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Well hey Internet! And welcome to what is a review that has been a very long time coming. And not just because I am an inherently lazy writer with all the get up and go of a bag of gluten free rice. No, no no. See I’ve been waiting for a Dr. Strange movie since this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing got started and, as such, I’m not gonna do some sort of pithy introduction wherein I buy myself some word count by talking about the weather or about how if you rearrange the words “snooze alarm” you can spell “alas no more z’s.” Nope. I’m not gonna do any of those things, I’m just gonna dive straight into the sweet sweet meat pie that is…

Micah Reviews: Dr. Strange


That giant waterfall is a killer for traffic.


The Plot:

So Stephen Strange is a doctor. To be more specific he’s a VERY good doctor who we know is a very good doctor because he pulls a bullet out of a dudes brain in a medical procedure that (for all I know) is literally the most made up thing in this movie about a wizard. Anyway, Strange is the best Doctor there is in the doctor bizz, until he smashes his car against a mountain about 7 times and ruins just… just all of his hands. Like every hands he has. Is real broke.


Oh yeah, that’ll clean your pores right out.


As Strange learns of his hand brokenness, he sets out on a quest to get his hands back to surgery capable, but finds no answers in the world of modern medicine. Finally, on his very last attempt Stephen travels way out to… India?? Maybe. And there discovers a whole new world! A new, fantastic point of view! A dazzling place, a far out—


He discovers the world of magic and begins his studies in the arcane arts! But under the surface of this new world Strange has discovered, a new threat to the world takes shape, and a new villain will rise. Can Strange master his magic enough to face it? Can he stop his own deuschbaggery from dooming the world? I mean: probably. Probably he can. It’s a movie.


Oh yeah, it’s a cool looking window but… I mean that takes a LOT of windex to clean.


The Positives:

It’s really hard to know where to start assembling a pro list for this one but I think the top spot has to go to the acting. Benedicit Cumberbatch plays a great Dr. Strange, really grounding the character in the world and giving the audience someone to root for. Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tilda Swinton do a fantastic job as the chief supporting characters, with Swinton really turning in a great performance as the Ancient One. The whole cast just rounds out really nicely and do a great job of making this magical world grounded and believable.

The visuals here are also fantastic. The world is bent and thrown around at will by various characters and the whole time things just look great. Also of note for me was how real the magic people were slinging around looked. It’s hard in a movie like this to give the magic real weight to it and not just make it look like people sort of flapping their hands around. It’s a huge achievement both by the actors and by the folks behind the CGI that all the magic here works incredibly well and feels very very real.


The magical high five!


The script is very very well done. I never felt lost in the magic talk which can definitely happen in a movie like this, but it also didn’t feel like it was over-explaining things. The characters here feel real and it (for the most part) struck a great, consistent, enjoyable tone throughout.

The Negatrons:

Occasionally (VERY occasionally) the movie does get a little lost in its attempts at humor. For the most part it strikes a great (and very Marvel-esque) balance between the serious and the humorous but in one or two spots it did feel like it was trying a little too hard with the humor. It was by no means a big deal but it did pull me out of things for a second or two.

The villain. Yes. Marvel still has a villain problem. To Marvel’s credit this time around they mostly just kind of ignored the villain which is better than trying to make him a character and failing (Hi Iron Man 2, and Ant-man) but the villain was never overly menacing and his reason for doing what he was doing was (at best) vague and (at worst) completely stupid. There’s a theory that they were being mind- controlled which I won’t get too much into here for spoiler purposes but the fact that it’s kind of a believable theory should say something about the tenuousness of the villain here.


“Okay be honest guys… Too much eyeliner?”


Honestly my only other critique is that I genuinely wanted more of this movie. As things wrapped up at the end I kept hoping there would be more to see, a couple times throughout the movie I was hoping we would investigate something, or get to see more of Strange’s magical training. I don’t think that really counts as a negative but it’s how I felt!!

In conclusion:

Dr. Strange is fantastic. Great action, great acting, some of the best visuals I’ve ever seen and definitely the best magic I’ve ever seen in live action. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to see Dr. Strange interact with the rest of the Marvel universe and very much hope that they put Dr. Strange 2 on the fast track!

