negatrons:

The movie does take a while to really get going. The plot doesn’t even really take shape till the second hour or so and while there’s more than enough going on to keep you interested it might have been nice to have some sort of larger tease as to what was really going on.

There are a very few times where the script sort of awkwardly trips over the humor vs. story line. They’re few and far between and I’m being VERY nitpicky about it, but it is worth mentioning.

In Conclusion:

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is a fantastic sequel. It really does a great job of capturing the sense of fun and adventure that the first movie had while at the same time trying to do something more with the characters. It doesn’t fall into the sequel trap of just trying to do what the first movie did but bigger, and instead really tries to grow the world and its characters into something more interesting. It might not be straight up dollars for dollars as good as the first movie but it does an incredible job of growing its world and it is still a VERY good movie.

I give it 4 Bitty Baby Groots out of 5.

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Well hey Internet, and congratulations. You made it another week, another spin round on this crazy, beautiful bouncing ball we call earth. Take a moment and reflect on your week? Were you all that you could be? Did you eat as many delightful snack crackers as you could have eaten? Could you have put more limes into that coconut before you stirred it all up? These are the questions we must wrestle with. The things we must ask ourselves. The calories we must account for.

But enough of that tosh and nonsense.

And on to our usual Tosh and Nonsense, namely:

Micah’s State of the TV Nation

Agents of Shield

Agents of Shield has actually been super good early on this year. I was worried about the introduction of Ghost Rider (but not the real one) into the show because it definitely panged a little of desperation, while at the same time making them look a little like Marvel’s unloved step-child (cause they didn’t let them have the REAL Ghost Rider.) But it’s actually been a huge shot in the arm for the show and early indications are he’s going to be an integral part of things moving forward. Honestly though, Agents of Shield has been on a pretty nice roll for the last couple seasons, its first season was VERY bad though so it’s had a lot of ground to make up. Hopefully the injection of new blood gets the show the attention (and the budget) it needs to stay relevant.


Is there umm… Is there some Visine for that?



I have a very soft spot in my heart for Arrow but even I will admit the last couple seasons have been mediocre at best. It looks like they’re trying to mix things up this season with the introduction of a ton of new characters and I guess it could work. For the past couple season it’s felt the show was just sort of spinning it’s tires so maybe getting some new tires will help with the spinning?? Regardless, this is the train I’m riding on though, and I’m sticking with it till the end of the line… Probably… Also apparently the train has wheels.

The Flash

Flash has (thus far) managed to avoid “Arrow Syndrome” and its third season started out very strong. It’s lighter tones and characters definitely help it struggle through some of the drudgery of a 24 episode season and that probably is what it has that Arrow is missing. We’ll see how season 3 shapes up and if it can keep things “running” smoothly. That said the villain from the first season and the villain from the second season we’re basically the same person so if this seasons arch-nemesis is yet another “guy that runs real fast” I think it’ll hurt the show more than a little.


It’s the Ar-fla-girl-iverse… of tomorrow?



Supergirl got off to a really good start in season 2! The introduction of Superman finally for the very awkward monkey off of their backs, and frankly I thought he was really good. It was nice to see a Superman who seemed to enjoy being Superman, and didn’t look like every moment he spent being a super powered, attractive, well thought of alien was pure torture. It’ll be interesting to see how they work her into the CW shared universe but I’m at least interested enough in the show to see what it does on the new network.

(and thus ends the super-hero corner, thanks for coming)

Designated Survivor

I don’t know how I feel about this show yet. It’s had some pretty good moments and I think Keifer Sutherland is doing pretty well but… I don’t know it hasn’t had it’s big “this is why you should watch this show” moment yet. I’m enjoying it, but it’s had a couple shots to really grab me with a big speech or a dramatic reveal and while it hasn’t missed entirely it hasn’t really hit yet either. I’m still in wait and see mode on this.

The Good Place

It’s basically what we all thought it would be, charming and funny without ever dumpster diving for humor. It’s a very smart show more than it is a belly laugh humor kind of deal. It’s a show that makes no apologies about being what it is, and what it is, is genuinely fun and entertaining with a ton of wit worked in.


It’s a show well defined by this poster. Understated, smart, and funny without needing to beat you over the head with it.



Only one episode in at this point but it was an entertaining enough episode. As long as the show doesn’t start taking itself too seriously it will work but I feel like it’s in very real danger of doing that down the road. I can’t no holds bar recommend it, but it’s at least worth checking out if the premise intrigues you.

