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Hello everyone, and welcome to another bright, sunny day here on the internet. Recently, in my constant search for the approval of others, someone asked me to review The Princes Bride Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time someone has asked me that, given that this website is populated mostly by fans of weird humor and eccentric pop culture references both of which comprise 90 percent of The Princess Bride. So, given this latest assault on the tower of my integrity, and given the fact that nothing good is in theaters except for Liam Neeson’s latest attempt at punching things (this time he has decided to go after the sky in “Non-stop” which I will probably watch next week.)   Here you have it teeming masses of three people who asked me to do it!

Micah Retro Reviews: The Princess Bride

The opening of Princess Bride has something to do with a kid, and an old school baseball game, and Old Columbo. Once that’s done though the actual good part of the movie starts with some handsome person and some mildly attractive girl making  what many important film critics have called “kissy faces.” And once that’s done the actually good part of the good part starts, namely: all of the parts where the girl is not speaking. Inigo (sp), Fezzig (also sp) and Casimi (SO much sp) (editor’s note: the characters name was Vizzini. Micah recently discovered the whole (sp) thing and has been running around like a kid and a candy shop ever since.) kidnap the Princess Bride (see how that works) and begin a mystical romp through the countryside that kicks off the movie. Dread Pirate Roberts, a six fingered man, and some people who are distinctly not left handed all come together to make a wonderfully awesome story with great comedy, fun characters, and a torture scene that probably scarred us all forever.

The Pros:

There are few movies more quotable then this one. Pretty much everyone has heard or quoted lines from princess bride at one point or another. For instance: “you keep using that word… I do not think it means what you think it means.” And that’s just one of hundreds of things that this movie contains. It’s not just that Princess Bride is funny, its that it’s quotably funny. Emperor’s New Groove quotably funny, and movies like that don’t come along very often.

Ladies and gentlemen: the actual star of this movie.

Ladies and gentlemen: the actual star of this movie.

The cast of characters we get to hang out with is fairly wonderful as well. No real big name actors are in this movie but each actor perfectly embodies everything their character needs them to be. It’s a great example of type casting done well. I mean who would have thought that there was a movie out there which would feature Andre the Giant in a role that he OWNED! If that’s not a prime examply of cinemagraphic wizardry I don’t know what is.

The Cons:

The one con I would put in for this movie is that “Buttercup” as we must call her is exactly as annoying and pretentious as her name makes her sound. Every scene she is in she’s whining about the need for someone to come save her and then when it comes down to it, when the rubber really meets the road, and it’s time for her to step up and make a difference… she decides to kill herself. So I kind of hate her, but you want to know something that will absolutely explode your brain? That same actress plays the wife on House of Cards. Yeah. I know.

Ya know, now that I think about it... you can totally have her.

Ya know, now that I think about it… you can totally have her.

In Conclusion:

The Princess Bride is just a wonderful experience. If you’ve never watched it: ya need to. If you have watched it: go watch it again. You’ll never find a movie that hits you quite like this one does and that is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

So thanks for reading this particular walk down memory lane everyone! I am going to go out and practice my sword play, you folks stay cool, and I’ll see you Monday!