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Well hey Internet, and welcome back to the party, another year, another big Comic Book TV show step in (what we all hope) will be the right direction. But before we get to the new stuff, let’s take a quick look at some of the old stuff and see how things are going in the ever expanding world of Comic Book TV!!

Agents of Shield: After a super rough start in it’s first season Agent of Shield bounced back with a really strong close to the season. This season kept the positive momentum going as the world of Agents of Shield expanded to include more superpowers and bigger stories while maintaining a nice small ensemble cast feel. It will steal feature the occasional “meh” episode where you’ll spend most of your time just wondering why you should actually care about Bif Talpey and his magical swan of Destiny and the Skye’s father character is one of the three or four more punchable faces on TV but no the whole it’s a good show with a strong cast that maintains a nice reliable forward motion throughout.

You will never ever se someone you want to punch more then that man on the couch.

You will never ever se someone you want to punch more then that whiny, angry, horrible man awkwardly touching that girl.

Gotham: A show that didn’t grab me with it’s first few episodes and has yet to do anything to make me care about it again. On the whole I found it to be a show that lacked anything I cared about. It was the TV show equivalent of going to restaurant, ordering a steak meal, and getting nothing but the complementary rolls and some free salt. There’s nothing wrong with those things but they’re not gonna make you come back to that particular restaurant when the restaurant across the street is passing out huge, free steak sandwiches with complimentary thousand dollar bills… but more on Arrow later.

Izombie: Still a relatively new show but Izombie has actually gotten off to a pretty good start. It’s an interesting, very different, show that approaches things from a very different angle. It occasional gets a little (for lack of a better term) glee-like. With xboyfriends dating other girlfriends and yet other people who wish they were dating and wish you were dating and… there’s a lot of dating talk. But the main character is very interesting and her “powers” for lack of a better term, really do mix up each episode. It’s world is going in an interesting direction, but we’ll have to see where the rest of the season goes.

Constantine: A show I was very excited about that ended up just being kind of meh. It wasn’t bad and I enjoyed it, but it was hard for me to recommend it to people. It fell firmly in the “Supernatural” genre of TV and the “Supernatural” genre is already being very nicely filled by, ya know, “Supernatural.”  It was decent, the main character was interesting, but it never found a way to separate itself from other shows that already exist, and are doing exactly what it does, just slightly better. 3

The Flash:  I definitely had my doubt about the Flash when it started. I loudly shouted those doubts off the top of every mountain I could find. After all the Flash hero comic book series is based entirely around a guy who runs fast and then (when things are tough)… runs faster. The show has actually (I must confess) been pretty good. It’s managed to carve out a nice spot for itself on the lighter side of show’s like Arrow. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it also is telling a good story with some deep characters. It’s really a good world they’ve made where the fact that every third person is developing world shattering super powers, somehow doesn’t seem to faze too many people. “What’s that?? Man with crazy weather powers attacks the police department??? Meh. Probably won’t affect me in any tangible way.”

The Arrow: Still one of the best shows on TV. Bar none. After Seasons 1-2 went all catastrophic with pretty much every villain threating to murder then entire town, light the city on fire, and steal everyone’s morning paper, season three has focused on smaller more intimate stories. Probably the best season so far, which is saying something after an awesome second season. Really the only thing you can say bad about Arrow’s third season is that ATOM’s costume makes him looks like Iron Man’s younger dorkyer brother. But that’s about it. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes!

"Okay so... you're sure this visor doesn't make me look a kid whose fussy mom makes him wear a helmet right?"

“Okay so… you’re sure this visor doesn’t make me look a kid whose fussy mom makes him wear a helmet right?”

And finally the one we’ve all been waiting for:

Daredevil: (coming soon) Yup, it’s coming folks. Tomorrow. It’s gonna be great. I’ve read a couple early reviews and everyone agrees that it’s awesome. A deeper, darker look at the Marvel world as we go down into Hell’s Kitchen to watch a blind lawyer punch some people in the face. And I’m all about that. Daredevil is awesome, don’t believe the lie that Ben Affleck told you. It’s awesome,  I promise. And when you watch good Daredevil, you’ll forget all about Collin Farrell stupid dumb head of stupid stupidness.

