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Posted: October 27, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well hey Internet, long time no post. Sorry about last week, there was a sickness and (to put it mildly) it absolutely wrecked me. There was coughing, infecting, literal actual death that I only defeated by clawing my way angrily out of the river Styx and bribing the Ferryman with a nickel, two pieces of Orbitz gum, and an old starburst wrapper. But here I am again, resurrected, hungry for life and donuts and ready to watch a show based around a woman who is basically Superman but who (for none specific reasons) is unable to show Supermans face. That’s right everyone, it’s time for Supergirl.

Okay first off: chill out. Everybody. Just chill. Supergirl is fine. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever watched on TV, but it wasn’t bad. As it ever does, the internet is crazy over reacting to Supergirl, half of the people say it’s great, the other half say it’s terrible and stupid and dumb and they hate women and puppies and breakfast cereal with sugar. Per usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle…

Supergirl: she's exactly like Superman... except not.

Supergirl: she’s exactly like Superman… except not.

The plot: So Superman has a cousin, an older cousin?? I guess… though she’s also younger, for blackhole timey wimey reasons. But anyway, she was sent from Krypton (Superman’s home sweet Planet home) at the same time as Superman to watch over her cousin, but as Superman rose (tee-hee) to stardom, Supergirl just kept doing the 8-5 businessy thing as the mild mannered, altered ego Something Somethington… I mean.

She's just an average girl... except for the superpowers... which is a fairly big divide when you think about it.

Just like Superman she relies on a glasses based disguise… which works somehow.

But then through a crazy set of circumstances, her sister almost dying in a plane crash and a crazy axe murderer, death murderer alien… person. She embraces her power and becomes the legendary legend of Legends: Supergirl-who-we-respect-and-love-just-as-much-as-we-would-a-man.

Some thoughts:

Melissa Benoist heads up a fairly strong cast highlighted by herself and Chyler (Yes that’s her real name) Leigh. Every chain must have it’s weakest/inexplicably in this show for some reason, link (Calista Flockhart) but on the whole it’s a strong cast that does fairly well with a decent script.

Speaking of the script it’s pretty good. It’s not great, it won’t change your life and it occasionally drops the ball with an audible thud but it holds up well on the whole. The script writers know what they’re doing and have a nice template to work from given the recent success of Arrow and The Flash, a template it uses with only some slight instances of carbon copying. That said the dialogue itself occasionally gets pretty sloppy and has a distinctly “We also would like to be a rom-com” feel, like the gem “because of your alien DNA you can’t get pimples so life can’t be that bad.” It just… occasionally, almost in spite of itself, can’t avoid the lure of “She’s just an everyday girl” and with everything else the show tries to do things like that just don’t mesh. Once it gets past all that and into the actual ‘Supergirl’ stuff it actually flows much better.

The world the show occupies is… interesting. It definitely has a bad case of ‘Superman-itis’ and really dropped the ball on how that whole thing should be handled. Either work him into the story fully, or just mention him when you absolutely have to and move on. Instead Supergirl opts for an odd sort of half and half where we see Superman a few times but for some reason not his face, and we talk about him a lot but for some reason stick to third party names like “my cousin” or “he” as if he was Lord Voldemort or something. Some other fun “he who must not be named instances are: ‘the big guy’ ‘my blue friend’ It’s a VERY off putting way of handling the problem, like a teenager with acne who decides that the best way to handle his debilitating face volcanoes is to constituently call attention to them himself and make a deluge of bad jokes about them. Hopefully, as the show comes into it’s own more it can move past the whole thing and just focus on it’s own stuff but this was easily the biggest negative on the show.

It did do the same thing with the whole ‘Supergirl’ name where it felt the need to have Callista Flockhart deliver a twenty minute diatribe on why it was okay to call her “Supergirl.” We get it. It’s fine, the only people with insecurities about this are weird crazy people who won’t watch your show, and apparently you. Another prime example of this is when Supergirl is handely getting her butt handely handed to get and someone says “She’s not strong enough” someone else responds “Because she’s just a girl!?!?!!?!” To which the obvious response is: “No. Cause she’s getting her BUTT KICKED.” We get it. She’s a girl. Move on.

Also: is kryptonese the right word for Krypton language?? Isn’t that Kryptonian? Which is a MUCH better sounding word.

I also feel like they missed a great chance for a script moment. Whenever someone on TV says “You better win.” If the person doesn’t respond with “All I do is win.” someone has failed.

And my final also: how does someone detonate an explosive ax inches from her face and not get any shrapnel in said face?? Just curious, ya know, physics-wise.

“So you’re sure this won’t hurt me when I explode this right?… guys???”

In Conclusion: I’ve said this on this website before, but you never want to judge a show by it’s pilot. A pilot is a weird mix of introductions, and ground work and scriptwriters furiously ripping out their hair trying to make something that makes vague sense out of the primordial sludge their brains are slowly becoming. Never stop watching a show just cause it had a bad pilot… unless it’s a REALLY bad pilot. I mean I didn’t need to watch more then the first ten minutes of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland before I figured out that it was the worst thing ever. But that was the rare exception to the rule.

That said, Supergirl had a fairly solid pilot and I’m interested to see where the show will go from here. I think it will benefit from being past the ‘she’s just a regular girl’ sections, and putting a tighter focus on the week to week stuff. I do think it will get over it’s Superman-itis once everyone kind of catches onto the premise (which hopefully won’t take long) and I’m interested to see where things go from here!

Thanks for reading guys, and I’ll see you Thursday!

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