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What to write about?

Posted: December 19, 2011 by Micah in Randomnicity
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So I’m currently stuck in a bit of a quandary as to what to write about today… on one hand I watched a really great movie this weekend… on the other hand I played a really cool new video game this weekend… and on the other hand are four calling birds. Well let’s take a peak at some stats shall we? The “movie review” section of this site currently has 23 posts in it and the “video game” portion currently has 9 posts in it. So in essence this choice has become a microcosm of modern American culture! Do I do a movie review and continue lavishing lavish lavishness on the lavish? Or do I review a video game and feed the poor starving people living in the woods and eating moss and things… Or do I just do what I normally do on this website when I don’t know what to do and talk about Batman? hmm….

A Batman Trailer:

Don't look at this too long. The cool will hurt your brain!

So generally speaking I am a fairly media savvy person. I know when a new trailer is going to hit the internet a few days before it does just like a Lion knows when a wildebeest is going to be at the watering hole or like studio executives know when Cameron Diaz has no business headlining a movie anymore… oh… oh you didn’t?… sorry about that.

Anyway, so as I sat down and a trailer that I didn’t recognize started playing I naturally assumed it was for a movie I didn’t care about… and oh how very wrong I was…

The trailer kicks off with some little kid singing the national anthem. At this point I was still not paying attention really… I don’t remember what I was doing but it probably involved me making some snide remark to Riley about the trailer before it insisting on telling us four times when it was released. Anyway then BANE started walking ominously up a staircase.

A quick rundown here: Bane is this movies particular super-villain and he’s being played by Tom Hardy who has achieved roughly the same muscle mass as several very in shape polar bears doing P-90 X. In the comic books Bane uses some Super Strength serum to turn himself from a teeny tiny tot into a giant super strengthed monster but from what I’ve seen so far it looks Nolan is tossing the whole transformer thing out the window and just making Bane into a Polar Bear… or something.

Bane: Body of a Polar Bear, heart of a jellyfish... or something...

Anyway the Trailer continues; showing (among other things) a shot of Bruce Wayne (Batman’s alter ego) talking to some mysterious woman (Catwoman as played by Anne Hathaway). She whispers something in his ear about an oncoming storm and how no one will know how they thought they could “live so large without leaving anything for the rest of us” and then the trailer essentially turns into a lot of stuff getting blown up. Including (but not limited to) a wall, a prison gate, Bruce Wayne’s face (he grows a bear apparently), and a football field. Not a football stadium mind you but the actual field itself, it’s epic in sort of a horribly terrible awesome kind of way.

And then the trailer ends with Bane standing ominously over a fairly injured Bruce Wayne (or maybe Batman with his mask off???) and saying “WhenGothamis ashes… you have my permission to die.” And then… I collapsed. Okay well maybe not that but I was serenely and extremely impressed.

    Some random thoughts:

For those of you who don’t know Christopher Nolan (the Director) is setting this movie eight full years after the last one. When I first heard about this I was a little confused but further thoughts on the matter have led to more thoughts that I thought when I thought them… I think.

A: Setting a movie eight years after the last one gives time for people to change and for you to introduce new things without it feeling like a constant roller coaster of death. It lets you try new things with the same characters rather then having to beat the same things to death over and over. An over arching theme for the first two movies was what a horrible terrible place Gotham City is, whereas this movie is starting with the overall premise that Gotham is a great city about to become much much worse. It’s still roughly the same idea but we’re coming at it from an entirely different direction and that (especially in the third movie of a series) is a very good thing.

   B: The third movie needs a defining, separate feel due to the awesomeness of the second. Here’s the thing about trilogies: there’s usually one movie that feels out of place. The first job of any movie is to introduce you too, and get you excited about, new characters or ideas. The beginning of this series (Batman Begins… ironically) showed us how Batman… well began. It established who Batman was, whatGothamwas about, and how phenomenally creepy a stupid mask can look if you’ve inhaled enough drugs… which I suppose sort of makes sense… kind of… ish.

The second movie (the Dark Knight) came along and we already knew all about Batman andGothamand stuff so it introduced to arguably one of the best written and acted characters of this decade: The Joker. And that was really all the Dark Knight needed to be epically amazing! It also tagged on though some great moments with Michael Cain as Batman’s butler Alfred, a cool side plot with Aaron Eckhart, more character depth for Batman, and the fact that Maggie Gyllenhall is one of the few people who could make the death of Rachel Dawes almost a good thing. Yes Rachel was dead, and yes we felt bad for Batman, and yes it drove the previously mild mannered Harvey Dent into a complete raving lunatic/murderer but hey, at least Maggie Gyllenhall wasn’t going to be in this movie anymore. Anyway the Dark Knight took what they had done in the first movie and built on it to the max with an amazing new villain and great new character work.

But here’s the question you ask yourself if you’re Chris Nolan… now what? I just made arguably the most iconic movie villain of this generation (originally there was this big long rant here about cinema’s top five villains of all time but it pretty much became a whole blog post in and of itself so maybe we’ll do that later). So, Nolan is faced with the extremely difficult task of making a new and interesting movie without said iconic villain (due to Heath Ledgers truly tragic death). So what do you do? You change things, you mix up the movie as much as you can, change the direction the city has moved and introduce new, exciting characters played by a bevy of talented actors and actresses (new faces for this movie include Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway, and Joseph Gordon Levitt).

Rumors may or may not be true that I tried to build my own working model of the bat signal...

    Some final thoughts:

So what we have here then is a new movie that’s setting itself apart from the old ones with enough changes to make it feel different while at the same time staying true to it’s original formula and keeping the best parts of the old series together (Bruce Wayne/Batman, Alfred his butler, and Inspector Gordon as played by Gary Oldman). I’m excited, intrigued, and mostly just flat out anxious to watch this movie which, I suppose, is exactly what a good trailer should do.

Wow… well that took longer then I thought it would… I guess I’ll have to save the end of the ongoing movie/game review debate until Thursday. Ah well. You all have a great week!! And a merry panicked Christmas shopping for people you totally forgot about.