TV Premiers: October 2016

Posted: September 15, 2016 by Micah in Randomnicity

Well hey Internet, boy is it September huh? I mean the worst months of cinema are January and February but at least then there are some bad movies to make fun of. This is just… meh. I don’t even have anything to work myself into a frenzy over! So either I’m getting more mature, or this is the most boring month of the year and we all know that first thing isn’t happening. Anyway, in response to the increasingly dull box office I’m just gonna keep ignoring the big screen and focus on the little one. The plasma, the old box set, this one is for little guy!!… In October.

October 3rd – Conviction (ABC)

Hayley Atwell fresh off the unfortunate cancelling of the criminally under-appreciated Agent Carter series, stars as a former first daughter (is that right?? What if you’re the second of two daughters of the president? Are you the second first daughter?? The first second daughter?? What’s happening?) Anyway, she plays a person who leads a team of people who review the cases of prisoners and try to prove their innocence. Looks like a pretty strong cast and a little bit of a different look at the classic procedural show, so whatever, I’ll give it a shot!


Oh Agent Carter… We barely knew ye.


Timeless (NBC) –

Okay so… It’s a time travel show… and it’s real real complicated. Because time travel. Basically a guy steals a time ship and then a group is sent back in a time ship to find the first time ship in time… for shipping? That said the guy who steals the time ship is that handsome doctor guy from ER so… he’s not the villain. Because handsome. It looks interesting at least even though (for obvious reasons) we don’t know a ton about the plot. Probably worth an episode or two.

And now we enter the CW portion of the blog!

October 4th – The Flash (CW)

Season 2 of the Flash did pretty well for itself. Sure it dragged a bit in the middle, but such is life in a 24 episode season. Anyway, last season ended really well and this season (at least the first part) should be doing the always interesting Flashpoint event so we’ll see what happens with that. I’m still very in on the Flash.


Is this a poster or a get well card?? I’m confused.


October 5th –  Arrow (CW)

Look guys… I still really like Arrow, but even I am willing to admit it is nowhere near as good as it was in season 2. It’s just struggled to break out of its own pattern. Every season ends roughly the same way with the characters in roughly the same positions. I’m basically on the train till the inevitable fiery crash on this one but it’s hard to keep inviting people onto the train when that’s the mentality.

October 10th – Supergirl (CW)

Supergirl moves to the CW and that’s probably for the best. The big crossover episodes will be awesome and it never really slotted in “super” well with the other CBS shows. If you’re a fan of The Flash or Arrow you should think of Supergirl as sort of the fun younger sister of those two shows. It’s still got a little CW soap opera action going on (maybe ramped up some now that it’s actually on the CW) but it (kind of like the Flash to some extant) really embraces the more fun side of the comic book TV show. I’m interested to see what’s going on with it now that it’s switched networks.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW)

If Supergirl is the fun sister of Arrow and Flash than Legends of Tomorrow is the somewhat unfocused little brother. Not really sure what it wants to do or whether or not it wants to be taken seriously or just have fun or what exactly it wants to do with its life. I liked some episodes and storylines, I didn’t like other, we’ll just have to see what happens with this season.

October 13th – Supernatural (CW)

Supernatural just keeps coming back! Stuff and things and demons and now (apparently) mothers. Look, Supernatural is a great show but it’s a REEEAAAAL long run. It’s still great, but if you’re not willing to put in some work you may feel like I felt in 1st grade… and 2nd grade… and 3rd.


This picture (like the show) is good regardless, but WAY better if you’ve seen the other seasons.

October 23rd – The Walking Dead

Look… I’ve tried a couple times to get into the Walking Dead… and I failed. It’s just a lot of people walking around talking about how terrible things are and how much no one loves them, and how great it was when there weren’t zombies. And then every once in a great while, there be zombies.

October 27th – The Great Indoors

Stephen Frye. You don’t need any more details.


Only one member of this cast matters… and it’s the brown one.


And there you have it guys! They might not be all the shows premiering in October, but at least they’re all the shows I wanted to talk about!… So that’s good right?

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