September TV Premiers

Posted: September 13, 2016 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well hi Internet, and welcome to Fall Premiere season… or at least the September part of it. More and more it seems like the networks are pushing back their premiers till October but giben that literally NOTHING else is going on right now at the movie theaters, let’s go ahead and take a look at what will be coming to the small screen over the next couple weeks!

Sept. 12th – Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

Well folks it’s season what? 4 billion now?? And here we are with the usual dancing with the stars fare, a couple people you know and like, a couple other people you know and dislike (though ya know… maybe don’t attack Ryan Lochte guys…) and a bunch of people you’ve never heard of before.

Sept 19th – And on the 19th we have what we’re calling a tale of two sitcoms, I’ll let you decide which one you want to watch.

The Good Place (NBC), a great sounding idea, with an interesting plotline, a great looking cast and an overall fun look to it!


Oh boy!!!


Kevin Can Wait – a really bad sounding idea, with a tired sounding plotline, an unfortunate cast (hi Kevin James, welcome back to TV), and an overall tired and run down look to it.


Oh boy…


Sept. 20th – Bull (CBS)

So… this is a series about the early career of talk show host Phil McGraw… but it’s also a comedy… I think. What… who’s idea was this… exactly. Do you guys think we’re that interested in Doctor Phil CBS?? Cause… cause we don’t.

Sept 21st – Lethal Weapon (Fox) – The first of our “boy what a terrible idea” 80’s spin-off TV shows, Lethal Weapon is definitely a thing that’s a thing. I mean, look, it could be a good show but all it really is, is yet another procedural cop show. It could be good, it could be bad, but at the moment it’s just another cop show that happens to have thrown a vaguely recognizable title on it.

Designated Survivor (ABC) – Actually kind of interesting one here… Keifer Sutherland (yes, him again) as a cabinet member who ends up being the president thanks to the “designated survivor policy” where one cabinet member is left behind during the state of the Union address. Honestly, it’s kind of an interesting premise, Keifer Sutherland doesn’t necessarily make me lean one way or the other but this could be kind of cool.

Sept. 22nd – Pitch (Fox)

Like I said before, I like the idea of Pitch (first woman baseball player and stuff) but I just don’t see where the show goes. I mean there’s only so much inherent drama in having someone pitch, I mean she has to be good at pitching or what’s the point of the show and surely they can’t make this into a soap opera who will she date show, right? I mean, that seems real offensive to its whole “girl power” premise. Sooo… what?

Sept. 23rd – MacGyver (CBS)


“Yeah it’s a laptop made of flour and baking soda… no really… it’s great!! And totally a thing I can make.”


And the second bad 80’s remix for no reason. And this one was even less no reason than the other one. Like I’ve said before MacGuyver is a show based around people’s lack of being able to understand how stuff was actually built. I mean every other video on my facebook is some idiot telling me how to make a cabin out of a paperclip and a duck, I really don’t need a TV show to do it.

Sept. 30th – Luke Cage (Netflix)


Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.


It’s weird that this is the best thing coming to TV this month isn’t it?? Luke Cage was great in Jessica Jones and so far none of the Netflix’s shows have missed so… let’s keep this Netflix train a rolling!!

And there you go guys!! We’re almost through that September movie lull! We can do it!

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