Luke Cage


He’s a very large person.


Obviously the full season of this is out and on Netflix so let’s jump into this and poke around a bit shall we? First off: I liked Luke Cage. I thought it was, on the whole, well done. That said, it wasn’t one of the Netflix super hero universes best. The villains never really did anything for me and the one that was easily the most interesting was the first one they killed off. The main “super powered” villain was just straight up uninteresting and just kind of settled into “he’s insane!!… because he is.” category which is NEVER interesting to watch over multiple episodes. The fight scenes were kind of meh and mostly just came down to Luke Cage being bigger and stronger than everyone, and while I think Luke Cage himself is a really strong character none of the supporting characters really lifted the show anywhere else. All that said, I thought it was better than Daredevil season 1, but not as good as DD Season 2 or Jessica Jones (in my opinion still the best of the bunch, ironically, because she had a great supporting cast which included Luke Cage.) It also had a weirdly large number of plot holes for a show like this… the people of Harlem seemed to flip-flop opinions every few seconds, villains would make plans and then abandon them in favor of something WAY less affective sounding, and when the main villain shows up in a powered suit with a HUGE section of his face exposed nobody so much as taps him there. But like I said when I started this very long paragraph: it was good. I enjoyed it, can’t wait for Cage to come back in The Defenders.

And there you go guys! That’s the TV  landscape as things stand right now (as far as I’m concerned.) Think I left something off the list? Have a mini-review of your own? Go ahead and drop it in the comments or email us at Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow for some trailer breakdown!

Well Internet, here we are, back again staring over the long precipice of another glorious weekend. But first… because I told you I would and I am nothing if not partially, kind of, moderately, a man of my word (sometimes,) here’s a review of the original (1977) version of Pete’s Dragon.

Micah Retro-reviews: Pete’s Dragon


Pete’s Dragon: Cause clearly your kids aren’t having enough nightmares.


The Plot: So umm… There’s this kid named Pete and he lives with a bunch of hicks in the mountains (the Gogans) who (I’m pretty sure according to a later song) bought him in some sort of horrifying child sale???? So Pete runs away from them as they sing a horrifying song but then they are brutally beaten by an invisible dragon monster named Elliot who then whisks Pete away to literally the only place in America worse than living in the woods with abusive hicks: Passamaquoddy. While in… that place, Pete gets adopted by a woman named Nora who proceeds to send the young hick adopted boy with the invisible dragon to school where he is promptly socially abused, and then the invisible dragon destroys the school house causing literally hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.


Yeah, I wouldn’t trust these people to care for a cockroach. Let alone a living human child… or a non-living human child.  


So once Pete has caused untold chaos in the town Nora tries to adopt him but is stopped by Pete’s original Hick family/slave owners who proclaim that they legally own Pete in a horrifying song called “Bill of Sale” and for some reason they are not instantly arrested for (and stay with me here) BUYING A HUMAN CHILD. And just to add to the menagerie of horror that is this film an extremely weird medicine man shows up and sings on entire song about how he wants to murder Pete’s lovable town-destroying dragon, and literally chop him up and sell him piece by piece. No: it’s a real thing.

So after Elliot is nearly caught, chopped, up and murdered; and Pete is nearly abducted again by the people who (if you’ll recall) BOUGHT him, some dude in a ship comes back and he’s Norma’s husband or something and then everything is fine. Except for the fact that this movie happened.


Oh, also: this dragon bakes apples?? Who the heck bakes apples?? The monster.  


In Conclusion: I don’t know if the makers of Pete’s Dragon realized they were introducing a generation of children to the idea that they could be bought by hicks or that some Dr.’s were complete lunatics who wanted to capture and chop up there imaginary friends: but they certainly did that thing. I mean this movie is legitimately terrifying, and not just because Mickey Rooney is in it (though that certainly doesn’t help.) Of all the weird 70’s Disney movies (and there were a lot of them) Pete’s Dragon is the one that most completely terrified me, while at the same time convincing me that the world was a horrifyingly dark place where I could be randomly bought by horrifying nightmare hicks from the backwoods, and where my imaginary friends would be murdered and sold for parts. Thanks Disney.

So there you go guys, my advice? Maybe wait for the new movie which (as far as I can tell) is free of nightmare-hicks and homicidal doctors. Though I mean you can never really tell these things can ya? Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week!

