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Internet!! Well hey, welcome, pull up a chair, set a spell and listen as I tell you a fantastic tail of three TV trailers. Unless I think of some other trailers I saw, in which case it will be more then that. I feel like the reason my readership basically consists of my second grade English teacher and weird Uncle Woolfred is that the part of these blogs that get previewed on Facebook is mostly just me awkwardly building up a head of steam before I start talking about what I actually want to say. I should change that. I should rebrand!!! Remix!! Reboot!! Be Kind!!! Rewind!!!!!

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Trailers.

Specifically three TV trailers that came out last week that I have decided to give a crap about for various reasons. So let’s start with the one that I have the most questions about:


Okay first off: WAY too long. That’s not a trailer, that’s the first episode. Like, literally, that’s not a joke, I feel like I know do not need to watch the first episode. She has a sister, works a regular job, there’s a dude who wants to date her, there’s a dude who she will date later on, and she has some super powers that she is unsure how to best use.

Book it, print it, done. So here, in no particular order are my thoughts on the first episode of Supergirl.

Like the main character. She seems interesting and well cast and very sort of indie-Zooey Deschanel chic… or whatever that means.

That said I’m not sure the show can sustain that feel long term. It works for six minutes but if the whole show is gonna be the ugly stepchild of Two Broke Girls and Man of Steel I’m not sure that’s sustainable. Arrow works because it takes itself very seriously. The Flash has worked so far because it embraces it’s own weird sort of wackiness, I’m not sure this will work. I’m not saying it can’t, I had strong doubts about the Flash and I’ve actually ended up really enjoying that so who knows. That said Ugly Betty: The Supergirl Adventures, will probably not engage audiences very long.

Not sure how I feel about the whole “I’m a girl.” Speech. I mean don’t get me wrong I definitely think she should be caleld Supergirl, but I don’t think anyone needs to make a big long speech about it. She’s Supergirl. End of story, putting a big long diatribe on ‘girl power’ in the trrrailer comes off a little bit to “She doth protest too much” to me. But whatever, not a huge deal to me, glad they didn’t change the name.

Wow. This is a long trailer.

Can we just stop referring to Superman? All the “my cousin” talk just feels unnecessary. Unless they have plans to eventually put Superman into the show, I say just leave him out. Acknowledge it, move on. Don’t keep talking aobut him as tehis awesome thing that happens somewhere that is not on the show.

I will say towards the end of the trailer it does strike less of a Rom-com note with the military unit and what not. I’m not saying I need this show to be all action all the time, but I don’t think the “adorable girl gets in and out of whacky misunderstandings using her superpowers” premise is gonna have a lot of staying power.

The Final verdict: Definitely interested. We live in an awesome time to be a comic book fan. Not ony are there some great movies out there but even the small screen is providing us with some really cool characters and shows to enjoy. Hopefully, Supergirl can join those shows for the long haul. Interesting main character, intrigueing world, and a very distinct feel could keep this show “flying high” for a good long while.

Also: super long trailer.

Okay, I’m gonna go into less detail on these next few trailers because that was like… 700 words there and none of us want to be here that long.

DC: Legends of Tomorrow… or something.

First off: terrible name. Literally the worst named show on television. Why not just Legends of Tomorrow, or DC Heroes, or I don’t know… “The Grape Show” literally any other combination of words would have been preferable. That said it’s… an intrigueing idea. Not sure if it will work though. Some of the CGI looks a little strained and while the show has some very interesting people (Rori from Doctor Who (who I’m pretty sure is actually Rori) the White Canary, and yes even the horribly named Captain Cold are all pretty interesting characters) but the rest of the team is fairly bland and mostly non-descript. I feel like there’s a strong chance the show really struggles with balancing all of it’s various characters. That said, these are the same people who made Arrow, and the strongest part of that show is it’s ensamble cast so it could work.

"What do you mean people may confuse the two time traveling British people that I play?"

“What do you mean people may confuse the two time traveling British people that I play?”

In conclusion: We know very littler about this show at the time, so it’s hard to passs judgement but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt thank to the CW’s last two shows (Arrow and Flash.) It could be a really good ensamble show focusing on the fringe characters from two ever better shows, or it could be a show that gets bogged down with an overly large cast of characters going on an uninspired trip to the future to blow up some robots. I’m willing to believe in the first one… for now.


This is the show we know the least about of all these trailers, and (conversely) is the one I’m probably the most intrigued by. Possibly cause it’s loosely (very loosely) based on a Neil Gaiman comic and partly because I just like the idea. Sure it’s not exactly (or in fact at all) biblically accurate, but I think it’s a cool idea and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes. Hard to say too much more because once again, there just isn’t all that much information, but I will definitely be watching the pilot episode.

In conclusion: That thin I said up there.

Some other random TV trailers.

Limitless: Don’t care. Terrible movie.

Minority Report: Was moderately interested, watched the trailer and am now not interested at all. Looks weird and poorly conceived and the main character seems to be made of cardboard.

What emotion would you say he's expressing there? Confusion? Hunger? Vague unrest?? Your guess is as good as mine.

What emotion would you say he’s expressing there? Confusion? Hunger? Vague unrest?? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Catch: Something something, Shonda Rhimes, it’ll be a soap opera and everyone will be miserable and then die.

The Family: A kid returns after ten years missing, very talented looking cast, terrible looking idea for a TV show.

Angel from Hell: Love Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson, hope the show is great… that said it will probably be a terrible show that won’t last.

Rush Hour: Too tired to take your tired idea and make another tired, uninspired movie?? Well why not make a tired, uninspired TV show!!

Blindspot: Interesting idea, cool lead character… that’s all I have to say really.

Shades of Blue: Ha ha ha. Oh Jennifer Lopez. Please stop.

Heroes Reborn:  Ha ha ha. Oh NBC. Please stop.

And there you go guys!! A look at this falls TV things, that I randomly decided to talk about. Check back Thursday as I review the magical singing wonder that is: Pitch Perfect 2.