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Well hey Internet, and welcome to the jam. A jam that can be (though is not required to be) followed by a slam.

Yeah, I don’t really have an intro on this one guys, let’s just dive straight into that good jelly jam shall we?

Micah Reviews: Logan


Logan: The best beard of 2017.


The X-men Franchise is rife with hits and misses, highs and lows, awesome mutants, and mutants whose superpowers involve having spiky faces… for some reason. Even the Wolverine specific movies have one really good one, and one VERY bad one. It’s a game of Russian roulette, except the gun is half filled with bullets and instead of losers getting the sweet embrace of death they have to suffer through 2 hours of vague powers and bad dialogue. So where will Logan fall? When will Logan rise? Can you name your future children Logan without people thinking you’re pretentious?? (No.)

The Plot:

So it’s not a great time to be alive if you’re an X-men. All of the other X’s are ex-alive. People have continued to be the worst. And big machines are killing cornfields… or something. Anyway, Logan (Wolverine) is still alive and kicking, though he’s not exactly killing like he used to kill. The old murder claws ain’t muderin’ like they used to. He’s also got Professor X to take care of, mortgage payments to make, and the kids college fund to think of… well that first one anyway.


So many claws… so little human-claw repositories.


Introduced into this unfortunateness is a wee baby girl child who also has a penchant for murdering people with claws and is on the run from some people who really wish he would stab stabbing them specifically. Logan, baby child, and Professor X must embark on a cross country road trip to find some other children, and cause just ALL the collateral damage.

The Positives:

All right, let’s cover the obvious and most important parts: Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are fantastic. Jackman especially as he is (obviously) the main protagonist here, but both actors get to flex their significant acting muscles and in a movie that definitely lives or dies on their performances, they do an incredible job of carrying it through. The rest of the cast also does admirably well, but this is clearly Hugh Jackman’s show and he does not disappoint.

The action is very good here, with well choreagraphed fight scenes and some super well done claw work with young Wolverina. The last X-men movie (apocalypse) just featured a lot of quick camera cuts and people staring at things, so it was nice to get some good old fashioned claw cuts and some actual combat in one of these X-movies.


Logan: Legendary Stomper of Puddles


The script is solid and the story is well told. It doesn’t exactly go above and beyond with plot twists or great lines of dialogue but it does a good job of staying within’ itself and that’s something to be commended for.

The Negatrons:

Not really a lot to talk about here though I will say the movie was VERY predictable. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I’m not even talking about the big spoilers that everyone who knows anything about this movie knows, I’m talking about the little things that the movie could have done to mix it up that it didn’t do. It sets itself up for a couple ‘big reveals’ or ‘isn’t THIS cool’ moments all of which are very clearly telegraphed. This isn’t a huge problem by any means but it represents some missed opportunities.

The villain here wasn’t very interesting but honestly I REALLY hesitated to even mention it because the movie doesn’t really need or have time for a good villain. I prefer this method of focused storytelling over the current trend of spending twenty minutes “establishing the villain” only to have none of that work and the villain to be at best un-justified, and at worst boring and un-justified (glares at X-men Apocalypse again.) It merits a VERY slight mention, but it really didn’t negatively affect the movie much at all.

In Conclusion:

Logan is a tight, well told, brilliantly acted movie that does exactly what it sets out to do in giving one of the most consistently beloved comic book characters (and actors) a VERY fitting send off. It sacrifices a little bit in terms of villain and twists to be such a tight story, but I found it to be an incredibly gratifying experience and just a great send-off for Hugh Jackmen and Wolverine.

I give it 4 Wolverina’s, out of 5.

Well guys here’s hoping you had a great old holiday times! That all your reindeer have come home to roost in their respective reinroosts. But now it’s time for big things, huge things, the biggest things there is in all of the hollywoodspheres. Oh yes wander… I’m talkin’ bout dem Star Wars!!

First off: All our Thoughts We Might Have Had love goes out to the family of Carrie Fischer and Debbie Reynolds. Each was a film icon in their own right and the loss of them hits hard. Both were stars of movies that very honestly shaped portions of my childhood and while I deal in a ton of sarcasm here let me just genuinely say thanks to you both for your incredible careers and work.

Micah Reviews: Star Wars Rogue One… A Star Wars Story… From Star Wars.


Wait it’s called what now?


It’s worth noting before we get into this that this movie IS a Star Wars prequel but it is not part of “the Prequels.” This is before episode 4 but AFTER episode 3. So it’s a prequel to the originals, but a postquel to the prequels. Got it? Think of this as Episode 3.5 if that helps.

