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Well hey Internet, and welcome back to the magical, fun-time, goodness parade that is Thoughts We Might Have Had. After Tuesdays terrible, horrible tragedy in which I wrote a golden and beautiful piece of classic American literature and then it was lost forever to the internet, to me. To all of us. We all lost something that day, a little part of all of us was gone away forever. And yet we survived, and here I am to do my part, to struggle to walk along side you and lift you up, where you belong. By re-writing the post. Word for probably not at all the same word. You’re welcome.

Micah Retro-Reviews: The Indiana Jones Franchise

Okay so, I’m not gonna talk about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. First off: Cause I FAR prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist. And secondly: I already went on a very angry rant about it a few days ago and I only have so much vitriol I can direct towards this pile of on fire garbage. This horrendous accident of a movie that was culled from the deepest, darkest pits of our human imagination. Hey, look I did have more vitriol left! Anyway:

Indiana Jones and the… Oh yeah, sorry, it’s not technically called that…

The Raiders of the Lost Ark


Never have such sweet eyes, been paired with such a harsh hatline… okay well that has happened before.


So the Raiders of the Lost Ark starts with our handsome, cool hat wearing hero attempting to steal a small and VERY ugly golden statue from a cave. He successfully does this but is than confronted by a less handsome man, in a less cool hat who steals the statue from him BUT because he is less handsome than our handsome person, this is regarded as a very villainous thing to do. Oh also, he does try to kill Indiana Jones… so that’s a pretty legitimately evil thing to do.

Upon returning home Indiana is informed that Nazi’s are trying to find the Ark of the Covenant and to get them not to steal the Ark of the Covenant he’s going to have to go and find the second most annoying person on Earth!! A person who will forever be a horrible blight on what is an otherwise very good movie, and who will yell “Indy” in a high annoying voice more than anyone should be legally allowed to yell it. Which, if you’re Indiana Jones why on Earth do you let anyone call you “Indy” that’s a terrible nickname!! That’s like people calling Anakin Skywalker “Annie,” holy cow does George Lucas not understand how nicknames work?? Does he really want people to call him “Georgy” and was never sure how to ask, so he created to characters with great names but HORRIBLE nicknames?? Someone try calling him Georgy and let me know how many millions of dollars he gives you. Anyway if, your name is Indiana Frickin’ Jones, you’re not gonna let people call you “Indy,” you’re going to make them call you Indiana or (at the very least) Frickin’ Jones, right? Anyway, Indiana finds the ark but the Nazi’s get it first and they open it which leads us to:


Nothing says leading man, like a leather jacket, and a leather man-bag.


The Gross Out Moment: A time honored tradition in Indiana Jones movies is that one moment where something genuinely terrifying happens to the villain and Raiders of the Lost Ark has what is by far my favorite one of these moments when a Nazi-mans first turns into Play-dough and he literally just sort of melts into nothing. If this movie were made today it would be all CGI and good looking and boring, but because this was the 80’s I’m pretty sure they actually just stuck some play-dough in a microwave and filmed it. It’s wonderful and disgusting but it’s not really realistic enough to make you feel bad about enjoying the grossness. It’s the ultimate 80’s effect.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Coolest poster… worst movie.


The Temple of Doom is a sneaky horrible movie. People think about the Indiana Jones Trilogy and they think “man those three movies are great” when what they really mean are “two of those three movies are great, and one is just sort of forgivably bad.”

The Temple of Doom opens with a fight scene that I’m pretty sure lasted about four hours and I’m very sure it served ZERO purpose in the overall narrative. The crime boss Indiana is after gets away and is never ever heard from again and then I guess he’s the guy who sabotages Jones’ plan but even then, the movie could have just opened with a plane crash and tehn maybe we could have been spared two of the worst sidekicks ever to kick a side. There’s Short Round who isn’t terrible, he’s just not funny and a VERY VERY racist stereotype. It was the 80’s so we kind of just glaze over it but… Short Round is very offensive. Very. But he is nothing compared to the horrible pile of human shaped lint that is ‘Willie’ Indiana’s love interest and literally the single most annoying human shaped object ever discovered by mankind.


I’m incredibly annoyed just by looking at her annoying face, in her annoying tiara, with her annoying flower necklace.


