This’ll come as a shocker to some of you out there in Inter-land but running this blog is actually somewhat difficult at times. Not… ya know, most times, but some times. Occasionally.  Particularly in September, February, and March when there aren’t many new movies, nothing is really going on, and I have to make up things about soy milk and kale and char and Nicholas Sparks movies and some other things that I don’t understand but sound real gross.
But then there’s January, a fantastic month where I get to basically just write about last year, this year, and some broad and terrible things that are awesome. Probably my favorite article of the year though is this one, it’s just exciting to look ahead at the year in movies and see what there’s gonna be! And this year was no exception!
Micah’s Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2016
Seriously though, there are WAY to many movies to be excited about this year. I really paired down my list this year and I still had three movies left over. So sorry, Jungle Book, Warcraft, Through the Looking Glass and Star Trek: Beyond. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you… it just won’t be one of the top ten spots in my heart.
10. Deadpool February 12th
 I’m a big Deadpool fan and I think/hope this will be a decent movie. The trailers have looked pretty good (though R rated so be advised.) That said, it’s so easy for a movie like Deadpool to be too much, too many, and too often. If it’s done well, it’ll be great, but it’s hard to balance comedy and action and Deadpools own signature, self aware style. So Deadpool is at number 10 cause I’m trying to temper my expectations, hopefully it’ll be good… but if it’s not good it will be TERRIBLE. There’s no middle ground here.
9. Ghostbusters July 15th
 I’m excited for this one. Great looking cast, reboot of a good franchise that (unlike certain re-boots) needed a nice re-boot. The originals are great, but clearly the time for Ghostbusters 3 has passed us, excited to see what the new generation look likes!

I mean obviously it looks like this… but you know what I mean.

8. Batman V. Superman March 25th 
 Yeah, I was a little surprised this clocked in this low on the list. The last couple trailers have made me, if anything, less excited about this. That’s not to say I’m not excited, but it seems like the more info I get on this the less I think it will be anything more than decent. I think it will be decent, I don’t think we’re looking at a train wreck, just not a great movie. The action will be good, the story and the scripting will be meh. I’m still excited, just less so.
7. A Monster Calls October 14th
 Definitely, my wild card pick on this list. There’s just not a lot of info on this movie, but it’s based on a great book and features the low growly gravel growl voice of one, Liam Neeson. There’s not a great deal of info on this one, but I like what I’ve seen, I know what I’ve read, and I are what I eat.
Or something.

So you’ve cast Liam Neeson as that giant monster tree you say? Where do I sign up???

6. X-Men: Rise of Apocalypse May 27th
 So… I liked the trailer for this but… are we sure Sophie Turner can do an American accent?? Are we sure we’re not getting back into the X-men 3 range of just throwing too many mutants out there? I mean X-Men: Days of Future past was pretty good so it’s reassuring to know that Bryan Singer has done this before but… I don’t know. I mean I’m excited for this but… mildly concerned.
5. Suicide Squad, August 5th
This is very exciting. Love that we’ve finally got a movie centering around slightly reformed villains. Interested to see the new Joker, and to finally get Will Smith in a true comic book movie. The trailers have been solid, the cast looks great, I think this will be DC’s best movie of the year by a LONG shot.

Suicide Squad Prediction 1: One of those guys on the end will be dead within ten minutes. Mine as well just have them wear red shirts that say “Cannon Fodder” on them.

4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Nov. 22nd.
Another movie that I know very little about, FBWFT has released one trailer that contained virtually ZERO information. But Eddie Redmayne looks great and it seems like he’s basically gonna go full Doctor Who in this which I am ALL about. Plus, it’s Harry Potter and JK Rowling and they’re nothing if not reliably wonderful!… Except for Deathly Hallows Part 1, or as I call it Harry Potter: Walk in the Forests and do Nothing.
3. Captain America: Civil War, May 6th
Ah, the big 3. This’ll be great. I’m excited to see where this movie goes and to watch Iron Man and Cap face off. This has such a good chance to brake out of the typical super hero movie story path and do something really cool and different. Interested to see Black Panther and the new Spider Man, this is all coming up win!!
2. Doctor Strange Nov. 4th
As excited as I am about Captain America though, I’m even more excited for Dr. Strange. Strange is (hopefully) a very VERY different Marvel movie. Thus far they’ve mostly ignored the magical aspect of the Marvel world even leaning Thor towards ‘what you call magic we call science’ excuses. But this is all magic, all the time AND Benedeict Cumberbatch stars as Dr. Strange so how can you not be excited about that?? That’s a big pile of excitement with extra excitement on the side and a wedge of excited cheese!

Thank you Marvel, may I have some more??

1. Star Wars: Rogue One Dec. 16th
Maybe it’s the Internets collective Star Wars fever but I’m super excited to see this new kind of Star Wars movie next year. As far as we can tell this’ll be sans Jedi and largely focus on the theft of the Death Star plans that led to the events of episode 4. Also: Alan Tudyk. I mean come on, it’s Wash, in Star Wars. Get on board.

Miss you… you seem to be confused about how helmets work…

So there you have it guys, it’s gonna be another fun movie year!! Check back next Tuesday when I look back at the ten worst movies to come out in 2015!! It’s gonna be… probably pretty miserable.

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