The Plot:

So the movie opens with a young girl living on a farm, and her and her parents live happily on that farm, learning valuable lessons and growing closer to each other. Ha ha. No. I’m kidding. Her parents die. Or sort of die. Mostly die. Anyway, this is just the opening to a long and well told story about the little farm girl who name was Jyn and who grows up and is one day dragged semi against her will into the Rebel Alliance.


Guys look at that beautiful moon!


Jyn pairs up with a rag tag band of rebels who head out on a desperate quest to find the plans for the Empires latest weapon: The Death Star.

I don’t want to spoil anything from a story standpoint but it’s a big story guys. Real real big.

The Negatrons:

Just some real fast nits to pick before we get into things: I did feel like there were a few pretty obvious throw away scenes especially in regards to the movies main villain. There were a couple sections with him that just felt like somewhat had earmarked for “villain development” that weren’t necessary. I love a well-rounded villain but this movie didn’t really need one and it never felt like the scenes with him were super necessary or interesting.


“Does anyone else feel overdressed for beach day?”


There’s just a few too many little wink-wink sort of nods to episode 4. It didn’t bother me a lot and especially once the movie gets going that all falls off but for a movie this good, it felt a little cheap to be going “remember THESE guys!!” I’m all about some light fan pandering, but this was a really good movie that didn’t need quite as many as it had. Once again though: nit picking.

The positives:

I appreciated so so much how different this movie felt. The big Star Wars movies are filled with light vs. dark and characters having these big spiritual awakenings and become warriors having big impressive looking fights. Rogue One though isn’t really light vs. dark so much as it focuses very clearly on grey vs. dark. It’s a movie about the rebels down in the trenches that we don’t really get to see in the movies. The fight scenes are very impressive yes, but none of our heroes are unstoppable war machines. For the record I think that’s how the big Star Wars episodes should be and I appreciate them a lot, but this was a really good change of pace and a very well done look at the other parts of the rebellion.

It’s a very good story guys. It’s not necessarily unpredictable, but it’s very well done and well told. The beginning does take a little bit to really develop but once it gets going it gets going in a big way.

rogue one

Seriously guys, you can’t float in that armor.


Probably worth mentioning that the graphics here are gorgeous. There’s a fairly large scale space battle at one point and it’s very VERY well done.

The characters are very well written and I appreciate the movie going out of its way to build realistic characters to put into these situations. They have a surprising amount of depth to them without the movie really having to take time to have big clichéd conversations about what deep characters they are. They just are.

In summary:

Star Wars: Rogue One is a very different Star Wars movie but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad Star Wars movie. In fact it’s VERY good. It’s not the sort of story we’ve come to expect from the universe but I think that’s a good thing. I’m super stoked for Episode 8, but it was really cool to see this universe from a different (Jedi free) perspective. It’s a heavy movie, that deals with heavy material, but it’s a really, really great movie.

I give it 4 totally alive farmers, out of 5.

So there you have it guys!! Have a happy new year and check in next Tuesday for the first of my Year in Review series!!

Slight Spoiler Warning!!

I loved the second Darth Vader section, sadly the first (while good) definitely falls under my “unnecessary villain scene” section.

Well hey Internet! And welcome to what is a review that has been a very long time coming. And not just because I am an inherently lazy writer with all the get up and go of a bag of gluten free rice. No, no no. See I’ve been waiting for a Dr. Strange movie since this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing got started and, as such, I’m not gonna do some sort of pithy introduction wherein I buy myself some word count by talking about the weather or about how if you rearrange the words “snooze alarm” you can spell “alas no more z’s.” Nope. I’m not gonna do any of those things, I’m just gonna dive straight into the sweet sweet meat pie that is…

Micah Reviews: Dr. Strange


That giant waterfall is a killer for traffic.


The Plot:

So Stephen Strange is a doctor. To be more specific he’s a VERY good doctor who we know is a very good doctor because he pulls a bullet out of a dudes brain in a medical procedure that (for all I know) is literally the most made up thing in this movie about a wizard. Anyway, Strange is the best Doctor there is in the doctor bizz, until he smashes his car against a mountain about 7 times and ruins just… just all of his hands. Like every hands he has. Is real broke.


Oh yeah, that’ll clean your pores right out.


