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Well hey internet and welcome to another happening day here on Thoughts We Might Have Had. The magical mystery website where we answer your questions about your concerns!! Or at least that’s what we’re doing today. Most days (frankly) we don’t care. This day though, we’re totally here for you and want to sit down and have a talk and warm some cocoa and just really talk… like we used to… in the old country.

Also, I don’t know why the font and pictures are all messed up… wordpress is apparently off its meds.

Micah, what did you think of Iron Fist? Is it really that bad? – Kyle

Kyle… I’m very sorry to say this… but yes. Very yes. Look, I thought critics were a little too high on Daredevil season 1 and even a little too high on Luke Cage so I was really hoping this was just the critical universe re-balancing itself but… no. Iron Fist is very bad. The writing is bad. The overall storyline is pretty uninteresting, and the main character is just… just so boring. The most interesting person in the show is Colleen Wing and she isn’t really given a ton to do other than be good and/or bad at karate depending on what the show needs right at that moment. The only really good thing about the show is that the fight scenes are pretty good/very good and David Wenham is very good during his limited screen time. On the whole though there just isn’t a lot of punch to Iron Fist. It just sort of keeps happening.


Are you watching Legion? – Stephanie L.


Even Legion is watching Legion!


Oh my sweet gibblets of glory yes I am!! It is VERY good. All the good. It is also (for the record) not a kids show. It’s not even really a teens show. But sweet juniper berries it’s a good show! Dan Stevens turns in a fantastic performance as the main character, David, and the rest of the cast is incredibly solid. It’s a little comedy, a little comic book, and a little off-beat horror movie but it’s all fantastic and well done. Can’t wait for the finale but also can’t believe it’s already almost over.

I watched the new Power Rangers movie with my kids and was surprised that it actually was kind of good! Am I wrong? – David


Now see that’s the level of phoneing in I’ve come to expect.


You’re not wrong David. I was wrong. I thought Power Rangers would be terrible and it ended up being… sort of fine. I mean it’s not really good, but it’s also not really bad… which I’m frankly very disappointed by. I mean aren’t the power rangers supposed to be bad? Weird latexy costumes and villains with visible zippers on their costumes? Aren’t they supposed to be filled with generic henchman so they can re-use the fight footage in future episodes? I mean if you’re not going to make a really great power rangers movie (which I’m not even sure is technically possible at this point) the least you could do is make it REALLY bad so I could laugh at you. Come on Power Rangers makers… think of me more huh?? Think of my readers!!

What did you think of the new Justice League Trailer? – Brad

I think I refuse to get excited about DC movies, Brad. I’m not saying it won’t be good (though frankly some of the attempts at humor still left a lot to be desired) but I’ve been fooled one time too many by DC and I’m out until they actually make a good movie. Or even at least an okay movie. A movie that makes sense. A movie where the characters do things humans would do. That’s all I’m asking for DC. There was a new trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming yesterday that basically gave away the entire plot of the movie so it’s good to know that Sony are following in DC’s greasy footprints…

And there you have it guys. A good old fashioned talk, just like we used to have before the world turned cold. I’ll be back Thursday for more of our usual coldness.


Hey guys, so full disclosure: there is sickness in the camp. And by camp I mean… me. Which in retrospect was a real weird way to put that. Anyway, as a result of said sickness I’m pushing back my big: “Batman V Superman: Oh My Goodness So My Opinions” review and just answer some of your questions before crawling back into my sad sickness hole.

Micah, have you watched Daredevil Season 2? What did you think of it? – David

I actually have, David! And honestly I thought it was pretty great! I wasn’t a huge fan of Daredevil Season 1, I mean, it was fine. It was better than it could have been, I guess. It was clearly about 4 episodes too long and Foggy constantly whining about how these things that were happening weren’t entirely convenient for him was a MASSIVE annoyance, but it was fine. I thought Season 2 was WAY better paced (though it still did drag in the middle) and I thought the Punisher was fantastic, definitely the best part of the series. There was less whiny Foggy, less giant baby villain (Fisk) and on the whole just a tighter series. I think I still liked Jessica Jones better but Jessica Jones had David Tennant so… yeah.

