Pitch Perfect 2

Posted: May 21, 2015 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Well hey Internet, and welcome to a long promised, semi-pitched, partially pickled review of a movie called Pitch Perfect 2: Twice Pitched. I mean Pitch Perfect 2… though my name was WAY better.

Micah Reviews: Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2. Cause Pitch Perfect 1 just wasn't enough Perfect enough... pitch-wise.

Pitch Perfect 2. Cause Pitch Perfect 1 just wasn’t enough Perfect enough… pitch-wise.

Pitch Perfect was a surprise hit to many, it launched Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson to new levels of stardom, and it made people think acapella was really cool, until they looked it up on youtube and realized it was actually nothing like Pitch Perfect at all.  So can Pitch Perfect 2 match the excellence of the first movie while being far more mainstream?

The Plot:

So it’s been four years since the end of Pitch Perfect and those crazy Barton Bellas have just kept right on singing. In fact, they are now three time champions of whatever mad up singing competition thing that they won in the last movie! But an… unfortunate incident during a performance at the White House gets the Bellas banned from performing unless they can win the World Accapella Tournament… cause apparently that one doesn’t count as a performance… For some reason.

Don't let the plot worry you too much. Just focus on the happiness.

Don’t let the plot worry you too much. Just focus on the happiness.

Anyway, now the Bellas must try and find their groove as a group, even as they prepare to leave college and move on to the next phase of their lives.

The Positives: 

Kind of a short plot section wasn’t it? I mean yeah there’s some stuff with Becca and her new job and Amy and her new boyfriend but on the whole you’re not watching Pitch Perfect 2 for its sweeping plot. You’re watching for the jokes and the songs and both of them are here and as strong as they were in the first movie.

Speaking of the humor, Pitch Perfect 2 once again features some great, smart comedy delivered by some very talented comedians. The jokes are spot on and rarely miss and the cast is so good and deliver the lines so well that even the less funny lines come across really well. The script isn’t quite as tight comedy wise as the first one but it’s still a genuinely funny movie, and one of the few comedies that doesn’t quickly devolve into the same never ending cycle of fart jokes and yelling.

Hey, don't be hatin'

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

As far the songs go, I’d say that for the most part it lines up nicely with the original. Sure there are a few forgettable numbers (the Trebles sing an utterly bland song that I literally forgot what it was) and the “original song” is unfortunately unrememberable, but for the most part the music is still really strong and fans of the original (specifically the pool remix) will be very happy with the new selections.

 The Negatrons:

Umm… it’s hard to think of any specific negatives for the movie. It’s by no means a perfect film, some of the songs are a little weak, the comedy does falter a little at times, but on the whole it’s just a great movie with an incredibly likeable cast of characters played by some very talented actors.

In conclusion: Pitch Perfect 2 is a tight, well done comedy/musical featuring a great cast of very funny characters. It’s a great movie for all the little reasons (good songs, great script) and for the one big reason that Anna Kendrick is fantastic and the rest of the cast around her does an amazing job keeping up with her. If you were a fan of the first movie, you’ll be a fan of this one. If you weren’t a fan of the first one… are you okay?? Did you die?  You should probably check into that.

I give it 4 Pitch Perfect Pitchers Partially Pitching out of 5.

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