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Well hey Internet, and here we go again! I could blither and blather and blonder on at this point about stuff and things and how my badgers are sharper then your badgers but what say that upon this day, in this place, and with this face we simply move on to that blessed bolded font?

Micah Reviews: Now You See Me

Now You See Me was one of my more sleepery of Summer movies. It wasn’t as big or as well advertised as Superman or Star Trek but after watching the trailer (and looking at the cast list) I was in. I love a good heist movie (Oceans 11 and 13 are favorites. Oceans 12 is there weird, unattractive cousin who only speak Polish) and I love a good magic movie (The Prestige) so this was (I thought anyway) a great great idea! But is this movie for real or is it all just (brace yourself) smoke and mirrors?

Was THIS your card? No for real though, I'm pretty sure this is your card. You dropped it back there?

Was THIS your card? No for real though, I’m pretty sure this is your card. You dropped it back there.

The Plot:

Now You See Me opens with four magicians pedaling their wares… Which now that I think about it is probably not the right word at all. These magicians (wearing there wares warily) each has their own gig and their own “specialty” as it were and each receives a calling card of sorts inviting them to a seemingly abandoned apartment in the greasy, partially uncovered backside of New York City.

Jump forward a year and the same four magicians are now working together, performing huge tricks in front of large audiences, and none of those tricks are bigger then they’re grand finally in which (they claim) they rob an actual bank. Not only do they make good on their promise but they also just give the money away, showering their audience members in cold hard cash… which when you think about doesn’t make any sense. Cold hard? Unless we’re talking coins cash is not that at all…. hmm… So they shower their audience in room temperature, soft cash (yeah that didn’t work at all.)

It's a little known fact that Morgan Freeman can actually summon fireballs. The universe allows it just cause of his awesomeness.

It’s a little known fact that Morgan Freeman can actually summon fireballs. The universe allows it just cause of his awesomeness.

Enter inspector Harvey Whatsit (Editor’s note: I just want to make sure you all know that under no circumstances is that the actual name of this guy. Micah watched this movie the same night he submitted this blog and he put the name “Harvey Whatsit” in place of one of the main characters. I’ve known lettuce heads with better memories.) Harvey is a hardboiled cop dipped in ranch dressing and… wo. Sorry, now I want an egg. Hang on.

*Various egg making/chicken thefting sounds*

Okay. I’m back. Where were we? Oh yeah, so Harvey Whatsit has no time for magic, mysteries, or mangoes but he finds himself sucked into a world he doesn’t understand, being forced to ask questions he never thought he’d have to.

Are these four magicians for real? Will Harvey Whatsit manage to catch them in the act? And whose pulling the real strings behind the scenes of all of this skullduggery? Only time (and the actual movie) will tell.

I'm totally installing some dry ice in my living room.

I’m totally installing some dry ice in my living room.

The Positrons:

A really, really great cast of actors comes together and delivers stellar performances all around. Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson are great as magicians, Mark Ruffalo turns in a brilliant performance as Harvey, and Michael Caine and Morgan  Freeman are there usual awesome selves. It’s just a very well acted movie where each character and line are handled with conviction and belief that keep you thoroughly and wholly involved with the movie.

Great pacing and movement keep you right in the action throughout the film. The dialogue itself never really hits any huge plateau but what it lacks in style it  makes up for in raw force as trick after trick and moment after moment pull you forward with the movie.

The tricks and heists are well thought out and very entertaining. It’s a movie that plays its proverbial cards close to its chest but that’s what you want with this sort of film anyway. As the tricks and turns of the movie are revealed it’s more then satisfactory enough for you to forgive the movie for keeping you in the dark.

The Negatrons:

Not really much to say in this one for Now You See Me. I felt like the ending act was probably the weakest but that’s less a negative on it and more of a positive for the first two thirds of the movie. It’s like eating a delicious ice cream cone and finishing most of it but finding that last little bite to be mostly cone and not all that much ice cream. It’s not that it’s a bad bit of delicious, it’s just that after so much awesome it leaves you wishing it could have ended as well as it began.