I’m interested to see where it goes and where this whole (for lack of a better term) Netflix-verse will go. I mean I don’t expect Luke Cage to shake things up as much as this season did (Jessica Jones also didn’t really change much about the world) but I expect Iron Fist and Daredevil Season 3 (cause there definitely will be one) to go very heavy on the super natural/magic corners of the Marvel universe, helped no doubt by Dr. Strange’s movie this November. Just gonna  be interesting to see how introducing magic into a series like this will change it.


Probably the best part of season 2. Not counting the blessed lack of Foggy’s “cry face.”

Are you gonna review Batman V Superman? – Kathy

Yes I will Kathy. I just said that up there.

Why aren’t you excited for Jungle Book, Micah?? Whatever happened to you? – Kyle

I don’t know Kyle. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just getting crankier in my old age. The trailers just make this look like the exact same Jungle Book movie as before just with live action and a new voice cast. An awesome voice cast to be sure, but the old one also had a great voice cast. Once again, I’m not saying this is a bad idea, or that I hate this movie or anything. I’m just not super excited about it, I might see it, I might not. If you’ve got kids, take your kids, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. I’ve been on this ride before though.


That snake seems to have taken ALL the steroids.

You’ve talked about Supergirl a couple times, what do you think of the series now?  – Eliza

An interesting question Eliza. First off: I really like Supergirl. It’s by no means my favorite show, but it’s really good in a semi kind of retro way. Which leads us to the larger point, the big Supergirl/Flash crossover that happened last week which I really liked!! It was fun. Kind of (not to tip my hand too much for my forthcoming review) the exact opposite of Batman V Superman. One of the great things about Supergirl is that it really is a very retro super hero show. It’s hopeful and fun and talks a lot about family and love and all that kids comic book stuff. This stops it from being really highly regarded or as great and moving as some other shows to be sure, but it doesn’t want to be those shows. It’s a good solid show, where fun, likable characters live in a hopeful world where right can triumph over evil. And that’s great. Batman V Superman was largely a story of grim, unlikeable jerks who sat around staring at each other and moping about how terrible it is to have super powers or whatever they were going on about.


It even had a cool, old school poster!!

I’m not saying Supergirl is the best show on TV by any means; it’s not even my favorite super hero show, but it is refreshing just to see a show bring things back to a lighter, more happy feel when everyone else seems to be going the opposite way.

Well that’ll about do it for me guys. I’m gonna hobble back into the Cove of Sickitude. I’ll see you on the flip side!!

As usual you can write in the comments or email, to have your questions put in the mailbag.

Well hey gang, and welcome back to another thrilling episode of: Surviving Jefbruary. Wherein Micah tries desperately to make it through the two most boring months in cinema. In this weeks edition I turn to the audience for help with another thrilling and chilling, premium billinged episode of:

Reader Mailbag 2/23/2016

Per usual you can ask a question for the mailbag be emailing or just by posting something in the comments that I will maybe remember to get… maybe.

Question 1: Hey Micah, any thoughts on the new “Jungle Book” coming out? And while we’re on the subject of Disney renewing their copyrights through reboots, how feasible is the idea of a post on top/bottom Disney sequels (and, in some cases, three-quels)? – Reni

Umm… Honestly?? I don’t care that much. I mean I love the cast list, but it’s not like I’m super excited about the whole thing. I’m fine with Disney doing what they’re doing re-boot/re-make wise but I’m not exactly lining up to watch them. I still haven’t seen the new Cinderella movie just due to sheer, unadulterated apathy. I’ve seen Cinderella, I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews about the new movie but I have no interest in doing literally any work at all to go watch it. I mean… I’ve seen that. Literally exactly that. Just because you slap some mayo on a ham sandwich doesn’t mean I’m gonna be anxiously lining up for the new Ham Sandwich 4000!!! Tis but a sandwich. Of ham.


“What do you mean there’s something behind me?”


And now I’m hungry.

