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Internet!! Hey, what’s up? I ask, not because like usual where I ask questions with no intention of actually answering, but because I care. Because my vast and tender heart reaches out through time and space, and touches all of you. Cause we are connected, connected through our lives, through our hopes, dreams, fears, and through our mutual appreciation of the horrible face of Amanda Seyfried.

But that’s enough about me, let’s talk about you, and what you wanted to know about me. Or from me. Or whatever.

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Question 1: What are you thoughts on the Red Sox this season? – James T

Are you sure you’re writing this to the right blog there James?? Sure I have a sports section, but it is the neglected, plucky, musically gifted, orphan Annie of this website. But I suppose there’s nothing wrong with letting the little Orphan hop up on stage and sing something about Tomorrow.

So the Red Sox so far have looked pretty good. And I know this cause my wife bought me a years subscription to!! Sure our pitching is a little bit of  leaky rowboat adrift on a wide expanse of ocean, but our offense is a huge roving death whale of Murder Death looking for any other ships that may or may not be in any way related to the previous boat metaphor. So it all works.

The Red Sox offense everyone.

The Red Sox offense everyone.

We haven’t really gotten to much into the season obviously, but early signs are good, everyone seems largely happy and healthy and while the first third of the season doesn’t really mean much, it’s certainly better to have a good first third, then it is a bad first third.

Question 2: Are there too many Super hero movies right now? – Beth

Well there’s at least one too many.(Rimshot as Micah stares intently at Batman vs. Superman.) Seriously though, it’s a valid question. Right now it’s just Marvel and Marvel’s cranking out two movies a year, basically for the next seventy thousand years. So far, it’s working okay for them, the movies are well done and the world ties together very nicely. But then you’ve also got Fox who is good for at least an x-man movie once every two years, DC who looks like they’ll be good for a movie or two a year once they’re done ruining batman, Sony who still owns some of the Spiderman rights and then at least one or two wild card comic book movies (I, Frankenstein for instance) a year.

Pictured: at least three reasons that we should maybe just stop with Superhero movies all together.

Pictured: at least seven reasons that we should maybe just stop with Superhero movies all together.

So to answer your question: probably. We will probably, eventually hit a wall, it happens. Fads come and go, it’s the way the world works. That said, comic books have been around forever because they’re appealing to a very wide range of audiences. You’ve got the child/teen audience, the adult nerd audience, and the casual action fan audience. So, while I think we will hit a point where the movies stop breaking box office records, stop getting made into TV shows, and stop getting churned out by film companies like Peeps at Easter; I don’t think the comic book movie itself is going anywhere. It’ll eventually settle down and become a nice reliable way to make lots of money, while everyone else moves on to the next big thing.

Question 3: Is it possible that Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 could be worse then the first one? Steph

Steph, I’m not gonna lie to you: it’s possible that Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 could be the worst movie ever. As in ever. At all. And not just major motion pictures, I’m talking random videos children have made with their parents camcorders, I’m talking about that time you accidentally filmed your foot for a few minutes when you thought you locked your phone. I’m talking about movies with Hayden Christenson Nicolas Cage, and Amanda Seyfried, movies that are filmed when Doctors probe someone’s colon with a tiny video camera. It stands a strong chance of physically breaking your brain. And I’m sorry. Kevin James seems like a nice guy, he seems like a genuinely fun dude to be around, but someone needs to stop him from making movies. Before it’s too late.

Someone, anyone, stop this man.

Someone, anyone, stop this man.

Thank for the questions everyone!! Keep them coming, and I will keep answering… most of them.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the party! The “I didn’t post on Monday cause I was busy being stuff and doing things” party. It’s not a great party. I’m just being honest.

Anyway, I’ve got like 200 words to get through and I just got home from apple picking so my fingers are seizing up in the shape of Granny Smith’s every time I reach to hit the period button. But never the less, through great pain, and no small amount of personal agony I bring to you: The Weekly Headlines.

In our lead story it continues to be September and there continues to be no good movie news at all. It’s like the movie industry is deliberately mocking us while it hangs out with Thor 2, The Hunger Games 2, Ender’s Game and about ten other great movies coming out in a few months and we’re left to stand next to the stale vegetable stand, dipping soft celery sticks into a dip made of our own boredom. – Yeah… that got away from me somewhere in the middle there.

