All right guys, so as  a part of the slew of new Harry Potter news we’ve been getting over the last couple weeks it has been confirmed that we will be getting the whole Grindelwald war as part of the sequels to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (assuming you’ve lost them.) Now let’s get one thing out of the way first: that’s awesome news. This basically boils down to “magical world war 2” and I am all about things that boil down to that thing. That’s a thing. I mean the Battle of Hogwarts was awesome but can you imagine a magical war spanning most of Germany?? Cause that’s what we’re looking at here!

As part of this it was announced that Johnny Depp would be playing Grindelwald who is the villain in said war (in case you couldn’t tell from the fact that he was named Grindelwald.) This is… interesting. I mean all of the things going on in his personal life aside I wouldn’t say Depp is a great fit for the world of Harry Potter. He’s basically just settled into his Jack Sparrow, be weird and make faces at the camera… thing that he does, and while that can work it definitely doesn’t work as often as he does it. But whatever… I mean it could work. I’m not gonna definitively say that Johnny Depp can’t play a German villain in a Harry Potter prequel, remember not too too long ago we thought Johnny Depp could do anything. It’ll definitely be interesting it’s just a matter of whether or not it’ll be the good kind of interesting.

Also as part of this announcement it was confirmed that we’ll be seeing a young version of Dumbledore who plays a huge (and awesome) role in the events of the war. We haven’t yet been told who will be playing him and that friends is why I have gathered you here today! Let’s look at some actors who could (potentially) be Young Dumb.

First off: he’ll be British. JK Rowling was SUPER specific about casting Brits in the original series (which makes total sense by the way) and while Depp is obviously not actually Germen there’s no way she’d be looking outside the emerald isles for someone to play Dumbledore. I guarantee it. So let’s take some looks at some young British guys who might could make this work shall we??

Entry 1: Benedicit Cumberbatch.


He does have a pretty solid Wizard Resume


Meh… not seeing it. He doesn’t have the sort of warmth that I think someone needs to play Dumbledore, he could definitely do that angry/powerful side but I’m just not seeing the compassion that a Dumbledore character would have to have. Can we cast him as Grindelwald though?? Please???

Entry 2: Tom Hiddleston.


I mean he’s got the facial hair for it.


Hmm…. I’m intrigued…  I don’t know if I’m entirely in… but it’d be interesting. Honestly he may be a little too cool for this. I think Hiddleston would make a great James Bond (PLEASE cast him as James Bond) but I don’t know… Dumbledore may require someone a little more quirky and less sort of svelt. I can see it working, but I’m not one hundred percent in.

Entry 3: Henry Cavill.


Ummmmm…. what?


Ba ha ha ha ha…. No. I mean it’d be hilarious, but for literally all the wrong reasons. I just thought the idea of having a mopey, muscle bound young Dumbledore would be hysterical. Let’s move on before this becomes a Superman post shall we?

Entry 4: Liam Neeson.


He wants you: for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


I couldn’t leave him off this list. But no. He’s WAYY to much Liam Neeson for this movie. He’d just mosey up and punch Grindelwald a few times and that’d be it. Movie over.

Entry 5: Ewan McGregor.

SHOWBIZ Insider 095321

If nothing else, that hair swoosh is pretty frikkin’ magical.


Now see… I like this a lot. Good blend of cool and awkward. Can pull off having a lot of power but is also instantly likeable and a very affable guy. This might be it… My only concern here is, is he a little too recognizable?? Would he be too much Ewan McGregor?

Entry 6: Matt Smith.


Now see… that may be TOO magical of a hair swoosh.


Okay, this is my favorite. It makes a TON of sense. He can do compassionate and caring but is also VERY intense and can pull off the power when he needs to. He’s far enough removed from Dr. Who to where people won’t be constantly thinking he’s the Doctor. This seems like a great fit to me.

Honorable Entries: Kenneth Branaugh and David Tennant, who are both great, but we’re also both already in the series, though Tennant being in Goblet of Fire for like three minutes does seem a shame.

Good but probably a little too old: Hugh Laurie and Collin Firth.

So there you go guys!! The options! I’m really partial to the Matt Smith thing, but I could be talked into Ewan McGreggor or (to a lesser extent) Tom Hiddleston pretty easily. If I left off one of your favorites please let me know in the comments! I’ll be super interested to see how this all shakes out in the end! As ever, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

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