Aside from these two terrible scripting decisions, Temple of Doom just… it’s ‘meh’ at best. I mean the scene with the mining carts is kinda fun, but it doesn’t make up for the VERY not fun torture sessions or the super unfortunate ending sequence where the main villain is killed by not being able to hold onto a bridge. It’s still a fine movie but the things that make it terrible are probably right about equal with the things that make it great.

The Gross Out Moment: The heart rip-out section (much like the rest of movie) leaves me with mixed emotions. I mean, it’s certainly gross and disturbing, but it never gets to the campy sort of fun play-dough death that Raiders had. It’s just gross and disconcerting and… that dude rips out a heart.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Because every trilogy: needs a best movie.


As far as I’m concerned: this is by the far the best Indiana Jones movie. I mean I’m a big Raiders fan but this movie replaces the annoying lady sidekick with Sean Connery and if that’s not an upgrade I don’t know what is. The storyline is great, the action is fun, there’s not weird torture sections, and it’s probably the only movie where Indiana Jones goes through any actual character development.

I’m not gonna say a ton more about the Last Crusade cause it’s awesome and perfect and because I’m over 1000 words and I’m sure you have children, or a TV to watch or something, but suffice to say: this is apex Indiana.


Fortunately for Sean this is how he spent every third day on the set of James Bond movies.


The Gross Out moment: That dude drinks from the wrong cup and then just… just goes up in literal smoke. I mean this REALLY freaked me out as a kid to the point where I was always VERY suspicious of drinking out of unfamiliar glasses. I always suspected my brother would try and take me out via cursed cup. It’s probably the most disturbing of the three gross outs but it’s at least back to being sort of campy and weird and not just some dude ripping some other dudes vital organs out.

And there you have it guys! Me reviewing all three Indiana Jones movies!! Twice in fact… which seems very excessive. I’ll see you next week!

The Lost Post

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So guys… I had a post for today all locked and loaded and ready to go and then when I logged in… twas gone. Like the wind. Like the dew after the rain. Like the rain after… it stops raining. Anyway… it’s gone. And I just… it’s too soon guys. I need some time to adjust to my loss. To face a new world without my lovely, beautiful, innocent post. Goodbye dear friend. I barely knew you.

Well Internet, we made it to February. Half way through the messy drain pipe of terror that is the January/February movie landscape. We’re not quite out of the dark yet, and we can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel but we can now feel the cool slightly less horrible air blowing against our faces, and while that may not be much… it is something. So take heart, take hope, and take another entry in my thrilling comparison series:

Best of the Worst: Jurassic Park vs. Indiana Jones

For those of you who missed our inaugural episode in this series we compare the best and the worst of popular franchises and conclude which one is the absolute worst. So let’s start with the big puffy animatronics that made up…

Jurassic Park 3: Poor Decision Making


Jurassic Park: One Long Dinosaur Buffet


Okay so most people would say this comes down to an argument between Jurassic Park 2 and Jurassic Park 3. Now, I will 1000% agree with you that Jurassic Park 2 completely falls apart in the 3rd act (T-rex in California and apparently no one notices or overly cares? Really???) But the rest of Jurassic Park 2 is actually not that bad AND has lots and lots of America’s favorite 90’s science person: Jeff Goldbloom. The characters were fine, the plot was pretty good and the obligatory, Jurassic Park small child l was only kind of annoying.  Why do Dinosaurs want to eat small children so much Jurassic Park?? Isn’t that like having a fun size candy bar and a full size candy bar and constantly choosing the fun size bar??? No wonder they went extinct.


On my yet unpublished list of most edible parents those two are VERY close to the top… that said I should probably not publish that list huh?


Anyway, two is about 2/3rds of a good movie. 3 is basically none thirds. The children are VERY annoying. The parents of the missing children are somehow more annoying and every three minutes someone makes a startlingly stupid decision. The lead idiot in this particular idiot buffet though is the Mom of the missing child who routinely wanders off into the dinosaur infested jungle screaming at the top of her lungs just WAITING for something to come along and turn her into a momkebab. And the worst part is nothing ever does!! She survives. If you have dinosaurs in a movie the least you can have them do is eat the annoying characters. So for annoying moms, and no annoying mom shaped snacks: Jurassic Park 3 is the worst Jurassic Park movie.


