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Well hello Internet, and happy last day of February! That’s right guys. You made it. You did it! You survived the horror of Jefbruary, you held on through the horrible movies, the terrible weather and the somehow even worse political nightmarescape and you made it to March where at least one of those things will change… though probably not the other two. But let’s not focus on the fact that we can’t change the fact that the weather is having a severe identity crises, or the fact that no one seems to know what exactly is going on in the news or the fake news or… whatever we’re calling it. And let’s just focus on the fact that new movies are coming, and some of them are probably, maybe, sort of gonna pretty good!! Yay!!

March 2017 Movie Preview

I’m sorry for the weird pictures today… wordpress is being strange again…

March 3rd

Logan –

Okay I’m REALLY trying to tempter my expectations for Logan but it’s getting increasingly harder. The movies gotten great reviews, it’s finally a movie that seems to have caught on the usual Fox-movie tropes out, and it’s Hugh Handsom Jackmen!! I’m all in on this and can’t wait to see it! That said I will be VERY sad when it’s over, because it’s apparently a very sad movie, but it’s not like the trailers were exactly a barrel full of laughs. This is gonna be a great movie, but I’m going to be VERY sad after words and may eat my weight in pasta (or pasta like substitutes.)

Table 19

Anna Kendrick and a band of other quirky actors play in a movie about a bunch of quirky people seated together at a wedding. These movie tend to either work really well, or be one million percent broken so… it’s a toss-up. There’s a delicate line between quirky and unwatchable as it turns out, which is, consequently, why my career as a professional dancer never panned out.


Look at all that Quirkyness



March 10th

Kong: Skull Island

I’m weirdly interested in this movie. I say that because I’ve never really gotten the whole “King Kong” thing. I mean sure it made sense in like the 20’s when the coolest thing people could think up was “A monkey, but big” but nowadays we have Godzilla, and whatever those monsters were called in Pacific Rim and a bunch of way cooler things then “Hey look, that monkey is larger than a monkey should be.” But this movie actually looks pretty good! Tom Hiddleston, Sam Jackson, Brie Larson, and John Goodman make for a killer cast and I’m genuinely interested to see what happens here.


Hard to get a tan with Kong around…


March 17th

Beauty and the Beast

It’s weird too me that we’re about to kick off a generation of children who see Emma Watson and think “Belle” instead of “Hermione” but whatever. Look, this movie won’t be exactly changing the landscape of film forever, but it’s got a great cast, a good storyline, an established and well known musical score… it’s hard to see this NOT being good. Once again, it’s not gonna be a new and revolutionary step in film or anything, but it’s GOT to be good… right?

March 24th

Power Rangers

Look… I tried to be optimistic about this… probably. At some point. But I’ve seen the trailers, I’ve watched the ineffective high school actors, struggle with a lazy sounding script, and distinctly B looking effects and I’m officially ready to announce: This movie will be the sucks. REALLLLLLLY the sucks. Suckity suck such from Suckburg. Sorry both you Power Rangers fans… nothing to see here.

March 31st

Ghost in the Shell

I’m still torn about this one. The original anime’ was… revolutionary?? I mean it was good. It looked good. But it didn’t exactly make sense, so much as it made ZERO sense. At all. So hopefully this movie can keep the cool visual style and sweet punchity, kickity action. But can also be (as the French would say) sensical.


The original movie explained it’s concept abut as well as this…


And there you go guys! Some sweet sweet snowy deliciousness from the wonderful month of March. Thanks March. You’re the best!

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Ah children of the Internet! Hello, and welcome to a special and sacred time of year. A time when we look at the year ahead with hope in our hearts… potentially for the last time. But let’s not worry about that right now. Let us instead turn our attention to what I like to call:

Micah’s Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

But before we get to the top ten let’s… let’s talk about the DC Comics shaped elephant in the room. Namely: DC Comics.

Not appearing on the list: Justice League and Wonder Woman. Sorry guys, I refuse to get excited about DC  movies anymore. I’ve been hurt too much. Yes Wonder Woman’s trailers look really good, and sure Justice League seems like a can’t miss team up but we literally saw both of those things with these years DC movies (Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman respectively) and both of those movies ended up on my worst movies of the year list!! And so… I’m out. I really hope these are good, but I will not be excited for them. You’ve burned me too many times DC. You’ve singed my heart with many… singes. And you’ll have to earn it back… with unsinging… or something.


Sorry lady… you seem like you’ve got a great… X. But you’ll have to let Rotten Tomatoes convince me.



