Inside Out

Posted: June 30, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity

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Micah Review’s: Inside Out

"I think for it to be a snowglobe it has to have some snow in it..."

“I think for it to be a snowglobe it has to have some snow in it…”

Yup, it’s Pixar everyone. They’re back. Will this movie live up to it’s lofty Pixar parentage? Or will it collapse like umm…  like… well like movies that aren’t Pixar movies.

The Plot:

So Riley is just your average girl living in Minnesota and skating with her skates and hockeying with her hockeys. Unfortunately, Riley is a stark raving crazy person whose personality has divided itself into 5 distinct emotional personifications that control her every word and thought from a small console inside her head.

Itty bitty living space.

Itty bitty living space.

Okay, seriously though. Riley’s emotions are personified by Joy, Disgust, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail. They’ve been guiding her through her largely happy life and enjoying their jobs being confined to a 20×20 room for all of eternity. Until that is Riley moves to San Frisco and an only somewhat related accident cause Joy and Sadness to be launched out of the control center and into the huge lonely world of Riley’s subconscious.

Now, Joy and Sadness must make the long journey back to the control center, before Riley’s life and emotional stability is changed forever.

The Negatrons:

Not really much to say here. I will say it’s very important not to think too much about the lives that the Emotions in Riley’s heads are living. Then again though, I am both a notorious over thinker and by no means the target audience for this movie. Still though it’s a little disturbing to think of these five emotions controlling Riley like some horrifying puppet masters and everything/person I forget has its own representation in my mind that will die a horrifying slow death if I forget it. Like I said: don’t think about it.

The Pros:

Per usual this movie is incredibly well cast. Amy Poehler  and Phyllis Smith turn in great performances as Joy and Sadness respectively and the rest of the cast is incredibly well cast and very talented.  There’s not a weak link amongst them. Funny word: amongst.

The other standard Pixar things all appear: the animation is beautiful, the script is well written, and the short before the movie is just… sort of weird.

It's a mountain love story... no. For real though.

It’s a mountain love story… no. For real though.

The real thing that bears talking about here (cause you know the movie is good already) is the depth of the story. The emotions and Emotions of the characters tell not just a really great story, but also a story that means something emotional. The ending is more than just: and then everything was awesome forever. It’s something that means something and while kids probably won’t pick up on the whole scope of it  it’s good to know that Pixar isn’t just cashing in on another great movie, they’re actually trying to say something.

In Conclusion:

I don’t know whether this is the greatest Pixar movie ever… Okay well I do know and it isn’t. But it’s up there. It’s a really well told story, that’s beautifully realized, interestingly outside of the box, and very well rounded.

I give it 4 things that its best not to think about, out of 5.

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