Take solace in this picture of a good Indiana Jones movie… it’s about to get real rough.


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Ugh… I hate this movie so much. I hate the plot, the giant CGI ants, the fact that Indiana Jones survives an atomic blast by hiding in a fridge, I hate that it happened in that 6 month period where we thought Shia Labeuf was a marketable movie star, but more than anything I hate the sad, dead look in Harrison Ford’s eyes throughout this movie. I mean, very seriously, the thing I learned the most from Force Awakens is that Harrison Ford can actually still act! After Crystal Skull I had just assumed his tank was VERY empty but it turns out he just knew he was in a terrible movie that would leave a dark stain on an otherwise solid franchise (I’m gonna awkwardly ignore the fact that Temple of Doom was (at best) only passably fine.)

Plus at the end of this movie the treasure turns out to be ‘Knowledge’ and then a FREEKIN’ SPACE SHIP flies off into space!! I mean… just why? Why would you do that?? Why would you think to yourself: you know what would make a good ending to Indiana Jones?? How about a spaceship and Shia Labeauf a guy who will be well regarded for about another week before we all realize Transformers is terrible and he is (very VERY literally) a crazy person. It’s just depressing.


The fact that this is a real picture just makes me sad.


Well… I don’t feel like this one was as close as I thought it was gonna be guys… I mean yes, JP3 was very bad, and had some very annoying characters who (in a crazy departure for the franchise) were not even a little bit turned into Dino-chow. But Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was just awful and terrible and sad. It made me sad. And that’s really not what Indiana Jones movies should do.

Well guys, thanks for reading! Have some comparisons you want me to do?? Well post in the comments or shoot an e-mail to I’ll probably do a reader mailbag next week so keep those questions coming!

Well hey Internet, and welcome to a time that swings around every three or four years wherein we must ask ourselves that most cliché question: Doctor Who??? Peter Capaldi is stepping down as the Doctor at the end of this year which is basically my signal to go completely insane and start wildly speculating as to who they might cast next!! So let’s dive right into said speculatory wildness all the while bearing in mind that I have literally no influence or inside information of any kind.

Now, it’s important to say here that there are two pretty solid rules to these things: first (and probably most obviously) they gots to be British. Secondly (and somewhat less obviously) the BBC tends to veer away from the ultra-famous where Dr. Who is concerned. The message has always been that they want someone who can be Dr. Who and not just “that famous guy being Doctor Who” so as much fun as it would be to have Tom Hiddleston or Martin Freeman in there, it’s probably not gonna happen. Honestly, Capaldi (who I thought was fine by the way but not exactly Matt Smith or David Tennant) was probably the most famous Doctor since they revamped the show and he was mostly famous for other BBC things. Speaking of which…

Andrew Scott


If nothing else the man can glower at a screen. That’s very important for the Doctor.


This is probably my favorite choice on this list and for some reason I’m putting it on the dang top. He was brilliant in Sherlock as Moriarity and I think he would bring a lot of that great sort of quirky energy/angry time traveler vibe. He’d be a step back in the direction of the more fun more temperamental Doctors like Tennant and Smith and (what can I say) I’m very biased.

Tim Roth


Board stair sitting is also VERY important.


Admittedly Roth may be a little too famous but if you’ve ever seen him in basically anything he’s done you know he’d be a great Doctor. His really good at playing the smart character who is maybe a little too smart for his own good and that’s definitely something that’s required for being a good Doctor.

Richard Ayoade


Not a fez per se… but it could work.


This is a name that’s been thrown around a fair amount and I do get it. He’s got the crazy hair, the fun sense of humor, and the VERY brutishness but… I don’t know that he really has the gravitas to pull off the Doctors darker moments. That said: I love the IT Crowd so I’m not exactly opposed to the idea.

Iwan Rheon


All I ask is that you NEVER make me pronounce his name.


Now that he’s done playing the worst character ever on Game of Thrones maybe we could get this VERY oddly named person to come in and play the Doctor. You also may recognize him from Misfits which was basically British Heroes except… ya know, good. This would be going VERY young but who knows what the new showrunner is gonna want to do with his brand new Whoniverse.

