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Hey everyone, So I didn’t get a chance to watch Now You See Me yesterday BUT I am going tonight. So I will probably post again tomorrow with my review of that. In the meantime here (for the first time in a very very long time) are some weekly headlines!

Weekly headlines: 6/6/2013

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy continues to bloom and grow forever as it has added Karren Gillan (hot) and Benecio Del Torro (whiny guy who RUINED the Wolfman) to its cast in the last week. The cast now includes Glen  Close, Zoe Saldana, John C. Reily, the baker, the butcher, the candlestick maker, and the cast of Glee.

In other Marvel News Ant-man continues to be a hilariously lame superhero that no one cares about.

In the world of Sports the NBA Finals start tonight featuring the Miami Heat and a team that is not the Miami Heat and will thus probably lose.

The PS4 and the Xbox One continue to have a race as to who can release more conflicting information regarding their consoles. The xbox one (for instance) has in the last month not supported 360 games, supported 360 games for a fee, supported them for free, not supported them at all, and (possibly) been capable of making a ham and cheese omelet. The only thing Microsoft has confirmed is that it is definitely better than the Wii U which is like saying  that a leaking tugboat is a better water vessel then a pickle.

Hans Zimmer recently signed on to compose music for Chris Nolans new movie Interstellar. Zimmer has worked in the past on the Batman movies with Nolan (as has Anne Hathaway who is in the cast) when asked if Interstellar was secretly just a Batman movie in space Nolan was quick to say “Of course not” as he hastily hid a batman mask behind his back “that would be batdiculous.”

In my continued attempt to live without my Xbox 360 I’ve been playing League of Legends a game that promotes teamwork, group effort, and hilarious amounts of nerd speak. Just yesterday someone told me that I was “op” “gg” and that I should “go mid, ult, and ks.” I don’t know what any of that means but I do know that I summoned lightning from the heavens and murdered 40 people which (I feel) is a language we can all speak. The language of sweetness.    

Carey Mulligan is currently leading the pack to play Hillary Clinton in the upcoming Hillary Clinton biopic “Rodham.” When asked if it wasn’t hilariously pretentious to make a movie commemorating the life of someone who was still alive the head of the Studio only coughed slightly and slid his plans for next years “The Life of Honey-boo-boo” underneath some other papers.

Matt Smith recently announced his plans to retire from the hit show of awesomeness, Doctor Who after this year’s Christmas Special. Steven Moffat (head writer of the show) said that the search for the next Doctor Who is officially on. In unrelated news I will be moving to Britain next week, where I will pitch a tent outside of Mr. Moffats house and loudly perform his past works, while dressed up eclectically in mismatched trousers.