Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Posted: May 5, 2015 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Well friends it happened. On a sun soaked saturday morning I, my wife, and some dear friends walked into a theater filled with people I had never met before and (therefore) instantly hated and was annoyed by, to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron. This week there is no fancy lead-in, no weird rhyming or bad timing or… okay some some rhyming. But no fancy lead-in… just a regular, kind of boring one.

Dang it.

Micah Reviews: Avengers: Age of Ultron 

Avengers is one of the top three or four comic book movies ever, so could a sequel possibly live up to such a lofty forefather??? Could it meet the hype? Defy the odds? Could it be standing in the the hall of fame? And the world’s gonna know it’s name?? Cause it burns with the brightest flame?????

Sorry. I’ll stop.

It's pretty much the sweetness.

It’s pretty much the sweetness.

The Plot: 

(very very SLIGHT spoilers follow. Nothing will be said that wasn’t in the trailers but on the off chance that you have moved to the sahara and live in a pit with a salamander to avoid ANY spoilers… stop here.)

So the Avengers are hangin’ out one day just avenging some stuff. It’s gotta be rough to constantly be finding things to avenge. “Ha ha I will attack this base to Avenge umm… the squirrels, whose homes were destroyed when you built it… I guess.”

But anyway they Avenge some things and punch some stuff and then they make some discoveries of a discoveracle nature. After returning home though and having a brief post Avenging party, they come under attack from a mysterious robot who calls himself Ultron and menacingly recites lyrics to classic Disney movies.

No seriously. It’s menacing. For real.

Though granted, Pinocchio is fairly terrifying without the help of Ultron.

Though granted, Pinocchio is fairly terrifying without Ultrons help.

So this robot says some stuff and punches some stuff with it’s tough robot friends and then flies off to create it’s own little robot babies. And as it’s doing so it meets some twins who in addition to looking nothing alike, happen to have super powers and be Russian… for reasons.

The Avengers must chase down these new threats to the world as they seek to Avenge umm… the furniture!! That was destroyed during Ultron’s first callous furniture attack!! Can the  Avengers overcome this new threat? Will Ultron be able to turn the team against each other? Can Hawkeye remain relevant in a movie featuring even more super powers?? Only the Avengers: Age of Ulton, will tell.

The Pros: 

This movie: is awesome. For rizzle.

I’ve read a couple reviews from snooty people sipping their snooty water and getting paid professionally to do this who complained about how this movie “was a lot like the Avengers”… of course it was ya Snooty snoot snooter, it’s a sequel. It’s SUPPOSED to be like the original, if you wanted to watch a movie that wasn’t anything like the Avengers you should have watched a movie without the word “Avengers” in the title. Avengers 1 was awesome, when Avengers 1 ended I thought to myself “boy, self, I hope they make another movie like this and call it something blatantly clear about it’s intentions to be like this movie!!” And that little Micah got his weird inner monologue prayers answered.

I have zero reason for putting this here. It's just awesome.

I have zero reason for putting this here. It’s just awesome.

Age of Ultron is all about the script and the cast. The cast is fantastic boasting great performances the Avengers at the top, all the way down to Andy Serkis’s five minute role as an arms dealer. The acting is fantastic, and you can tell the cast loves their parts, enjoys being with eachother, and genuinely believe in what they’re doing. It’s great.

The script itself is wonderful, continuing to grow it’s characters and just be a cool, fun, funny, and heartfelt mix of wonderful words pouring out of people’s face holes.

Not a lot more to say here, just cause this movie is so well done across the board. The action is great, the CG is awesome, James Spader ROCKS the role of Ultron to the point where he easily eclipses Loki from the first movie. I realize I will get murdered by thousands of bitter women but I genuinely enjoyed Ultron more then I enjoyed Loki in the first Avengers and I loved Loki in that movie. Ultron is just such a great mix between funny, and genuinely deep it’s VERY VERY cool. His sort of “mental awakening” sequence is just incredibly well written and was one of my favorite sequences in the entire movie.

P.S. if there exists somewhere an audio recording of just James Spaders’ dialogue for this movie… I would be interested in that recording.

The Negatrons: 

Umm… if I want to be SUPER nit picky I guess I could say that I wasn’t a huge fan of Quicksilver’s Russian accent, and the Hulk storyline didn’t really do it for me but these are SUCH minor quibbles they are scarce worth quibbling over upon this quibble.

In conclusion: 

Avengers: Age of Ultron is everything I wanted it to be. It’s a fantastic, funny, heartfelt romp with some incredibly well written characters. I didn’t even get to talk about Iron Man and Cap, the great Hawkeye storyline, the very intriguing introductions of the Vision and Scarlet Witch characters the movie is so packed with awesome I can’t even describe them all.

I don’t know if it’s better then the first movie or not, it seems that way now but I did just watch it so I’m sure I’m a little skewed. But frankly, it doesn’t matter. This is a great movie that makes some deep and serious points, while at the same time not forgetting that it’s supposed to just be fun. (Micah deliberately avoids making eye contact with an angrily glaring Man of Steel franchise.)

I give it 5 Thoroughly Avenged Squirrels, out of 5.

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