Well Internet, I hath returned. Like warm spring mornings after a cold winter. Like the gossamer leaves of a mighty oak after a long fall. Like indigestion after an oe’r hastily eaten meal. I’m back, and I bring with me, like the rarest of spices from the orient, a review. A movie review, of a pretty okay movie.

Micah Reviews: X-men: Apocalypse.

Ah the X-men franchise, the great grandfather of the super hero franchise. Unlike the great Grandmother of the super-hero franchise (Spiderman) the X-men franchise seems to be plugging along just fine. It had a few rough years there with X-men 3 and Wolverine: Origins but it was re-invigorated by X-men: First Class, and the follow up X-men: Days of Future Past was a solid (albeit less inventive) entry into the series. So can Apocalypse keep the X-men franchise rolling? Or does this series need yet another shot of new blood?


Worst family photo ever.

The Plot:

So… many and many a year ago in a Kingdom by the Sea, there was a mutant named umm… Something Egyptiany. And he was the king!! For reasons. But it seems not everyone was super okay being ruled by a giant blue man with weird looking armor , and so (in typical Egyptian fashion) they dropped a Pyramid on him. Cause that’s how they be triangulating.


That’ll give you a headache.

Many MANY years later some people digging around under Egypt unearth his tomb and thus an extremely predictable, and uninteresting sequence of events is set into motion. Over the course of these events many and many bland people will do things in a bland way, for bland and uninteresting purposes. It’s a joy and a thrill…Assuming you have never EVER been to the movies, or seen a movie.

The Positives:

Look, there’s nothing incredibly broken with this movie. But there’s also nothing especially good about any one part of it. But because I went to all the trouble of typing “The Positives” up there I guess I have to come up with something. The cast is probably the strongest thing this movie, Michael Fassbender and James McCavoy are just locked into these characters and do some genuinely good work. The rest of the cast does well on the whole but, honestly, most of them just don’t have anything to do. Very few characters go through any meaningful change, or show any real emotional range, and it really doesn’t matter who the actor is if all he or she is being asked to do is stare blankly ahead at something.


These people will do… something??? Maybe.

The Negatrons:

There’s no one thing that makes X-men: Apocalypse not work. It’s not even really a bad movie, it’s just a movie that doesn’t seem to care that much. The word you’re gonna read a lot here is gonna be “lazy” it’s a VERY lazy movie. For instance:

The script just feels tired and uninterested. Characters regularly and clearly state their intents or powers. “I’m telepathic, that means I can hear what people say” says Jean Grey when asked about her powers. “Unleash Havoc!!” Says Professor X when trying to get Havoc to unleash his powers. It’s like they wrote a very rough draft and then never went back to refine the lines. The same can be said for the story here which is basically exactly what you think it will be from the trailers. It never deviates or twists at all except for the inevitable “Magneto is evil, is Magneto really evil???” Storyline which ends exactly like it has the last three times we saw it. It’s not a bad storyline, it’s just a lazy one that unfolds exactly like you think it should and ends (like you expect it to) with everyone working together.

The fight scenes also ring of laziness not relying on any sort of finesse or choreography, but instead involving a light of quick cuts and people shooting beams at each other. It’s not poorly done or uninteresting, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

The movie does have two big problems: the first is it just has too many characters. And because of that it doesn’t really get to spend time developing any of them. Everyone just sort of stands around and waits for their turn to have an emotion but you never really get a sense for who any of them are or why we should care about them. We spend so much time bouncing around between characters and locations that none of it really has any sticking power at all and it leaves an already uninspired movie to try and muddle through with an uninteresting cast of characters.

But the biggest problem with X-men: Apocalypse is, in point of fact, Apocalypse himself. We spend a huge chunk of our time with him and all of it feels wasted. He just sort of looks at things with his unreadable blue face and occasionally gives long speeches in a monotone voice that relay the same information through out. “Stop touching my things” Apocalypse says over and over and over again. He’s just a big blue block of nothing and for some reason the makers of X-men thought he was fantastic. If Marvel is looking for a blue print (pun intended) on how not to do Thanos, this is it. Basically the movie became those parents who think they’re child is the best recorder player ever, and so you have to sit and listen to them play “hot cross buns” over and over and over again except in this case the recorder is a huge, blue, block of uninteresting blue cheese.


Worst recorder… ever.

In conclusion:

X-men: Apocalypse isn’t a terrible movie. It’s not Fantastic Four or Batman V Superman, it has a strong cast, good visuals, and it’s not a terrible story at its core. That said, it doesn’t do anything with any of those elements, the cast is under-utilized, the visuals have been done before, and the story is crippled by a very uninteresting villain and stiff dialogue.