Disney’s Frozen (also coming in November… curse you Hollywood) recently released its first full trailer. From the look of things the movie will basically be “Tangled: in Snow” but the sad thing is that’s not really a terrible insult. In fact four people just pulled up another window just to find out when the movie is opening so they can buy tickets. No really, keep giving Disney your money… I’ll wait.

"Would you like to join me for the festival of lights?"

“Would you like to join me for the festival of lights?”

Fox announced that it’s starting a new series called “Gotham” that’s supposedly the story of Jim Gordon and some Batman villains in Gotham but the show may not actually have batman in it. Those of you wondering how this will be  different from Marvel’s new show “Agents of Shield” (which features a bunch of non-super hero people dealing with a super hero world) the answer is simple: it isn’t. If we’ve learned one thing about DC comics in the last year it’s that there’s nothing Marvel can do that DC can’t do a year later and slightly worse.

"Gotham" cause why NOT try and steal Marvel's ideas?

“Gotham” cause why NOT try and steal Marvel’s ideas?

On a far more awesome note Agents of Shield debuted yesterday!! Have you not watched Agents of Shield? You should watch it. Sure it’s giving Disney your money, but at least it’s giving your money to Disney so they can give some of it to Joss Whedon. I’m okay with that.

Taking the top spot in the box office this week was “Prisoners” a movie starring Jake Gyllenhall, Hugh Jackmen, and Hugh Jackmen’s huge goatee. For real though, the Goatee got its own makeup person and stunt-tee. It’s actually the exact same facial hair Hugh uses for Wolverine except completely backwards.

Michael Bay continues working on the next movie in the Transformer’s series just kind of because. Tranformers: Age of Extinction, features “Dino-bots” (robots who change into Dinosaurs) attempting to destroy humanity. I could make a joke here but there is literally nothing at all funny about the fact that people keep giving Michael Bay money to make horribly written movies about robots that will now feature the word “dino-bots” in an un-ironic way. Couldn’t we use that money for like… cancer or something? Or how about we just pay Michael Bay lots of money to STOP making movies. Forever. I’m down with either.

A friend of mine lent me Dishonored, an awesome video game that features a sweet teleportation power!! The only problem is that I teleport with all the cunning and accuracy of a concussed duck so… it hasn’t been going super well for me thus far.

Never has so much cool been ruined by my lack of basic steering.

Never has so much cool been ruined by my lack of basic steering.

The Red Sox clinched a playoff spot last week meaning that I talked to my wife a lot about things she does not care to understand. It also means I’m going to be doing at least one live blog of a baseball game so… be ready not to check this site that day.

Well there you have it friends, that’s the news! Check in next week as I kick October off with a preview of what you should and shouldn’t see in the coming month! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the flip side!

See guys this is what happens: september comes around and all the sudden there’s nothing to write about. Oh the summer it’s like new movie a week but now it’s pretty much just news about movies that are coming out several years from now and Miley Cyrus continuing her campaign to single handedly gross out the internet. If she keeps up at this rate she’ll probably just  stop people from using it entirely. People will go back to snail mailing things just to eliminate any chance that Miley will show up and try to lick something. 

So anyway that still leaves us sitting here without a blog topic waiting for something to write about. I thought of doing a blog on the Red Sox and how excited I am that they’re good but then I thought that if I wrote that it would probably jinx them right back to mediocrity. I mean, I’m probably jinxing them right now just by talking about not jinxing them. Plus after trying to explode the entire world of football in my last post I figure I should probably leave the sporting world alone for a while before a bunch of football fans show up at my house with huge armchairs and start grumpily telling me how I could write my blog better. 

The Red Sox are officially doomed now.

The Red Sox are officially doomed now.

As far as movies go the only interesting thing in theaters right now is Riddick which I’ve talked about like… three times. Which is probably about three times more then it deserves, honestly. I mean I’ll probably watch it but Riddick is basically the hot dog of cinema. I mean you can eat a hot dog and enjoy it but it’s not necessarily something you should write home about. Or blog about. Unless you’re just using it as an analogy about something you shouldn’t talk about in which case you can totally talk about it… I think. 

And as far as movies upcoming most of the movie news is about stuff that’s literally going to occur two years from now. Joss Whedon cast someone to play a robot character and everyone got excited but I’ve got TWO YEARS to be excited about that. I mean I just found something sticky on the leg of my pants that’s just as relevant to you and your lives as the fact that James Spader is going to play a character in a movie in two years. 