I give it 4 mostly broken fingers, out of 5. (Too soon??)

As ever, thanks for reading guys, and have a great weekend!

Ah the Cons. Comic-con, Gamescon, Conman-con, condor-con, con-con, and now Disney-con. Or as all the cool kids are calling it D23… con. Seriously though a lot went down at this years D-con-23, and for those of you who don’t know, don’t care, or don’t con here’s a list of all the things you need to know that happened, at the con.

Some Star Wars Things 

Star Wars World 

Yup. It’s a thing. Like Disney World, but for an even more nerdy group of people. There are very few things I hate in this world… okay I basically hate everything. But one of those basically everything I hate are large groups of people, large groups of people congregating in lines, and loud screamy things. So as you can imagine Star Wars World sounds about as appealing to me as “Wet Dog Smell and Tarantula World” but I can see the appeal I suppose for you regular not socially incompetent people out there. Ya Nerds.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

I’m getting more and more excited for this movie, and this poster only pushes me even further towards the brink of awesome. I mean it just looks classic and awesome and not at all like the weirdly horrible photo-shop looking things the prequels did. I’m so excited to get to a theater and just enjoy a Star Wars movie, I feel like at this point as long as the movie is just fun and enjoyable everything will be great. I don’t need it to be awesome, I just need it to be good, and say what you want about JJ Abrams he has (by and large) produced good movies/TV shows. Few of them have really been ‘great’ but I don’t need great JJ. I just need good. Please make this good.


So everyone here has a weapon... except for that girl with a stick. So I feel that's her bad.

So everyone here has a weapon… except for that girl with a stick. So I feel that’s her bad.

Star Wars: Rogue One 

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this on the site before cause I generally don’t like to bring things up until there’s actually something to talk about but Rogue One is actually a very interesting movie that’s scheduled to be released next year. For those of you who don’t know Disney is releasing a ‘continuation’ of the Star Wars franchise (episodes 7,8,9) every two years for the next however many years that is (math is not only not my strong suit, it’s not even my casual board shorts.) In the off years they’ll be making little anthology movies that build on the current universe while not necessarily furthering the plot of 7, 8, and sometimes 9. The first of these is Rogue One a movie set in the little delved into years between the end of Star Wars Episode 3: We’ve Made a Huge Mistake and Star Wars Episode 4: The Start of the Good Movies.

Details are scarce but the prevailing theory is that the movie will focus on a group of regular (i.e. non-Jedi) rebels attempting to steal the plans for the Death Star (thus kicking off the events of Episode 4: A New Mark Hamill.) The big reveal of Con-D2-Con-3 was the cast which features a lot of names I don’t care about and then Alan Freekin’ Tudyk. Yup. That Alan Tudyk.

We missed you Wash. Welcome back.

We missed you Wash. Welcome back.

I should also probably mention that they found a director for Star Wars Episode 9 but given that that movie isn’t coming out for roughly ten billion years, neither you nor I nor anyone else, needs to use up valuable brain space remembering his name. So for the next few years I shall just refer to him as: That-Dude-Who-Directed-Jurassic-World. So congrats That-Dude-Who-Directed-Jurassic-World. You the man… probably.

Some Marvel Things

If you were at R-con-D2-con you know a lot about Marvel’s next two movies Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. If you weren’t there you know pretty much exactly the same things you did before the con. Some trailers were shown but haven’t been released yet publically and I could describe them to you but that would be me describing to you, a visual medium that I have only had described to me in a non-visual format… which does seem a little ridiculous. So to summarize: people are VERY excited for Civil War and I think it’ll be awesome. Great cast, solid story idea, and seemingly some good looking trailers. I’ll probably talk more about this and make some wild speculations and horrendously uneducated guesses when the trailer for this actually comes out to the public so for the time being I’ll just leave it alone. Even the elite elitest’s at D23con didn’t get to see a lot of Dr. Strange but… I mean it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. And he’s a wizard. It’s gonna be great.