  1. Lego Batman/Kong: Skull Island

Yes, I’m doubling up on number 10, but that’s just because either of these two movies could go really south really fast. Lego Batman looks fine but I haven’t really seen anything to make me think it’ll be anything more than a cash in on Batman’s success in The Lego Movie. And Kong just… worries me. There’s a lot of ‘dumb action movie’ potential here and the only thing that really intrigues me about it is the cast they’ve assembled. So both of these are ‘I’ll see them if they get good reviews’ entries, and so they slunked in here at number 10.


Keep your batwings crossed everyone.


  1. The Mummy

Yes, I have also been burned by the “New Age Classic Monsters” series twice now (Frankenstein and Dracula Untold) but I do love the idea of this movie, and the trailer looked very cool and they’ve at least had the gumption to put it in with the other summer blockbusters rather than burying it in the fall/spring like they did the last two. I’m cautiously optimistic on this one and I feel like worst case scenario it’ll be a fun romp movie.

  1. Spiderman: Homecoming

This movie ended up being WAY lower on this list than I thought it would be. Maybe I’m more burned out on Spiderman than I thought I was. I really like Tom Holland in the role though and I feel like the inclusion of Iron Man and Marvel studios will really give this movie a lot more to work with than the previous Spiderman series. That said: this is my third Spiderman now and eventually I’m REALLY gonna stop caring entirely.


Also: great suit… or suite… sweet???


  1. Beauty and the Beast

For the most part I’ve abstained from Disney’s whole “live action classics” movement. Not because I thought they were bad (most of them were quite good) but because I felt like I had already been there and done that. The movies were fine for bouncing baby Micah, but had no place in the life of bouncy adult Micah. Beauty and the Beast though… I mean come on. It’s probably the best of the classic Disney cartoons and they literally cast the PERFECT group of people for this. I mean perfect. Look at this poster. Look at it!!


I mean look at that cast!!!


So yes… I’m excited.

  1. Thor: Ragnarok

Thor 2 was not a great movie. It was a fun movie, and I had fun watching it, but it wasn’t great. But I feel like Marvel looked at that and learned from it, and thus we’re getting the first of (what I hope will be a long run of) Marvel team up movies. Teaming up Thor and Hulk was a no brainer and I’m super excited to see what this ends up looking like. The cast is great, they got rid of Natalie Portman’s character who never really felt like she did anything at all for the narrative and I’m ready to see what Loki and Thor can get up to this time around!

  1. Logan

Look… I’m not super proud of this. I mean, what have the X-men done for me lately? X-men apocalypse was terrible, the last Wolverine solo movie was… fine. Even X-men: Days of Future past didn’t exactly turn the world on its head or anything. But I’m super excited/interested to see what Logan ends up being. I’m all the way behind this if for nothing else because Hugh Jackmen has always been a great Wolverine even if the movie around him wasn’t very good. Here’s hoping we can send him off with the movie he deserves.


I’m not in the habit of saying this… but that is an attractive old man.


  1. Blade Runner: 2049

I feel like if we learned anything from Star Wars: The Force Awakens it’s that Harrison Ford still has something left in the tank. Blade Runner was an interesting world, and handing off the series to Ryan Gosling is a very smart move. I’m interested to see what happens with this and the trailer has a really great feel to it! That said I don’t feel like Ridley Scott (the director of this and the original movie (and the Alien franchise)) really knows the difference between a good movie and a bad movie anymore. He’s just making movies at this point because people keep writing him checks. We’ll just have to see which side of the coin this one lands on.

  1. The Dark Tower

Goodness we’ve been waiting a long time for someone to make this movie! But it’s finally happening and the casting of Idris Elba as the Gunslinger has brought me huge amounts of joy and comfort over this movies long production process. That said, there’s a very good chance the wheels came off this at some point along the LOOOOOONNNNGGGG road to cinemas. I mean the source material is huge and complex and very well loved so… I mean there’s a real chance this’ll be bad. But I’m gonna ignore all that and just be excited that someone is finally making this movie! Here’s hoping they don’t screw up the end of the first book! Cause if they mess up the end of that book I will walk right out of that theater as fast as my bouncy legs can carry me.


Now see… that is a cool picture.


  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Love the cast, love the trailer, love the vibe and the music and… look. There are a lot of shaky bets on this top ten list but I feel very safe in saying: this movie will be a lot of fun. I don’t know if it’ll be as good as the first movie or not, but it’s gonna be just a big old bouncing ball of fun and frenetic space action! And that’ll work for me!