In other super far away news JK Rowling just announced that she writing a movie that’s gonna be a spin-off of the Harry Potter series!! The movie will probably be called “”Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and will probably be about… Fantastic Beasts… and Where to Find Them. – So now we can all try and figure out exactly what that means for the next couple years until the movie comes out and turns out to be about Harry Potter’s nephew Pansy Potter and his collection of fishing worms. 


Isn't a Newt a type of animal? Is this just a book about how to find himself?

Isn’t a Newt a type of animal? Is this just a book about how to find himself?


As far as video games go I’m just playing Borderlands 2 right now. Borderlands 2 is great and all but right now my strategy mostly involves hiding behind rocks with my sniper rifle whistling the theme to Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood as I snipe people. Even then I don’t usually hit what I’m aiming at the first time, video game characters have to willingly place their heads into my cross hairs, close their eyes, and meditate for several minutes on what it feels like to be rock embedded in a pool of golden  legos before I can hit them anyway. And (as you may have noticed) that’s not great blog material. 

So see? There’s literally nothing going on worth talking about.  Nothing. This whole blog has been me not so subtly killing time like a lost freshman speech student trying to get to the right minute count. My foot voluntarily fell asleep just cause it wasn’t interested in what I was doing. My laptop monitor is super dim because the computer decided it had better things to do with its time then watch me type in a confused circle around myself. This is the blog version of that Winny the Pooh story where Pooh follows his own footprints around a bush for a full day before tragically tripping over a carton of Easter Peeps. – I’m hazy on the ending there. 

And speaking of endings here we are at last friends. The end of what was probably the most pointless blog you have ever read. I mean you could have been reading one of those fitness blogs, or finding out how to talk to introverts (just don’t) or whatever the big new internet thing that all your friends won’t stop sharing is right now. But instead you were here, reading the literary equivalent of a cheese sandwhich. Congratulations America. Thanks for reading guys, check back Monday when I promise I’ll have figured out something to write about. But now to sing us out: it’s Miley Cyrus!!

I had a fairly nutz weekend. I have no idea why I spelled nuts like that. Cause that is not even a little bit how you spell nuts. Then again, I regularly use the words: stylez, happeningz, and skillz so I guess none of us should be surprized… I mean surprised.

But back to my weekend. I was driving with my friend Riley and our car broke down so we ended up having to hike roughly four million miles through fen and field and… ferns… I guess. All the while desperately trying to avoid getting run over by 18 wheelers who are WAY to fat to be driving on public roads. It’s like they’re a particularly large person taking up a huge chunk of the sidewalk and you have to awkwardly go around them, except this particular big person is moving 60 miles an hour and carrying several cows worth of churned milk. But anyway… I literally have no idea what this post is going to be about cause it’s late at night and I am currently semi-comatose (not exactly a rarity).

Let’s talk baseball shall we? I like baseball, especially in the last two days since the Red Sox suddenly remembered they were playing baseball and not Girls Bear Wrestling (now on Fox). I actually also got to sit down and watch a game on Sunday afternoon (thank to the bountiful mercy of my fiance’) and now feel much more kindly towards the Red Sox and towards baseball in general. After starting 1-5 (one win, five losses) the Red Sox are actually starting to resemble a baseball team again. So that’s going well.

If I hadn't just looked at a picture of Liam Neeson this would be the most hardcore thing I've seen today. Also one of these bears is a cheater.

And now, let’s talk TV: I’m still recovering from watching the BBC show Jekyll a few months ago. Frankly, it scared me to death, and was also brilliantly written and acted. It’s a beautiful thing, in a horrifying way. Like a hot girl wearing a Justin Bieber shirt.

In other TV news, me and my Fiance’ (a hot girl who doesn’t wear Justin Bieber shirts ever) are watching through Arrested Development an absolutely hysterical show filled with some of the dryest humor I have ever watched. It is definitely more my style of humor then hers but she watches it anyway (probably just to get to laugh at me). We gave up on “Once Upon A Time” forever ago because we didn’t have time to watch shows just because they were terrible and we wanted to laugh at them. Also every time the actor who plays Jimminy Cricket uttered dialogue my brain sprang out of my ears and punched me viciously in the face.

Yes this person is exactly as annoying as he looks.

For the million people who keep asking me: No I have not seen the Hunger Games yet. Leave me alone. Stop or I will hide those weird killer bees in all of your stuffed animals. I will. I’m a man on the edge!!