All right, now let’s turn things over to the other side of the coin and bring out some lady options! It was HEAVILY rumored that the BBC wanted to go with a female Doctor the last time around and I think it could be a fun idea definitely! So let’s use that same criteria above and try and suss out some options!

Lara Pulver


Another top notch glowerer…


I promise I’m not just cycling through the Sherlock villains list, but I do think Lara Pulver (who played Irene Adler) would be an interesting direction to take. She’s famous but not too famous, she’s just about the right ‘age’ if saying that makes any sense when you’re talking about a time travelor and it seems like she could definitely do the part! I’d be in on it!

Michelle Dockery


She comes with her own time traveling wardrobe!


Best known for her role as Lady Mary from Downton Abbey, Dockery could definitely pull off Dr. Who. She’s got the smarts and the Britishness and is someone that might even bring some new fans with her thanks to the rabid followers of Downton Abbey. Heck the BBC owns both properties, why not just have Lady Mary AS Doctor Who. You know you’d tune in to see an episode of Downton where it turned out she was the Doctor in hiding!

Ruth Negga


Replace that car with a TARDIS and we’re basically good!


I like this one a lot though I will concede that Negga’s probably a little too famous for this (she did just get nominated for Best Actress for her role in Loving) but I think she’d be fantastic for the series and a big big reason for the show to garner some new fans. The BBC would definitely have to do some wheeling and dealing to get her on the show but she was also in Agents of Shield for a few years (before it was good) so… she doesn’t always make the BEST decisions is all I’m saying.

It’s worth mentioning before we part ways that the current biggest rumor casting wise is Ben Whishaw (Q from 007) but I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen. Even more so than Ayoade I don’t think he can pull off the big dramatic moments.

And there you have it my friends and fellow whovians! Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite suggestions or thoughts on any of these! Definitely interested to see where this wagon train goes next!

Hello Internet, so I’m (once again) all locked and loaded and full of sickness upon this night. I’m like the worlds worst Panini. Just a buch of germs crammed into a bread… for some reason. Anyway, given the fact that I am riddled with disease, I’m gonna punch that old, worn button near the command console and crank out a quick box office top ten, before collapsing into my bed and (for lack of a better word) dying.

Box Office Top Ten 1/26/2017

Number 10: The Bye Bye Man

Something something: it’s a horror movie. It’s being released in January. That’s all you really need to know about this. Horror is a VERY hit and miss genre and January is where Hollywood hides its misses. And speaking of misses:

Number 9: Sleepless


In case you can’t read it the tag line there is: “Don’t Judge a Cop by his Cover.” That’s all you need to know about Sleepless.


Jamie Foxx stars as Liam Neeson from Taken, in a movie called Sleepless that has no plot, tons of violence, and no reason to exist.

Number 8: Patriots Day

Mark Wahlberg stars in this based on a true story movie about the Patriots day bombing in Boston. By all accounts it’s a good(albeit very cliché)’based on a true story’ movie. This is the second one of these movies Mark Wahlberg has starred in over the last 6 months which leads to the question: Does Hollywood think Mark Wahlberg is what real people look like?? Cause I’ve got news for you Hollywood… it isn’t. I mean he could definitely play me in my life story, cause we look VERY similar. I assure you. But the average, unattractive, pizza repositories of the masses?? Not so much.

Number 7: Monster Trucks

Literally the laziest idea possible for a movie. Like a 4 year old scribbled onto his dads idea notebook “Trucks+monster??” And that’s what his dad pitched. And somehow this became a movie.


Yup… this is a real movie.


Number 6: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Look, if you haven’t seen Rogue One yet… what are you doing? Who are you??? Why do you read this blog wherein I talk about virtually nothing BUT Star Wars??

Number 5: La La Land

So I think we can officially say La La Land is a real good movie, and not just an “Oscar nominated” movie. Great cast, awesome music, if you happen to live near one of the 5 theaters La La Land is playing at you should totally check it out.

Number 4: Sing

This is the only real kids movie in theaters at this point and it is (in the words of Socrates) totally fine.

Number 3: Hidden Figures


This is (with no sarcasm) a very good movie.


