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Oh the times Internet. Oh the times. This weekend my wife and I headed down towards good old Atlanta, GA for a wedding. And what should someone say as we wandered through wedding prep and tex mex food then “Micah, I’ve always felt your pudding sculpture skills were underappreciated.” Okay so no one said that… but they were thinking it… I think.

No, what they actually said was: “Let’s go watch Star Trek Into Darkness in Imax 3D!!” To which we of course said: “Absolutely you crazy Diamond.” Except not that last part. And all of that story of course leads us to those beautiful bold typed words:

Micah Reviews; Star Trek: Into Darkness

We all know how excited I was about this movie. The cast, the plot, the dialogue all of it just looked really solid. Solid enough that even though I am not a “trekkie” or a “Trekkor” or a “Trekno warrioir” (totally not a thing) I found myself naming it my most anticipated movie of the year! Let’s find out how it worked shall we?

Benedict Cumberbatch is so cool they had to make the other people in this poster bigger just so you would notice they were there.

Benedict Cumberbatch is so cool they had to make the other people in this poster bigger just so you would notice they were there.

The Plot:

It’s been a few years since the events of Star Trek: A Kick With the Re-boot and Kirk and Spock are back doing what they love best: blowing stuff up… Wait, I mean: exploring. But when a mysterious explosion and a vicious attack on Star Fleet command send Kirk in pursuit of a deadly terrorist everything they thought they knew will be brought into question.

Who is this terrorist really? And what provoked his attack? Is there something more going on here? Is Benedict Cumberbatch’s silky smooth voice the best thing to happen to the Enterprise since it got its prize? All of these questions are brought up and dealt with along with a ton of other things having to do with Spock and Kirk themselves, the crew of the Enterprise, and the square root of 7… yeah not that last one… I was on a roll.

Star Trek bathing suits. Proof that everyone has bad ideas sometimes.

Star Trek bathing suits. Proof that everyone has bad ideas sometime.

I realize that’s not a ton of plot details but the last thing I want to do is give away any of what is an amazingly well put together, well paced plot…. Wow… well placed plot. If it’s possible to get tongue tied while typing “well paced plot” will do that to ya. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, anyway, go watch Star Trek: Into Darkness and you’ll understand why I couldn’t really say more than that.

The Positives:

The first thing you have to say about Star Trek is that it’s a brilliantly well cast movie. Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, and Chris Pine come together to lead an incredibly talented, incredibly well utilized cast. As the movie progresses you find yourself pulling with the crew of the Enterprise because you legitimately care about what happens to all of them, and that’s hard to do with a crew that size.

The pacing and plot of this movie are VERY well laid out. Every step is perfectly timed, the plot twists are varied and impactful, and the ending is a slide down a chocolate mountain riding a marshmellow made of awesmme.  

I could go on for a lot longer but I’ll spare you all from having to read me writing a six page ode to JJ Abrams and just say that Into Darkness just works as a package. It has everything you could want from a movie like this, it’s big and adventurous while at the same time being small and relatable. Its villain is complex and extremely well played, and the story and dialogue mesh incredibly well. Like my dear moms strawberry-rhubarb pie, Star Trek: Into Darkness works as a whole and as individual pieces!

Occasionally the rhubarb pie is also lit on fire in the upper atmosphere... but that's probably stretching this metaphor a good ways.

Occasionally the rhubarb pie is also lit on fire in the upper atmosphere… but that’s probably stretching this metaphor a good ways.

The Negatrons:

Umm… I guess if I’m really looking for nits to pick I could throw Admiral Pike’s character under a space bus. I just didn’t think his scenes were particularly enjoyable and when his time came to exit the movie I was quite glad to see his salt and peppery hair disappear into the distance.

I could also maybe say that I thought Leonard Nemoy’s cameo was a bit unnecessary but he’s Leonard Nemoy so I won’t. I mean I’m sure hard core Trek-mongers are already loading there replica phasers because I forgot to mention the tribbles or troubles or trembles or whatever.

The IMAX 3D:

Most of you probably know that I think 3D is generally a waste of money. Well I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know that after watching a great, beautifully realized movie like Star Trek: Into Darkness that I still think it’s a waste of money. I liked the IMAX screen but 3D still feels like something somebody tacked on at the end to occasionally make something moderately cool happen. 3D doesn’t make me feel like I’m “closer to the experience” or “involved in the movie.” It makes me feel like I’m wearing uncomfortable, ugly glasses so that occasionally some guy WAY nerdier then me can make a spear look like it’s gonna hit me in the pancreas. If 3D was completely free, I would probably do it… maybe. But paying an extra five or ten bucks to see a movie that will (every ten or fifteen minutes) have an effect that will make me go: “Oh, what an interesting effect.” Makes ZERO sense to me.

In conclusion:

Star Trek: Into Darkness is the best movie I’ve seen in a while. The cast is brilliant, the storyline is great, and all of the pieces of its story and character development mesh together so well that it’s impossible not to go along for the ride.

I give it 5 silky Benedicts out of 5!