For the 2 million people who will now e-mail me asking why I haven’t seen the Hunger Games yet: I am busy. Busy like a bandit… a busy bandit… of bustle. A busy bustling bandit… of Bananas. A Bustling busy banana bandit. Calm down. This is why they make DVD’s. And iTunes.

For the 2 of you who care: I am still playing basketball on my 360 and am cleaning house for the Celtics!! In a good way. Not like, “I’m playing so badly they make me clean the house” sort of way but like a “I’m playing so well that other people clean my house… Iguess” sort of way. Now I’m just carrying on with that and circling the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim waiting for the price to drop!! How is it this game has been out for more then a year and still costs 40 bucks?? I mean unless your Mass Effect 3 I am NOT spending 40 bucks on you, Video Games. I have much better things to spend my money on… like my Fiance’. Or the salaries of my Zombie Squirrel army.

Fear them!!

And finally (just to validate this as some sort of movie news) here is a poster from the increasingly awesome looking: The Amazing Spiderman movie coming out this Summer. Feast your eyes on all that coolness!!!

So... cool... my brain hurts.

Well there you go a post largely about nothing at all… so thanks for reading!


Diary of a Red Sox Fan: 09-28 A Bad End

Posted: September 30, 2011 by Micah in Sports
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This is not an article I’m looking forward to writing. In fact, the last 24 hours or so I’ve been harshly debating whether or not to write it all. And yet here I stand on a precipice, staring down at the dank dark pit that is the portion of my soul given over to cheering on the Red Sox and preparing to dive headfirst into it…. Good gravy. This is gonna hurt.

So the story all starts way way way back in the happy spring days that we call April. I was excited for the start of baseball season (granted though, I always am). This year the Sox had gone out and gotten two big name players (Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford) to help the team out, and really we had only just missed the playoffs last season despite some horrible injuries (Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, and Kevin Youkillis all missed significant time just when we needed them) and the fact that one of our top two pitchers (Josh Beckett) pitched about as well and effectively as a waffle.

The Sox rewarded my faith and excitement by promptly losing their first 6 games… Frabjous day. But hey, that’s okay it’s a long season right? I was actually fairly calm about the whole thing. I mean we were way too good a team to really be that bad all year right? Right??

And hey wouldn’t ya know I was right! The sox actually picked themselves up pretty well after an extremely slow start. And for the next four months my baseball living was good!! We were widely renowned as the best team in baseball! Josh Beckett re-claimed his title as one of the most horrifyingly good pitchers around, Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia weren’t just healthy they were playing the best baseball of their lives, and newcomer Adrian Gonzalez was absolutely awesome! Life. Was. Good!

Two things bothered me though. Thing 1: Carl Crawford was horrible. Not just “horrible for a guy getting paid more for one season then I will make in my entire life” but “horrible for anyone with an actual pulse.”  Thing 2: John Lackey was somehow worse then horrible. If you lined up horrible on a stone floor and buried a pig fifty feet underneath that, John Lackey would be the dirt under that pig. Just to give you an idea what I’m talking about here, Lackey was the worst pitcher in all of baseball. The worst. He also has a five-year, $82.5 million dollar contract!!

Cheer up Carl... I only mostly hate you.

See here’s the difference between Thing 1 and Thing 2. I like Carl Crawford. He seems to be a genuinely good guy who worked as hard as he could this season and just never managed to get used to Boston. I think the reason for this is that Carl Crawford played for Tampa before he came here. The average attendance for baseball games in Tampa Bay is: 4. Two parents of players. A seventy-nine year old man who thinks he’s at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. And a Praying Mantis. The average attendance to a Red Sox game is about 7 million. All of whom have intricate knowledge of the players’ lives, batting averages, and the average fat contained in their breakfast snacks. I hope (and think) Crawford will get things turned around for next season.

John Lackey on the other hand seems to be largely (and I’m putting this as delicately as possible) a complete jerk. Now, allow me to qualify that by saying Lackey has had a lot of off the field issues this season (and last season). And if he was really giving the impression that he was trying to get through those issues and not let them affect his pitching I would probably feel for him. But he really doesn’t seem to be doing so. Every bad game he goes off whining about how no one loves him or his man-beard and every good game (both of the ones he had this season) he goes off on how “no one believes in me but me” and stuff.

Anyway that’s enough beating around the bush. It’s time to talk about Wednesday night…

Wednesday night and the sad drippy mass that my Red Sox heart has become.