As Strange learns of his hand brokenness, he sets out on a quest to get his hands back to surgery capable, but finds no answers in the world of modern medicine. Finally, on his very last attempt Stephen travels way out to… India?? Maybe. And there discovers a whole new world! A new, fantastic point of view! A dazzling place, a far out—


He discovers the world of magic and begins his studies in the arcane arts! But under the surface of this new world Strange has discovered, a new threat to the world takes shape, and a new villain will rise. Can Strange master his magic enough to face it? Can he stop his own deuschbaggery from dooming the world? I mean: probably. Probably he can. It’s a movie.


Oh yeah, it’s a cool looking window but… I mean that takes a LOT of windex to clean.


The Positives:

It’s really hard to know where to start assembling a pro list for this one but I think the top spot has to go to the acting. Benedicit Cumberbatch plays a great Dr. Strange, really grounding the character in the world and giving the audience someone to root for. Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tilda Swinton do a fantastic job as the chief supporting characters, with Swinton really turning in a great performance as the Ancient One. The whole cast just rounds out really nicely and do a great job of making this magical world grounded and believable.

The visuals here are also fantastic. The world is bent and thrown around at will by various characters and the whole time things just look great. Also of note for me was how real the magic people were slinging around looked. It’s hard in a movie like this to give the magic real weight to it and not just make it look like people sort of flapping their hands around. It’s a huge achievement both by the actors and by the folks behind the CGI that all the magic here works incredibly well and feels very very real.


The magical high five!


The script is very very well done. I never felt lost in the magic talk which can definitely happen in a movie like this, but it also didn’t feel like it was over-explaining things. The characters here feel real and it (for the most part) struck a great, consistent, enjoyable tone throughout.

The Negatrons:

Occasionally (VERY occasionally) the movie does get a little lost in its attempts at humor. For the most part it strikes a great (and very Marvel-esque) balance between the serious and the humorous but in one or two spots it did feel like it was trying a little too hard with the humor. It was by no means a big deal but it did pull me out of things for a second or two.

The villain. Yes. Marvel still has a villain problem. To Marvel’s credit this time around they mostly just kind of ignored the villain which is better than trying to make him a character and failing (Hi Iron Man 2, and Ant-man) but the villain was never overly menacing and his reason for doing what he was doing was (at best) vague and (at worst) completely stupid. There’s a theory that they were being mind- controlled which I won’t get too much into here for spoiler purposes but the fact that it’s kind of a believable theory should say something about the tenuousness of the villain here.


“Okay be honest guys… Too much eyeliner?”


Honestly my only other critique is that I genuinely wanted more of this movie. As things wrapped up at the end I kept hoping there would be more to see, a couple times throughout the movie I was hoping we would investigate something, or get to see more of Strange’s magical training. I don’t think that really counts as a negative but it’s how I felt!!

In conclusion:

Dr. Strange is fantastic. Great action, great acting, some of the best visuals I’ve ever seen and definitely the best magic I’ve ever seen in live action. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to see Dr. Strange interact with the rest of the Marvel universe and very much hope that they put Dr. Strange 2 on the fast track!

I give it 4 mostly broken fingers, out of 5. (Too soon??)

As ever, thanks for reading guys, and have a great weekend!

Well Internet, here we are, back again staring over the long precipice of another glorious weekend. But first… because I told you I would and I am nothing if not partially, kind of, moderately, a man of my word (sometimes,) here’s a review of the original (1977) version of Pete’s Dragon.

Micah Retro-reviews: Pete’s Dragon


Pete’s Dragon: Cause clearly your kids aren’t having enough nightmares.


The Plot: So umm… There’s this kid named Pete and he lives with a bunch of hicks in the mountains (the Gogans) who (I’m pretty sure according to a later song) bought him in some sort of horrifying child sale???? So Pete runs away from them as they sing a horrifying song but then they are brutally beaten by an invisible dragon monster named Elliot who then whisks Pete away to literally the only place in America worse than living in the woods with abusive hicks: Passamaquoddy. While in… that place, Pete gets adopted by a woman named Nora who proceeds to send the young hick adopted boy with the invisible dragon to school where he is promptly socially abused, and then the invisible dragon destroys the school house causing literally hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.


Yeah, I wouldn’t trust these people to care for a cockroach. Let alone a living human child… or a non-living human child.  


So once Pete has caused untold chaos in the town Nora tries to adopt him but is stopped by Pete’s original Hick family/slave owners who proclaim that they legally own Pete in a horrifying song called “Bill of Sale” and for some reason they are not instantly arrested for (and stay with me here) BUYING A HUMAN CHILD. And just to add to the menagerie of horror that is this film an extremely weird medicine man shows up and sings on entire song about how he wants to murder Pete’s lovable town-destroying dragon, and literally chop him up and sell him piece by piece. No: it’s a real thing.

