Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Posted: December 29, 2015 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Okay Internet, so here we are. After years of waiting, months of anxious anticipation, and whole days of me sitting nervously in a darkened room trying to avoid spoilers, we’ve made it. Below is my review of the movie for which I have spent my entire life training to review… or something.

Micah Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Slightly less of a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

(VERY slight spoilers below)

The Plot:

It’s been… a time, since the Return of the Jedi and the explosion of the second death star that would have totally destroyed Darth Vader’s mask. In that time, things have not really changed at all. There’s still the Empire (now called the First Order) there’s still the Rebels (now called The Resistance) and there are still no Jedi.

In this largely unchanged galaxy we’re introduced to Rey, Finn, Poe, and some other monosyllabically named people. These people will (except for Poe) make some discoveries, find some things, meet some older people who you may recognize, and shoot some blasters. It’s a big, galaxy spanning adventure that I can’t really get into too much detail on just in case some cave dwelling nerd out there still somehow hasn’t seen this. But don’t worry, we’ll get to some spoilers later.

The Positives:

It’s Star Wars again guys. Not whatever that messy nonsense we called episodes 1-3. Not the epic story of a small annoying child who grew into a larger and (improbably) more annoying adult. Nope, it’s Star Wars. Big galaxy crossing adventures, filled with fun characters, cool special effects, and crazy Force powers. No long, boring meetings where characters stand around and debate senate policy or talk about how the Force is feeling that day. Nope it’s a big, fun, adventure filled Star Wars movie. Just like they should be.


Arguably the most important part of any good Star Wars movie.

The acting is really solid even Harrison Ford who I can only assume was on ALL of the drugs to make him look alive again. Daisy Ridley leads the new cast with her great performance as the still fairly mysterious Rey, and the rest of the cast, young and old alike, turn in universally strong performances.

The script is good. It’s not great, it never really delivers big, strong moments or huge hilarious laugh lines, but it’s a strong script filled with just enough humor and just enough heart to let you sit back and enjoy the spectacle and characters of the movie.

The Negatrons:

Not a lot to say here. A couple things seemed to happen coincidentally but it’s hard to pass final judgment on these things until the next movie pops in. It’s incredibly obvious that Episode 8 and 9 will be filled with call backs to this movie and the things that happened between 6 and 7 so who knows maybe one of the main characters turning up in the last five minutes of the movie with an easy answer to everyone’s questions will make sense, I don’t know.

The first time I watched this (yes I’ve seen it twice) I was not on board with Kylo Ren in his… more angsty moments. I didn’t mind as much the second time though so maybe my “new Vader” expectation was too high. He definitely isn’t New Vader but he does have a little “New Whiny Force User” to him so… we’ll see how that goes.

The movie does (in a couple key places) borrow heavily from the Episode 4 plot. I’m gonna be fairly forgiving on that this time because I think it was important to make this feel like Star Wars again more than anything else. If the trend continues in the next movie it’ll obviously be a big problem but I’ll let it slide JJ… this time.

In Conclusion:

This is a great movie guys. If you like Star Wars, or even if you just like movies, this is great. It’s a great journey from start to finish with great performances, a strong script, and just that great feeling of being back in a galaxy far far away.

I give it 4 Fars out of 5.

Some spoiler thoughts: And yes these are VERY spoilery. Do not read if you care about such things.

So, Han Solo died… like I said he would. Look, of the original big 3 Harrison Ford was the oldest and the one who absolutely HATES Star Wars. And probably everyone in the world also. I’m glad they got him back and I thought he did awesome in this movie but I think it was time for him to go.

And speaking of him going, let’s talk Kylo Ren. So clearly the next movie is going to be largely centered around the training of Kylo and Rey, an interesting dichotomy of light versus dark and a cool set up for some flash backs and some much needed fleshing out of these characters. I thought it was interesting that the “climactic” lightsaber battle was fairly sedate due to the fact that neither person was fully trained (or trained at all if you’re Rey.) But that’s not gonna fly for very long so expect to see a more full powered fight sometime next movie. I was not super impressed with Kylo in his “non mask wearing angst” but we’ll see if he can step it up in the next movie with some more clarity of purpose. It’s clear that his light side/dark side struggle is gonna be a big part of these movies so hopefully he becomes a more grounded character in the next movie.

And now for some wild speculation: So Rey is probably a Skywalker, right? I mean, we know she was at the Jedi Temple when Kylo went all Ren on everything, and she’s strong in the Force and she seems to have a very Anakin way of fixing machines/flying things very well. She’s probably a Skywalker, just like Kylo was always probably a Solo. BUT what if… She’s a Kenobi??? Obi-Wan was on Tatooine for a LONG time and what if this is his granddaughter? Obviously she’s strong in the Force and she’s even got her mind trick game going just like her old Granddad. I mean let’s be clear: She’s probably Luke’s kid. But I’m just saying…


Cause you know you’d watch a “Obi-Wan falls in love, and other Tatooine Adventures” movie.


Finally: I was slightly disappointed there was no Boba Fett sighting. I know I joked about it in my last article but I was hoping we’d get at least an indication of whether or not he was still kickin’ around in this particular version of the Galaxy. (He totally is, cause… ya know, toys and stuff.) But it would have been nice to get some Easter Egg thing that would give us a clue.

But there you have it internet, my review of Star Wars and a whole lot of unconnected and nerdy spoilers!! Thanks for reading and check back Thursday when we start our annual end of the year awards columns!!

  1. Reid Mewborne says:

    My hope is that Reyis not a Skywalker or a kenobi. I hope Rey is just her own new character. I had the idea that she was a kenobi at first, but I don’t think so since he was such an uptight jedi. Now I have a question: How do we know she was training when Kylo went all Ren? She appears to have no idea if the force and Luke is even real. I think she’s a fresh new character. I think Luke hid her to protect her, but I think she’s still, new. Kylo might know who she is, but biggest stretch in the Plot Twist, is… DU DU DUUUAAAAHHH… Kylo is good, and staged turning to the Dark to get close to the Supreme Leader…. and Kylo is new, which is why Kylo wanted such a strong Jedi to train, for help… However, Kylo could have just been telling her she needed a teacher to have her set out to Luke… It’s a stretch but it could be. Now, I would love it if everything from here on out would be new plot.

    • Micah says:

      Thanks Reid! Some solid theories there!! I like the Kylo secret agent twist and I would honestly be very cool with Rey just being a regular old, space-person. But I feel like at this point they’ve made it a thing with all the Force flash backs and her ‘waiting for her family,’ probably too much to be just a red herring. Still though, I very much agree that from here on out we need new plot! I’m glad they did what they did with this movie, but from here on out I need more new, less nostalgia!

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