In Conclusion:

I thought Now You See Me was a great ride. The characters were fun, the acting was solid, and the story had some brilliant action and drive to it. The ending was a bit of a stutter and occasionally I caught the “big reveals”  before they were revealed but none of that takes away from the fact that Now You See Me is a great movie! You should see Now You See Me, before it (dun dun DUN) disappears.

I give it 4 Harvey Whatsit’s out of 5.



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Well hey everyone, here we are once more, standing at the edge of Oblivion!

(Editor’s Note: I’m sorry, believe me when I tell you I pulled out all of the really bad Oblivion puns, now all you have are the bad ones, the mostly bad ones and the near-vomit inducing ones. Like I said, I’m sorry. I’m like the little dutch boy with his finger in the dike except there’s another little dutch boy beside me slowly eating the dike for breakfast. I desperately need a new job, literally any job. Anything.)

Before we get into our review for today let me apologize to the fans of the podcast (yes, both of you) it’s on a bit of a delay because the site I use for hosting just popped up and said “By the way, I may have forgot to mention this before but, you’ve been on a free trial this whole time, and now that you’ve gotten yourself established and have a fan base (made up of two fans and that tree over there) I thought it would be a good time to tell you that if you don’t want the entire internet to come and throw rocks at your house you owe me forty dollars.”

This is the part in movies where the spunky lawyer who went to community college and fought for their degree would show up and tell the big mean website to leave me alone but until that happens I’m gonna have to come up with some sort of new plan (hopefully I’ll have a new one up tomorrow morning). That said let’s go ahead and jump off into the Review of Tom Cruise’s latest (and potentially greatest???) excuse to make the “Tom Cruise running” face.

Micah Reviews: Oblivion

People who stand on glass platforms shouldn't ummm... drop rocks?

People who stand on glass platforms shouldn’t ummm… drop rocks?

Tom Cruise stars in a movie that is the official warm-up run for the Summer Holiday Blockbuster season. If Summer Movies are a basketball team, then Oblivion is the pre-game butt slap from the coach, and oh what a butt slap it is. — Wait, what?

The Plot:

Moving on quickly, with my head down, pretending nothing happened up there, let’s talk about Oblivion. Tom Cruise stars as Jack Harper, plucky maintenance man left on Earth to maintain the planet while the rest of humanity preps to move on to their next place of residence, a strange far away, alien land called: California. Wait I mean– Titan (one of the moons of Neptune… or something.) Anyway Jack and his (*significant cough*) partner, Victoria, work to maintain Earth until the giant vaguely taco shaped mother ship is ready for its long journey through the stars.

While Tom Cruise is out getting shot at, Victoria's greatest work related threat is the dreaded "stood up to fast after sitting down all day" epidemic. We all have dangers we must face.

While Tom Cruise is out getting shot at, Victoria’s greatest work related threat is the dreaded “stood up to fast after sitting down all day” epidemic. We all have dangers we must face.

But when Jack’s haunting nightmares refuse to go and haunt someone else, and when a mysterious ship crashes mysteriously next to the Mystery Machine; everything Jack believes might just go spinning into (dun dun DUN) Oblivion.

Yup, that happenned. Hey, I bet no other review of this movie comes with a free Scooby Doo reference.

Yup, that happened. Hey, I bet no other review of this movie comes with a free Scooby Doo reference.

Can Jack and Victoria whether this storm? What is the real reason Morgan Freeman is in this movie? And how do we keep making Tom Cruise look so tall in these movies? I mean the guy is what like… 5′ 2 or something right? Does he just wear colossally high heels and I just never notice cause I’m too busy staring at his hair? What the hey man, what the hey.

This is why Morgan Freeman is in this movie. The raw awesome.

This is why Morgan Freeman is in this movie. The raw awesome.