AH!!! No. No make it stop!!!

AH!!! No. No make it stop!!!

And there you have it guys, a look at the comic book world and five incredibly excited sentences about Daredevil. Just what you came here for!!

Hey Internet, so welcome to the party and a very special Thursday in which we take a look at the State of the Union!! No not the American Union because that is SUPER depressing and if there’s one thing this website excels at it’s ignoring hot button political issues entirely and instead making jokes about Amanda Seyfried’s lack of talent. No no no, this is way better (and less impact full) this is….

The State of the Super Hero Union
TV  Show Edition

The big floating asterisk here is that the comic book show I am most excited about (Constantine) doesn’t come out till the end of October (as NBC continues to stand firmly against the wishes of its viewers) but the rest of the party is here and partying hard so like the wise Chinese philosopher once said: “Party with the partyers you have, not the partyers you want to party with. Also: grains of rice.”

So let’s start with the new guys and then get into the returners.

The Flash:

A spin-off of CW’s Arrow, The Flash focuses on Barry Allen and his newfound super speed powers of fastness. There’s only been one episode of this so it’s dangerous to jump to judgments and yet here I am hopping on a trampoline with rocket fueled shoes ready to jump off!!! The Flash got off to a fairly strong start, Barry Allen is likeable in sort of a dorky way, and the cast  of characters around him serves pretty well. The GLARING exception to that is the sort of Tech assistant person who is PHENOMINALLY annoying. Everything  he says, he says with this crazy weird, creeper smile that practically splits his face in half but never touches his stone, dead, soulless, putty covered eye holes. He is very annoying. Always. Forever.


Run away from the Lab Tech!! Run away faster.

I did genuinely enjoy the episode on the whole though, though it did fall victim to the classic Flash problem of the final solution to the flashes problems being “run REALLY fast” and then when that didn’t work the alternate answer being “No for real though run even super faster than that fast that you’re running fast with.” Aside from Barry being very well played by Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanaugh turns in a genuinely great performance as Harrison Wells. On the whole it was a great first episode though and assuming the show can mix in some alternative problem solving (run fast perhaps occasionally being mixed with… eat fast… or something) it could be a pretty solid show.


The pre-Batman, Batman show Gotham is actually three episodes into its first season and thus far it has been good… though decidedly not great. The big problem haunting Gotham is that it lacks a compelling main character. Jim Gordon (the main character… mostly) continually comes off as a stiff rigid mostly emotionless guy and while that’s fine for a side character playing of Batman it makes for a bad main character. You don’t really root for Jim Gordon so much as you do just sort of not care. The fringe characters on the show are far more interesting but you can’t cheer for the Penguin cause he’s sort of nasty and horrible and gross and terrible (and not in a Joker sort of way where it’s entertaining) , and while Catwoman has been entertaining thus far she lacks the necessary punch and screen time to drag the show along. Gotham is a collection of interesting side dishes but it lacks any sort of main entrée. It’s a box of cracker-jacks without a toy, a charming musical number filled with chorus members but lacking a lead singer, it is (at its heart) a Batman show, without Batman. It’s not by any means a bad show, but before it can take the leap to being genuinely good it’s gonna need to find it’s missing ingredient. The show needs something to revolve around and until that happens (be it with Batman, or the Joker) it’s just gonna be interesting stars spinning in space.

Gotham, all of the party, none of the food... that makes less sense then I was hoping it would.

Gotham, all of the party, none of the food… that makes less sense then I was hoping it would.

Okay so now on to the returning shows!

Agents of Shield: Season 2

We’re a couple episodes into Season 2 of AoS and I’m excited to see that it continues to do pretty well for itself. A majority of Season 1 was (to put it politely) sucky. Really sucky. It didn’t have a very interesting central thru line and it’s villains were amorphous and uninteresting. But, thanks to the events of Captain America 2 and the (spoiler incoming) return of Hydra, Agents of Shield got about a million times better. All the sudden there was turmoil within the cast and actual character development happening and the last five or six episodes of the show were absolutely awesome. Season 2 has picked up pretty much right where Season 1 left off, interesting characters, some cool changes to the Fitz/Wallace duo and the nice reversal of Shield to sort of “scrappy underdog” continues to play very nicely. On the whole AoS is headed for a great direction in Season 2 and we’ll see what happens going forward with the new storyline.

