Reader Mailbag: 9/3/2015

Posted: September 4, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity

Well hey internet, and welcome to yet another classic edition of: the Mailbag! Thanks to everyone who wrote in, sorry I can’t get to all of your questions but I appreciate it!! So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Hey Micah, what’s your favorite returning TV show? – Pierce

Hmmm… that’s a tough one actually. I like a lot of TV shows right now but I’m not sure that any show has really reached up to claim a firm ‘favorite.’ I guess if I have to pick one it would be… Arrow??? Maybe. It’s pretty much a three way tie between Arrow, Supernatural, and… I guess the Flash?? Maybe. I don’t know. But I guess Arrow. I enjoyed last season a lot and even though I felt like the last few epsiodes fell back on the classic Arrow “The city is in trouble and only Arrow can save it by beating up this one guy with his fists.” But they split up the cast interestingly so I’m excited to see what direction they go in to start things back up. It looks like they may also be going a little more super powered this year so that’ll be interesting. Anyway, to finish answering your question in the most round about way possible: Arrow. Mostly.

Arrow and his new much less protective looking costume. #FreeBiceps

Arrow and his new much less protective looking costume. #FreeBiceps

Your fall preview didn’t have anything on Minority Report. Are you excited or do you just not care? – Stacy

Mostly the second one, Stacy. I thought the movie was fine but I had no interest in exploring that world further necessarily. Plus the main actor seems to be made of glue and silly putty and lack of talent so… I just don’t care. This is a show that even if it gets great reviews, I will not watch it. My TV life is real busy right now and I hath not the time.

Have you watched Once Upon A Time again? I know you wrote about it a while ago but it’s gotten so much better! – Amy

Here’s the thing Amy, no. I have not. Here’s the reason: I tried like three times and I barely ever made it past the first episode. I think the first time I watched it I made it to like, episode 5 or 6. I just couldn’t get over the bad writing and some of the acting was also just… real bad. I think the overall plot could be really interesting, and I appreciate some of the cool characters they’ve worked in but I will not ever make it to those characters. I’m sorry, Amy.

So Maleficent, Cruella Da Vil, and... whoever that is got together and decided to work together? How did Cruela's evil puppy killing streak work into the overall plan??

So Maleficent, Cruella Da Vil, and… whoever that is got together and decided to work together? How did Cruela’s evil puppy killing streak work into the overall plan??

What are your thoughts on the new Doctor? I don’t know if you talked about him or not but I was curious! – Jenny

I am… okay, with the new Doctor (from Doctor Who for you philistines out there.) I don’t hate, but I don’t necessarily love him or even like him a great deal. He’s fine. I think this last season had some good episodes in it, but none of those episodes had any super memorable moments from the Doctor himself. Tennant and Smith both had some really iconic Doctor moments and I feel like the new guy doesn’t have that. He’s got a great accent, but that’s it. The show is still good, and I still enjoy the show, but I can’t say I’m all in on the Doctor himself.

You left the new Resident Evil movie off your fall movie list. Any thoughts on that movie series? Have you seen any of them? – Jeremy

Resident Evil 6: Crotch Guns

Resident Evil 6: Crotch Guns

I’ve seen most of them. Don’t ask me which ones specifically because at this point they all run together. I did not watch the most recent movie, so I guess it would be cheating to watch this movie. I also watched the one where Alice (the main character) developed super powers, and I watched the one where someone clones her?? Or she has clones and they all have superpowers but then for some reason she doesn’t have superpowers any more?? Which seemed like a huge step back to me. Like does she get those back at some point? Cause it really seems like we established something cool and then removed it for no reason. Like all the sudden deciding pizza shouldn’t have pepperoni anymore. It’s been there, and it was pretty cool, so why would you take it away and then assume I’d be fine with that!! Stupid pizza people!!… what was the question about?

So there you go folks. Five questions, and probably about four and a half answers! Just what you wanted.

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