Some Random Things

Alice and Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass revealed it’s first poster and some vague hints at a storyline. It seems this venture will feature Alice traveling through time somehow and meeting past versions of characters all the while trying to help the Mad Hatter who seems to be even more mad then usual. I was fine with the first Alice in Wonderland (it had it’s problems but on the whole I thought it was fun and very well cast) so I’m down with this. Sure the plot sounds a little weird, but it’s Alice in Wonderland so that’s pretty much what it’s supposed to be anyway. I mean if they said this story was about Alice struggling to pick which type of Hormel Baked Beans to buy I’d be concerned but generally speaking the less sensical the better is the rules by which we judge Alice.

Quick the Mad Hatter is lost in MC Eschers bathtub!!!

Quick the Mad Hatter is lost in MC Eschers bathtub!!!

Orlando Bloom will be in “Pirates of the Carribean 5: Yup, It’s Happening.” Look, I’m fine with this. In order of goodness Pirates of the Carribean goes 1, 4, 2, 3 so maybe 5 will continue the upward trend I don’t know. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Jack Sparrow again right?? What’s that? Yeah… me neither really.

And finally the Jungle Book poster came out. I mean the poster informs us of exactly nothing but I’m excited for this movie mostly for the cast anyway so whatever. I mean this could be a picture of just the voice cast standing in a studio talking into microphines and I’d be pretty stoked so… yeah. I’m in.

And there you have it guys!! All the things that happened at Con-D-Con-3 that you should care about!! You’re welcome.

Hey everyone and welcome to another thrilling episode of: Weekly Headlines!!

In our lead story today Benedict Cumberbatch WILL be in the next Star Wars movie!!! Oh wait… nope nope. In our second lead story, Benedict Cumberbatch will NOT be in Star Wars. – Wait hang on… in our for real lead LEADING pencil-lead story, Cumberbatch is definitely in Star Wars and will be joined on film by the Abominable Snowman, Gumby, and Marvin the one eyed Yeti from the Future. I promise. No for realsies. I know a guy who knows a girl who is a table lamp who works at Disney and she totally saw a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch with the words “Bitty baby Darth Vader” written underneath it.

Dancing with the Stars premiered this week featuring large numbers of minor celebrities like: That-Girl-Who-Used-to-be-on-Glee, Probably-the-least-interesting-person-ever-in-the-World Snooki, Probably-a-Football-Player, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Unfortunately, I am not making that last one up.  

Disney announced that they’re pushing back the release date for their upcoming Pixar movie “The Good Dinosaur.” They are also delaying their releases of The Bad Lettuce, The Okay Lizard, and the Moderately Evil Pony from Hades.

Then again Pixar could make a movie called "The Good Dustmite" and it would probably open at Number 1. The jerks.

Then again Pixar could make a movie called “The Good Dustmite” and it would probably open at Number 1. The adorbal jerks.

Kelsey Grammar recently signed on to be in Expendables 3. At this point the Expendables series has pretty much become the retirement home for every person who was filmed for any reason in the 1980’s.

Insidious: Chapter 2 took the top spot in the box office. Or (more accurately) of the ten people who went to watch movies this week, 6 of them saw Insidious: Chapter 2 for reasons no human could ever hope to understand.

1 of those people also saw Disney’s Planes a movie that was literally glued together from parts of Cars and Cars 2 that weren’t good enough to be in those bad to moderately okay movies.

Roland Emmerich made some announcements this week about Indepenance Day 2 this week. As though the one thing that world needed was another sequel to an okay but poorly structured alien movie in which Alien ships hover over important buildings for unclear reasons and then get blown up by Will Smith.

Thor 2 reportedly called in Joss Whedon to do some rewrites on the script. This is like taking a delicious candy bar that’s dipped in peanut butter and then replacing the candy wrapper with a bajillion dollar bill, like taking a delivery pepperoni pizza and using DVD copies of The Dark Knight as the pizza box.