After being the best team in baseball for four months the Sox collapsed EPICALLY in September. Our pitchers couldn’t pitch, our hitters couldn’t hit and our fielders moved with all the grace and skill of a swan hopped up on Nyquil. All of which came to a stunning conclusion this Wednesday. Let me explain what was going on.

We were tied for the last playoff position with the Tampa Bay Rays. Four things could have happened.

1. The Red Sox Win; the Rays lose. We go to the playoffs.

2. The Red Sox Win; the Rays Win. We play one, winner take all game with the Rays the winner of which goes to the playoffs.

3. The Red Sox Lose; the Rays Win. The Rays go to the playoffs.

4. The Red Sox Lose; the Rays Lose. We play one, winner take all game with the Rays the winner of which goes to the playoffs.

And here we go:

I had rehearsal Wednesday night right as the game was starting. Armed with my trusty smart phone though I was able to check the score between times on stage. We were tied 0-0 through the first three innings. I was on stage for most of those.

The Red Sox went up 1-0 in the third inning! Big happiness as me and my good friend (and fellow Sox fan) Dave silently cheered our boys on back stage.

The Rays were losing big time to the Yankees 7-0. I felt pretty good about life on the whole.

I was on stage for a while at this point, but when I checked back again the Sox were winning 3-2. The Rays were still down 7-0. Dancing and happiness occurred.

Rehearsal ended and I ran back to my room, pulled up my computer and tried to watch the game!… And my computer wouldn’t do it. So I moved on and called up the Radio broadcast of the game. Yay radio. I listened to the next four innings and life cruised along pretty well. A couple near scrapes but our pitcher Jon Lester (our best pitcher and an absolute warrior) was fighting his way through it all and coming out on top. The Rays were still losing big. We were still up 3-2. Things were going well. Which is when the game got rain delayed.

During the delay (or right before it for total accuracy) Dave asked if I wanted to come to his place and play some baseball on his Xbox. It seemed only a fitting tribute to the game and a great way to kill time during what turned out to be a very long delay.

Me and Dave have a long running X-box rivalry going on and the score is currently tied 9-9 in overall wins. Generally our games are close, tense affairs punctuated by me singing horribly and Dave calling me names. This was not my night. Dave shellacked me to the tune of 9-0. It wasn’t even as close as that either. I managed to get four hits off of Dave over the course of the entire game. Whereas Dave got four hits and scored two runs in the FIRST INNING. I was humbled and forsaken in a dark pit of X-box grief. But that’s okay… the real Red Sox were still winning after all right?

The actual Red Sox game picked back up again a little bit after Dave was finished punching me in the stomach… I mean beating me at baseball. And I was there dutifully listening to every pitch. As I listened I glanced at the Yankees-Rays score hoping to see that familiar 7-0 nothing score that had been such a bastion to my soul in the past few hours.

It was 7-7. Tied. Oh. My. Goodness.

But that’s okay. The Sox were still winning! In fact the Sox were in the ninth inning! Three outs away from at least guaranteeing a one game playoff! And we had Jonathon Papelbon (an absolute pitching machine) on the mound! Papelbon struck out the first two batters easily! No problem, one more out and we’re in! Who cares if we have to play the Rays to make it into the playoffs? We’ve beat the Rays before!

And then Papelbon gave up a double. Man on second. Two outs. That’s okay… Umm… I mean just one more out right? And Papelbon gave up another double. And a run scored. Tie game… 3-3. Ummmmmmm…. okay. Hey we’ve won tie games before. We’re the Red Sox after all, we’re the best team in baseball (in months that aren’t September) We’ll be fine!! We’ll be okay! We’ll be… OH MY WORD!!! Papelbon gives up another hit… Red Sox lose. End of game. Holy… how the…. if I….. But there…. These were my exact thoughts. If someone recorded the noise a trash can lid makes when it smacks into a ripe watermelon that’s been baked inside a blob of jello, that would be an exact replica of the noise I made when that run scored… If someone then took that trash can lid, stepped on it and threw it into a trash compactor it would come out in the exact shape of my poor battered soul.

But… but… but that’s okay. I mean the Rays could still lose right? Yeah… yeah if the Rays lose then we still have a chance! Okay… So I flipped my computer over to the Rays vs. Yankee game. My computer even pulled up the video for me! That’s gotta be a good sign right? The Rays were batting. Their best hitter (Evan Longoria) was standing in the batters box ready to swing. He took a pitch. The next pitch, he swung at. And hit. Over the wall. Home run. Rays win. Sox lose. Season ends. But I… If you… How the…

Member that trash can lid from earlier? Take that lid and stuff it in a toaster oven and set that toaster oven to the same relative heat as the fires of Hades. Then feed the melted remnants to a full grown Bengal tiger. Oh my poor soul.