Also, the only thing stopping me from doing a post on Disney sequels is that it would involve me watching such classics as Mulan 2, The Little Mermaid 2, and (sigh) Kronks New Groove. And I don’t hate myself that much… yet.

Question 2: Are you excited for Fuller House? – Maggie

Nope. No I am not. It’s a family re-boot show… thing, of a show I didn’t watch. If you were a fan of Full House, I’m sure Fuller House will be at least worth watching, but nothing about it makes me want to run out and do any research about such things. It’s a family show about some people in a house who have various hijinks and hijunks and learn that (in the end) family is the most important thing. That’s not even putting mayo on the ham sandwich… it’s just the same sandwich… many years later. Once again, I’m sure if you like Full House, this will be (at worst) a fun walk down memory lane. But I don’t feel like it’s intended for the uninitiated Full House heathens such as myself.

Question 3: What do you think of the Flash/Supergirl crossover? – Dean

Honestly, I’m super excited about that. Well… okay I’m excited. Let’s not get carried away there. Supergirl has honestly rounded nicely into form over the past couple weeks. It took it a little bit, but the characters on the show have shown a lot of depth lately and Melissa Benoist’s strong lead is carrying the rest of the cast through. Honestly I feel like it’s two big flaws right now are that the fist fighting still looks a bit ‘Juniors First Fight’ and the dialogue occasionally collapses a bit. The storylines are strong though, and the ensemble cast holds up really well (though Callista Flockheart’s character annoys me IMMENSELY.)


In most of her scenes Callista’s elbows are stuck like that. Just sort of flailing around like the blondest T-Rex.


The Flash has been strong for a while now and the second season has continued that trend, so, sure put the characters together and see what happens. Both shows rely heavily on their main characters “Adorkable” factor so why not mash them both together and see what happens. After all you can’t be too adorable right?

Question 4: Do you think Daredevil Season 2 will be any good? – Nic

I’m excited for it. I liked season 1 of Daredevil though it did drag ALOT in the middle. I’m all about the Punisher and Elektra being thrown into the mix, and adding some extra faces to distract from Foggy Nelsons weird, mopey, rat faced face. So we’ll see what happens, I’m all about the idea of Daredevil Season 2, we’ll just have to see what goes down in the execution.


He is also saddened by the face of Foggy Nelson.


Question 5: Did you know they’re making a Taken prequel series? – James

Yes I did. And it’s an abomination. It’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Ya know what Bryan Mills is before Taken?? He’s an agent. Before Taken he’s just another Agent working for the government like all the other agents in all the other TV shows about Agents who agent things. Ya know what else he’s doing??? Not being NOT LIAM NEESON. Making Taken without Liam Neeson is like making Hamlet without Ham. Like making Deadpool without pools and swearing. It’s like making the Lion King without literally any of the things that went into making the Lion King. Only a TV network could watch Taken and think: “Boy that Agent Mills would make a great TV series.” When everyone was thinking “Man Liam Neeson is awesome.” Most people don’t even know who Bryan Mills is, they just know that Liam Neeson killed a lot of people to save that one annoying chick from Lost. How did this get approved?? What was the pitch?? “So you know that Liam Neeson series about that guy whose boring and then goes nuts and kills a ton of people?? Well what if we did a series about him back when he was boring AND we didn’t get Liam Neeson?!?!?”

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Question 6 (this from an enraged text) Emily Blunt as Marry Poppins?!?!?!

Yup… that’s a thing. Also: Mary Poppins 2?? Who asked for Mary Poppins 2? Who watched Mary Poppins and thought ‘Boy, that left a lot of my questions unanswered!!’ And Emily Blunt??? She’s great, she’s that girl from Edge of Tomorrow, and is gonna be definitely the best part of Snow White 2: We Kicked out Snow White. Why is she in Mary Poppins 2??? Who popped her into Poppins????


Wait, I’m in what??


So there you go guys! Thanks for reading and as ever you can email questions or post in the comments to get your questions answered on the next thrilling episode of: the Reader mailbag.