Actually, this is probably the best movie on this particular list that hasn’t already been in theaters a while. Great cast, good storyline, it’s even (dare we say it) culturally relevant. If you’re in the mood for a more thinky film this is the one I recommend.

Number 2: xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Look, this movie is exactly what we thought it would be: dumb fun. With a little bit more dumb, than fun. It’s still fun… but it’s real dumb. Just be aware of that.

Number 1: Split

Look… Split is not a good movie. It’s about 2/3rds of a good movie, but in typical M. Night Shamalon fashion (yes I know I misspelled his name, no I do not care.) He’s gotten all the ingredients together for a good movie, but hasn’t actually made one. Now, it’s worth mentioning that James McAvoy turns in a fantastic performance here and that alone is reason enough to watch this but… the last act of this movie just kinda falls apart. It’s not a bad movie, but it’s not a good movie. It’s a movie with a LOT of potential, and a great performance by the only cast member who really matters, but it does stumble across the finish line more than a little bit.

And there you have it friends: that done. I shall be returning to my cavern now. Fare thee well.

Well hey Internet, and welcome to a brand new series I’m gonna try out called: Best of the Worst! But you probably had gathered that already from the large bold type font at the top of this page. But what does that really mean? What do I mean?? What do you mean?? What does anything really mean?? Well we’ll see about the other questions later, for now let’s just focus on Best of the Worst. Essentially I’m gonna grab the two worst entries in a franchise and try and find out which one is worse. And what two better franchises to start with than those two most beloved series: Star Wars and Star Trek.

Star Wars: Episode 2 Attack of the Clones


It’s good that they put the biggest problem right in the middle of the poster. Very helpful.


It was a close, vicious contest for the bottom spot between Episodes 1 and 2. Episode 1 has a long, slow plot, annoying Anakin Skywalker, and (of course) a heaping helping of Jar-Jar Binks. It’s a bad (slightly racist) movie FILLED with nonsense. The entire middle section of the film is just people walking around, speculating about prophecies, and holding VERY lengthy anticlimactic races. But it does have Liam Neeson, and Darth Maul, and what might be the best lightsaber fight in the history of the franchise. So there was at least something positive to come out of this, right? Whereas Episode 2 is just… just terrible. Hayden Christenson and Natalie Portman turn in what is probably the single worst couple pairing in the history of couples. The lightsaber fights are bad and filled with CGI nonsense. The only even somewhat redeemable factor in this movie is Ewan MacGreggor who turns in a great performance but he really doesn’t have anything to do other than talk to CGI floating heads about characters we’ve never heard of before doing these we don’t care about. And so, Episode 2 takes the top spot as the worst Star Wars movie, but who will stand against it? What possible nightmarish stupidity from the stars could hope to rival the putrid junkpile of horror that is Episode 2: Attack of the Dialogue? Well…


This is the movies best part… and it’s about five minutes right in the middle of the movie.


Star Trek: Nemesis


Just… just this picture should be all you need to know about this movie…


Oh boy… so look: there have been some very bad Star Trek movies over the years. There was the one where Spock and Kirk went and talked to “God” somehow? A movie that opened with the characters literally singing “Row Row Row your boat.” Then there was the one (or two) where literally an entire movie happened and yet at no point did any action actually occur. But Nemesis takes the cake on this one just because the whole thing just felt… tired. The script was bad, the plot was stupid, the characters were not only poorly done but just sort of… not the characters. They were just these people who existed in the same space as the characters we knew but they weren’t really them. Almost like the director of the movie would go on to repeatedly admit that HE DIDN’T LIKE STAR TREK.


“Now it’s my understanding that this happens in space, yes?” 


Which I would call fairly important to the process! I mean I think Patrick Stuart is basically the perfect actor created in the perfect British actor factory but the part of the movie where he starts dual wielding phasers like he’s John Frickin’ Wayne is probably the least believable thing in the entire movie and it’s a movie that happens in space!


Oh. Also: this happens. And it’s the worst.


So which is worse, though? Attack of the Clones features hack writing and terrible acting but it does at least feel like it belongs in the franchise right?? I mean it’s bad, but it at least feels like a Star Wars movie. Star Trek Nemesis just feels like a movie a bunch of people snuck onto the set of Star Trek and made while no one was watching. I mean, Star Trek Nemesis was so bad it basically killed the entire franchise for 7 years… at least Attack of the Clones was followed by the better (mostly) Revenge of the Sith.