Jarrod Saltalamachia and someone's butt. A fairly good encapsulation of the end of my season.

Its two days later now and I’m still not really finished processing it. Every time I see a news headline that has anything to do with baseball I get very briefly excited before I remember “Oh yeah… we lost.” It was a sad heartbreaking affair and a perfect reminder of what sports does to us. For every miracle win there is a miracle loss.

The Sox season started bad, ended worse, and was great in the middle which (in retrospect) makes absolutely no difference at all. So if you see a Red Sox fan in the next few days be nice to them. Smile, tell them every little thing, is gonna be all right. Tell them there’s always next year. Cause that’s what they’ll be telling themselves.

If you need me I’ll be over in the corner.


Red Sox Diary: August 7th 2011!

Posted: August 8, 2011 by Micah in Sports
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I got back to my room late-ish last night. I was chillin’ with Cassie and Riley till about ten or so when she went home cause she’s responsible and stuff. So, me and Riley (who are in no way responsible and stuff) chilled and shot Zombies for a while (yes we do kill zombies at an almost startlingly rate these days. I really need to keep count one time of how many accumulated zombies and/or aliens I kill in a weekend. Last nights tally was at least up in the hundreds and we only played for like an hour). Anyway I rolled back into my dorm at about 11 or so, started my nightly routine of trying to find my pants, making some tea (a trait I inherited from my mom) and still trying to find my pants. It was about midway through this chain of events that I remembered that the Red Sox vs. Yankees game might still be on!

I don’t get to watch as much baseball as I would like (I’ve seen maybe ten games from start to finish all year). I have a job, girlfriend, play performances, a facebook show, some awesome friends, and a blog site with a pushy editor (Editors Note: Jerk.). But it is part of my nightly routine to gingerly sip at what can only be described as apocalyptically hot tea, and watch the highlights of the Sox game. Every once in a while though, I am blessed by being able to get back to my dorm in time for the end of one! These are always good nights! Great nights when we win. And simply amazing nights when they go like this…

Top of the 9th inning: Yankees 2 Red Sox 1.

I got connected to the game just in time to watch our pitcher Jonathon Papelbon get out of a jam. With a runner on second he got the last Yankee batter to pop out to right field and end the inning. For those of you who don’t know, Jonathon Papelbon is arguably the scariest man on the planet. Before each pitch he throws, Papelbon glares in at the catcher like a falcon on a lofty height staring down at a scurrying mouse in an open field. He just scares me. To death. Fortunately he’s on my team so… I feel okay.

Bottom of the 9th inning: Yankees 2 – Red Sox 1

The Yankees bring on Mario Rivera to end the game. Arguably the best one inning pitcher in the history of baseball Rivera is an absolute game ender. He comes, he sees, he conquers… except against us. The Red Sox seem to be the one team that can get under Rivera’s skin on a regular basis. Maybe it’s just cause our teams play each other so much, but there’s definitely less fear for me with Rivera in the game then most teams.

Marco Scutaro, our shortstop, steps into the box. Scutaro almost lost his job earlier this season to Jed Lowrie who (in addition to having a name that makes him sound like a country music star) is currently and un-forunately injured. Still though, I’ve always liked Scutaro. He’s a blue collar Red Sock. A guy who shows up every day and does his job. He’s not a star, not a drama queen, just a guy who always shows up. As if to approve of my kind feelings towards him: Scutaro rips a double off the left field wall.

Jacoby Ellsbury bunts Scutaro over to third: 1 out, runner on third. Dustin Pedrioa comes into the batter’s box somehow managing to have a beard and still look like a twelve year old. He’s probably the shortest player in baseball (though don’t quote me on that) but he’s definitely the guy I want up in this situation. He’s just a scrapper. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him come out of a game with a clean jersey. He’s been red hot of late as well so the odds of something awesome happening here were fairly good. The announcers flashed up some graphic on how Pedrioa was 0 for 10 in his career off of Rivera but I didn’t care. This was just way to good a chance. He’s Dustin Pedroia, the Laser Show! He’d pull through.

And he did! Tie game! Rivera finished off the rest of the inning and officially sent the game into extra innings! Red Sox baseball everybody: gotta love it!

