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Well hey guys and welcome back to what will (hopefully) be the last week of our extreme lack of good movie-age. That’s right folks Dracula Untold looms on the horizon. Gone Girl opens in a few days, Left Behind will be terrible. September is nearly over, and good movies will be back soon! And so let us spend these last few days continuing to try desperately to distract ourselves from the futility of life, and the loneliness rooted in our hearts like a bunch of monkeys made of depression and onion dip, by talking about Netflix.

Coming to Netflix: October
(AKA: A Review of Gilmore Girls and then some other stuff)

Of course the big news for Netflix is that they have Gilmore Girls. And ya know what guys?? You could spend your time worse ways. I’m not saying it’s Firefly or the West Wing or anything but if you’re looking for a nice way to waste a few hours and make your girlfriend/wife/significant other typed person SUPER happy, this is the way to do it. Gilmore girls is (at its core) a show aimed at women, that said the writing is really good, and very funny. I have watched most of the episodes of this show and while I never got super caught up in the “but who will she marry” or “but will they ever be friends again” I did get caught up in the overall humor and the incredible addiction to coffee. So win there.

So many coffee jokes guys. So many wonderful coffee jokes.

So much coffee. So much wonderful coffee. 

The basic plot of the Gilmore girls (that “g” is little. I promise. Look it up.) revolves around the adventures of Lorelai (which is the hardest name to spell ever) and Rory (which is awesome and small… kind of like Rory.) Anyway, they have all sorts of weird hijinks involving men and the guy from Supernatural and coffee and… probably… other stuff. Let us remember I don’t really follow the plot of Gilmore girls, I (like may before me) am purely here for the laughs and 90’s references. Quite down. Yes, Lorelie and that dude from the Diner should have gotten married, and yes Jess was an obnoxious idiot who I hated but I was just there for the jokes guys. I swear.

Arrow Season 2 

If you liked Arrow Season 1 (which was admittedly not the BEST show on television) you will LOVE  Arrow Season 2. Season 1 got better as it went and was always dragged down by its awkward, clunky love triangle. Season 2 takes the show in a new much better direction though and (speaking of Firefly) Summer Glau makes some guest appearances!! It’s a really well done season that manages to build on what they got right in season 1 and add in some exciting new stuff that only makes things better.


A run in the mill, unremarkable remake to a movie that didn’t need a remake, Carrie stars Chloe’ Moretz and Julianne Moore neither of whom really get very well utilized in what is a decidedly mediocre romp through a classic Stephen King book.

Romeo + Juliet

If you gave Shakespeare red bull,  five pounds of Sugar, and then hit him in the face with a rubber chicken you would get Romeo + Juliet. Frankly, this is not a great movie. Claire Danes (who plays Juliet) is very good but Decaprio’s Romeo is bland and the rest of the cast is bland and the movies tone is all over the place and makes for a very disjointed viewing experience.


Yup, the original Annie. Red curly hair, Carol Burnett, hard knock life. All that jazz.  As a random trivia fact did you know that Tim Curry is in this movie??? Yup. It’s a classic, ya can’t deny it. You can’t escape from it.

Hello, Tim. I want your hat.

Hello, Tim. I want your hat.

The Boxcar Children

Yeah, someone made a boxcar children movie. I mean it’s animated and stars no one you have ever heard of before but still. It’s the Boxcar Children! I read a Boxcar childrens book once, but it was boring and immaterial and no one got murdered or had lightsabers so I moved on.

Django Unchained

If you like Tarrantino movies you will like this Tarrantino movie, that said it’s nothing awesome. It’s typical Tarrantino runny and shooty and deathy and bloody but honestly there’s not a lot to be said for it beyond that.

Sleepless in Seattle

Cower in fear mankind. Your women can now watch Sleepless in Seattle whenever they want. Your life will never EVER be the same again.

This is your life now. Pensive Meg Ryan. Give into it.

This is your life now. Pensive Meg Ryan. Give into it.

So there you go guys! That’s the party that’s happening on Netflix this month. Wave at your local movie theater everyone, tell it you’ll be back soon!!