The Positives:

I hope you all understand how hard the next sentences is for me to type: I thought Tom Cruise did pretty well with this movie… Ew. I must be getting old. Seriously though, he’s not great, I mean he’s not Liam Neeson (who by the way is like 6′ 4) but he pulls off a believably like-able character who you genuinely want to cheer for in this movie and that’s really all that I need in this one. Oblivion doesn’t need a brilliant top notch acting performance, cause it get’s by on the narrative, which (consequently) brings us to my next point:

The narrative is awesome. The story of the movie really keeps you guessing and while I had figured a couple things out before they were “revealed” it wasn’t much before and it really didn’t take anything away from the actual reveals. The plot keeps just far enough ahead of you to keep you coming along behind it and when you finally get to the end of the movie you’ll be glad you kept up!

Just a very cool feel to everything. The visuals were really nice, the technology was cool (aside from a somewhat disappointing motorcycle) and nothing in the world stuck out as not belonging.

The Negatrons:

I guess I could have done without the long intro voice over by little Tommy Cruise (he’s gonna come to my house and punch me right in the chest for calling him that isn’t he?) I mean it’s not that the info wasn’t useful it’s just that they repeat the exact same info a couple other times and I felt like it was a little overkill. Maybe they were worried audience members wouldn’t be paying attention as they slowly slipped into mental (dun dun DUN) oblivion. (Editor’s note: That’s the last one. I’m sorry. Also, seriously if you’re hiring I’m there. I mean Micah mostly just pays me in insults and gopher hide so most things would be an upgrade at this point… though I do love those hides… so smooth…– eh-hem right… what were we talking about?)

There was a fairly ummm… revealing… swimming pool scene involving a woman who was wearing nothing but the swimming pool if you take my meaning. I normally don’t mention things like that but the movie was only rated PG-13 and it just caught me a bit off guard. Be prepared to bury juniors face in a copy of War and Peace for a minute or two (War and Peace being (of course) the least sexy of novels.)

In Conclusion:

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Oblivion, and it’s not like I was dreading watching it either. The story held up really well and the acting was more then up to the task of keeping me interested. Morgan Freeman was great, and even itty bitty Tommy turned in a great performance in a movie that was a great launching pad for what I hope will be a great summer of movies.

I give it 4 tiny peoples out of 5!

Thanks for reading everyone, I’ll post a podcast as soon as I can, so stay close to your headphones… or something. See you Monday as I officially start the Summer Hype festivities with my THIRD annual summer questions blog!

Recently I learned that Sir Ian Mckellen and Sir Patrick Stewart will be on stage in London together. Aside from the desperate theft I resorted to as I attempted to get tickets to this event and my moderately unsuccessful bid to convince various members of Theater Security that I was the Queen Mother of England this news set me to thinking…. thinking thoughts… of thoughtness.

And as I thought I thought to myself “How much would… could a wood duck duck… if a wood duck would duck wood?” And after I was finished being thoroughly impressed with myself I thought “I wonder which actors today will be the awesome old guys of the future…” Thusly I devised the following list.

The Current and the Future of Awesome Old People.

Believe it or not this list was surprisingly hard to compose… I mean think about this for a little bit. Aside from one that was painfully obvious I nearly succeeded in stumping myself. But I like the stumpmaster that I am have prevailed and now present this list of four men.

The Current: Michael Caine.

"Sir I've put some extra awesome in your tea. Cause I'm Michael Caine!"

Michael Caine is one of the most underrated brilliant old people in the business. You know his as Alfred, Batman’s butler in the new Batman series and while Caine is absolutely brilliant in that movie he has a lot more acting depth then just that. Watch Harry Brown sometime and be blown away!! (Lots of cussing in that movie… just so you know). Caine is brilliant at the old wise advisor person and will break your heart when he turns it on!

Next in line…

Kenneth Branaugh-

Probably the least well known actor on this list Branaugh will be an absolutely fantastic old person. He hasn’t really headlined a lot of movies to date but he’s starting to get more well known as he heads into the older middle-agededness and I think will slide absolutely perfectly into Michael Caine’s well worn butler shoes. The big question I’m asking I suppose throughout this is “Could Actor A play Old Man B’s character?” The answer here being absolutely yes. Branaugh would nail the old wise Butler role! So there you go.