Top of the 10th inning: Yankees 2 – Red Sox 2 

The Red Sox bring in Daniel Bard to pitch the 10th inning. Daniel Bard might be my favorite Red Sock these days. He’s just dominant. He throws a fastball that hits 100 mph on the radar gun, and he has an amazing slider. When Papelbon comes into the game he glares, Bard just sort of… looks. You get the weird feeling he might not even be thinking about the game. He just sort of stares in at the catcher like he might be wondering what’s for dinner, or if he left the oven on. Then he throws a 100 mile an hour fastball that’s past the batter before their minds generate the SWING thought. He mows the Yankees down and gets three outs on three batters. Owned.

Bottom of the 10th inning: Yankees 2 – Red Sox 2

With 1 out David Ortiz rips a double down the right field line. Ortiz seems to be completely ageless. For three years now people have screamed and shouted about how he’s getting too old or becoming too fat or not getting around with the bat in time but aside from a few horrendous Aprils in the last few years he’s been the same old Ortiz. That said he runs at the same average speed as a beached rutabaga so Darnell McDonald pinch runs for him. The Yankees walk Carl Crawford to put runners on first and second with Josh Reddick stepping up to the plate.

At the start of this season Reddick was about 5 down on the Red Sox depth chart for Right Fielders. In other words, for him to actually play at all in the majors a lot of things had to happen. Fortunately for Josh (and me) they did. Our starting outfielder (JD Drew) played horribly, then got injured, then played horribly again, and is now (very fortunately) injured again. His backup, Mike Cameron, played SOO badly that the Red Sox erased his name from the annals of history, smuggled him out of town late at night, and are now pretending he never existed, like Liam Neeson in Unknown. Darnell McDonald has done okay but plays better in center field then in right, and Ryan Kalish had shoulder surgery and is still in rehab.

Which leaves us with Josh Reddick. Who. is. AWESOME. He’s hitting the cover off the ball, playing great defense, and even has cool hair. I mean come on! Anyway, Reddick takes the first pitch he sees into left field for a game ending single! Red Sox win 3 to 2! People are screaming at Fenway! I’m texting back and forth with Dave in all caps (which is as close to screaming I can get in the dorms). And generally everyone is happy!

Except the Yankees.

Which I’m okay with!

Anyway, that’s what went down this Sunday night in the dark of my dorm room while I drank apocalypse tea. And I say once again: Red Sox baseball everybody: gotta love it!

And yes, I found my pants.

The Red Sox

Posted: July 4, 2011 by Micah in Sports
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In my family you do not become a Red Sox fan. You are one. From the moment your tiny purple feet touch the cold hospital floors to the moment they drop your casket into the cold hard earth.

It is, in a very real sense, a bond that ties my family together. Very few conversations with my dad pass by without us at least mentioning the Red Sox. My older brother and I are regular members of fantasy baseball leagues and regularly fight over which Red Sox will best fill out our roster. And as strange as it may sound, some of the very best memories of my childhood are firmly rooted in those red and white uniforms.

My first real solid memory of the Sox is a trip to Fenway on my birthday. I honestly don’t remember which birthday it was, but I do remember my name flashing up on the big Fenway scoreboard. And far more importantly, I remember standing right outside the bullpen watching Pedro Martinez warm up.

This was Pedro at the height of his powers! Pedro was the most feared pitcher in baseball and easily the most charismatic sports figure in Boston. Pedro was all laughs and smiles before and after pitching, but during the game he was a machine. A strikeout monster that dominated the league like no one else in baseball could.

Most of that game is very much a blur, though I remember Nomar Garciaparra ripping an RBI double, and I remember Trot Nixon hitting a home run that landed 3 rows in front of me. And I, of course, remember that we won. But my longest and most precious memory of that night will be standing with my dad watching Pedro Martinez warm up not twenty feet away from me.

“That’s Pedro.” My Dad said. “He’s the best pitcher in baseball.”

And I never looked back.

I am, on the whole, a very pampered Red Sox fan. For those of you who don’t know much about baseball lore, the Red Sox went 87 years between World Series victories. From 1918 to 2004. The years between those victories were filled with more heartbreak then I care to think on but, for the most part, I was not alive for that.

