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Posted: April 9, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well hey Internet, and welcome back to the party, another year, another big Comic Book TV show step in (what we all hope) will be the right direction. But before we get to the new stuff, let’s take a quick look at some of the old stuff and see how things are going in the ever expanding world of Comic Book TV!!

Agents of Shield: After a super rough start in it’s first season Agent of Shield bounced back with a really strong close to the season. This season kept the positive momentum going as the world of Agents of Shield expanded to include more superpowers and bigger stories while maintaining a nice small ensemble cast feel. It will steal feature the occasional “meh” episode where you’ll spend most of your time just wondering why you should actually care about Bif Talpey and his magical swan of Destiny and the Skye’s father character is one of the three or four more punchable faces on TV but no the whole it’s a good show with a strong cast that maintains a nice reliable forward motion throughout.

You will never ever se someone you want to punch more then that man on the couch.

You will never ever se someone you want to punch more then that whiny, angry, horrible man awkwardly touching that girl.

Gotham: A show that didn’t grab me with it’s first few episodes and has yet to do anything to make me care about it again. On the whole I found it to be a show that lacked anything I cared about. It was the TV show equivalent of going to restaurant, ordering a steak meal, and getting nothing but the complementary rolls and some free salt. There’s nothing wrong with those things but they’re not gonna make you come back to that particular restaurant when the restaurant across the street is passing out huge, free steak sandwiches with complimentary thousand dollar bills… but more on Arrow later.

Izombie: Still a relatively new show but Izombie has actually gotten off to a pretty good start. It’s an interesting, very different, show that approaches things from a very different angle. It occasional gets a little (for lack of a better term) glee-like. With xboyfriends dating other girlfriends and yet other people who wish they were dating and wish you were dating and… there’s a lot of dating talk. But the main character is very interesting and her “powers” for lack of a better term, really do mix up each episode. It’s world is going in an interesting direction, but we’ll have to see where the rest of the season goes.

Constantine: A show I was very excited about that ended up just being kind of meh. It wasn’t bad and I enjoyed it, but it was hard for me to recommend it to people. It fell firmly in the “Supernatural” genre of TV and the “Supernatural” genre is already being very nicely filled by, ya know, “Supernatural.”  It was decent, the main character was interesting, but it never found a way to separate itself from other shows that already exist, and are doing exactly what it does, just slightly better. 3

The Flash:  I definitely had my doubt about the Flash when it started. I loudly shouted those doubts off the top of every mountain I could find. After all the Flash hero comic book series is based entirely around a guy who runs fast and then (when things are tough)… runs faster. The show has actually (I must confess) been pretty good. It’s managed to carve out a nice spot for itself on the lighter side of show’s like Arrow. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it also is telling a good story with some deep characters. It’s really a good world they’ve made where the fact that every third person is developing world shattering super powers, somehow doesn’t seem to faze too many people. “What’s that?? Man with crazy weather powers attacks the police department??? Meh. Probably won’t affect me in any tangible way.”

The Arrow: Still one of the best shows on TV. Bar none. After Seasons 1-2 went all catastrophic with pretty much every villain threating to murder then entire town, light the city on fire, and steal everyone’s morning paper, season three has focused on smaller more intimate stories. Probably the best season so far, which is saying something after an awesome second season. Really the only thing you can say bad about Arrow’s third season is that ATOM’s costume makes him looks like Iron Man’s younger dorkyer brother. But that’s about it. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes!

"Okay so... you're sure this visor doesn't make me look a kid whose fussy mom makes him wear a helmet right?"

“Okay so… you’re sure this visor doesn’t make me look a kid whose fussy mom makes him wear a helmet right?”

And finally the one we’ve all been waiting for:

Daredevil: (coming soon) Yup, it’s coming folks. Tomorrow. It’s gonna be great. I’ve read a couple early reviews and everyone agrees that it’s awesome. A deeper, darker look at the Marvel world as we go down into Hell’s Kitchen to watch a blind lawyer punch some people in the face. And I’m all about that. Daredevil is awesome, don’t believe the lie that Ben Affleck told you. It’s awesome,  I promise. And when you watch good Daredevil, you’ll forget all about Collin Farrell stupid dumb head of stupid stupidness.

AH!!! No. No make it stop!!!

AH!!! No. No make it stop!!!

And there you have it guys, a look at the comic book world and five incredibly excited sentences about Daredevil. Just what you came here for!!

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