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Well hey Internet, happy Monday after a three day weekend! Ha ha… yeah, that’s not possible. Seriously though, I do have some moderately good news that will make your day somewhat slightly almost kind of a little bit slightly but not at all markedly better!!! Woot.

So this weekend I found myself in the mood to watch a movie (which I do pretty much all the time) and so my wife and I wandered off to the theater to watch Transformers!!! Ha ha. No. I would rather pay ten dollars to watch an hour and a half worth of the teletubbies.

Transformers: like Teletubbies but with a less sophisticated storyline.

Transformers: like Teletubbies but with a less sophisticated storyline.

Instead we watched…

Edge of Tomorrow

A movie that, from the trailers, I’m pretty sure is about… some sort of war… thing… and a gun… with a suit. That’s it. Regardless though Tom Cruise seemed to be on (dare I say it) a roll. I am as avid a Tom Cruise hater as anyone but look at the guys last four movies: Oblivion (great sci-fi film) Jack Reacher (under rated action movie) and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (slightly over rated spy-movie.) If you throw out Rock of Ages (incredibly unfortunate choice to sing and act a lot like Tom Cruise probably actually acts in real life) Tom Cruise has been on a roll since 2010!! So, is Edge of Tomorrow another step in the right direction for tiny Tom? Or will he finally step off the role and fall down ye olde rabbit hole?

The Plot: Full disclosure? I have no idea what the title of this movie has to do with this movie. At no point does tomorrow seem particularly edgy… at all. But anyway, Bill Cage (not to be confused with Nic Cage) starts off the movie as an average PR guy doing PR things. He talks about “army” and “punchy stuff” and “stabby things” but doesn’t actually do much of anything. But then he gets drafted into the actual military and launched onto the front lines of humanities battle against the evil aliens known as Mimics… for reasons that are never entirely clear.

Unless this thing is somehow mimic-ing a post modern statue and an octopus I don't think the name makes a lot of sense.

Unless this thing is somehow mimic-ing a post modern statue and an octopus I don’t think the name makes a lot of sense.

I don’t want to spoil too much plot here but in the course of the battle Bill gets some alien mimic-juice on his bad self and gains the ability to jump back in time (but only when murdered) so now he must work to destroy the alien menace one day at a time (over and over and over.)

The Positrons:

An awesome job is done with the storyline here.  It’s easy to get lost in a time travel storyline but Edge of Tomorrow clearly establishes the rules of its world and lets you just enjoy the way it goes about living within those rules. Cage and Rita (Emily Blunt’s warrior woman of awesomeness) have a great relationship and it’s fun to watch them get to know each other in their own weird way (time travel will really mess up your dating life.)


No seriously I totally bought you an engagement ring... it was HUGE.

No seriously I totally bought you an engagement ring… it was HUGE.

The visuals are very nicely done, the alien Mimics have a cool quality to them and the fight scenes are very nicely choreographed with an emphasis on Cages ability to “see the future” through his past lives that adds some extra flair.

A very solid cast led by Cruise and Blunt fill out the movie very nicely. Brendan Gleeson and Bill Paxton turn in some great performances as military officers and the whole cast really holds up very nicely.

Just another prop for the overall story and style of the movie. It manages to be surprisingly funny without giving up its believability and that is a TOUGH thing to do with a movie.

The Negatrons:

There are a couple tiny plot holes here or there but honestly anytime you bring time travel into a movie you’re opening up a whole mountains worth of mole hills so just having one or two little moles wandering through the yard is actually pretty good.

Really the only thing that really stops this movie from getting a perfect score here is just that it doesn’t do a ton with the script or storyline as far as great dialogue or big morals. It’s great to watch Cage go from scared PR guy to awesome warrior man but beyond that there isn’t a huge emotional payoff.

In Conclusion:

I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by Edge of Tomorrow. The story is great, the time travel is well done, and the script is surprisingly funny. It’s everything you could want out of a summer action movie and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

I give it 4 unexplained mimicy aliens out of 5.