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Posted: June 19, 2015 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Well hey internet, sorry for not posting yesterday but there was a car accident, and I was at least one of the cars and probably a third of the accident. But today, all is well, some dude glued my fender back on with some Elmer’s glue and taffy, and life goes on. Or (to put it in a more segway like fashion…

Thanks, Jeff.

Thanks, Jeff.

Micah Reviews: Jurassic World 

This was easily the movie coming out this summer that I was the most confused about. Some of the trailers made it look great and some made it look like some fourth grader somewhere snuck into a movie studio and talked some studio executives into realizing one of his vivid, dinosaur related dreams. We’ve all seen great Jurassic Park movies… and/or the one movie, and we’ve all seen some really bad Jurassic park movies… mostly the second one. So where would Jurassic world fall?? Would it rise up like a mighty t-rex or drizzle sadly out like a balloon dinosaur with a hole in it? Let’s find out together!!… except mostly just me.

Investors later realized that Ted was not a great choice for Park Greeter.

Investors later realized that Ted was not a great choice for Park Greeter.

The Plot: 

It’s some years after Jurassic Park and things are great at Jurassic World. We’ve got families pouring in to look at dinosaurs, and buy over priced dinosaur themed candy products and most importantly we’ve decided that the second and third movie mostly just didn’t happen. Things are good.

Or at least mostly good… in one corner of the park things are less fun and games, and more profit margins and crowd attractions. And these heartless crowd attract people have decided that the best thing to do to keep people coming to the park would be to just invent some new dinosaurs and just sort of see how that works! (Spoiler alert: it does not work. At all.)

Somewhat predictably, the huge death, hybrid, stealth, intelligent, monster dinosaur escapes from its cage and proceeds to spread its message of hope and forgiveness all across the park. Oh wait no. I mean, it kills everything.

Meanwhile, a dinosaur whisperer named Owen is whispering to some raptors, a scientist lady named Claire is trying to accomplish… something. And two young children are busily occupied being the two young children in a Jurassic Park movie.

Having trouble with your dinosaur? Call the dinosaur whisperer.

Having trouble with your dinosaur? Call the dinosaur whisperer.

The Pros:  

Very strong cast here. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are both great, and a supporting cast of Vincent D’Onofrio and Jake Johnson turn in really great performances. As for our required two children the highest praise I can ever give to a child in a movie is that I did not want them to get murdered by dinosaurs. And that is saying A LOT for kids in a Jurassic Park movie… or kids in a movie… or just kids in general.

The CGI for this movie is spot on. The dinosaurs look awesome, the park is very well realized and all of the action is seamless.  I especially thought the raptors were very well done, the scene where they hunting in the forest gives you a real feeling for how fast and agilely they move. And yes: agilely is a word.

The script is also pretty well done. It doesn’t ever reach any sort of deep emotional payoff but it does move the movie along nicely and delivers some surprisingly funny lines using Chris Pratt and Jake Johnson’s comedic styleings to their best.

Also: it has the Jurassic park soundtrack. So there’s that.

The Negatrons:

Well, at one point we learn that staying true to your values and protecting your pack means you WILL get murdered by a dinosaur… so that was a downer.

Also some villain in the movie really seems to be under the impression that he can show up and just sort of take charge of a group of dinosaurs despite the fact that every person and dinosaur in the movie gives every indication that this will not in fact work. Also: it does not work.

In conclusion:

In the end Jurassic World is a very solid action movie. The dinosaurs are great, the human characters are interesting and while there isn’t really much of an emotional punch it’s not really a movie that tries overly hard to get to one. It’s a fun movie, and doesn’t really try to be much else.

I give it 4 not murdered kids out of 5.

So there you go guys, have a great weekend, and I leave you with some last words of wisdom, from Jeff Goldblum.



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