  1. Star Wars: Episode 8

Star Wars Episode 8: The Next Star War


Yeah I know… big surprise. But what can I say guys: I’m REAL excited for this. I’m excited to re-connect with Rey and find out more of her back story, I’m excited to see what Finn gets up to with his best bro-pal Po. I’m excited to find out if Mark Hamill can make Luke into less of a dweeb and if Kylo Ren can be less of a whiny, grease headed failure. I’m just very excited for this movie. Fortunately for me: it comes out in December so… I’ll have a good long while to nurse that excitement.

And there you have it guys, probably the least surprising most anticipated movie since… well the last Star Wars movie to come out. Check back in Thursday when I do my annual wild predictions post and see how I did on my predictions for 2016!! I literally don’t remember any of them, so it’ll be a nice trip down memory lane for everyone!

Well hey Internet, and welcome back to the thrilling and chilling world of Thoughts We Might Have Had. A world fraught with danger, hijinks, and small after-dinner mints. I had a whole other big article planned for today but there has been a lot of moving and/or shaking in the world of Hollywood in the last few days so it seemed like a good time to dust off that classic little novella we keep under our seats just in case…

The Weekly Headlines 11/15/16

So… according to multiple sources Fox is taking a strong look at re-booting the X-men franchise after the new Logan movie comes out (Logan is also Hugh Jackman’s last movie as everyone’s favorite small mammal: The Wolverine.) Granted Fox basically JUST did this with the whole Day’s of Future past thing but… I mean this isn’t necessarily a terrible idea. I mean, X-men: Apocalypse was one of the least interesting super-hero movies I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t just bad (there were worse comic book movies this year), the whole movie felt tired. We’d been to all these places before, we’d seen all these things. It was just uninteresting. Fox has already cut dies with that movies director, Bryan Singer, which seems like a very good idea and is currently trying to decide how hard they want to kick this whole thing with the old re-boot.


If it’s possible to re-boot something out of existence I’m ALLL for that.


Should they try and bring back Michael Fassbender and James McCavoy? Should they call Jennifer Lawrence and ask her if she’s interested in getting covered in blue paint so she can play a role that won’t win her an Oscar?? I mean definitely not that second one. Maybe the first one but… I mean how many times can Magneto waffle between evil and good before we slap some syrup and butter on him?? I don’t… I don’t know what happened with that metaphor. Frankly, they really just need to shut this whole thing down for a few years but equally as frankly, there is no way they will actually do that. I think a re-boot is probably a good idea and honestly the harder the better. After Apocalypse it’s gonna take a LOT to get me excited about another X-men movie… Though Logan looks fantastic. Curse them and their emotional Johnny Cash songs!!

Jason Bourne the new Jason Bourne movie about Jason Bourne is out on DVD today. That’s just a fact. Like it’s a thing that exists now. For some reason.

Beauty and the Beast released an official poster and trailer and… look you guys are just gonna have to accept that fact that this movie will break you into a thousand nostalgic pieces. It just will. Disney made all those other weird live-action adaptations as practice for this: and that practice has paid off in a big way. You’re crying at least once in 2017. Just accept it.


Curse you Disney!!!


With Fantastic Beets and Where to Find Them right around the corner we… Beasts. Sorry. Fantastic Beasts, no one would watch a movie call Fantastic Beets and Where to Find Them unless the answer to that was “in the trashcan.” Anyway, with that movie coming out soon more info has started come up about the next movie in the series which will feature Grundelwald and a very Young Dumbledore!! I’m very excited about this and have every intention of discussing this with great excitement and HUGE amoutns of nerdiness on Thursday. Hang in there Potterites.

Walking Dead Fans continue to hate the show, watch the show, and then complain about the show and how much better the show used to be when they had less to complain about (but still complained.) Don’t know what to tell you guys on this one…

Marvel and ABC are officially teaming up to make an Inhumans movie. For those of you who have no idea what “the Inhumans” are, congratulations on having a normal social life!! The Inhumans are basically just the X-men, but aliens. They’re a team and they have powers and one of them doesn’t speak and has a giant teleporting dog. And no I am not making that up. The Inhumans (or at least the idea of them) has played very heavily into the world of Agents of Shield so this is in no way surprising to anyone but it’s good to get some confirmation. The Inhumans were originally gonna be getting their own movie but that got scrapped with little to no aplomb a while back. So welcome back Inhumans! You get to be on the small screen!! No, no. It’s not Netflix… it’s ABC… have fun with that.


