Fall Preview 2015

Posted: August 25, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity

Hello Internet!! I’m back. Sorry for the lack of posting on Thursday but it was and sadly remains rather a crazy go nuts time around the house of Thompson. In fact this post is brought to you entirely by my wonderful wife without whom I would be in no mood at all to try and be funny today. But thanks to her, here we are and now that Summer has officially ended with one last petering sigh as Hitman: Agent 47 walked to the box office and promptly collapsed like a dying balloon with self-esteem issues, it seems like a good time to gaze ahead at the fall and see what’s coming down the pipe movie-wise!!

Micah’s Fall 2015 Preview Extravaganza!!

That title is setting the bar way to high I feel, but anyway here we go with what is usually a pretty slow month as far as things people actually want to see.


The Transporter Refueled – September 4. Exactly like this movie. A reboot of a movie franchise that very few people cared about, with an actor no one has heard of. Welcome to September.

Pawn Sacrifice – September 16. A movie starring Tobey McGuire (i.e. whiny Spiderman) as Bobby Fischer. It looks moderately interesting but only in a “I will watch that if it’s on Netflix and I have literally nothing better to do with my time.” Sort of way.

Black Mass – September 18. Something something Johnny Depp, something something Oscar Bait. Great looking cast, super boring looking movie.

black mass

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – September 18. A movie series that perfectly encapsulates the end (hopefully) of the Young Adult book/movie craze. It’s probably better then Divergent/Insurgent/Detergent at this point but if you’re not already a fan of these books, you probably (like myself) do not care.

Hotel Transylvania 2 – September 25. And what better way to end September than with a movie that is a sequel to a movie that no one cared about. Is it just me or is this basically just Adam Sandler’s miserable “Grown Ups” franchise with cartoon characters??? Basicaly the same cast. Basically the same premise. Basically the same degree of suckitude (though at least this series is designed for children.)

Okay so now that that’s over with let’s move on to the slightly less miserable month of October shall we??

The Martian – October 2. I’m actually really excited for this movie. If I don’t see it in theaters it will only be because I really want to read the book first!

Steve Jobs – October 9. I think most of us at this point are willing to admit that Steve Jobs was sort of a terrible person but that makes him no less interesting. Similarly I think we can all admit that Michael Fassbender looks NOTHING like Steve Jobs, but that makes him no less of an awesome actor. That said, Aaron Sorkin wrote this so I’m pretty much in.

Well umm... they might kind of look a like. Ish. Sort of... Okay yeah they don't look alike.

Well umm… they might kind of look a like. Ish. Sort of… Okay, yeah they don’t look alike.

Pan – October 9. Yet another re-imagining of the Peter Pan mythos, this one taking off as a prequel featuring Hugh Jackmen as the primary villain, Blackbeard. This isn’t exactly the most original idea ever, but the trailers look interesting and Jackmen is always fun to watch so I’ll probably end up checking this out.

Suffragette – October 23. Very good looking cast and the trailer for the movie looked pretty interesting. I’ll be interested to see the reviews for this but if they’re good I’ll probably end up seeing it.

So that’s October. A few solid movies, mostly nothing too much to trouble yourself with. November though is where things actually start to get pretty interesting.

Spectre – November 6. Excited for this. It’s Daniel Craig’s James Bond so I’m basically in regardless. But this one features him and the return of Blofelt and my secret theory/wild hope that Andrew Scott (Moriarty from Sherlock) ends up being the real Blofelt.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 – November 20. Sorry, guys. I’m out. Just can’t care anymore. I think Jennifer Lawrence is great, but this movie franchise has officially started wasting her. Just a lot of mopily looking at things and yelling about Peeta and being 1000 percent irrational. Sorry. I’m done.

Mockingjay Part 2: Even more pouty Katniss.

Mockingjay Part 2: Even more pouty Katniss.

Victor Frankenstein – November 25. Easily the movie on this list I am the most excited about. If you haven’t seen this trailer go watch it now. The cast is great James McAvoy, Harry Potter, and Andrew Scott (yes, the same guy from earlier) the script from the trailers looks fun and it’ll be interesting to see if Universal tries to make some crazy tie in to its semi-succesful vampire movie, Dracula Untold. Supposedly they’re still trying to create “Avengers: Monster Edition” which at the very worst will be a fantastically entertaining trainwreck. I’m excited.

Well count me in.

Yup, I’m good.

So there you go guys!! Obviously I’m not getting into December which is a whole article in and of itself so we’ll do that at the end of November. Think I left something off the list?? Desperately offended that I’ve abandoned the Peeta-pocket?? Email in at thoughtswemighthavehad@gmail.com and let me know! Also check back Thursday for my annual Summer Movie Awards blog!

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