And in a late addition to the news today: I watched the first Episode of Sleepy Hollow!! It was pretty good. The story seems interesting and it kind of looks like they have a basic idea of what they want to do. As a general policy I try not to completely judge shows based on the pilot. Pilots are a pain to write cause you have to try and do a backstory, a forestory, a mid-story, all in the time of a regular episode. Sleepy Hollow did more than enough to make me watch episode two. That and the headless horseman looks awesome, fires machine guns and wields what basically amounts to a lightsaber-ax so… that’s good.

Plus there's nothing Iove better then headless humor.

Plus there’s nothing I Iove better then headless humor.

Thanks for reading everyone and come on back in next week for more partying more pizza-ing, and more vague insults to Snooki!

Oh the times Internet. Oh the times. This weekend my wife and I headed down towards good old Atlanta, GA for a wedding. And what should someone say as we wandered through wedding prep and tex mex food then “Micah, I’ve always felt your pudding sculpture skills were underappreciated.” Okay so no one said that… but they were thinking it… I think.

No, what they actually said was: “Let’s go watch Star Trek Into Darkness in Imax 3D!!” To which we of course said: “Absolutely you crazy Diamond.” Except not that last part. And all of that story of course leads us to those beautiful bold typed words:

Micah Reviews; Star Trek: Into Darkness

We all know how excited I was about this movie. The cast, the plot, the dialogue all of it just looked really solid. Solid enough that even though I am not a “trekkie” or a “Trekkor” or a “Trekno warrioir” (totally not a thing) I found myself naming it my most anticipated movie of the year! Let’s find out how it worked shall we?

Benedict Cumberbatch is so cool they had to make the other people in this poster bigger just so you would notice they were there.

Benedict Cumberbatch is so cool they had to make the other people in this poster bigger just so you would notice they were there.

The Plot:

It’s been a few years since the events of Star Trek: A Kick With the Re-boot and Kirk and Spock are back doing what they love best: blowing stuff up… Wait, I mean: exploring. But when a mysterious explosion and a vicious attack on Star Fleet command send Kirk in pursuit of a deadly terrorist everything they thought they knew will be brought into question.

Who is this terrorist really? And what provoked his attack? Is there something more going on here? Is Benedict Cumberbatch’s silky smooth voice the best thing to happen to the Enterprise since it got its prize? All of these questions are brought up and dealt with along with a ton of other things having to do with Spock and Kirk themselves, the crew of the Enterprise, and the square root of 7… yeah not that last one… I was on a roll.

Star Trek bathing suits. Proof that everyone has bad ideas sometimes.

Star Trek bathing suits. Proof that everyone has bad ideas sometime.

I realize that’s not a ton of plot details but the last thing I want to do is give away any of what is an amazingly well put together, well paced plot…. Wow… well placed plot. If it’s possible to get tongue tied while typing “well paced plot” will do that to ya. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, anyway, go watch Star Trek: Into Darkness and you’ll understand why I couldn’t really say more than that.

The Positives:

The first thing you have to say about Star Trek is that it’s a brilliantly well cast movie. Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, and Chris Pine come together to lead an incredibly talented, incredibly well utilized cast. As the movie progresses you find yourself pulling with the crew of the Enterprise because you legitimately care about what happens to all of them, and that’s hard to do with a crew that size.

The pacing and plot of this movie are VERY well laid out. Every step is perfectly timed, the plot twists are varied and impactful, and the ending is a slide down a chocolate mountain riding a marshmellow made of awesmme.  

I could go on for a lot longer but I’ll spare you all from having to read me writing a six page ode to JJ Abrams and just say that Into Darkness just works as a package. It has everything you could want from a movie like this, it’s big and adventurous while at the same time being small and relatable. Its villain is complex and extremely well played, and the story and dialogue mesh incredibly well. Like my dear moms strawberry-rhubarb pie, Star Trek: Into Darkness works as a whole and as individual pieces!

Occasionally the rhubarb pie is also lit on fire in the upper atmosphere... but that's probably stretching this metaphor a good ways.

Occasionally the rhubarb pie is also lit on fire in the upper atmosphere… but that’s probably stretching this metaphor a good ways.

