Who’s Doctor Who?

Posted: January 31, 2017 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well hey Internet, and welcome to a time that swings around every three or four years wherein we must ask ourselves that most cliché question: Doctor Who??? Peter Capaldi is stepping down as the Doctor at the end of this year which is basically my signal to go completely insane and start wildly speculating as to who they might cast next!! So let’s dive right into said speculatory wildness all the while bearing in mind that I have literally no influence or inside information of any kind.

Now, it’s important to say here that there are two pretty solid rules to these things: first (and probably most obviously) they gots to be British. Secondly (and somewhat less obviously) the BBC tends to veer away from the ultra-famous where Dr. Who is concerned. The message has always been that they want someone who can be Dr. Who and not just “that famous guy being Doctor Who” so as much fun as it would be to have Tom Hiddleston or Martin Freeman in there, it’s probably not gonna happen. Honestly, Capaldi (who I thought was fine by the way but not exactly Matt Smith or David Tennant) was probably the most famous Doctor since they revamped the show and he was mostly famous for other BBC things. Speaking of which…

Andrew Scott


If nothing else the man can glower at a screen. That’s very important for the Doctor.


This is probably my favorite choice on this list and for some reason I’m putting it on the dang top. He was brilliant in Sherlock as Moriarity and I think he would bring a lot of that great sort of quirky energy/angry time traveler vibe. He’d be a step back in the direction of the more fun more temperamental Doctors like Tennant and Smith and (what can I say) I’m very biased.

Tim Roth


Board stair sitting is also VERY important.


Admittedly Roth may be a little too famous but if you’ve ever seen him in basically anything he’s done you know he’d be a great Doctor. His really good at playing the smart character who is maybe a little too smart for his own good and that’s definitely something that’s required for being a good Doctor.

Richard Ayoade


Not a fez per se… but it could work.


This is a name that’s been thrown around a fair amount and I do get it. He’s got the crazy hair, the fun sense of humor, and the VERY brutishness but… I don’t know that he really has the gravitas to pull off the Doctors darker moments. That said: I love the IT Crowd so I’m not exactly opposed to the idea.

Iwan Rheon


All I ask is that you NEVER make me pronounce his name.


Now that he’s done playing the worst character ever on Game of Thrones maybe we could get this VERY oddly named person to come in and play the Doctor. You also may recognize him from Misfits which was basically British Heroes except… ya know, good. This would be going VERY young but who knows what the new showrunner is gonna want to do with his brand new Whoniverse.

All right, now let’s turn things over to the other side of the coin and bring out some lady options! It was HEAVILY rumored that the BBC wanted to go with a female Doctor the last time around and I think it could be a fun idea definitely! So let’s use that same criteria above and try and suss out some options!

Lara Pulver


Another top notch glowerer…


I promise I’m not just cycling through the Sherlock villains list, but I do think Lara Pulver (who played Irene Adler) would be an interesting direction to take. She’s famous but not too famous, she’s just about the right ‘age’ if saying that makes any sense when you’re talking about a time travelor and it seems like she could definitely do the part! I’d be in on it!

Michelle Dockery


She comes with her own time traveling wardrobe!


Best known for her role as Lady Mary from Downton Abbey, Dockery could definitely pull off Dr. Who. She’s got the smarts and the Britishness and is someone that might even bring some new fans with her thanks to the rabid followers of Downton Abbey. Heck the BBC owns both properties, why not just have Lady Mary AS Doctor Who. You know you’d tune in to see an episode of Downton where it turned out she was the Doctor in hiding!

Ruth Negga


Replace that car with a TARDIS and we’re basically good!


I like this one a lot though I will concede that Negga’s probably a little too famous for this (she did just get nominated for Best Actress for her role in Loving) but I think she’d be fantastic for the series and a big big reason for the show to garner some new fans. The BBC would definitely have to do some wheeling and dealing to get her on the show but she was also in Agents of Shield for a few years (before it was good) so… she doesn’t always make the BEST decisions is all I’m saying.

It’s worth mentioning before we part ways that the current biggest rumor casting wise is Ben Whishaw (Q from 007) but I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen. Even more so than Ayoade I don’t think he can pull off the big dramatic moments.

And there you have it my friends and fellow whovians! Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite suggestions or thoughts on any of these! Definitely interested to see where this wagon train goes next!

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