So after Elliot is nearly caught, chopped, up and murdered; and Pete is nearly abducted again by the people who (if you’ll recall) BOUGHT him, some dude in a ship comes back and he’s Norma’s husband or something and then everything is fine. Except for the fact that this movie happened.


Oh, also: this dragon bakes apples?? Who the heck bakes apples?? The monster.  


In Conclusion: I don’t know if the makers of Pete’s Dragon realized they were introducing a generation of children to the idea that they could be bought by hicks or that some Dr.’s were complete lunatics who wanted to capture and chop up there imaginary friends: but they certainly did that thing. I mean this movie is legitimately terrifying, and not just because Mickey Rooney is in it (though that certainly doesn’t help.) Of all the weird 70’s Disney movies (and there were a lot of them) Pete’s Dragon is the one that most completely terrified me, while at the same time convincing me that the world was a horrifyingly dark place where I could be randomly bought by horrifying nightmare hicks from the backwoods, and where my imaginary friends would be murdered and sold for parts. Thanks Disney.

So there you go guys, my advice? Maybe wait for the new movie which (as far as I can tell) is free of nightmare-hicks and homicidal doctors. Though I mean you can never really tell these things can ya? Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week!

Well Internet, it finally happened. You did it. For years and years you asked and asked about Finding Nemo and why we didn’t have a sequel to Finding Nemo and why mom never got you a pony, and how string theory relates to the time-space continuum. Well… you got one of those things. Potentially two if mom broke down and got you a pony finally… the cheap skate.

Micah Reviews: Finding Dory


Finding Dory: A movie about fish that doesn’t understand how fish work.


So after ten years of waiting, Disney has finally decided to make a sequel to Finding Nemo and has also decided to release it in a week where 7 of the top 10 movies at the box office are sequels, (and most of those sequels REALLY suck.) So will Finding Dory also give in to the Undertow of suckitude? Will it join Mulan 2, Cinderella 2, and Kronks New Groove in the ever lengthening list of Disney movies that should never have left the “Horrendous Sequel Ideas for Emergencies Only” pile? Let’s find out.

The Plot:

So it’s been a year since the events of Finding Nemo (apparently fish time and human time work on a decade to 1 ratio) and Dory, Nemo, and Marlin (who is a Clownfish) are living happily together in the ocean (somewhere.) Let’s talk real fast about how weird it is that ‘Marlin’ is named after a type of fish. I mean I’m not gonna name my child ‘human’ or some other weird type of human like ‘Kardashian’ or ‘Zombie’ or ‘HockeyFan’ or something. It’s just kinda weird.

Anyway, Dory remembers suddenly that she has a family and that her family lived somewhere else in the ocean as opposed to where she currently lives… which we don’t know. So she, Nemo, and Marlin embark on yet another epic trek across the ocean as they learn about families, forgiveness, and falafel… though less so that last one.


“No guys, it’s a middle eastern food. He was making an alliteration joke… No, no it wasn’t that funny. But it’s okay cause now he’s doing this acknowledgement thing.” 


The Pros:

Finding Dory is a worthy successor to Finding Nemo. That’s about the highest praise I can give it, the world and the characters that you fell in love with lo those many years ago are all still here, and all still work very well together. The story and the script both work very well together and really do give an excellent and familiar feel to the world.

As with basically every Pixar film it looks great, the fish are (dare we say it) even fishier than before. What an achievement… I guess.

None of the pros above really surprised me (though they were very pro-ish.) I expected the movie to be good, and it really reall was. The thing that surprised me the most about this movie was that it really handled having Dory as the main character very well, and used it to say something important about people (and fish) with special needs. They didn’t just use her lack of memory as a tool for humor (which is basically what they did in the first movie) or have it come and go as was most convenient to the plot (something that happens all too often with this sort of thing) it was integral part of the story and Dory (and Dory’s family) came to learn and embrace something about it, and about themselves. It was handled incredibly well. There’s no joke here.

The Cons:

As strong as the script is for most of the film, the last twenty minutes or so just feel disconnected. There’s wacky hijinks with a truck and some otters and the whole thing just feels like a different (much worse) movie.


Yeah, I used to do Shark Week but now it’s too mainstream, ya know? Too commercial.