The Negatrons:

Umm… I guess if I’m really looking for nits to pick I could throw Admiral Pike’s character under a space bus. I just didn’t think his scenes were particularly enjoyable and when his time came to exit the movie I was quite glad to see his salt and peppery hair disappear into the distance.

I could also maybe say that I thought Leonard Nemoy’s cameo was a bit unnecessary but he’s Leonard Nemoy so I won’t. I mean I’m sure hard core Trek-mongers are already loading there replica phasers because I forgot to mention the tribbles or troubles or trembles or whatever.

The IMAX 3D:

Most of you probably know that I think 3D is generally a waste of money. Well I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know that after watching a great, beautifully realized movie like Star Trek: Into Darkness that I still think it’s a waste of money. I liked the IMAX screen but 3D still feels like something somebody tacked on at the end to occasionally make something moderately cool happen. 3D doesn’t make me feel like I’m “closer to the experience” or “involved in the movie.” It makes me feel like I’m wearing uncomfortable, ugly glasses so that occasionally some guy WAY nerdier then me can make a spear look like it’s gonna hit me in the pancreas. If 3D was completely free, I would probably do it… maybe. But paying an extra five or ten bucks to see a movie that will (every ten or fifteen minutes) have an effect that will make me go: “Oh, what an interesting effect.” Makes ZERO sense to me.

In conclusion:

Star Trek: Into Darkness is the best movie I’ve seen in a while. The cast is brilliant, the storyline is great, and all of the pieces of its story and character development mesh together so well that it’s impossible not to go along for the ride.

I give it 5 silky Benedicts out of 5!

Seth Rogen is producing (and potentially starring in) a comedy/action movie gloriously entitled “The B Team.” Not to be confused with other “B” related movies such as: The Land Before Time, The Bee Movie, and Everything Sesame Street has ever done. My expectations for this movie are perfectly embodied by its title.

So… right around Christmas, Lady Gaga released an “uncensored” new song ironically entitled: “Uncensored” as a gift to her fans. When asked if this had anything to do with the fact that Taylor Swift did almost the exact same thing several days before: Lady Gaga declined to comment and hastily hot glued a live muskrat to herself.

Lady Gaga: a woman whose idea of fashion may or may not one day end the world.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, she’s actually been connected to the new Les Miserables musical movie… thing. I’m fairly unfamiliar with the musical but Swift apparently would play Eponine a spoiled inn keepers daughter whose name makes me think of the horse in Zelda.

Easily Taylor Swifts most challenging role to date. Oh the horse is named Epona? Oh...

In other Les Miserables news: Amanda Seyfried has been mostly confirmed for the part of Cosette. When asked why he cast Seyfried the director said the movie’s cast (Hugh Jackmen, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Helen Bonham Carter) was just too good and he thought it might help to add someone less talented who was in horrible movies, just to round things out. That noise you’re hearing is my excitement for this movie being sucked out of me.

The face that sailed a thousand bad movies...

In really good news, Benedict Cumberbatch (a British actor with mad skills and a posh name) has signed on for the new Star Trek movie. When asked who he would be playing Cumberbatch laughed in a very british sort of way and said something awesome.

The Scorpian King 3 is coming to DVD this week! You may remember the Scorpion King 1, a movie only very loosely connected to “The Mummy” series that was pretty bad and featured Dwayne Johnson. You probably don’t remember The Scorpion King 2 a movie very very loosely connected to “The Mummy” series that was REALLY bad and didn’t feature anyone. Well, this is The Scorpion King 3, a movie that watched “The Mummy” series once, looks like it will re-define “bad” and features two dogs and a talking parrot. When asked why this movie was made studio execs said: “Well what else were we gonna do with that 20 Million dollars?”

And finally, in news far too funny to be made up, Pepsi Company is being sued by a man who claims that he found a dead mouse in his bottle of Mountain Dew. Pepsi’s defense? Any mouse trapped in a bottle of Mountain Dew would be dissolved into unrecognizable goo. And no ladies and gentleman I am not making that up.

Delicious soft drink, or mouse killing acid?? You decide.