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Ok Internet, so I’m gonna try and stay off the Star Wars hype train for at least a little bit longer and instead jump on some other hype trains and ride them to their various and sundry Shining-hype Stations.

So it’s been a decent fall for TV but as we being to watch various shows wrap up their first halves and head into the holiday breaks, why not take a look ahead at some new shows that will be starting come January. Let’s dive in shall we?

1/3/2015 –

 Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey: Where Children Should be Neither Seen nor Heard… nor exist.


Ah, Downton Abbey, AKA Can’t Keep a Secret Manor. Downton returns for its final season (before the inevitable spinoff) and I’m sure it’ll be… a season. Somebody will die, somebody will be offended by something, and maybe Mary will marry one of the two identical men currently courting her. Or maybe she’ll marry that other guy who used to be married to her sister, Branson or Broccoli or something. I don’t know. Who hasn’t been about to marry, Mary on this show??


Galavant was a fantastic show… until the last two episodes. When it was kinda meh. I mean the songs were still great, and the show was still funny but… it just didn’t have the same flair, the same must watch sort of funny. Granted it’s hard to top “Lords of the Sea” which is arguably the single greatest song of our time… potentially of all time. Anyway though, I’m excited for season 2 of Galavant because of Timothy Omundsen’s beard, and because the first half of that show was fantastic. So here’s hoping.


New Girl –

Wait this show is still a thing??? Where have you been New Girl? How can I move forward in my life without the wisdom of my foremost life coach Nick Miller?? Come back New Girl. Come back.


You’ve taught me so much, Nick.


The Shannara Chronicles –

I’m excited for The Shannara Chronicles. Great book series, and really the fact that they’re skipping to the second book of the series makes SO much sense. The first book is mostly just… long. But the second one is crazy and awesome and has a battle font between two wizards one of whom is riding a giant eagle and the other of whom is riding a giant bat. It’s pretty insane. My only question is: why is this on MTV??? Could it not get a real network?? Are there gonna be random music videos? Or teen pregnancy?? Literally the only thing about this show I’m concerned about is MTV.


“Wait, what network did he say???”



Agent Carter –

Did you see Agent Carters Season 1?? Why didn’t you watch Season 1 of Agent Carter?? Season 1 was fantastic. It’s Agent Carter… I’m very excited for this.


DC Legends of Tomorrow

As a big fan of Arrow, The Flash, and Doctor Who I find nothing about this series but reasons to be excited. The time travel thing scares me a little bit as hopefully they drop a full budget on such things and don’t just give it the old “Hey look we’re in the 70’s!! Let’s just stay in this bar for now though… for ummm… for story reasons.” This should be a fairly solid show though as long as the CW springs for the same level of CGI as they use for the Flash/ I mean the Flash isn’t exactly Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but it’s more than good enough to get by.


The X-files… for some reason.


“Hi, do you know why they renewed this show?”


I feel like the thing I do that is the least nerdy is not care at all about X-files. Like at all. The following is everything I know about X-files. There are these two FBI agents, one is named Scully and one is named Mulder… and there are aliens. Ooh ooh and one of them doesn’t believe in Aliens. Scully/Mulder that is, the aliens believe in aliens. I mean I assume they do. It’d be weird they didn’t.

And there you have it goes! Enjoy this brief glimmer of hope about January TV shows, cause we haven’t even looked at the horrible crop of January movies! I’ll see you next week when the true Star Wars madness begins.