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Posted: September 1, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well hey internet, and welcome back to ye olde Thoughts We Might Have Hade. Last week we took a look at some movies coming this fall, so it only seemed fair that this week we take a look ahead at some TV shows that will be gracing our TV or (in my case) our computer screens, because why would I pay for what I can largely watch for free, anyway? So here’s a list of shows debuting this fall that I care about, don’t care about, might care about, and don’t know a thing about.

There are three basic ways to attack all these new TV shows (metaphorically). There’s ‘all in’ I will watch this unless it’s so mind boringly bad that it bores into my bored mind and kills all my hope, joy, and dreams for the future.  There’s ‘Test the waters’ in which I watch the first one or two episodes to determine whether the show will be any good. And then there’s ‘meh’ which means I will probably not watch that show. Ever. So thems be the categories, let’s check out the shows.

Angel from Hell

A 30 minute comedy from CBS, Angel from Hell stars Maggie Lawson as a straight laced dermatologist and Jane Lynch as either a crazy homeless person, or Maggie’s guardian angel. I’ll admit that the concept is fairly bleh, but the cast looks good and Lynch and Lawson seem to have pretty good chemistry. At worst this is a bland half hour comedy that quickly fades into that big antenna in the sky with all the other bland half hour comedies that the world creates on a daily basis.

It's like Psych part 2. Detective O'hara has a nervous breakdown!! What's not to love!

It’s like Psych part 2. Detective O’hara has a nervous breakdown!! What’s not to love!

Plan of attack: Test the waters.

Best Time Ever

So… I don’t really know what this show is. It’s hosted by/stars Neil Patrick Harris which is pretty awesome in and of itself but it seems to be part game show, part skit show, part musical extravaganza. I’m pretty sure it will be good, but I reserve the right to turn on that like a snake in the grass riding a merry go round, going through a turnstyle.

On the other hand... this poster.

On the other hand… this poster.

Plan of attack: Test the waters.


Based off of the extremely terrible movie that some people apparently liked for reasons past my ken, Limitless is about a dude who takes smart pills and then becomes smart. And then I guess helps the FBI?? Look, maybe it’s cause I hated the movie but this seems like just another version of Numbers, or Sherlock, or… that other Sherlock show that’s not as good as Sherlock. At best this will be ‘another procedural show about a smart guy’ at worst it will be ‘another procedural show about a smart guy.’ No thanks.

Plan of attack: Meh.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 

A musical tv show (always interesting if nothing else for the train wreck potential) about a woman who follows her  one true love across the country to California. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this or whether it will be good but I support new ideas and people being willing to try something different so I’ll probably check this out. I mean no one new what Galavant was either and that turned out to be pretty awesome so why not give Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a chance right?? That said, I feel like I’m probably not the target demographic for this show, and will probably not care for it.

And also: giant pretzel.

And also: giant pretzel.

Plan of attack – Test the waters.


A woman with a lot of tattoos and no memory is found in Time Square and she and an FBI agent must gradually uncover the mystery of who she is, how she is, and where she is… from. Lost that at the end there. Anyway, it looks good and Something Something is good as Jamie Alexander in the Thor movies so I’ll probably check this out. I’m not all the way in but if I had to pick a show on this list that I am most likely going to watch all of this is probably it so…

Why are you staring? Do I... do I have something on my face?

Why are you staring? Do I… do I have something on my face?

Plan of attack – All in.


So I talked about this a lot when I showed the trailer/entire plot of the first episode but basically I’m not sure how to feel about this show. On the one hand it could work, I mean Supergirl is an interesting character and the actress who is playing her seems to do pretty well for herself. On the other hand the only people who have done super hero TV shows right at this point are the makers of Arrow and the Flash and those shows both get by on the strength of their super hero team/support rather than purely on the strength of their hero which is where Supergirl seems to be going. I’m not saying in can’t work and if it does work that’ll be fantastic but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Plan of attack – Test the waters.


Something something medical show, something something, gee doctors are smart but don’t know how to relate to the average person. This is my blanket ruling on all medical shows, doctor shows, and anything that uses the phrases ‘successful professional insert profession here, struggles to balance their career and their personal life.’ Unless the profession inserted there is ‘Batman.’

Redundancy just drips off this poster... drips.

Redundancy just drips off this poster… drips.

Plan of attack – Meh.

Of Kings and Prophets 

Who knew there was a new Bible show coming out this fall?? Of Kings and Prophets tell the time old tale of David Shepherd, Saul King, and Samson Prophet and how all those people tried to murder each other, save Israel, and kill some lions generally all at the same time. Honestly?? I’m probably not gonna watch this. The trailer looks off, the guy who plays David seems to be a cardboard cut out of Jack Handsomeface and there are just other things I’d rather watch. If it gets really great reviews I will probably at least watch an episode or two but for the moment I’m giving it a solid, meh.

What emotion would you say David is going for here? If you can tell me what emotion he's portraying, I will watch this show.

What emotion would you say David is going for here? If you can tell me what emotion he’s portraying, I will watch this show.

Plan of attack: Meh.

And that’s it guys!! The shows I care about. Of course there are a whole slew of other shows that will be coming in the winter/spring but we’ll get to those when they roll around! Thanks for reading, and I’ll probably do another Mail bag on Thursday so send in your questions to thoughtswemighthavehad@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to get to as many as I can!!

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