Internet!! Welcome to a noble and solemn post. The last post… before I watch Age of Ultron. And as we set ourselves up to do our last Summer Questions blog I’m… wait what?? What’s that, Made-Up-Intern-Named-Carl?? Some questions you say?? From the Avengers and other Marvel characters? Why I am SHOCKED I tell you. Shocked. I suppose we should take a look at those.

Dear Micah, A lot of people say I’m the worst Avenger. Could this be true?? – There’s No Shield Around My Heart – America

Well Shield, let’s look at this objectively: No actually it’s totally you. But look, that’s not a bad thing, every great team has to have a worst member. It’s like being the worst Beatle: you’re still a beatle. Your name just happens to be Ringo and no one will ever love you for you. Wait… that didn’t come out right. Look man, it’s nothing to be ashamed of: your an Avenger. That’s great. Plus: if the trailer is anything to go buy Quicksilver has a really bad Russian accent so he could takeover for you. Look at it this way: of the super powered Avengers your powers are the least interesting and sure there’s Hawkeye (who’s awesome) and the Black Widow (the secret star of at lest two Marvel movies) who are two of probably the best written characters (because writers are trying to compensate for their lack of powers.) If you want a bright side in here you have probably one of the best standalone movies in Captain America: The Winter Soldier AND you’re next stand alone will have Iron Man in it so that’s awesome… not that the movie will be about Iron Man… though it kind of will be… I’m not doing super well here am I?

Aw... it's okay little guy. Shield up and all that.

Aw… it’s okay little guy. Shield up and all that.

Dear Micah, will an Avenger die in this movie?? And if so… who will it be? – Bringing the Hammer Down – Asgard 

Umm… I’m gonna say 55 percent odds that an Avenger drops in this movie. Slightly more likely then less likely but here’s who it’s gonna be: Quicksilver. We know Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hawkeye are safe. They’ll be in other movies. That really just leaves the newbies, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Scarlet Witch is way to interesting a character and is the one thing the Marvel universe doesn’t have a lot of: female. Which leaves Quicksilver as the odd man out. As we learned in X-men first class super speed is awesome, but it’s also overpowered taken to it’s logical conclusion. So you’ve got to find a way to counter it (in the case of X-men they sent him home to his mother and then pretended he didn’t exist.) And then there’s also the problem of Quicksilver now existing in two universes and Marvel doesn’t need Quicksilver at all. They have a lot of other interesting characters and having the Scarlet Witch have to deal with the death of her brother would make her a deeper character, while solving the overpowered/overused problem. I’m not saying it WILL happen, but if an Avenger goes down in this movie, it’s Quicksilver.

Dear Micah, we’re all happy for the big three of Cap, Thor, and Iron Man but will any of the Avengers in this movie ever get their own standalone?? – Always a Widow Never a Bride – Undisclosed Location. 

Probably not. But that’s okay honestly. The poster child for this is Black Widow who everyone has been clambering for a standalone movie for since she first appeared in the MCU in Iron Man 2, and I’m not saying I think it would be a bad movie but thus far Black Widow has become a genuinely interesting character by just being a great supporting cast member. Hawkeye has only been in the one movie so far but he stands to step up a bit more for this movie and Civil War, and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will also be in play now. Here’s the thing though: as Marvel’s universe expands and they introduce more characters they’ll have to include them in more movies. You can only sign actors to contracts for a certain amount of movies so you can either try and make a Scarlet Witch standalone movie, OR you can have her be in two Avengers movies and maybe play a big part in a Thor movie or the upcoming Black Panther movie. I like that Marvel now has more freedom to make interesting pairings of heroes rather then having one hero in a movie and all the other Avengers mysteriously unavailable. It’s interesting.

That said a Black Widow/Hawkeye movie would be FANTASTIC!!

Hang in there guys, maybe one day!!!... but probably not.

Hang in there guys, maybe one day!!!… but probably not.

Dear Micah, My movie doesn’t come out for two more months, BUT I technically invented Ultron in the comics!! Should I feel ripped off? – A Friend to Antkind – Somewhere Not Being in A Movie 

No, Ant-friend, you should not. You should feel lucky that Ant-man is being made. This is a movie that’s been “in the works” for a long time about a relatively unknown hero with a somewhat underwhelming set of powers. It makes total sense for Marvel to get their more bankable stars out there before starting to take risks with lesser known sets. Guardians of the Galaxy was probably their biggest risk since Thor and it paid off big time so now they’ll drop back and start trying to build up a movie about a man who works primarily with things that ruin your picnics. If it were any film company except Marvel I’d say this thing had no chance but it is Marvel and honestly the first trailer looked great. That said you sit patiently and wait your turn Ant-man. Don’t take this moment from us!!

So there you go guys, thanks for reading, and that’s to these fictional characters for taking the time to send me some e-mails. You all are awesome! Age of Ultron here I come!!

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