Have fun making THAT work ABC.


Ghost in the Shell came out with its first trailer and it looks umm… very Ghost in the Shell-y. I mean I’ve seen both versions of the anime movie and they were… fine? Maybe. Good?? I had a lot of questions afterwords and the whole thing just sort of… ended. With no real conclusion. So yay??? I guess.

Dr. Strange took the top spot in the box office again this week! And hey, why not. It’s got magical circle portals that swirl around and bring people to different places!!… When you describle something as a “Swirling circle portal” it really makes it sound like some kind of magical toilet device doesn’t it?? … Well that movies ruined now.

Shut In a movie starring Naomi Watts and her one facial expression is now (to no one’s surprise) sitting at a whopping 0% on Rotten tomatoes. I mean it takes a LOT of work to have zero percent on there. You’ve got to COMMIT to being a bad movie. I mean Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 managed to squeak out a 4% and that movie was the worst idea ever! So congratulations Shut In, for being the worst you, you could be.


Unless you see a Zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes. You can believe that.


And congratulations to all of you, for making it through another episode of: The Weekly Headlines.

Hey Internet, you know what we haven’t done in a while???

Weekly Headlines: 1/27/15

In our lead story today: Winter hates you. It hates me. Winter hates everyone. The fact that it didn’t snow as badly as it was supposed to this weekend only proves it more. Winter is after you, America. It’s after your face.

I want to be that cat now... forever.

I want to be that cat now… forever.

The super bowl is this Sunday but thus far mostly we haven’t been talking much about football, but have instead been talking about ‘footballs’ and whether or not certain footballs were inflated or deflated or reflated appropriately. Never have you heard so much about the amount of air that filled the skin of a dead animal. Now, I’m a Patriots fan, this stuff matters to me, but I am SO tired of hearing about it. Please stop. Ya know what’s gonna happen as a result of all this??? Nothing. They will still play football on Sunday and one of the two teams that play in that football game will beat the other team that  does not score as many points as that first team that does not do those same things.

In other football related news: I’m a huge patriots fan and I don’t care and I  hope we win no matter whose inflating or deflating their various balls. Sorry sports fans: that’s bias for you. You’d do the same if it was your team, it’s a weird world we live in.

So Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp were in two terrible movies this week. It’s so sad that I am not surprised by the second thing. Depp has really just become some weird bizzarro version of himself. He was in to many weird “comedies” in a row. He got on this Captain Jack train and couldn’t get off. Someone needs to have an intervention with him and make him sit down and watch his last three movies back to back. If that doesn’t wake him up… it may be too late.

Why Johnny Depp?? Why??

Why Johnny Depp?? Why??

Emma Watson was recently signed on to Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast. Thus far I haven’t been crazy impressed by Disney’s “let’s do those same movies we did before but not as good” campaign. Maleficent was a super weird take on Sleeping Beauty that ruined sleeping beauty AND maleficent and potentially just… movies in general. And I’m super dubious about Cinderella. Even the trailers look tired and over-stretched. They feel like trailers you’ve seen before for things you don’t care about. Watson posted on facebook something about “taking voice lessons” so maybe it’ll still be a musical (the new Cinderella is not) but… I just can’t make myself care about a live action version of a whimsical animated movie that I’ve seen before. Plus… how creepy does the talking furniture become if it’s live action? Super creepy.

The first trailer for Fantastic Four came out today. This morning in fact. It looks umm…. Different. I mean it certainly looks like it will be as straight up horrible as the first two movies were but it didn’t really tell us much about the movie and it still contains three horrible superpowers out of a team of four. And the trailer seems to be veering a little bit more towards the “Man of Steel” super hero territory of “grim dark gritty seriousness” I mean I like Batman as much anyone but not everyone can be Batman. Only Batman can be Batman. Stop trying to be Batman, Super-stretchy terrible super powered scientist. Just stop.

So Adam Sandler just announced his first movie for Netflix. It’s called “Ridiculous 6” and features Sandler playing someone raised by Native Americans who— yeah I don’t care at all. It’s gonna suck.

David Tennant has signed on to play a Super-villain in the upcoming Jessica Jones TV show. I know nothing about the Super-villain but it will be  AWESOME. Nuff. Said.

I don't understand anything about this picture... Except David Tennant is awesome.