I give it 3 Blue Recorders out of 5.

Well Internet, we made it. It took us the better part of four years, an almost astonishingly mishandled trailer release, and about a billion pages worth of angry internet people spouting opinions into the cosmos. But we made it. There’s no cute little intro to this, no section where I talk about puppies and chicklets and list my favorite nonviolent dinosaurs. This is business, grim, nasty, somewhat unpleasant business… kind of like…

Micah Reviews: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Batman V Superman V The Internet: The Real Conflict


Over the years (yes yearS) since this movie was announced it’s mostly been bad news. I didn’t really like the title, didn’t like the constant “this Justice League member will be in it, oh and THAT one, and that one,” and really didn’t like the trailers. But a few weeks ago I decided to try my best to put all this behind me, and go into the movie with an open mind, an open heart, and someone else’s open bag of skittle (cause a guys gotta eat.) So, did Batman V Superman award my attempt at open mindedness, and light snack theft?? Meh.

The Plot:

So it’s about 18 months after the events of “Man of Steel” AKA “That Time Superman Destroyed That City and Killed A LOT of People.” Bruce Wayne/Batman is doing his thing in Gotham, Superman is doing his thing… kinda everywhere. But the two are set on a collision course where they will inevitably have NO choice but to fight each other… kind of. I mean if either of them had said I don’t know… three words?? Back and forth they could have cleared the whole thing up pretty easily but they were REAL busy making mopey faces at each other so you can see where they would have been too busy.

super stand

“Sorry, if I spoke I might show some emotion. And that would simply not do.”


Meanwhile Lex Luthor is trying to destroy Superman and then umm… somehow benefit from that??? I guess. Look, I can’t go too much into this without spoiling things in the movie but for those of you who thought: “I bet Zach Snyder didn’t reveal the entire plot of the movie in that trailer” you were mostly wrong. There’s one or two things here that will moderately to slightly MAYBE  surprise you. If you’re not paying attention to large parts of the movie. That said, I don’t want to spoil anything too much here so we’ll move on to the pros and cons section.

The Positives:

Okay so there are some things this movie does well primarily (kind of) Batman. Couple really cool action sets with Batman and on the whole I think Ben Affleck did a really good job with it. That said (and I can’t spoil anything here so I won’t be specific) Batman himself is someone horribly misportrayed here. He does a LOT of very unBatman things, which aren’t just concerning for this movie but for all the movies from here on out. You can practically see Zack Snyder running around a room painting Batman into a corner… it’s just… it’s really weird. And unnecessary… maybe we’ll talk about this more in a spoilers section down below. I enjoyed Batman here and I really did like Batfleck it’s just… you wonder if Snyder really knows who Batman is or what makes him and his villains (one in particular) intriguing.


You have beautiful eyes.


The fight scenes are good. Batman vs. Superman itself is cool (though shorter than I thought/hoped it would be) and the fight with a certain person whose appearance was spoiled in the trailer is… fine. Kind of CG and hard to see exactly what was going on, but they were strong on the whole.

I thought the look of the movie was cool, like the costumes and the powers look good.

Really the cast does well. They don’t have much to do, but they do well.

The Negatrons:

This movie is… just a mess. The plot doesn’t make sense. The reason Batman and Superman fight each other is completely avoidable and the reason they stop fighting is literally laughable. Lex Luthor’s plot is really vague and even if he succeeds you’re not sure exactly what good it will do him. Wonder Woman just sort of flits in and out and while I liked her character she didn’t really add or subtract anything from the movie. She was just sort of there.

The world still doesn’t work for me. And not just cause it’s grim (as I’ve said before) I’m fine with a grim super hero world. DC shouldn’t just make other Marvel movies, they should do their own thing, and a more dark world could definitely work. This one doesn’t. Cause it’s not just dark it’s utterly joyless. The heroes mope and pout and growl at each other. A building explodes and Superman just kind of stands there looking grim at things rather than… I don’t know, doing something.

Lex Luthor (one of the things I thought could work in this movie) REALLY didn’t. Not cause of Jesse Eissenberg, who was fine, but because his character just didn’t work. He fell into that classic Marvel movie villain trope where halfway through the movie he just kind of went insane for no reason. Lex Luthor is supposed to be this charismatic character who beats people by outthinking them, and out inventing them. He’s dangerous because he’s so thoughtful and methodic. He’s not yet another Joker rip-off whose plan is basically “let’s do this thing and hopefully it will hurt some people, and benefit me somehow!!!”


