Internet! Hello and welcome to a very exciting new edition of the mailbag, wherein I crack open some letters from a galaxy far, far away!!

Dear Micah, am I alive?!?!?!? Curse this limbo I find myself in!! It’s just me and Cobb from Inception in here and his stupid spinning top is getting real annoying!! – Boba Fett, Limbo.

Look Boba, I don’t know. Some context for the uninitiated: in the movies Boba Fett is a silent bounty hunter who everyone seems to think is real awesome, but really all we see him do is get his ship flushed out in the garbage (maybe on purpose??) and then gets murdered by a blind guy flailing around with a stick who happens to hit him in the jet pack. I mean movie-wise, we have no idea what Boba Fett is actually capable of. In the book universe, Boba Fett blows up the Sarlacc and goes on to have some great storylines and prove that he really is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. But then when episode 7 came out Disney hit the reset button on the entire book-iverse, condemning Fett to Limbo.


Boba Fett: Good for bounties, bad for digestion.


All that said, Disney likes money Boba, and people will flock to theaters to see your helmety face. You’ll be back. I mean, worst case scenario you’ll be back in Star Wars Rebels (Darth Maul actually came back to life for that show) but I think they’ll save you for a big reveal in the movies. Hang in there buddy.

Dear Micah, I’m back!! Are you excited to see me in Star Wars Rebels? – Grand Admiral Thrawn, definitely existing.


Are those… are those lizards behind him about to kiss?


Goodness all the nerdy book characters of my youth keep writing in! Okay so (some background) Admiral Thrawn was maybe the best villain in the entire book-iverse. But when Disney mashed reset he (much like Boba) was cast off into the unknown. Now though, he’s back with a vengeance in a brand new Star Wars Rebels season. That said: Star Wars Rebels (which is supposed to be great) is only available on the Disney Channel XD (whatever that is.) So I’m glad you’re alive and everything Thrawn but uh… I will probably not get to watch you. At all.

Dear Micah, I am also back!! How much will I actually be in Rogue 1, though? Will I actually get a chance to do some good old fashioned Vader-murder?? Darth Vader, that weird pod thing.

Look Vades, (can I call ya Vades??) I don’t know honestly how much you’ll be in Rogue 1. I mean, you’re not the main villain, I’m pretty sure. It’s that other dude with the cape that has a HUGE rip in it.

rogue one

Someone should probably tell him about that.


That said: Star Wars fans have never really seen you cut loose (dissection pun) in the movies. The comics and books have multiple accounts of you basically winning battles single-handedly but in the movies it’s all been 1 v. 1. And that first battle in Episode 4 with you vs. Obi-wan was just depressing. You looked like two old men fighting over a garden hose. I REALLY hope we get to see Vader mix it up some, yeah. I’d love to see maybe an opening sequence where Vader just mows down a Rebel base or maybe something in the middle where our heroes are part of larger task force and Vader just starts picking them off one by one. I don’t know. But this seems like the movie to do something big with Vader and now that we know he’s a part of it I hope we get to some action!

Dear Micah, I shot second!! – Greedo, Dead.

Shut-up Greedo. Nobody cares.

Dear Micah, I stabbed first!! – Kylo Ren, definitely on the Dark Side forever.

Too soon, Kylo. Too soon.



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