Ranking the Doctor

Posted: September 22, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Hey everyone, well… here we are. Another new year, another new season of Doctor Who. I haven’t written a ton about Doctor Who on this blog because I frankly find it a hard thing to quantify. It’s just so big and hard to quantify. And big.

But now after years of careful practice and training and several long minutes of thought, I’m ready to definitively rank every season of Doctor Who! That’s right, put everything you ever thought or considered in your heart aside and listen to me as I inanely express my opinions in a way that makes them sound like hard facts!

Ranking the Doctor

Just to be clear I’m ranking the NEW series. Not the old series. I’m a fan of Doctor Who, not a fan of self-torture. I appreciate the old shows, but I will not watch them. Also, please bear in mind that I have thoroughly enjoyed pretty much every season of Doctor Who, some more than others, which is really the point of this list. This isn’t a love/hate list so much as it is a like/love list.

Okay so, let’s start at the bottom shall we?

8. Series 1 – Look I have no problem with Christopher Eccleston. He was fine, maybe a little rough around the edges but that was really okay. It was a rough around the edges Doctor. My real problem with the first series is that it wasn’t really Doctor Who yet. It had some very Doctor Who episodes (mostly thanks to intrepid writer of awesome Stephen Moffat) but on the whole the series wasn’t sure whether it was going full on campy weirdness (those terrifying episodes with the huge fat suit aliens) or more of a ‘realistic take’ (as realistic as a time traveling man in a giant/tiny blue box can be.) Plus (and I’m gonna sing this song a few times) the technology just wasn’t there yet to really make this show as good as it would eventually become. It’s good at times, fine at others, and other times just… disappointing.

You forgot that this happened didn't you? Mickey got cloned by a trashcan and his girlfriend didn't notice. Yup.

You forgot that this happened didn’t you? Mickey got cloned by a trashcan and his girlfriend didn’t notice. Yup.

7. Series 8 – Okay look, this isn’t me just hating on new Doctor Peter Capaldi, okay? I have no huge problem with him, he’s not my favorite by any means but I don’t think he’s bad. I just really felt like this series kind of lost its way. It felt like the writers were scuffling to come up with new ideas and other then a few episodes (the 2D monsters were very cool) the show just stagnated. The villains weren’t incredibly interesting, no new characters were introduced that had any sort of real impact, and while I did enjoy the final villain but it just felt like more of the same thing we’ve seen before. I still have hope for the new season as I don’t think the show strayed too far from what made it really great, but this season just kind of felt like a holding pattern.

6. Series 4 – Okay from here on out it gets even more subjective than before. I feel like there’s a pretty clear line here and definitely after here. I’m gonna get a lot of hatred for this anyway, though. I was never huge into the Donna companionship and while this season dose have some truly awesome episodes, The Poison Sky and the Sontaran Stratagem were the first two episodes I ever watched, and Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead are incredible. It ended with a huge sigh though as the Doctor somehow cloned himself and the Earth got stolen by bees or something?? And then Donna became a Time Lord???? Maybe? The last four episodes were just kind of… bleh.

5. Series 7 – Matt Smith’s final season of Doctor Who was pretty good but it did have some issues. The Angles Take Manhatten was a let down, and the second half of the season was a build up to Smith’s final episode and you could never shake the feeling that the show suffered because of it. Clara Oswald was the new companion and while she was fine she wasn’t really that… interesting. Journey to the Centre of the Tardis should have been great but wasn’t, The Crimson Horror was… what was that about?? And Nightmare in Silver was a lackluster follow up to Neil Gaimans other awesome episode which we’ll talk about in a second.

All right so… these are the top 4. At any point on any given day they could change. I feel like number 1 is at least fairly solid, but 2-4 is pretty much just a crap shoot.

4. Series 3 – I have literally pulled up lists of episodes from each season and am comparing and contrasting everything. Series 3 does have some fantastic episodes Human Nature, Family of Blood, and (of course) Blink. BUT it also has Daleks in Manhattan, and Evolution of the Daleks which are REAL bad. So points for some great episodes but VERY minus points for those two, the Lazurus Experiments and Martha Jones’ mother who is my least favorite human person on TV ever. At all.

3. Series 2 – Let’s get one thing real clear: I’m Team Tennant. Tennant is hands down my favorite Doctor. That said, I feel (as is now clear) the top two seasons belong to Matt Smith. I love series 2 and it features what might be my single favorite Doctor Who episode ever “The Girl in the Fireplace” but it also has it’s duds for instance what is probably the worst episode of Doctor Who ever “Love & Monsters.” It’s just the worst, the Doctor is barely in it, the villain is incredibly stupid and at the end someone’s consciousness gets transferred into a piece of pavement. Yep.

David Tennant: Because awesome.

David Tennant: Because awesome.

2. Series 6 – I honestly didn’t think this season was that great at the time but man… looking back at these episodes they were all pretty awesome. Sure the Pirate one was pretty terrible and Let’s Kill Hitler was kind of annoying until that annoying woman who played River Song left but The Doctor’s Wife is fantastic, closing time is great, and the main plot of this entire series was really great. The impending death of the Doctor, the kidnapping of Amy, and the Silence were all great storylines that wove together very nicely.

1. Series 5 – Yup. The greatest season of Doctor who ever. Introduced Matt Smith who was great (though not my favorite as has been stated) and was really just a full season of greatness. Victory of the Daleks is probably the weakest link to be had here and even it was pretty solid. But The Lodger, The Pandorica Opens, and The Big Bang were phenomenal and the weeping angels made a great comeback in The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone. It’s got everything you want out of Doctor who and I tip my fez to it.

Well done, Mop!!

Well done, Mop!!

So there you go Internet!! Let the disagreeing begin!!

  1. Katrina says:

    So, a season review was great, but do you think there’s anyway you could try ranking your Top 10 episodes? Just a suggestion.

    (Also, congrats on trying to rank the top seasons. I don’t think I could even begin to do that!)

  2. jimgass says:

    What’s missing here is the David Tennant Specials, which are by far the best episodes in television.

  3. Nathan says:

    But what about the other 8 doctors? And the War Doctor? 🙂

  4. Micah says:

    I may have to try that out at some point Katrina! I liked the Tennant specials though I did feel like his last two episodes were a let down except for the last ten minutes when he went on his ‘farewell tour.’ As for the other 8 Doctors I have no frame of reference… and I’m happy in my ignorance. I like the War Doctor a lot! The 50th Anniversary episode was fantastic, will definitely be on my top ten episodes list… assuming I actually do that.

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