Captain America: Civil War

Posted: May 13, 2016 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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All right Internet, first off: Sorry for the lack of posting this week. There has been sickness. Many. Much. Sickness. But I am slowly rounding back into form so here’s a review of Captain America: Civil War that I started way way back on Monday night, when I was moderately healthy, it’s a little on the short side but I’m a little on the dead side… so it all works out!… mostly.

Okay guys, it’s here. We made it. Captain America: Civil War, after the… let’s call it, mixed results… of Batman V Superman, can Captain America: Civil War actually live up to expectations? Can it surpass expectations? Can it pass the the corn like a human instead of just winging it across the table at me, Gary?!?! Can it?!?!?

Probably not so much that third one… but let’s find out about the first two.

Micah Reviews: Captain America: Civil War


Kind of puts “hot plates” into new perspective doesn’t it?


The Plot: So… this is tricky cause most of this plot is pretty spoilery   and it’s not a movie that should be spoiled. In summary: After the UN enacts a law demanding that super heroes work under a governing body of nations Iron Man and Captain America find themselves on opposite ends of not only the law but on a new, unexpected, attack against the UN.

Cap and Iron Man both must gather their strongest friends as lines are drawn and crossed between heroes.

Oooooohhh… that was fancy. And dramatic. I mean that’s like… a paragraph and a half wherein I didn’t make a single snarky remark or sarcastic fish joke. And yes I purposely left a comma out of that sentence. You’ll never know whether the fish itself is sarcastic, or if I was going to be sarcastic about the fish. That’s what you get for making me be serious for a paragraph Internet.  That’s what you get.


Race to the buffet!!


The Negatives:

Umm… I don’t know… I mean nobody gave me a hot dog or popcorn on the way into the theater. But beyond that I can’t really think of anything.

The Positives:

Basically everything. I mean look: This is technically Captain America 3, but in point of fact it’s an Avengers movie, that strongly features Captain America. So why not start with the cast: who are awesome. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans headline and are their usual fantastic selves. The movie does a great job of focusing on the emotional dynamic between its characters, especially the two main characters. The Russo brothers (the movies directors) continue growing into the Universe by taking what they did in Winter Soldier and improving on it. You’ll see the same great close quarters fighting you saw in Winter Soldier, but they also expand on it in some incredible, super powered fighting in what is probably the best fight scene in the history of Marvel’s universe.

The special effects are top notch and (specifically in a few spoiler heavy areas I won’t talk about) really do get stretched.

The script is very tight and strikes an incredibly good balance between serious and humor. One of the main criticisms of a movie like Ant-man or (to a lesser extent) Age of Ultron was that the humor took away a bit from the movies gravitas, here it does seem much better balanced. Maintaining a really great fun feel, while not taking too much away from the drama.

The two major new characters Black Panther and Spiderman are both VERY well done. Both characters are introduced incredibly well and without having to derail the movie to go into a long explanation of their powers and origins. And without giving anything away I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is probably the best Spiderman we’ve seen so far? Granted it’s not a full length movie but he just feels a lot more like the comic book Spiderman and a lot less like the mopey/soap opera Spiderman we saw in the last two Spiderfranchises.


“Wait me and Winter Soldier are in the same movie?”


In Conclusion:  

Captain America: Civil War is another great entry into the Marvel Universe. In fact, a strong debate could be made that this is the best movie in the franchise so far. I’m not having that debate today but we’ll leave it at: It’s definitely in the top 3 or so.

I give it 5 Sarcastic Fish jokes out of 5.

  1. Jaden C. Kilmer says:

    A sarcastic fish joke rating scale? That’s new!

    I’m seeing this either tonight or tomorrow, and I have low expectations as someone outside the MCU fandom. But I really liked the first Avengers and I love Tom Holland so maybe this will surprise me. And your review makes it sound a lot like that first Avengers.

    I’m trying to start a movie blog of my own, btw at It’s not a sarcastic fish joke scale but I do use a cookie based scale! Should be fun. Civil War will be my first review.

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