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Posted: July 28, 2015 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Internet!! How’s Trix?? How’s Cheerios? And other various cereal related greetings. Today, in typical Thoughts We Might Have Had fashion, I’ll be reviewing Antman the week after it came out!! I do this for several totally not made up reasons involving such high points as: global warming, dinosaurs, live bears, dead bears, and (of course) hating crowds… it’s mostly the bears though. Anyway, with only a little further ado here is:

Micah Reviews: Ant-man

Ant-man isn’t exactly an A list marvel hero. But with last years Guardians of the Galaxy (an entire team of B to C list heroes) being widely considered one of the greatest comic book movies ever, can Marvel once again pull off a miracle? Or is this one Ant who should have stayed on the farm.

“We’d like to take a moment and apologize for that joke. Even we thought it was pretty lame.”

The Plot: 

So once upon a time in the 70’s when your parents we’re doing drugs and stocking some wood Hank Pym broke some guys face all over the table because that guy tried to steal his super secret forumla that created flubber!!

Wait wait wait no, sorry. Wrong formula. This formula had the ability to make someone super small and (for reasons that are never entirely clear) comes along with the nifty side affect of being able to control ants.

Many years later we meet Scott Lang just your average, everyday ex-con struggling to hold down a job and maintain his relationship with his daughter. But Scott’s whole world changes when none other then Hank Pym himself offers Scott access to his secret formula and together the two of them found KFC!!

Curse you Colonel Sanders!!!

Curse you Colonel Sanders!!!

Wait nope— wrong formula. Together the two of them bring Ant-man back to combat the sinister Darren Cross as the evil business tycoon attempts to sell off his own version of the Ant-man costume that comes equipped with huge tentacle death lasers and several cup holders.

Can Scott embrace his inner hero and save the day?? What on earth is up with that thing on Evangeline Lilly’s head? And how many poor innocent Ants will Scott sacrifice to achieve his own ends?? Only Ant-man the movie, will tell us!!

The Positives: 

Very strong cast here. Paul Rudd is great as Ant-man, Michael Douglas is a good Ant-man Sr, and Evangeline Lily and Michael Pena lead a very strong cast of supporting characters. Marvel has done very well thus far with it’s hero casting and thinking a little outside the box for someone like Paul Rudd really did pay off big time with Ant-man.

The shrinking effects are very well done. It’s never overly jarring or anything short of very cool when you see some of the ways that the director and effects team have come up with too utilize the shrink effect.

I'm not a neat freak but this picture fills me with a desire to go home and clean my tub.

I’m not a neat freak but this picture fills me with a desire to go home and clean my tub.

Playing right off that there are some very cool fight scenes in this movie. It’s interesting after a movie like Avengers: Age of Ultron where there was just SO much going on in every fight scene to see a movie that rarely has more then two or three people in any fight scene at all but I enjoyed the (for lack of a better term) smaller scale of the fights here and they were all very well done.

Another very well scripted Marvel movie comes and goes. It’s a little more humorous I’d say then some of the others but it maintains a nice balance between humor and drama and action and the script as a whole just works very nicely.

The Negatrons: 

Speaking of the script while it was (to quote myself) ‘nicely’ done, it doesn’t really pave any new territory or do anything we haven’t seen Marvel do before. Ant-man follows the ‘Marvel formula’ to a T and while that isn’t by any means a bad thing, you can’t shake the feeling that maybe by pushing the envelope a little bit more Marvel could made what is undoubtedly a good movie, great.

Also (on a slightly less serious note) a LOT of innocent ants die in this movie. I mean Ant-man basically mind controls a whole ton of care free, diligent ants into giving their lives for a cause that benefits their existence in no way at all. I’m not an ants right activist or anything but surely that’s not entirely okay right???

The villain here is fairly forgettable. Marvel comics (and thereby) Marvel movies doesn’t really do large scale memorable villains. It’s DC’s one advantage in the comic book race. So far, Marvel have done a great job focusing their stories on their vibrant and interesting heroes (something DC doesn’t have a lot of), but Darren Cross just gets added in with Obadiah Stain, that one Dark Elf with the white hair, and that dude with a red skull, on the pile of rinse and repeat Marvel villains.

In Conclusion: 

I enjoyed Ant-man, it was a legitimately fun movie, with a really good cast, and a good script. It plays it pretty safe, and does little to really distinguish itself in the Marvel family but there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. The Marvel Family is a great family and Ant-man certainly deserves a spot amongst them. It’s not quite on par with the Avengers movies, or Guardians, but Ant-man is a solid next step for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and all that aside, it’s a genuinely good film.

I give it 4 flubbers out of 5.

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