My memories of the Red Sox (even in the pre- 2004 era) are largely happy ones. Pedro Martinez in his prime. Nomar Garciaparra coming up and being widely hailed as one of the best hitters ever before injuries reduced him to being “that guy who married Mia Hamn.” I remember literally hundreds of Manny Ramirez home runs and watching “Big Papi” David Ortiz glaring out at the pitcher’s mound like the pitcher had personally offended him. Yeah we hadn’t won a world series in 87 years, but for me that was mostly just a number. A frustration. After all we were still a good team. We were still the Red Sox. We would get one eventually.

My Dad’s history is very different.

My Dad has been a Red Sox fan all his life. He lived through years when the Red Sox were the worst team in baseball, and the far more heart breaking years when the Red Sox got so very close to winning it all only to stumble at the finish line. My Dad remembers the 87 World Series where the Red Sox were a cleanly fielded ground ball away from finally breaking “the Curse.” He remembers years of futility, years of frustration, and years of shattered hopes. For my dad being a Red Sox fan before 2004 was a badge of honor. And a badge of heartbreak.

In 2003 I thought it was the year. I was in Guam that particular October training for a soccer tournament while the rest of my family was in the states visiting relatives and churches. I didn’t get to talk to my dad about each game like I normally would have, but I remember watching each and every playoff game and knowing that my Dad was watching them too. I remember after every win I would sit there and smile and know that 9000 miles away my Dad was doing the same. And after every loss I would shake my head turn off the TV with mild disgust and mutter something about “getting out there again tomorrow” Knowing my Dad would be doing the same. I was in China for the end of the playoffs. I missed the Red Sox adding to my Dad’s list of sports tragedies when they blew a deciding game 7. The first thing I did when I found out was e-mail my Dad. “We’ll get them next year.” I said. Just like I’d said so many times before, and just like my Dad had said for so many years before that. But I believed it. And I know Dad did too.

In 2004 the Red Sox did break the Curse. I remember watching those playoffs games with my dad and older brother. I remember Dave Roberts clutch steal of second. David Ortiz coming through with two of the biggest hits in the history of baseball. And I remember Curt Schilling somehow pitching the Red Sox to a game 6 victory despite his tendon being literally stapled together the whole time.

But my favorite memory was listening to the Red Sox win it all. Yup, listening. My Dad and I sat in his bedroom with his computer turned on and his speakers blaring. Both of us glued to every word. I wondered for a while why my dad hadn’t made more of an effort to find a TV for us to watch the game on. We didn’t have cable but we knew plenty of people who did. I realize now that my Dad was still just waiting. Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Waiting to have his beloved Red Sox break his heart again. Who would want to watch that?

The Sox didn’t, of course. Keith Foulke got Edgar Renteria to ground out to end a clinching game four and the Red Sox had won the series. I was absolutely elated! I jumped up and down, literally dancing with joy, screaming at the top of my lungs, and not knowing what to do in what was literally the happiest moment of my life to that point. My Dad just sort of lay on the bed. Not really smiling. Not really moving at all. Just listening as the radio announcer screamed words I honestly think my dad thought he would never get to hear. “The Boston Red Sox are the champions of the world!”

Once my wild euphoria had settled a bit I sat down next to my dad. He looked at me and simply said “We did it.”

And that is why we love the Red Sox. It’s why we love sports. Because after a while it stops becoming about “them” or “the team” and it becomes about “us”. After a lifetime of waiting my Dad could finally turn to me and say “We did it.” And even my high school aged self could see that as wildly euphorically happy as I was, my dad laying on that bed, staring at the ceiling as the announcers screamed, and I screamed, was happy in a way that I couldn’t ever be. We had done it.

The Sox have won a series since then, in 2007. I was in college and I remember very distinctly where I watched each playoff game. Bouncing from TV to TV until finally I gathered in a crowded dorm lobby to watch the last game. I remember watching Jonathon Papelbon blow a fastball past the last opposing hitter. I remember screaming, hugging people I barely knew, and then screaming some more. I remember ignoring our dorm supervisors please to go to bed as me and a few equally rebellious Sox fans watched our team celebrate and celebrated right along with them. I fell asleep that night way way later then I should have. My roommate Ethan, also a Red Sox fan, lying across the room simply said “The Red sox won the world series” and with that we fell asleep.

I remember that 07 series to be sure. But it will never match 2004. It will never match the look on my dad’s face as he said those words. And now, as I grow older, I still hold the Red Sox in the very same high esteem. Still follow them every day, still view them as “my team,” and still hold that special bond with my dad.

We were together in 04. Shared that night, that season, those years and years of patient waiting. And it was all worth it. After all: “We did it.”