Also: (and this is pretty classic adults critiqueing a kids movie) me nad my wife were both very disturbed at the fact that the makers of this movie in no way understand the difference between salt and freshwater fish. Over the course of the movie, multiple characters throw fish into all sorts of receptacles that definitely don’t contain salt water. Like that’s super bad for fish Disney. When little Jemma throws her prized saltwater fish into her little sippy cup it’s on you!! You, Disney!!

In Conclusion:

Finding Dory is a great movie, and very worthy follow up to Finding Nemo. It has a weak final act, but it’s a strong movie on the whole and has an incredible message for families.

I give it 4 Marlin named Clown Fish, out of 5.

So there you go guys, you waited ten years, and it was actually kind of mostly worth it. Who knew such things could happen. Oh wait, it was Disney, this is literally how Disney plans to take over the world.

Well Internet, I hath returned. Like warm spring mornings after a cold winter. Like the gossamer leaves of a mighty oak after a long fall. Like indigestion after an oe’r hastily eaten meal. I’m back, and I bring with me, like the rarest of spices from the orient, a review. A movie review, of a pretty okay movie.

Micah Reviews: X-men: Apocalypse.

Ah the X-men franchise, the great grandfather of the super hero franchise. Unlike the great Grandmother of the super-hero franchise (Spiderman) the X-men franchise seems to be plugging along just fine. It had a few rough years there with X-men 3 and Wolverine: Origins but it was re-invigorated by X-men: First Class, and the follow up X-men: Days of Future Past was a solid (albeit less inventive) entry into the series. So can Apocalypse keep the X-men franchise rolling? Or does this series need yet another shot of new blood?


Worst family photo ever.

The Plot:

So… many and many a year ago in a Kingdom by the Sea, there was a mutant named umm… Something Egyptiany. And he was the king!! For reasons. But it seems not everyone was super okay being ruled by a giant blue man with weird looking armor , and so (in typical Egyptian fashion) they dropped a Pyramid on him. Cause that’s how they be triangulating.


That’ll give you a headache.

Many MANY years later some people digging around under Egypt unearth his tomb and thus an extremely predictable, and uninteresting sequence of events is set into motion. Over the course of these events many and many bland people will do things in a bland way, for bland and uninteresting purposes. It’s a joy and a thrill…Assuming you have never EVER been to the movies, or seen a movie.

The Positives:

Look, there’s nothing incredibly broken with this movie. But there’s also nothing especially good about any one part of it. But because I went to all the trouble of typing “The Positives” up there I guess I have to come up with something. The cast is probably the strongest thing this movie, Michael Fassbender and James McCavoy are just locked into these characters and do some genuinely good work. The rest of the cast does well on the whole but, honestly, most of them just don’t have anything to do. Very few characters go through any meaningful change, or show any real emotional range, and it really doesn’t matter who the actor is if all he or she is being asked to do is stare blankly ahead at something.


These people will do… something??? Maybe.

The Negatrons:

There’s no one thing that makes X-men: Apocalypse not work. It’s not even really a bad movie, it’s just a movie that doesn’t seem to care that much. The word you’re gonna read a lot here is gonna be “lazy” it’s a VERY lazy movie. For instance:

The script just feels tired and uninterested. Characters regularly and clearly state their intents or powers. “I’m telepathic, that means I can hear what people say” says Jean Grey when asked about her powers. “Unleash Havoc!!” Says Professor X when trying to get Havoc to unleash his powers. It’s like they wrote a very rough draft and then never went back to refine the lines. The same can be said for the story here which is basically exactly what you think it will be from the trailers. It never deviates or twists at all except for the inevitable “Magneto is evil, is Magneto really evil???” Storyline which ends exactly like it has the last three times we saw it. It’s not a bad storyline, it’s just a lazy one that unfolds exactly like you think it should and ends (like you expect it to) with everyone working together.

The fight scenes also ring of laziness not relying on any sort of finesse or choreography, but instead involving a light of quick cuts and people shooting beams at each other. It’s not poorly done or uninteresting, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

The movie does have two big problems: the first is it just has too many characters. And because of that it doesn’t really get to spend time developing any of them. Everyone just sort of stands around and waits for their turn to have an emotion but you never really get a sense for who any of them are or why we should care about them. We spend so much time bouncing around between characters and locations that none of it really has any sticking power at all and it leaves an already uninspired movie to try and muddle through with an uninteresting cast of characters.

