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Internet! It’s been so long since we last we met! Did you get a new haircut? Yes I’m talking to you! You svelte, dapper, son of a bagel you! Well for those of you who did get a new haircut since the last time you read this site hopefully your just a tiny bit creeped out right now, for the rest of you: welcome to Thursday. Welcome to your new destiny. Welcome to:

Micah Reviews: Monsters University 

Ah the sprawling, majestic fields of-- HEY!! You down there! I don't care how much fur you have: no streaking!!

Ah the sprawling, majestic fields of– HEY!! You down there! I don’t care how much fur you have: no streaking!!

Monsters University is the prequel to the late, great movie Monsters Inc. A movie that most of us remember as fondly as apple pie, Sesame Street, and the first time we realized that contrary to popular belief the very beginning is sometimes not a very good place to start. Can Monsters University  fill the huge, three-toed shoes of its older sibling? Or will this be one monster that should have stayed under the bed?

The Plot:

The movie kicks off with an itty bitty baby bitty Mike Wizowski making his first visit to Monsters Inc. Tiny Mike (somewhat reviled by his classmates for not being scary enough) sets his heart on being a scarer (one of the Monsters who collect scream from children… you should know that, in fact if you don’t know that because for some reason you haven’t seen the first movie go ahead and just go watch it right now…. No for real… I’ll wait. … … Okay while they’re gone let me tell the rest of you a quick story. Once upon a time, long ago, before Bill Gates or French toast. Before there were entire websites devoted to the moods and social life of Kim Kardashians left mole there lived a tiny, perpetually wet caterpillar named Marge. One day– oh. You’re back! Well that didn’t take as long as I thought. Where were we? Oh yeah, Monsters University. Eh-hem.)

Mike wants to be a scarer and so he takes his little tiny one eyed self to Monsters University!! Things start off all right for Mike, sure he doesn’t get great marks for performance but he does know more about scaring then anyone else in the classroom. Sure another student (a fellow by the name of Sully) seems to have more pure natural talent, but once Mike has set himself towards a goal nothing will get in his way!!

Ah the burden of being the lightest person in the room when this game is played. I know your pain well Mike. I know it well.

Ah the burden of being the lightest person in the room when this game is played. I know your pain well Mike. I know it well.

Nothing that is except for when he and Sully are both kicked out of the scaring program. Now Mike has no choice but to enter himself, Sully, and a rag tag team of misfits into the schools annual scaring competition in the hopes of working his way back into the program and back towards his life long goal!

The Positives:

The folks at Pixar just undeniably know how to make a good movie. The voice acting here is top notch, the humor and story aspects are blended very well and the plot is solid all the way through. You’ll find yourself more then happy to just sit back, pull up a tall cool glass of Strawberry Preserves and enjoy the show.

They’ve really captured the feel of Monsters Inc again. I mean it’s been a LONG time since the first movie but this movie just seems to drop smoothly right back into the same universe. Everything about it just works with the way the first movie did and it’s subtle nods and homages to its predecessor are all well placed and feel like they belong.

I also spent most of my college career surrounded by books with a stupid expression on face. But that's just cause-- ya know-- stupidity.

I also spent most of my college career surrounded by books with a stupid expression on face. But that’s just cause– ya know– stupidity.

The movie has a surprisingly deep and complex moral to it, which it handles very well. It doesn’t take the easy road with the classic “you can do anything if you set your mind to it” cliche, instead diving in to a much more truthful look at what our dreams are and the genuine hard work it takes for us to get where we want to be in life.

The Negatrons:

It’s hard to point to any particular part of this movie and say something negative about it, so I’m just going to say one thing that may or may not be entirely fair. It’s not Monsters Inc. It just doesn’t pop the same way that movie did. The jokes are good but they aren’t hilarious, the characters are interesting but not quite as captivating as they were, and the story has its ups and downs but it never really soars as high or dips as low as Monsters Inc brought us emotionally. Normally I wouldn’t take a movie and say “well it’s not as good as this other movie” but that’s what happens when you make a prequel, or a sequel, or (for that matter) a Nyquil. People compare it with the original.

In Conclusion:

Monsters University is a very well put together movie and well worth the watching. The characters are interesting, the world is familiar and fun, and the moral is surprisingly heartfelt and deep. It’s not one of the greats as far as animated movies go, and it falls short of its predecessor but it’s still a fun ride that’s well worth the taking.

I give it 4 Wizowski’s out of 5.

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great week! Tune in next week for a special July 4th edition of Micah’s History of Everything. Until then, and for forevermore, you have a great weekend!