New in the Box 7/1/2016

Posted: July 1, 2016 by Micah in Randomnicity

Okay guys, hang with me here. We’re doing this fast, we’re doing it like greased lightning covered in grease, watching Grease. Here’s the new movies opening this weekend and why you should/shouldn’t see them.

The BFG: Stephen Spielberg directs a movie based on Roal Dahl’s childrens book about a giant race of giants that are giant. It’s a serviceable kids movie based on a cool concept. It’s an original movie with some cool things to say, which makes it different from all the other sequels, prequels, and… beequels??

The Purge: Election Year: Sigh… it’s just… why? Why?????

Our Kind of Traitor: Definitely an under the radar movie, but it’s a taught, well told psychological thriller anchored by a great performance from the continuously  awesome Ewan McGregor. Give it up for the Gregs, everyone!! Also, don’t call him ‘the Gregs’… that’s super weird.

And Finally:

The Legend of Tarzan: Look… it’s not bad. But it’s not… great. It’s fine. It’s Tarzan, there’s a dude and some gorillas and in the end the Gorillas are a family and everyone loves everyone, except for Tarzan who loves… waffles. Okay, kind of lost it at the end there, but the point is: you won’t regret watching this movie if you’re interested, or if you wish the Jungle Book had more six packs: you’re gonna like it. You’ll have good times.

So there you go guys, sorry this was so short, but there was a break in the time-space continuum or… I got sleepy last night… one of those two things I’m pretty sure… probably that first one though.

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