Mailbag 10-13-2015

Posted: October 13, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity

Well hi Internet, and welcome to Tuesday. So remember last Tuesday when I said I was gonna do another mailbag? And then Thursday I cancelled that mailbag so that I could do a review of the Intern? Yeah well I’m cancelling that. The cancellation that is. I’ve cancelled the cancelling, thereby simultaneously cancelling, uncancelling, recancelling, and can-cancelling the entire thing. All that so say: here’s a mailbag.

Have you seen the new trailer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? What do you think about the movie? – Ashley 

Actually Ashley I haven’t!! Hang on…
Okay well: that was more or less exactly what I expected it to be. Look, if this is your thing, you will probably like this. If you thought Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was a fantastic idea, then congratulations person(s) here’s another of that thing that you enjoyed.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, basically just the cash grab you thought it was.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, basically just the cash grab you thought it was.

Personally it earns a strong: ‘meh’ from me. If it’s on DVD, or streaming or something in a way that I can watch it and then the moment it strikes my fancy to do so, stop watching it. I may check this out, if nothing else because Matt Smith is in it, and I do like Matt Smith, beyond that: I will probably never see this. Sorry, fans of Jane Austen who also enjoy zombie movies.
I hate to let both of you down.
What did you think of the Flash/Arrow premieres? – John
I thought both of them were fine. I think Arrow came out a little stronger with some interesting teases about what was coming this season, while the Flash just kind of… came back. There was a guy with some VERY poorly animated growing powers, Barry’s dad came back and then instantly was gone again, and some other things occurred and then instantly didn’t occur. I felt like Arrow actually did more with their show but both we’re fine.
In other premiere thoughts I thought Agents of Shield actually had the best premiere of the three and followed it up with a strong second episode. Of course Agents of Shield has generally started strong and ended strong but STRUGGLED  in the middle so we’ll see what happens.
Micah, what are your thoughts on the new Jessica Jones netflix series? Also, you never reviewed Netflix’s Daredevil. – Josh 
Okay geeze, Josh way to sneak two incredibly elaborate questions into one e-mail. I’m gonna need two paragraphs for this aren’t I?? Ya jerk.
Daredevil Review: I thought it was good. Not great, I didn’t think it was the best thing since the invention of oxygen like the rest of the nerd world, but I thought it was good. Mostly I just felt like it dragged, I really enjoyed the first two episodes and the last two episodes but the episodes in between we’re just all over the place. They had some good stuff, and like I said I did enjoy the season on the whole but we spent a whole episode watching Foggy (Daredevil’s best friend) crying with his stupid crying face about how Daredevil didn’t reveal his secret identity to him. I mean come on Foggy, why would he??? How does sharing that knowledge benefit ANYONE??? I get being mildly upset about it but I don’t need to spend 50 minutes in a dark New York apartment watching you two sob tearfully back and forth about your emotions. Then there was this whole weird sub-plot with the Kingpins mom that literally served ZERO narrative purpose other then to just give two minor character something to occupy themselves with. Anyway, like I said, I thought it was good. Didn’t understand why everyone freaked out about it.
This mans whiny stupid face will haunt your whiny stupid dreams.

This mans whiny stupid face will haunt your whiny stupid dreams.

Jessica Jones: I’m excited for this. I like the heroine, like the actress they got to play her, and am excited to see more heroes/villains in this particular corner of the marvel universe. Also: David Tennant plays the villain. That is literally all I need to know about this. Supposedly this series is about more Psychological Thriller as opposed to Daredevil’s “Punching/talking/talking/talking/puncing” formula so we’ll see how that goes, but on the whole I’m very excited for this.
If this was the only promotional material for this show, I would still 1000 percent watch it.

If this was the only promotional material for this show, I would still 1000 percent watch it.

You never once talked about the Red Sox this year? I’m disappointed in you. – Lisa
I’m disappointed in the Red Sox, Lisa. This is a basic summary of the Red Sox this year: I was marginally excited about our chances to make the playoffs this year and then the season started. I mean don’t get me wrong there were some good parts to the year, particularly the last two months or so when our young players started playing really well, and I probably watched more games this season than every before so that was nice, but on the whole a down year for the Red Sox and thereby for my talking about the Red Sox.
Well there you go guys, thanks for your emails, questions, and comments! Email us at and you can get your question answered right here on Thoughts We Might Have Had.

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