“I don’t know… Why don’t we jus throw a bunch of chemicals in there and see if it magically creates that Golden Goose I’ve heard so much about.”


In conclusion:

In the end Batman V Superman is basically what we thought it would be. It’s basically Man of Steel with Batman. If you really liked Man of Steel, than you’ll really like this, and that’s fine. You do you. If, like me, you were underwhelmed by Man of Steel but not completely appalled by it, then that’s what this will do. I enjoyed BvS, but I didn’t enjoy it a lot. I thought it was fine, there was just enough cool comic book action to help me get over the blah world and characters. I certainly don’t regret watching it, but I probably will never watch it again.

I give it 2 Mopey Heroes, out of 5.

So there you go guys, it was a LOOOONG time coming. But we made it. And in the end… I guess it was worth it?? Maybe. And now one brief spoiler section on Batman so if you care about such things PLEASE stop reading here.

Seriously though, stop.

For reals.

Here we go.


You’ve been warned, Citizen.


So… Batman kills people. Like a lot of people… with guns and bullets and things. WHAT??? Now look, Batman has always killed some people. I mean he punches people and drives a huge tank around after villains, invariably he will kill some people. He’s also killed some people VERY deliberately before. It’s something that has happened. But always at the core of Batman is the no kill rule (also no guns but… I mean let’s not get crazy with keeping true to the source material huh?) Batmans no kill rule is what makes him unique. Without that he’s just a rich guy, murdering dudes while dressed like a lunatic. It is also (and this is my main gripe) at the core of a lot of his relationships with his villains ESPECIALLY the Joker. The classic line from the Dark Knight about “an unstoppable force, meeting an immovable object’ is what Batman vs. the Joker is all about. If Batman is willing to kill people by say, murdering them with a chain gun mounted on the Batwing, or dragging their car behind the Batmobile like a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball, then him not just murdering the Joker and all his other villains is downright irresponsible. How can you make a Batman movie without that central internal conflict??? It’s just weird. And dumb. So I don’t know whether future Batman movies will just ignore all this and bring back Batman’s no kill rule, or whether they’ll try and somehow give us a weird reason Batman won’t kill the main villains but it just doesn’t make sense. So thanks, Zach Snyder, not only did you kinda ruin Batman V Superman, but you’ve succeeded in kind of ruining future Batman movies. Thanks a lot.

Well hello Internet, and welcome to another shocking episode of: Thoughts We Might Have Had. An episode wherein I shall be proven to mostly be right about something I’ve been saying for, like, a year. So let’s dispense with all the usual opening kerfufery and get right into the main kerfufery shall we?? Of course we shall: Kerfuf away!!!

Micah Reviews: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


Do the full length dresses ever bother them you say?? Nah.


So it has finally come. After years of rumors and starts and stops, the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movies is finally here! So is it any good?? Will it set off production for other movies from the same series, such as Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (not made up) or Mansfield Park and the Rise of Techno C’thulu (completely made up) in summary: Nah.

The Plot:

It’s Pride and Perjudice… with Zombies.

In a weird weird way, they actually manage to stay pretty true to the original Pride and Prejudice storyline. It’s not completely over hauled and all the main characters are actually fairly similar to the characters from the book… they just happen to kill lots of zombies.

Beyond that, the plot is basically exactly what the plot of Pride and Prejudice is, Liz Bennet doesn’t like Mr. Darcy cause Mr. Darcy is cold and terrible and rude and nasty, but then he saves her sister from a dog or something and she loves him forever… I think that’s the plot anyway… I was distracted by the zombies.


Pride and Prejudice and Petals.


The Pros:

The cast is actually pretty solid here. The acting is good, Lily James slips back into her ‘Downton Abbey’ shoes and they work perfectly well in the Pride and Prejudice world. The real standout is Matt Smith (yes, that Matt Smith) who delivers a charming and hilarious performance as Mr. Collins, he steals all his scenes in the best way imaginable.


He’s just so dang cute, him and his little hair curly Q.


The Zombie action is pretty good too, it won’t win any Golden Combat awards… which I think are a thing… But it’s decent and fun and makes use of the setting pretty well. It’s cool to see Zombies out of the modern time period even if it doesn’t necessarily do anything to revolutionize the genre.