And moving on to…

The Current: Morgan Freemen.

Morgan Freemen: So much hair. So much cool.

Oh Morgan Freemen. Ironically he’s also attached to the Batman series but that’s hardly his most iconic role… in fact it’s really hard to nail down Morgan’s most iconic role…  Hmmm… yeah no idea. Anyway Morgan Freeman has been the aged awesome African Amercan guy in more movies then I care to think about! So who is the natural descendant to the curly half afroed sweetness that is Morgan Freemen? How about…

Next in line:

Either Denzel Washington or Don Cheadle…

A toss up for me between these two… Sure Denzel is more famous now and honestly looks UNCANNILY similar to Freeman but Don Cheadle is one of the most grossly unappreciated actors in the business and as he gets older more and more people are going to realize this. Just cause your successful now doesn’t mean you will be later. I mean neither Freemen nor Caine were super renowned when they were young actors either. So which one of these guys will rise to prominence in twenty years? I have no idea but the crown can only go to one!! So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

And then we have: Sean Connery.

Sean Connery: The coolest man ever to wear a kilt.

No longer in the business but still one of film’s greatest icons Sean Connery and his silky smooth Scottish accents were some of the coolest things ever to grace any screen ever in the world. Then Sean got old and perfectly adapted into the tough awesome old guy who alternately scared the ever loving kidney out of you, and made you want to weep openly.

And this mantle will be taken by…

Sean Bean!! Yes ladies and gentleman everyone’s favorite guy with a million arrows in him! He’s got the big action hero look to him and even the awesome facial hair factor. His biggest problem will be acquiring a silky smooth Scottish accent and finding a place to get a decent kilt, but give Sean Bean twenty years or so and he’ll have all sorts of kidney removing awesome.

And moving on to: Patrick Stewart.

That's SIR Patrick Stewart thank you very much.

Honestly this might be the single hardest choice in here. Stewart not only has a Shakespeare career with more plays listed on it then there are weird unnecessary stares in a Twilight movie, but he’s also done some great work in the Sci-fi community with major roles in Star Trek and X-men. So who could possibly take a mantle so large??

How about…

Daniel Craig… Nope wait hang on… holy cow I have it!!! After hours and hours of deliberation and thought I have decided to cast of Daniel Craig (who originally had this part knotted up) and instead give my award to the only person it could ever be given to. A man destined to take the helm of so great a baldness. A man who not only has made great contributions to stage AND sci-fi but also a man with an epically awesome voice. And that man is:

So cool not even I saw him coming.

Hugo Weaving!! WHAT!!!! Yes. Sir. Win. For. Me. This is the pick I am the second most proud of (my next one is epic) and also gets bonus points for being inspiration sent from the very heavens. Weaving’s voice is EPIC! His acting is amazing and he could easily slide in to either of Stewart’s most iconic roles. Pardon me as I go and find someone’s whose not using their arm so I can give myself a pat on the back…

And we’re back. And yes that was just as creepy as it sounded.

 And finally: Ian McKellan.

Great man! Weird teeth... and tie...

Probably the most iconic awesome old person in the business McKellan (like Stewart) has an epic pedigree of Shakespeare awesomeness and significant contributions in the sci-fi/fantasy world with both Lord of the Rings and X-men. So who could possibly replace such an iconic person? Who could be my favorite pick on this entire list?!?!

The answer…

Liam Neeson!!

Suddenly twenty years from now is looking pretty awesome.

Yep. Favorite pick and most obvious guarantee to continue to be amazing for many more years! I mean if you had to re-do Lord of the Rings twenty years from now who would you pick besides Liam Neeson? No one. Can’t you picture Liam Neeson standing on a bridge yelling “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” I know I can and I may never walk across a bridge again.

So there you have it my top 5 old but awesome actors and my top 5 people to replace them!! Got anyone better or anyone I forgot?? Let me know!!  Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you next week!