Arrow Season 3

Arrow Season 3 just started last night and it is still by far the best super hero thing happening on TV. Arrow struggled in Season 1… a lot. It struggled with a tired love triangle, a couple annoying characters and a sadly inflated view of how interesting its main characters inner narrating was. Season 2 though took a huge step forward in SO many ways. The surrounding cast became a lot more interesting, the main character became more decisive, the horrible annoying terrible sister character was still there but nothing is perfect. Season 3 kicked off with a great episode focusing around Felicity Smoak (one of the shows strongest characters) and Oliver (who lost his fortune in Season 2) and really continued pushing the story forward, helped in no small part by a BIG cliffhanger ending that will no doubt be a focus for everything going forward. Arrow continues getting better and Season 3 shows very real signs of building on that formula. Obviously, there’s always a chance it will fall back into its old season 1 problem but I am honestly excited every time a new episode of this show comes out.

Arrow,  cause we needed something to heal the wounds of Smallville. While, ironically taking pictures that look a lot like Smallville's.

Arrow, cause we needed something to heal the wounds of Smallville. While, ironically taking pictures that look a lot like Smallville’s.

So there you have it sports fans, it’s a legitimately good time to be a comic book fan! 2 great shows, one good looking show, and one show that is a step or two away from being good. I’ll take it. Now we just need to wait for Constantine!!

Hey guys so I’m still pretty ill, fairly dill, and off my pills but as promised I shall now write a blog about a thing. Specifically about three super powered TV shows that will be landing next fall and that are just now starting to make some noise as to what next fall might hold!

Fox – Gotham

A story about itty bitty batman, Gotham takes place (as many of you astute internet types may have surmised) in Gotham, the self same city that the Dark Knight roamed all throughout the Dark Knight trilogy (except for a brief field trip to China.) Gotham the show takes place right around the time when Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered and focuses not on tiny Batman dispensing justice on playgrounds and throwing criminals off of the teeter-totter, but rather on young Detective Jim Gordon and his (famously fruitless) attempt to keep the peace. The show also promises to feature tiny Catwoman (kittenwoman?) Penguin before he was Penguin (Pre-guin?) and Poison Ivy before she was poison (Mildly unpleasant ficus???) So far we’ve only seen snippets and snappets of things but what we did catch in the trailer looked pretty good and the world they’ve created seems to match up pretty well with Chris Nolan’s world and I (as you may know) was a huge fan of that world. So hey, I’m in. Let’s see where this goes.

She's adorable in a "steal all your stuff" sort of way.

She’s adorable in a “steal all your stuff” sort of way.

CW – The Flash

A character already introduced in CW’s Arrows (on which I have already written) the Flash is a super-hero with super speed and a super red costume. Of all the shows I am about to discuss (i.e. both the other ones) this is the one I am the most hesitant about. I actually like the actor playing The Flash who did a good job in his Arrow times, I’m just not super convinced that The Flash is gonna be a super interesting show. Because the Flash’s solution to every problem is to run really fast. And when the Flash is really up against it and when he doesn’t think he can go on… he runs really REALLY fast. Arrow has interesting combat and stuff going down and people who are (dare we say it) better fighters than Arrow. But the Flash is just… fast. If the characters are REALLY interesting it can be a good show and that is at least somewhat possible but I can also see this show really struggling to keep itself interesting just by virtue of having “No seriously: he’s SUPER fast” only being able to carry things so far.

But look how fast he looks!! Like... super fast.

So… is he fast enough to get out of that helmet? That’d be nice.