But the biggest problem with X-men: Apocalypse is, in point of fact, Apocalypse himself. We spend a huge chunk of our time with him and all of it feels wasted. He just sort of looks at things with his unreadable blue face and occasionally gives long speeches in a monotone voice that relay the same information through out. “Stop touching my things” Apocalypse says over and over and over again. He’s just a big blue block of nothing and for some reason the makers of X-men thought he was fantastic. If Marvel is looking for a blue print (pun intended) on how not to do Thanos, this is it. Basically the movie became those parents who think they’re child is the best recorder player ever, and so you have to sit and listen to them play “hot cross buns” over and over and over again except in this case the recorder is a huge, blue, block of uninteresting blue cheese.


Worst recorder… ever.

In conclusion:

X-men: Apocalypse isn’t a terrible movie. It’s not Fantastic Four or Batman V Superman, it has a strong cast, good visuals, and it’s not a terrible story at its core. That said, it doesn’t do anything with any of those elements, the cast is under-utilized, the visuals have been done before, and the story is crippled by a very uninteresting villain and stiff dialogue.

I give it 3 Blue Recorders out of 5.

All right Internet, first off: Sorry for the lack of posting this week. There has been sickness. Many. Much. Sickness. But I am slowly rounding back into form so here’s a review of Captain America: Civil War that I started way way back on Monday night, when I was moderately healthy, it’s a little on the short side but I’m a little on the dead side… so it all works out!… mostly.

Okay guys, it’s here. We made it. Captain America: Civil War, after the… let’s call it, mixed results… of Batman V Superman, can Captain America: Civil War actually live up to expectations? Can it surpass expectations? Can it pass the the corn like a human instead of just winging it across the table at me, Gary?!?! Can it?!?!?

Probably not so much that third one… but let’s find out about the first two.

Micah Reviews: Captain America: Civil War


Kind of puts “hot plates” into new perspective doesn’t it?


The Plot: So… this is tricky cause most of this plot is pretty spoilery   and it’s not a movie that should be spoiled. In summary: After the UN enacts a law demanding that super heroes work under a governing body of nations Iron Man and Captain America find themselves on opposite ends of not only the law but on a new, unexpected, attack against the UN.

Cap and Iron Man both must gather their strongest friends as lines are drawn and crossed between heroes.

Oooooohhh… that was fancy. And dramatic. I mean that’s like… a paragraph and a half wherein I didn’t make a single snarky remark or sarcastic fish joke. And yes I purposely left a comma out of that sentence. You’ll never know whether the fish itself is sarcastic, or if I was going to be sarcastic about the fish. That’s what you get for making me be serious for a paragraph Internet.  That’s what you get.


Race to the buffet!!


The Negatives:

Umm… I don’t know… I mean nobody gave me a hot dog or popcorn on the way into the theater. But beyond that I can’t really think of anything.

The Positives:

Basically everything. I mean look: This is technically Captain America 3, but in point of fact it’s an Avengers movie, that strongly features Captain America. So why not start with the cast: who are awesome. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans headline and are their usual fantastic selves. The movie does a great job of focusing on the emotional dynamic between its characters, especially the two main characters. The Russo brothers (the movies directors) continue growing into the Universe by taking what they did in Winter Soldier and improving on it. You’ll see the same great close quarters fighting you saw in Winter Soldier, but they also expand on it in some incredible, super powered fighting in what is probably the best fight scene in the history of Marvel’s universe.

The special effects are top notch and (specifically in a few spoiler heavy areas I won’t talk about) really do get stretched.

The script is very tight and strikes an incredibly good balance between serious and humor. One of the main criticisms of a movie like Ant-man or (to a lesser extent) Age of Ultron was that the humor took away a bit from the movies gravitas, here it does seem much better balanced. Maintaining a really great fun feel, while not taking too much away from the drama.

The two major new characters Black Panther and Spiderman are both VERY well done. Both characters are introduced incredibly well and without having to derail the movie to go into a long explanation of their powers and origins. And without giving anything away I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is probably the best Spiderman we’ve seen so far? Granted it’s not a full length movie but he just feels a lot more like the comic book Spiderman and a lot less like the mopey/soap opera Spiderman we saw in the last two Spiderfranchises.


“Wait me and Winter Soldier are in the same movie?”


In Conclusion:  

Captain America: Civil War is another great entry into the Marvel Universe. In fact, a strong debate could be made that this is the best movie in the franchise so far. I’m not having that debate today but we’ll leave it at: It’s definitely in the top 3 or so.

I give it 5 Sarcastic Fish jokes out of 5.