And so it is, with grimm resignation, that I actually say something positive about Attack of the Clones: it wasn’t as bad as Star Trek Nemesis. May I never EVER have to do that again.

Well hello Interfans and welcome to a time honored January/February tradition. The Jefbruary preview. Jefbruary is a desolate time at movie theaters across the country, a time where the studios abandon us, clean out their garbage cans, and dump them all over cinema screens across America. And so, let us take a minute and pick through this garbage, to find the garbagiest garbage we can get our grimy hands on shall we?? That sounds like… fun??

The Jefbruary Movie Preview

(in all fairness we got a little behind so some of these will be reviews, like (for instance)

Monster Trucks –

How exactly did this movie even get made? Did a movie studio have to make ten movies in a year and then got to the end of the year and realized suddenly they only had 9 movies? So there were like “Okay umm… We’ll get the least interesting actor we can find, and then put him in a movie that we’ll call… Monster Trucks!!… But then just so we don’t have to find any actual monster trucks we’ll make it a play on words because they’ll be an actual monster IN the truck!!” And then for some reason everyone in the office thought that was an idea that would make money. Somehow.


And someone, somewhere thought: Oh yeah… that’s a movie!


Underworld 5: Even More Underworld… Somehow.

Look… this is a bad movie. Probably a VERY bad movie that, frankly, I don’t know why they made. That said: I will 100% watch this. Eventually. I won’t pay ten dollars to watch it mind you, but I will absolutely watch it. Why you ask?? Well… cause I’ve seen every other movie in this series and at this point it’s all just Stockholme syndrome. So might as well lean into it right? That seems healthy.

Okay let’s get back to the previewing shall we:

January 20th

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

I think we should just call this movie what it is: xXx: Fast and Furious, but with Stunts. You wanna know the weirdest thing about xXx: The Return of Stuntman Sam?? It’s actually gotten decent reviews. Not like… good reviews. But not terrible reviews… shouldn’t this be getting terrible reviews? Shouldn’t reviewers be questioning why they do what they do after seeing this? Shouldn’t they be questioning why they are even human?!?! I don’t understand it… Nothing makes sense.


I’m confused about the fire tattoo on his sternum… does that symbolize his acid reflux?


January 27th

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Speaking of series that keep happening no matter what we do… Resident Evil. But, is this really the Final Chapter?? Will Hollywood finally realize that no one cares about this franchise? Will Hollywood sit down and really ask themselves if this is art?? If what they’re making is really want they want to make for them? For their children to inherit? No. Definitely not.

A Dog’s Purpose

I don’t… I don’t even understand what’s going on with this movie. It’s got… dog reincarnation???? Why? Why does it exist?


This dogs eyes are mesmerizing.


February 3rd

The Comedian

I don’t want to say anything bad about Robert De Niro but… when we get to the end of the year… this may be one of the worst movies. It’s VERY bad. Very. Bad.

February 10th

The Lego Batman Movie

Yeah… this’ll probably be pretty good… kinda ruinin’ my metric here B-man.

Fifty Shades Darker

Nothing like a bad sequel to a terrible movie based on a poorly written book series!! It’s the trifecta of terrible!!

February 17th

The Great Wall

I’m glad February will get its own poorly scripted action movie that might be sort of interesting. Last year’s version of this was gods of Egypt and that ended up being VERY terrible. So it’s a fifty/fifty here whether the action of the movie is outweighed by the dumbness of the scripting. It won’t be very good, but it might be kinda good… or very bad.


It’s a better than average poster at least.


February 24th

Rock Dog

I have no words as to how tired and exhausted this movie looks. They even cast Luke Wilson in the lead. Luke Wilson!! They couldn’t even get Owen Wilson!! Owen. Wilson. They didn’t get him for this movie about a Dog who plays rock n’ roll which they named: Rock Dog. Rock Dog. Thanks February.


Possibly the most generic single picture that was ever taken.

And there you go guys… gonna be a dark month. On the plus side Logan comes out March 2nd so… there is hope.