Mr. Holmes

Posted: August 11, 2015 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Well hey Internet, and welcome to a different sort of movie review. A calm, dare we say, introspective look at a movie that features (as far as I remember.) Zero explosions, zero super-heroes, and  zero people without fantastic British accents. And that movie is:

 Mr. Holmes

Easily the most dignified picture I have ever posted.

Easily the most dignified picture I have ever posted.

So this weekend The Fantastic Four came out and it was terrible. For real terrible. Like it currently has a worse rotten tomatoes rating than Batman and Robin and while I’m pretty sure it’s not actually worse than that movie… that’s still pretty bad. So I had no interest in watching it. I mean I’ll watch it eventually, but not for ten bucks. So my wife and I were left lost and afraid in this windblown world of movies, until like a golden eyed goddess of the ancient world my wife looked across the desert of entertainment and said: ‘you want to see Mr. Holmes?” And so we did.

And this: is our story.

(Law and Order Sound)

Easily the most recognizable sound in America.

Easily the most recognizable sound in America.

The Plot: 

It’s been a long life for old Sherlock Holmes. Gone are the days where he runs around the countryside, wears funky hats, and wrestles dinosaurs… or whatever.

No, I'm not making that up... unfortunately.

No, I’m not making that up… unfortunately.

These days he is the most at home in his house in the country with his bees, his housekeeper, and his housekeepers young precocious scallawag named the most British thing possible: ‘Roger.’

But something still nags at Sherlock, one last great case that he can’t quite figure out. As his memory  fades Sherlock begins to lose that last little niggling detail of the thing that made him abandon his famous occupation and head out to the countryside for tea and tuffets with little Miss Muffet.

And… that’s about it guys. That’s kind of the plot… or at least the plot that I can tell you without giving away too much. Kinda short huh? Tell you what here are some free, bonus British words for you (just to keep things at their usual length): Wellingtons, crumpets, trolley, haberdashery, splendid, brilliant, Doctor Who.

The Negatives: 

Not a movie for everyone. That’s really the only negative I can give to this straight up, but it is a very true fact. I enjoyed it (more on this later) but if you’re looking for a fast paced action movie, or a taut suspense thriller you’re barking up the bit of Britain my friend. This is a character movie and it has a distinctly BBC drama feel to it (probably because it literally is that.) That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s not a movie that crosses genre’s well and it bears mentioning.

The Positives: 

Ian McKellen. Acting. I talk a lot on this blog about a lot of different actors who I think are pretty awesome, but if you’re looking for someone who is just so fine tuned and just the absolute pinnacle of acting you need not look further than Ian McKellen, and this is a fantastic showing for him. Every look, grunt, and wink in this movie is just loaded with character and it’s impossible to watch him work and not just enjoy it for what it is. I have no joke for this paragraph, just a slow clap for Mr. McKellen.

For real though. Why aren't you clapping?

For real though. Why aren’t you clapping?

The rest of the cast is pretty good as well. Just very solid performances throughout and I must pay a special prize to the child actor in this film who I can officially bestow the highest award that I give to children in movies the ‘I wasn’t Instantly Filled with Hate Towards You.” Award. It’s not much, but it’s the only kids award we got, kid. Now go sit down so I can talk about Ian McKellen some more.

The writing is good. It doesn’t try and exceed it’s bounds or do anything too outside the box so while it never reaches being really really great, it is still quite good and moves the movie along at a brisk enough pace (bearing in mind that there is little to no action in the movie.)

In Conclusion:

Mr. Holmes is a great movie. It is everything you could want out of a movie of it’s genre and it features an incredibly good, shockingly nuanced performance from a legitimate treasure of the screen. It’s message is interesting, its characters are well fleshed out, the cinematography is gorgeous, and the list of its virtues could literally go on much longer then I have time for here. If this isn’t your type of movie than there’s probably not much here, but if you’re looking for a nice calm ride through a great story, or you just appreciate seeing a great acting performance I can’t stress enough how much you should see this movie. It’s brilliant.

I give it 4 Muffety Tuffets out of 5.

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