I don’t understand anything about this picture… Except David Tennant is awesome.

Hey Internet, and welcome to a very special day. Recently someone asked me not to do something, and I like every great journalist throughout the history of history, am now going to band together, listen to my public (whom I love) and do exactly what they asked me not to do. I’m not going to release her name on here but I want to thank that person and (perhaps) teach them that the best way to get me to do something: is to ask me not to do it. Because I am a rebel, an America, and someone who doesn’t frankly have a lot of great ideas for what to write about most of the time. So thank you person who asked me not to do this: this one’s for you.

5 Things I Learned from Beauty and the Beast

1. Always let someone into your house. Always.

They might curse you. If you turn a stranger away from your house in the night, that person will turn you into an unspeakable horror monster and make all of your friends into utensils. Let everyone into your house. Forever. Picture this: you’re at home after a hard day’s work , it’s stormy outside, you sit down on your couch to watch a show or read a book or write me out that check you’ve been meaning to send me when all the sudden someone knocks on your door. You go to the door and standing there staring at you is a creepy horrifying terrible old woman with a flower and all she wants to do is stay in your house, sleep in your bed, murder you, and eat your entrails with lentil soup. Would you let her in???

"No really, all I want is a warm bed, and a roof over my head... and your soul."

“No really, all I want is a warm bed, and a roof over my head… and your soul.”

Or, let’s turn this around, and make it more interesting. If someone turns you away from a house and you are an old lady/fairy why do you automatically assume they’re doing it cause they’re a selfish horrible person who wants to keep diving into all their millions of dollars for themselves? Maybe their pet wolverine, Huckleberry, is loose and on a rampage, maybe their servants are on strike and burning the house down from the inside, maybe they have the flu!! You don’t know fairy lady. You don’t know.

2. Never go into the woods.

Ever. Wolves. Death. Kidnapping. Angry mobs. All of these things happen in the woods. Stay out of them.

Woods: waiting patiently to murder you since time began.

Woods: waiting patiently to murder you since time began.

3. Being a beast would actually be kind of awesome.

I mean what are the drawbacks here?? You’ve got friends, servants, servants who are friends, a huge castle, awesome beast powers, and as far as I can tell a fairly long lifespan. I mean did you see the castle when he was cursed and then the castle when Belle showed up?? That did not happen overnight my friends. That’s YEARS worth of decayse and he spent those years as a literal beast. Probably the only person who could really violate lesson #2. He could wander through the woods without a care!!

4. There’s always a slim chance that your furniture will try to murder you.

Have you really thought of the ramifications of that scene?? Doesn’t that terrify you? You go to throw out your old wardrobe and all the sudden the thing tries to MURDER you! This is like Toy Story but a million times worse. Cause at least you probably treat your toys fairly well. I treat my bureau terribly. I insult it and it’s woody exterior. Regularly slam its draws unnecessarily and make fun off its oaky varnish. If that bureau can understand me I need to rethink my life. Should I not sit on my chairs?? Do my chairs want to be sat on? How do they feel about that? Do they like it? Do they like it too much? Should I be worried that my chair likes being sat on too much? This just keeps getting worse.

Never sit down. Ever.

Never sit down. Ever.

5. Stockholm syndrome is a perfectly valid basis for a relationship.

Yup, kidnappings, they’re awesome. Fall in love. Get married to someone regardless of your potentially being a completely different  species from the person you kidnap/fall in love with. It’s all good!! Though technically… He kidnapped her father, and then traded her for her father… so is that Human Trafficking? Kidnapping followed by human trafficking leads to a love story and a solo sung by a teapot who (as far as we can tell) is 90 percent a slave?? Did this just somehow become much worse and even (unbelievably) less appropriate? Have I suddenly wandered into something really kind of horrifying and in no way funny??? Yes. Yes I have.

Well thanks for reading guys!! And thanks for suggesting I not do this loyal reader who I have probably offended, as you could probably tell from those last two points you were probably right in the end. So come on back Thursday when I will (hopefully) review Guardians of the Galaxy (spoiler) it’s gonna be awesome!!!

So I started out with this big review of a movie called Contagion that first came out onDVDthis week and harped on about Gwenyth Paltrow and the plight of Matt Damon but like the clear ringing of silver flutes ushering in the sunrise of a new day I could hear the shouting of the common man. The man who didn’t have time to watch Contagion in theaters! Who didn’t care to have to douse himself in hand sanitizer after watching a major motion picture. And so… I will not review Contagion (today). I will not talk about Lawrence Fishburns extremely unfortunate mustache or the massive space in Jude Laws teeth through which (if one desired) one could drive a small John Deere tractor… or a small Deer, named John Tractor…. either/or.

