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Internet!! It’s Monday again. Why does that keep happening anyway? I feel like just once we could give Monday a week off and skip straight to Tuesday or Wednesday. Monday’s had a hard life, it’s the IRS of the week. Nobody likes it very much and we all sort of wish it just wouldn’t show up. So here’s to you Monday. Ya Jerk.

Moving on from my bitterness at a day, let’s talk about something I’ve been waiting to talk about for a while now. Something that ranked high on my list of most anticipated movies of the year. Something made of iron, blood, sweat, and the facial hair of Robert Downey Jr. I am of course talking about:

Iron Man 3

Iron Man was a great movie, one of the best of Marvel’s current class of comic book movies. Downey Jr. is undoubtedly perfect for the role and has proven that he can deliver like a UPS man on Jumba Juice. That said Iron Man 2 was good at best to mediocre at worst and seemed to get so lost in its own sugar rush that it forgot what it was doing. Can Iron Man 3 redeem the franchise? Can Iron Man go any higher then he already went in Avengers? Well prepare to hold my metaphorical hand and jump carelessly down to a daisy filled meadow, cause we’re about to find out!

"Hey umm... Robert. We're back here!"

“Hey umm… Robert. We’re back here!”

The Plot:

It seems that not all is well in the world of Tony Stark. He’s having trouble sleeping and spends all his time in his lab tinkering and tonkering with his suits, shut off from the outside world. His time in New York with the Avengers seems to have had an impact on Tony and on the world around him as Governments and Army’s try and figure out where everything fits in this brand new galaxy.

Into this confusion enters the Mandarin with his erstwhile cohort the Chiquita Banana…. Okay so I made that second part up. It just seems like a bad idea when choosing your terrorist name to go with a fruit, but hey what do I know, maybe they got a great advertising deal or something. Anyway, the Mandarin starts terrorizing Americans, setting off bombs in free countries, stealing his neighbors newspapers, and generally just not being a very friendly person.

The Mandarin sounds super evil right up until you think about it.

The Mandarin sounds super evil right up until you think about it.

Can Tony Stark (without most of his suits) survive this new attack? Can he get to the bottom of things before he loses everything he’s built over the last few years? What is Iron Man without his Iron? Only time (specifically the time of this movie) will tell.

The positives:

Let’s get this out of the way right now: this is a MUCH better movie then Iron Man 2. Much. There’s a strong narrative thread here and that helps pull the rest of the movie along very nicely. The story is well told and the twists and turns of it all (while a little controversial in the nerd world) will certainly surprise you and keep you interested and entertained.

A great cast led by the once again awesome Robert Downey Jr really keeps you invested in the movie. Downey once again proves that Tony Stark is his character and he hits all the ups and downs of the drama just as well as he hits the humor. Ben Kingsley also delivers a brilliant performance as the Mandarin and Don Cheadle does well with his role as War Machine (even if it’s a much smaller role then in Iron Man 2.)

It’s nice to see Iron Man have a little gravitas to it. I mean I really like the humor of this series and it’s definitely still there but this is certainly the most serious of the Iron Man movies and I think it’s better for it. Iron Man 2 tried to duplicate too much of the humor in Iron Man 1 and I just don’t think it played very well. A lot of people have complained that there’s not a lot of Iron Man in Iron Man 3 but it’s hard to build a great narrative around a suit of metal. Iron Man 3’s focus on Tony Stark makes it a more interesting movie and there are still some great action scenes focused around the armor.

The Negatrons:

I felt like a couple of pieces in the plot were sort of rushed through. I understand that you’ve got to keep things moving and all that but it seemed like we never really took time to explain things in a couple spots that I don’t really want to give away right now. A lot of the emotional stuff Tony is going through at the beginning of the film is never really fully fleshed out or resolved it’s just sort of dropped by the wayside by Tony deciding he’s gonna “get stuff done.” Which I’m fairly sure doesn’t work in most cases of psychological trauma.  To my knowledge Freud never told one of his patients to “go out and make thyself an christmas themed cherry bomb” though (in fairness) Freud probably sounded nothing like that.

I also wasn’t crazy about how the villain ended up being killed. I don’t want to spoil it but there was a really good way for him to die, with a really cool line, and then he turned out not to be dead, delivered a super stupid line of dialogue and was killed in a really dumb way. It’s like some exec came into the writing room and said “but I want this person to kill him so that we can sell more underpants!!”… no idea where the underapnts comment came from… Anyway I thought it was stupid.

Iron Man underwear... one of those things you never thought you'd type into google.

Iron Man underwear… one of those things you never thought you’d type into google.

In Conclusion:

It’s really hard to say whether Iron Man 3 is better than Iron Man 1. The two movies are very different in tone and theme but I can definitely say they are in the same neighborhood. Iron Man 3 tells a really great story, does interesting things with the main character and focuses on what made Iron Man such a great movie in the first place: Tony Stark. It’s got the occasional hiccup or two but on the whole it’s certainly a worthy entry in the Marvel movie franchise and a great showing for Robert Downey Jr.

I give it 4 Freudian cherry bombs, out of 5.

Well thanks for reading everyone!! Hope you have a great weekend and, hey, check back tomorrow for another brand new entry into the: “random stuff Micah has made videos about” saga!!