DC Comics Mailbag

Posted: May 14, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity

Well internet, here we are again, and today, as promised, I’m gonna field some more letters! And not just letters from you my wonderful, adoring, partially imaginary audience (though if you want to ask a question just shoot an e-mail to thoughtswemighthavehad@gmail.com) but from a mysterious, new entity, that will remain a mystery for at least the next four words or so!!

Mailbag: DC comics edition

So Micah, you recently did an Avengers mailbag and have basically nerded out for the last forever or so about all the Marvel movies, where’s the love for DC comics? Do you hate us all? – Alone and A-bat – Gotham.

Okay, first off Mr. Bat the Dark Knight trilogy are some of the best comic book movies ever, AND The Dark Knight is easily one of my top five favorite movies period, so shut your face. And I love you. That said I can understand why you might think this and there are a few reasons. First off: Marvel cranks out super-hero movies whereas DC has made what, two non-batman movies in the recent past? Green Lantern (which sucked) and Man of Steel (a solid ‘meh’ sort of movie at best.) So if it seems like I talk more about Marvel then DC it’s mostly just cause Marvel gives me more to talk about. I’m not big into the speculation/over analysis of every movie detail that comes out so pretty much unless you’re releasing trailers, or actually releasing actual movies, I’m probably just not gonna talk about you.

Dear Micah, you seem to already be out on the Batman vs. Superman movie. Was the trailer bad? Do you not like the casting? Are you just a hater? Should I just shake it off? Shake it off??? – Big S on a Big Chest – Somewhere breaking a neck.   

Okay S, let’s be straight. I’m not out on BvS. I’m out on Paul Blart 2: Stupidity Rides Again. I’m just not super excited about it. I’m leery because I think it’s a decent idea that will probably spiral out of control and end up being a mediocre (though not a terrible) movie. I think this for three reasons:

Reason 1: Gritty grit from gritville. – Talked about this before but I just think DC’s (for lack of a better term) Snyderfication isn’t doing it a lot of favors. I’m all about comic book movies taking themselves seriously (see the Dark Knight trilogies) but there’s taking yourself seriously, and then there’s forgetting to be entertaining. Man of Steel wasn’t just dark it was depressing. I don’t go to a comic book movie to watch a bunch of bland, humorless people make various unfortunate realizations about themselves. I go to be entertained, Man of Steel wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t fun. I didn’t want to watch it again.

Reason 2: Too much to do. – It has become abundantly clear that this movie is going to set up the Justice League (it is called BvS: Down of Justic after all…



Wait sorry, Dawn. Dawn of Justice.



Stop that!! Anyway, the cameo’s/set ups in this movie are definitely Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, and possibly Cyborg and the Flash. Once again, this isn’t necessarily a terrible thing but it raises some red flags. Generally speaking movies that exist purely to set up other movies tend to not be that great (see the second movie in most trilogies.) You tend to get too focused on what you’re doing next, rather than focusing on what you’re doing now, and with so many other cameos and set ups it’s hard to think it won’t detract a little bit from the movie as a whole.

Add into that whole thing the fact that this movie will (presumably) go something like this: Superman does stuff, Batman does things, some weird misunderstanding occurs, batman fights superman, something terrible happens, wonder woman doesn’t wear pants, big last fight where we all get together and conquer something with the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!! That’s a lot. It’s not a bad thing that this movie has a fairly predictable plot (the first Avengers did pretty much exactly that) it’s just that when your plot is predictable AND your trying to work in a lot of set ups for other movies AND your introducing a couple new major players  (Batman, Lex Luthor, and potentially Wonder Woman depending on how big her role is) that’s a lot to do.

Hey Micah, this is my first modern movie AND I’ve got a solo film coming out the year after this, should I be worried? – A truly Wonderful Woman – Wherever the Heck I Actually Come from.

Nah… well okay maybe a little. The Director for your 2017 movie just bailed and (if the internet can be believed) it had something to do with her wanting you to have some sort of talking Leopard friend so… that’s alarming. On the plus side the fact that she left means you probably won’t have a talking Leopard. And that seems like a good thing. I don’t know how big a part you’ll play in BvS but it should be fine. I mean I think it’d be awesome if they got you into at least some of the raucous but we’ll just have to see how that works out. I think DC is gonna be SUPER careful with you as you’re a big big trump card against Marvel who (as of yet) haven’t been able to run out a solo, female super hero movie. So I think worst case scenario it’s just ‘meh’ but it won’t be bad… barring giant talking leopard inclusion.



Hey Micah – I know Green Lantern was bad but can you ever forgive me? – It’s not Easy being Green – Ryan Reynold’s Basement.

Nope. Never.

Micah, I’m not as lame as people think I am… right??? – Definitely the Lord of the Sea – The sea. 

No. Definitely not. Aquaman is actually kind of awesome. I sort of hope they work you into the Wonder Woman movie honestly as I think your character will need more fleshing out before we hit the Justice League movie. Honestly, in the non-Batman category Aquaman is probably my favorite DC super-hero he murders people with sharks, he has a good costume and a cool trident, and he MURDERS PEOPLE WITH SHARKS. Love the casting of Jason Momoa, and really hope they do his character (with no pun intended) Justice.

One more time folks: Murder. With sharks.

One more time folks: Murder. With sharks.

So there you go DC fans, comic fans, and fans of Shark murder. That on was for you, we’ll see you Tuesday!

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