No. Instead on this day, on this somewhat sacred ground, I shall review a movie for all men (and small girls) a movie that has touched each of our lives in ways more wonderful then we can imagine, a movie featuring an incredibly dense woman, a movie called… Beauty and the Beast.

Micah Reviews: Beauty and the Beast.

Is no one else horribly afraid of Mrs. Potts? Doesn't that sound like someone you should be afraid of? "Look out guys... Mrs. Potts is coming!"

The plot:

This is a story about a Prince, a story all about how his life got changed flipped upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how he became the Prince of a town called Bel-air… I mean… wait. No. Sorry.

Eh-hem. So this story is about a Prince who lives in a castle in the clouds… wow… He lives in a castle. And one day an old hag woman comes to his house and knocks on his door and says something about “lodging for the evening.” The Prince says “go away you old hag” and so the hag curses him with a curse word. Not knowing that the reason she was turned away was because the Prince was currently battling an infection, and had the hag entered his house she would have caught this horrible disease and died within 24 to 48 hours. But does the hag care? NO. Does she do any form of research to find out why the Prince turned her away? NO. Does she believe in Magic? In a young girls heart? NO! So anyway not only does she unjustly curse the Prince, she even more unjustly curses the Prince’s entire staff of underprivileged workers who he hired out of the goodness of his Princely heart. So you’re telling me the Beast is uncaring? Bah. Hah. I laugh at you and your ideals.

Anyway, after that, the Beast is understandably upset and makes some poor life decisions. For instance: kidnapping. He kidnaps some chicks father and when the chick comes looking for her father (ransom bread in hand) he kidnaps her too… Anyway Belle (the kid who was napped… it actually doesn’t sound that bad when you say it that way. It just sort of sounds like someone is letting you take a nap… and be a kid. Man… sign me up for that.) Anyway… Belle/Bell tragically develops what psychologists call Stockholm Syndrom and falls in love with her captor.

Stockholm Syndrome. "Ya know at first I was really upset when you forced me to live here and stole me from my friends and family and locked me in a tower and stuff... but now... I... I love you!"

Somewhere in here Gaston (burly president of the local Chuck Norris fan club) rallies his men to attack the Beast, seize his castle, and liberate the Stockholmed Bell who (after one to many dips into the local magic dust) has begun singing with the flatware. Gaston dies somehow through one of those “you totally would have lived if only you hadn’t been such a mean person” scenarios, andBelland the Beast (as he is known on the football field) fall in love and everything is all warm and fuzzy. Then he transforms into the Prince again. The two are happily married and have a strong baby boy named Alexander Graham who to this day is credited with the invention of the telephone.

"What happened to the man I fell in love with?... I mean the hideous Beast thing... that I fell in love with."

Positives, Negatrons, and stuff in between.

I’m not even attempting to label this one. Beauty and the Beast is a movie everyone should watch at least once. The songs are catchy, the voice acting is good, and when you grow up to be a mean, sarcastic, dashingly handsome movie critic you can write a post like this and make mothers across the world angry with you.

A serious moment: This is a great movie and it’s a classic for a reason. Obviously this is a humor site and as such I am sarcastic and irreverent because that is why you are here.  But movies like this are so important, I think, to who we are as people. Yeah, when you’re an adult it’s easy to look back and pick apart a movie like this because it’s unrealistic and filled with “family friendly plotholes” but ya know what? That’s exactly the way it should be. I think we get distracted sometimes by our need for gritty realism and forget that we really do live in an incredibly beautiful world. A world where anything is possible and where magic really does exist (if we only bothered to look for it). Sure realism has it’s place and obviously as we get older we lose some of our starry eyed view of the world, but I really do hope that I never ever would watch a movie like Beauty and the Beast without surrendering a little bit of my cynicism and allowing myself to be swept away and shown that magic all over again!

So there you have it oh sounding flutes. A review for you all!! Check back on Monday when I review a brand new stage production of Fiddler on the Roof! Thanks for reading!!

P.S. I have a tumblr account nowadays. I got it cause someone I know and respect as a writer got one and I felt the need to create an account and now I feel the need to use the account. So if you’re interested in me writing more random things of less length and more grammatical homicide click on the link below. Thank you and good night.