The Cons:

The two genres (Zombie and umm… Austen) work fine independent of each other, but they really don’t mesh very well. It is all at once, too many zombies, and too few zombies. While at the same time not having enough Pride, and having far too little Prejudice. Independently they are fine, but together they don’t fit as well as they should. The transition is a little awkward every time.

The script is fairly forgettable. It’s not egregious but it’s not delicious. It’s egrecious. And egrecios, isn’t a word.

In Conclusion:

I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It was a good time. It didn’t take itself too seriously, there were zombies, and Matt Smith and it was cool setting. The movie was fine. More than fine, it was enjoyably fine. Interestingly fine. But not much more, I’m glad I went to see it, but I wouldn’t have been sad to have missed it. It was a thing that I did. It was a sword that I stabbed. It was the best of times, it was the fine of times

I give it 3 Austens, out of 5.

So there you go guys, a movie about which there was not that much to say about in the end. It was exactly what I thought it would, a perfectly fine movie about Pride and Prejudice, with some Zombies. It’s more fun than it is not fun. And that’s about the highest it could ever go.

Hail Caesar

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Ah, the fresh breezy feeling of a new year. A new batch of movies, a new set of hard working actors that I can compare to small forest animals. A fresh batch of challenges, hardships, and arbitrary snap judgments await us fair friends! Let’s take this magical journey together! Let’s tip toe through these cinematic tulips like twin tigers tripping through the tallied trampolines. Let’s review some movies!!

Micah Reviews: Hail Caesar


This isn’t the official poster for the movie… it’s just the sweetness.


It’s weird to have a movie in the January/February doldrums that actually looks good. Jefbruary is a time for the release of Dirty Grandpa and The Choice. The Cinematic equivalent of the hair that gets stuck in your drain, certainly not a pretty thing, but a necessary side effect of living life and making movies. Then all the sudden along comes a Coen brothers movie, right smack in the middle of Jefbruary. So, is this more hairy drain filth, or somewhere in that drain mess have we found the subtle silvery glow of a quarter that inexplicably got stuck in that hair?? The answer to that question, that got WAY more gross that I intended, right after this bold font.

The Plot:

It’s the 1930s… ish. And Hollywood is right in its golden age. The Magic is magical, the silver screen is silvercal, and the mustaches are… mustachical?? In the middle of all this mustachicalness is the head mustache, a man by the name of Eddie Mannix. He’s the guy who holds this whole crazy studio together, and he’ll have to deal with a lot on this particular day. Pregnant movie stars, prima donna directors, and southern accented celebrities are just some of the things he has to deal with, and that’s before his biggest star, Baird Whitlock, goes missing.

hail-caesar brolin

“Please don’t stare directly at the mustache.’


Can Eddie keep the studio together, all while making one of the biggest decisions of his life? He’ll have to, otherwise it’ll mean no mustache for him… I think.

The Positives:

A great cast all put in great performances here. The headlines are definitely Josh Brolin and George Clooney as Eddie Mannix and Bair Whitlock respectively, but the rest of the cast works together really well and play their slightly caricatured characters with all the commitment and whimsy necessary.


Your cast… or at least 5 of them.


The visual style of the movie is really great, and really revels in its setting. If you’re a fan of this era of movies, or even just interested in the time period, you’ll get everything you loved right here. Gene Kelly style musical numbers, are interspersed with old school ‘Swords and Sandals’ epics, which are briefly interrupted by a full on water musical. All of these are brilliantly filmed and great callbacks to that ‘golden age’ style of movie.

The script here is solid. There’s nothing that stands out as overly great, or incredibly funny, but much like the movie itself, the script keeps things simple and quick and doesn’t mess around with too many unnecessary frills. It’s funny, but not in a big laugh out loud way. It keeps up a steady stream of funny lines and awkward situations that are quirkily entertaining enough to keep you engaged.

The Negatrons:

Because of the simplicity of the script there’s not really a huge driving plot point, or a lot of suspense. This does give the film time to do what it really wants to do (take a wide and relaxing look at it’s world) but those not committed to that world, or looking for suspense or action will find themselves probably a little turned off by the movies lack of a driving plot.

In Conclusion:

This may be the Coen brothers most Coen brothersy movie ever. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it may exclude some viewers looking for more standard fare. That said if you like the Coen brothers or this time period of movies you should definitely check this out. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the world that those characters populated. It was a simple movie, about a simpler time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I give it 4 mustachelinesses out of 5.