NBC – Constantine

And this (in direct opposition of my previous show) is the thing I am most excited about of the three. Constantine focuses on a fellow named John Constantine (none of these shows are super originally named) who is an expert on all sorts of dark magical/mystical things and is generally a snarky british guy with super-powers and I ask you what could be better than that? They made a movie of this (also unimaginatively called “Constantine”)but it was terrible and starred Keanu Reeves who in all this world is the person least like John Constantine should be, so I choose to ignore it. This though is an actually awesome looking snarky British guy fighting demons in a well fleshed out world created by a legendary graphic novel series? I’m in. Done. No more needs to be said. Watch the trailer, Wait till fall.

Constantine everyone: the exact opposite of Keanu Reeves.

John Constantine: the exact, polar and complete opposite of Keanu Reeves.

So there you go guys, not a long post, but a post. A post from the stoop of Death’s weird cousins door. See you Thursday.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the party! The “I didn’t post on Monday cause I was busy being stuff and doing things” party. It’s not a great party. I’m just being honest.

Anyway, I’ve got like 200 words to get through and I just got home from apple picking so my fingers are seizing up in the shape of Granny Smith’s every time I reach to hit the period button. But never the less, through great pain, and no small amount of personal agony I bring to you: The Weekly Headlines.

In our lead story it continues to be September and there continues to be no good movie news at all. It’s like the movie industry is deliberately mocking us while it hangs out with Thor 2, The Hunger Games 2, Ender’s Game and about ten other great movies coming out in a few months and we’re left to stand next to the stale vegetable stand, dipping soft celery sticks into a dip made of our own boredom. – Yeah… that got away from me somewhere in the middle there.

Disney’s Frozen (also coming in November… curse you Hollywood) recently released its first full trailer. From the look of things the movie will basically be “Tangled: in Snow” but the sad thing is that’s not really a terrible insult. In fact four people just pulled up another window just to find out when the movie is opening so they can buy tickets. No really, keep giving Disney your money… I’ll wait.

"Would you like to join me for the festival of lights?"

“Would you like to join me for the festival of lights?”

Fox announced that it’s starting a new series called “Gotham” that’s supposedly the story of Jim Gordon and some Batman villains in Gotham but the show may not actually have batman in it. Those of you wondering how this will be  different from Marvel’s new show “Agents of Shield” (which features a bunch of non-super hero people dealing with a super hero world) the answer is simple: it isn’t. If we’ve learned one thing about DC comics in the last year it’s that there’s nothing Marvel can do that DC can’t do a year later and slightly worse.

"Gotham" cause why NOT try and steal Marvel's ideas?

“Gotham” cause why NOT try and steal Marvel’s ideas?

On a far more awesome note Agents of Shield debuted yesterday!! Have you not watched Agents of Shield? You should watch it. Sure it’s giving Disney your money, but at least it’s giving your money to Disney so they can give some of it to Joss Whedon. I’m okay with that.

Taking the top spot in the box office this week was “Prisoners” a movie starring Jake Gyllenhall, Hugh Jackmen, and Hugh Jackmen’s huge goatee. For real though, the Goatee got its own makeup person and stunt-tee. It’s actually the exact same facial hair Hugh uses for Wolverine except completely backwards.

Michael Bay continues working on the next movie in the Transformer’s series just kind of because. Tranformers: Age of Extinction, features “Dino-bots” (robots who change into Dinosaurs) attempting to destroy humanity. I could make a joke here but there is literally nothing at all funny about the fact that people keep giving Michael Bay money to make horribly written movies about robots that will now feature the word “dino-bots” in an un-ironic way. Couldn’t we use that money for like… cancer or something? Or how about we just pay Michael Bay lots of money to STOP making movies. Forever. I’m down with either.

A friend of mine lent me Dishonored, an awesome video game that features a sweet teleportation power!! The only problem is that I teleport with all the cunning and accuracy of a concussed duck so… it hasn’t been going super well for me thus far.

Never has so much cool been ruined by my lack of basic steering.

Never has so much cool been ruined by my lack of basic steering.

The Red Sox clinched a playoff spot last week meaning that I talked to my wife a lot about things she does not care to understand. It also means I’m going to be doing at least one live blog of a baseball game so… be ready not to check this site that day.

Well there you have it friends, that’s the news! Check in next week as I kick October off with a preview of what you should and shouldn’t see in the coming month! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the flip side!