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All right, we’re back up and rolling! There will be some new scheduling stuff from this point on which I’ll get to later but for now just enjoy me and Zach talking about the first round of the NBA playoffs, his five top movies, and my plan to cure cancer… sort of.

Here’s the link! 

Me and Jack talk about books vs. movies as we talk about the Host, Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, and even (dare we say it) Twilight. Also, I talk about M Night Shyamalan, the ugliness of a woman, and why I hate Peeta.

Here is it is in Episode 4!

Me and Jack come together once more and talk about the Star Wars sale, which Star Wars movies are best, and make weird Bruno mars references. Also, one of Micah’s favorite segments starts up as we talk about stupid criminals.

Check out the link to Episode Three here!

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The Podcast Episode 2

Posted: March 27, 2013 by Micah in The Podcast
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Hello once again, fans of ye old Thoughts We Might Have Had! Sorry for being a day late posting this particular pod but it seems I have succeeded in giving myself a concussion (more details in tomorrow’s blog post) and yesterday I had all the mental faculties of a particularly ill-used spatula. Regardless of all that, though, here is the link to today’s podcast!

Thoughts We Might Have Had Episode 2

Wherein Jack and I discuss Les Mis, The Hobbit, the first five minutes of Up, Fiddler on the Roof, and many, many other completely unrelated things!

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The Podcast Episode 1

Posted: March 22, 2013 by Micah in The Podcast

Micah and Jack launch the podcast as they talk about the end of the world, the Pope, and the difference between an arrow and a stick.

Check out the link here!

And Jack’s blog Alt F4 gaming here!

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